Joe Biden’s Dark, Frightening Fake Convention Comes to a Merciful Close

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last! – The four-day hate festival otherwise known as the communist Democrat National Convention is finally over, and Americans are now free from the bondage of fright rhetoric, threats of continuing violence should President Trump be re-elected, and speeches from well-known pedophiles and woman abusers.

It’s safe to let the wife and kids watch TV again.

Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Handsy Farty China Joe Biden officially accepted his assignment as the temporary face of the communist Democrats last night, competently reading a mean, dark, despicably dishonest speech designed to do pretty much nothing more than create more hatred for President Donald Trump and foment more violence on our nation’s streets. That this obviously declining, elderly man was able to keep it together for half an hour and lecture us all about wearing masks as our patriotic duty while not wearing a mask himself is a tribute to modern pharmaceuticals.

The Democrat nominal nominee most likely did not know where he was while delivering the speech, and won’t remember delivering it when he wakes up in a cold sweat this morning, but he is the nominee for better or – far more likely – worse. If he should win the election, his presidency will be among the shortest in American history. Presumably, the despicable party leaders would allow him to occupy the office for at least one day longer than the six and a half months served by James Garfield to spare Biden the ignomy of going down in history as the nation’s shortest term in office. Or maybe not: These are despicable and depraved Democrats after all.

But the plan is for the job to quickly be handed to Kamala Harris, and if that doesn’t inject cold fear into your heart, nothing can. The woman is a menace, a mean, ruthless, committed leftist who would not hesitate to use the presidency to punish anyone she considers to be an enemy, and has in fact stated as much on national television. We have never had a president remotely like her, and hopefully never will.

As this tawdry, mean-spirited convention comes to an end, the most striking aspect of it is the subjects that were not addressed. Here are some of the pressing matters that not a single speaker at the convention said a word about:

  • China. That’s right: Freedom’s most aggressive enemy on earth did not receive one word of mention from a single speaker over a span of four long, depressing days. Think about that.
  • Antifa. Not a single word from a single speaker about this domestic terrorist group, which is not at all surprising since Antifa – like the Ku Klux Klan before it – is a creation of the Democrat Party that serves as the party’s armed terrorist support group.
  • Riots. Not a word about the looting, burning and killing that dominated our TV screens for a full two months this summer. Again, not surprising since the riots were organized and paid for by front groups for George Soros and, yes, the Democrat Party.
  • Defunding the police. The overriding driving goal of communist Democrat mayors and city councils across the country did not get a single word of mention as far as I can tell. Why? Because it doesn’t poll well.
  • Islamic terrorism. Again, no surprise here. But hey, what could any Democrat say, given that the Trump Administration destroyed ISIS, which Barack Obama’s administration created and funded, and has basically neutered Iran’s Islamic Republic, which Obama and John Kerry had done their best to embolden.

The final image of the Democrat Party that was left for Americans to take away with them was this one:


Watching in their homes, Americans all over the country responded with this:

Seriously, is there any more perfect image for the 2020 communist Democrat Party, which has spent every moment since February selling restrictions to freedom and abject fear as some lunatic’s version of “patriotic duty” than this? Especially since this one final virtue signal came immediately after Biden delivered his speech without wearing his own mask?

It’s absolutely perfect. This is your Democrat Party in action, folks. Aren’t all you communist Democrats proud?

That is all.

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Jay Whitcraft

I would say that Biden’s speech was done earlier in the day because of what is called “the sundown syndrome” that effects a lot of people with dementia. Unfortunately for Joe, the debates will be in the evening and live. Jay


They’re going to find a way to weasel out of the debates. Biden won’t be able to do it, even if he has a radio in his ear.


Picture at the top could be the receiving end of a FS with the masks over the mouth and not the eyes.


Love the “tribute to modern pharmaceuticals” comment Dave.

JFK was hopped up on a whole ‘treatment’ cocktail by his Dr. Feelgood during his campaign and presidency

Something kept LBJ going 20 hours a day like the energizer bunny

Jimmy Peanut was probably clean – just incredibly horrible and inept

BJ Clinton, well we never got his medical records, but look at him now vs Trump and they are about the same age

BHO, who knows? Everything about him was a fraud or corrupt…

When biden’s ‘handlers’ really have to make it look like he has it together… (modern pharm, or some kind of AI input?), they seem to be able to do it, however such dosing has a limited efficacy. Ever notice how an incandescent lightbulb gets brighter just before it blows? I believe it is an appropriate analogy to the former VP

Karma Roundheels admitting to smoking dope while listening to songs that weren’t out when she said she was toking…

Notice a theme here?

Would love to see a legitimate blood and urine analysis if out new wonder ticket.


Sorry, bad proofing,

“…analysis if out new…”

of our, not, “if out”

phineas gage

It is widely suspected that Obama tooted the white-powder flute.

Trump is probably about the most vice-free president ever, aside from diet Cokes.


As well as Clinton. An ex-cia pilot recounted an instance of flying into Arkansas with a small cooler marked medical. Wasn’t supposed to but he looked inside. Nothing medical in it only a package of white substance, probably baking powder. Who met the plane on the tarmac was then guvnah Clinton. Who took delivery, thanked the pilots for saving a life and drove off…

The evil these people do has a toll on the body and the mind. The god of this world is insane… His followers reflect that over time.


Wonder what other white or black flutes he might have been and probably still is “tooting”


Questions to ponder:

If this country is so rotten and obviously irredeemable, unless you eliminate 30% of the population – white straight males, why would anyone want to be president? And more importantly,

It this country is so rotten why would anyone EVER want to come here? Yet we were, until Trump, being invaded by third-worlders for decades.

If a large, loud, and significant segment of our population thinks this country is so rotten, I remind them, they are free to leave and go elsewhere to their perceived utopias. Unlike communist countries, we don’t build walls to keep our people in (locked up).

I remember an old bumper-sticker from the sixties: “America – Love it or Leave it”. I think the Trump campaign should bring that very same sticker back into vogue. I have long advocated giving every person who hates this country $10,000.00 and a one-way first class ticket to the country of their choice. The one proviso would be they could never return. That offer would also extend to mover all their stuff out of America.

We need to become an exporting country and we can begin buy exporting our liberalism and denying entry of liberalism from everywhere else.


“exporting our liberalism and denying entry of liberalism from everywhere else.”

The cost and risks of freedom. AND… there have been many of the US’s communists that have threatened to come to canukistan. WE DON’T WANT THEM… we have to many as is and you can also keep justine beber as a free gift.

The communists are welcome to leave and I’d agree it would be well worth the cost to give them some money and send them off… Strip them of citizenship on the way out. But oddly enough none of them leave, hhmmmm So the only thing left is to prosecute the criminals, heavily… Hello Mr Barr… and vote conservative (real conservative) down tickets and anywhere else you are able to.

If people don’t care enough to go vote and defend your country from internal communists, then the evil of the day will end up ruling you in this day.

Its a war… put on your armour and take up your position… time to fight.

phineas gage

‘You may not be interested in communism, but communism is interested in you’

phineas gage

I can’t imagine that convention won them a single vote they didn’t already have.

I can easily believe it lost them many votes that they did have.

phineas gage

I thought William Henry Harrison was the shortest presidency. Gave a long inauguration speech out in the cold, got typhoid fever, and died 31 days into his term. Garfield was shot by an disgruntled patronage seeker.

phineas gage

Biden’s acceptance speech was pre-recorded, although none of the media informed their rapidly shrinking audience. The campaign people don’t even trust Biden to read off a teleprompter live.

jack johnson

After Biden was able to give a teleprompter speech which was touted as “earth shattering” by the liberal pundits, there should be no issues with Biden debating Trump, right?

Did anyone else notice how Biden had to hold onto the podium until his wife came out to steady him after his speech…..did you notice his “dementia shuffle”?


DB – There’s an ad running in this article that the UPS is closing and how it would make Trump happy because there wouldn’t be mail in ballots. Didn’t know if you were aware.

Jimmy MacAfee

High probability: with Speaker Pelosi’s apparent participation in the plot to remove the President and VP in January of 2019, and her clear lust for the office, it is likely that she will “volunteer” to take over after JB is removed, and Harris is exposed and forced to resign.

Short take: Piglosi wants to be President, no matter what it takes.

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