Friday News Roundup: Mass Insanity in Portland and Mask Insanity at Jet Blue

News you will not see on CNN. – The Democrats and their media toadies, anxious to steal the November election in the easiest way possible, have conducted a major brainwashing campaign since March touting the joys of voting by mail. A key element of that campaign is to shout down anyone who points out the obvious truth that mass voting by mail is filled with potential for confusion and fraud.

They will need to shout down a judge in Paterson, NJ, this morning, given that he just ordered an election to be held all over again due to massive voter fraud issues with mail-in ballots. From a story at the Daily Caller:

A state superior court judge ruled Wednesday that a new election will be held for a disputed Paterson, New Jersey city council seat after allegations of voter fraud via mail-in-ballots. The ruling comes only weeks after voter fraud charges were brought against the May 12 election winner Alex Mendez, per the Associated Press.

Mendez was charged with voter fraud along with Paterson Council Vice President Michael Jackson, Shelim Khalique and Abu Rayzen — all of whom have denied the charges, according to The Hill. An investigation performed by the U.S. Postal Service’s law enforcement arm found hundreds of mail-in ballots in a Paterson mailbox, as reported by the AP.

Ultimately, 800 ballots were discounted by the Passaic County Board of Elections and another 2,300 ballots were rendered ineligible after analyzing signatures on file and comparing them to those on the ballots, according to the Hill. A Passaic County report shows that these 3,100 disqualified ballots is equal to more than 22% of the total votes cast in the election.


This decision comes on the heels of a New York congressional primary that was held up for weeks as more than 65,000 mail-in ballots were declared invalid. Incumbent Carolyn Maloney, one of the most despicable and corrupt members of congress, was eventually declared the “winner” in that contest.

Don’t kid yourself otherwise: Democrats want to implement mass mail-in voting because it is far and away the easiest means of stealing elections. These are evil people whose only true goal is the acquisition and maintenance of raw political power, and they will use any means necessary to get it.

More news you won’t see on CNN. – Keeping with this theme, John Solomon, a real reporter, gives you the real news that the corrupt corporate media hides from you:

An illegal immigrant featured in a video on the third night of the Democratic National Convention was first deported in 1998 under former President Bill Clinton and was re-arrested and ordered deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2013 under former President Barack Obama,  U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement officials said Thursday.

Alejandra Juarez successfully re-entered the U.S. illegally at an unknown time after her first deportation, according to ICE. She was arrested again in 2013. She ultimately left the U.S. on a commercial flight in 2018 under President Trump.


Proving once again that every thing – literally every. damn. thing. – the Democrats do and say is a lie.

Even more news you won’t see on CNN. – Man, it’s a busy morning for this category. Check out this video of a pair of depraved Biden/Harris supporters attacking a 7 year-old boy outside the party’s fake convention center last night:

That is Joe Biden’s America in a nutshell. That is who his supporters really are.

This is also Joe Biden’s America. – Biden spent a big part of his acceptance read last night promising to implement a national mask mandate as his very first act upon taking office next January.

It appears that the folks at Jet Blue have decided to go ahead and implement his promise, with very predictable and frankly insane results. From a story at ABC News:

A mother and her six children were kicked off of a JetBlue Airways flight Wednesday after her 2-year-old daughter refused to wear a mask.

“It was extremely traumatizing for me and my family,” the mother, Chaya Bruck, 39, from Brooklyn, said in an interview with ABC News.

Bruck said she tried to put a mask on her youngest child, Dina, but she pulled it off.

“Should I tie her hands, what should I do?” Bruck asked the JetBlue flight attendant according to a video of the incident. “We have to deplane,” the attendant responded, explaining that the airline has a zero tolerance policy.

Other passengers onboard the flight to New York from Orlando attempted to stick up for Bruck, according to the video and passengers.

“All of the passengers were up, screaming, and hollering saying ‘that’s not fair, don’t do that to that mother,'” passenger Anny Taveras, from Kissimmee, Florida, told ABC News. The flight eventually took off after everyone deplaned.


Note the part about the airline’s “zero tolerance policy.” As we see every day with similar idiotic stories coming from our public schools, the problem with “zero tolerance” policies is that they require people who might otherwise exercise a little judgment and common sense to behave like idiots.

Last night, Joe Biden promised to implement a nationwide zero tolerance policy regarding masks. The results of such a policy would be entirely predictable.

Joe Biden is a clear and present danger to the American way of life.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – This formerly great American city suffered through its 83rd straight night of riots sponsored and paid for by the communist Democrat Party. Armed with the knowledge of absolute impunity, the Antifa/BLM rioters decided to once again take their act to another residential area.

As always, the only reason we know the truth about what is taking place in Portland is via the efforts of real journalist Andy Ngo. Here are some of the highlights:

If you want this action coming to your neighborhood, then by all means, vote for Joe Biden. Because that’s the Democrat Party’s plan. This really is not complicated at all.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Plake Snissken

The key being close elections. Landslides they can’t steal.
Postalgate will be a thing for the next eight weeks as the CPUSA goes for the gold and the final destruction of the representative constitutional republic.
Look for the best and brightest USPS workers to come through with ballots in trunks or November will be such a cluster just in time for the 20 year anniversary of Al Bore vs. Bush II.


Very good and a long article laying out, lots of questions, the FISA fiasco and the coup cabal involvements. Something to help put things into perspective… or simply boggle the mind…


The blue cities blues

They are all going to regret all the enabling and virtue siganlling.


Scorched earth and ashes, it’s what they want.

Any chance of doing anything must benefit only demoncrats the citizens be damned.


Great article, thanks for posting Silas. Some of the comments are even better; one might even make me think about changing my nick-name for Nancy Pelosi from Nancy Klink to MaligNancy Klink.

Another good one was:

“So it isn’t ever about compromise, it’s about strategy… interesting…”


Tantrums (or Triteness)

This Botox b-itch, or anyone of her ilk, must never be in US a leadership position again.

Only we the voters can prevent MaligNancys like her.




Finally…been trying to post this whole week…nothing showing until now. Not sure what the issue has been


Your posts go into cyberlimbo… Under the reply box is the fill in name etc… Just below this is a “Save my name, email…” Make sure the box is checked and your posts will show up right away.

Stuartswede - Unmasked

Cyberlimbo, bet if you looked around in there you could find the rest of Joe’s missing brain, along with his conscience if he ever had one. C’mon Man!


I hate people who pick on kids. I love our President for doing this:

There’s special place in hell for people who abuse children in any form.

phineas gage

Hopefully the lowest circle is occupied by Darius Sessoms.


It would be nice if one of the contributors here would offer a little contrition to the people he heavily mocked and scorned many times over differing opinions of Barr. It would be nice.

As I stated earlier, I am done with the Barr DOJ emotional Yo-Yo game. Not that I don’t want justice to prevail against the cabal, I most certainly hope and pray it does, but I am done being Charlie Brown having Lucy pull the football away at the last minute and falling on my emotional ass.

All our comments and energy should be focused on getting the President reelected, the senate majority retained and expanded, taking back the house by a big margin, and beating as many Democrats as possible up and down the ballot. Nothing else matters.

Jimmy MacAfee

Bite me, Gregg

There wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove Barr was shovelling this all into a big dumpster 2 months ago, but with the alacritous prosecutions of others which seem to be so very urgent…well, the evidence is clear. There wasn’t enough evidence before.

No contrition from here. Evidence just piled up. And piled up. And piled up.

phineas gage

If you mean me, I am more than willing to do so–although I will follow what Silas said above and wait until we know for sure.


No not you Phineas. I never remember you being vitriolic or calling names. No, I’m talking about a certain Virginian.


Phew… Took a bit but I figured out being from British Communstia here in canukistan that it weren’t me…

Any rate… we’re all on the same team. Like family tends to do we can bicker and argue but in the end who’s got the bbq going… I certainly don’t agree with everything here and don’t expect others to agree with me… Thats what makes freedom special, thats what I’ll fight for till my last breath.

What I appreciate the most here is that fact that even tho there can be swirls of disagreements, it always comes back to the focus on saving the country from the enemy within. THAT my friends is more valuable than anything else at this point… except God and family first.

Thank you gents… and ladies…

Thomas McGrath

Dino Rossi won the election for governor in WA state. Two times after, more ballots were ‘found’ but Rossi was still ahead although by smaller margins each time. Then a third time more ballots were ‘found’ and Rossi lost by 129 votes. I remember that at least one of the boxes of ‘found’ ballots was ‘found’ in the trunk of a car.

The 2004 Washington gubernatorial election on November 2, 2004 gained national attention for its legal twists and extremely close finish. In what was notable for being among the closest political races in United States election history, Republican Dino Rossi was declared the winner in the initial automated count and again in the subsequent automated recount. It was not until after the third count, a second recount done by hand, that Christine Gregoire, a Democrat, took the lead by a margin of 129 votes.

Although Gregoire was sworn in as Governor of Washington on January 12, 2005, Rossi did not formally concede and called for a re-vote over concerns about the integrity of the election. The Republican Party filed a lawsuit in Chelan County Superior Court contesting the election, but the trial judge ruled against it, citing lack of evidence of deliberate electoral sabotage.[1] Rossi chose not to appeal to the Washington State Supreme Court, formally conceding the election on June 6, 2005.


Nice recap Thomas on the stolen Rossi election. The same crap happened Franken’s senate race in MN, and many others. Amazing how it is always the Dem districts who always seem to “find” enough (D) votes for the Democratic candidate to win by a couple of hundred votes. They tried it in the FL and GA governor’s race in 2018, but the margins, though small, were just too great to flip the result.

Statistically and the law of averages says these splits should go 50-50. Occasionally a Republican who holds a lead should prevail in one of these contested races.

Bush v. Gore is about the only time I can remember a Republican prevailing. Like virtually every other election, the ‘main’ voting is done with the Republican narrowly in the lead and once the Dems find out how many votes they need, they miraculously find them.

Please someone show me an election where the Democrat held a small lead when the polls closed and enough votes were later “found” that gave the win to a Republican.


That’s why we need everybody to get out the vote and make sure all our llike minded family and friends do the same. We need the numbers to be big enough that they can’t cheat.


And after Trump and conservative politicians prevail there needs to be severe and drastic retribution against the congenital election cheaters in the same blue districts to ensure we have open, free, fair, and honest elections from here on out.

We need a constitutional amendment on how ALL future elections will be held. One standard (meaning equal application under the law) including voter picture ID and severe penalties including permanent disenfranchisement and incarceration (via a felony conviction) for any and all voting fraud.

The penalty for voting fraud should be at least as severe as serving a plastic straw in certain states and cities on the left coast.


“The penalty for voting fraud should be at least as severe as serving a plastic straw in certain states and cities on the left coast”

Obviously plastic straw violations are far more serious than some meager vote fraud… C’mon man….


King County Washington. Only Washington DC in more corrupt.

phineas gage

Cook County is close.


You might even say it’s too close to call with those two.

Jimmy MacAfee

I want to know how the Barr DOG (formerly the DOJ) can, with lightning speed, charge some people and not lay a finger on others? Like Bannon. And rioters are not low hanging fruit; they’re fruit rotting on the ground.

I no longer trust Bill Barr. And John Durham is like an insect pinned to a piece of cardboard, squirming, because Barr holds the pin – and Durham is captive. Durham is as bound and tied as Bond in Casino Royale, perhaps without the violence.

Sorry, Bill. You’ve lost me. Times up.


tic toc tic toc…. My sources are telling me any day now the indictments are going to drop… any day now…

This has been a pattern all along and frankly I do not trust Barr. Which I’ve taken flak over and thats ok. I see time and again where Barr is doing a minimal effort and I think its to placate those that want to see real justice. Not revenge but justice.

I’m certainly not as astute as yourself and others here but its a pattern I simply cannot ignore, along with Barr’s history. When indictments came down for corrupt politicals and pedo’s I thought , ok… Hold my tongue and see what comes. But this is really tough to do because of the glaring inconsistencies coming to light all the time. I truly want to be wrong and hope Barr comes thru… But I think theres a better chance of miss muffet turning evidence against johnnyb than Barr really coming thru…

Gregg… I don’t think Trump is ok with Barr… IMO, he got duped again by a traitor close to his shoulder. He can’t fire Barr this close to the election and is stuck with him until then. After the election… another story all together.

M. Ellsworth

Note watch the video of the little boy bullied by the nasty young women–one of them actually attacks the mother as well. Assault, battery, felony theft. We’ll see what happens to these bullies.

phineas gage

They had bad timing. If they had committed their assault a few days earlier they could have been speakers at the Democrat convention.

Jimmy MacAfee

Barr, no matter how much he does or doesn’t do, is only scratching the surface:

The whole Plandemic is evidence of that – this site won’t allow the link to the video, which is Plandemic Indoctornation.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you – it does.

phineas gage

Trump up another point in JA:

Great convention bounce!


Phineas and Stewartswede,

I have said all I’m going to say here about Barr/Durham and the whole Obamagate matter until something significant happens. IMO, it is really in GOD’s and Trump’s hands.

GOD will take care of the evil in the hereafter

Trump is apparently ok with how Barr and his DOJ are dealing with this in the here and now.


I am no longer interested in playing with an emotional Yo-Yo on Hannity’s Tic-Toc Graham Treadmill.

Wake me up when something happens.

Please Dave, no more “Booms” when Barr/Durham farts out the name of some hack – that only the most engaged of us know – taking the fall for the cabal.

There is plenty of other things to discuss – namely the winning of the election.

phineas gage

I’m beginning to agree. It has been a multi-year political production of ‘Waiting for Godot’


President Trump said there’s more to come. He han’t lied to us yet.

Stuartswede - Unmasked

Hey Gregg,
I agree, that is why I linked the “Cold Anger” article. It is far and above Barr or Durham. It is the spark of liberty handed to us by the founding fathers to preserve and protect. The swamp can neither give it to us nor take it away. It is the message of hope in limited government, rule of law, and individual freedom


Just upvoted you 86,744 times

Ben Colder

And now they have charged Bannon and his bunch What about Ma Clinton? not a damned thing will be done to her .Just shows how the two system justice works just fine .If you are a communist you get by with anything.Riots all over the place nothing done communists trying to rig the election nothing being done communist convention being held online all lies the fake news has orgasms about senile Joe and Ma Harris.But let Donald Trump fart and everyone jumps on him like ugly on an ape I am so sick and tired of this bullshit.I will never vote for Biteme or Ma Harris for anything.The communists are probably going to win and then what will happen is anyones guess the first thing they will do is cause the country to go broke then they will do any damned thing they want.These people are communists the dem party is dead.Think I will go have another drink.


Don’t be discouraged my friend… The communists will not win. Not saying they aren’t going to try as they are going to pull out all the stopped in cheating, stealing and scheming. But they will, as they already have been doing, fall into their own traps. We as a people who fear God, stand for family and country WILL have get serious and do everything in our abilities to fight back. Have a drink… then get back on the line.

Its a war…


All the rioting(they are not “peaceful protests”) only adds to the supporters of President Donald J. Trump for Nov.
I don’t know how POTUS keeps his cool with all this going on in the blue cities/areas in the nation.
Infinite patience with the fools. I have this feeling this will end, and not well for the leftist clowns, either just before the election or shortly thereafter.
Much like the Barr/Durham investigations, the evidence is being put together from the many videos of these riots and that will be used for prosecution on federal charges for the many perps gleaned from the evidence. That is what I would be doing. Or maybe just calling out the troops to quiet the whole thing down.
MAGA 2020.


Yeah, saw that yesterday. If they’re peaceful protests, wtf is she worried about? The citizens of Chitcago ought to be banging on her front door, asking why she gets special protection but they don’t. But like all democrat voters, they will just let it roll because she’s their fearless leader.

phineas gage

sundance has lost all confidence in Barr.

I believe that all the nay-sayers here may be proven correct.


I am going to wait until the fat lady sings, one way or the other. If we get bupkis, I will be the first say my optimism was misplaced. If not, I promise to be humble and not tke a victory lap. The end results willl speak for themselves,


Yup, I have read every offering from sundance the last several days, and have to agree with his very logical conclusions. I also liked the “cold anger” article here

It is analogous to the bond we share here

Stay Free not safe

Just Say No to CPUSA Kool-Aid

Obedience Muzzle anxiety. I need a sippy cup and some coloring books in my safe space as well. Some people are confused on the right to pursue happiness with a right to complete happiness guaranteed by Mommygov. Wear a mask comrade because my health is extremely important.
Think alike in the hive and embrace the mediocre intellect of the CPUSA true believer comrades.
Forward to the glorious people’s collective utopia as demonstrated by the Kool-Aid drinkers in Portland.
The comrades are in a hurry for the golden utopia and will break a few eggs leftover from the Long March Through the Institutions.
They will save Western Civilization from itself with the glorious Zimbabwe/Venezuela/Cuba hybrid utopia!
Yes we can…be a golden Zimbabwe utopia.


Only the use of live fire will stop these anarchists.


Bullets, not pepper balls, would stop this in one night… And at some point it needs to happen.

“Wake Up, MF, Wake Up” Boy that is going to change minds to their cause, whatever it is, or purports to be.

They again forgot their ROUNDHEELS/brainless signs.

What happen to the Seattle Mayor’s “Summer of Love”?

Silas, I thought it rained like 300 days a year in the North-West? Why does it never seem to be raining on Ngo’s videos? Are you guys in a drought?


We actually have a fair amount of sunshine during the summer. Late fall in to early spring is our usual wet time. Not sure if rain would really reduce the number of terrorists on the streets or not right now. They are really full of themselves at the moment.


Well rain would put a damper on the fires they’re making… Might throw some of the criminals into depression because they can’t burn anything… sad….


They’d use gasoline. Hell they use it now.

phineas gage

By self-defending citizens, yes.

By federal troops, that would be the quickest way to lose the election. It would be Kent State on growth hormone and steroids.

M. Ellsworth

I think a long stint in jail and cutting off funding for these rioters would be more effective than bullets.


Phineas, you keep saying a Kent State would be a political disaster for Trump and the GOP and I understand some of your trepidation, but who won in 1972 after Kent State?

I do know and understand things are politically different today, but the same – now near totally discredited and much more diversified – media promoted the riots of the sixties and Nixon won on “law and order” in a landslide without an alternate media on his side.

I wonder how many or what percentage of Portland, and other blighted cities’ residents and the country at large, would cheer the end of these “mostly peaceful protests”?
Especially if it was followed up by the arrest of all the governors, mayors, prosecutors, and council members who overtly or tacitly supported the riots and the defunding of the police which is one in the same. Also, don’t forget most if not all also violated federal law and court decisions with their sanctuary cities/states policies.

Another thought: One reason why the “good” residents of these cities are not yet using lead, is because: They are law abiding and really don’t want to take a life. They are also cowed by the radical GS funded prosecutors who, sure as hell, would look to overzealously prosecute regular citizens who defend themselves like what happened in St. Louis. Who the hell wants to go through that? Resorting to deadly force is traumatic for most police and especially for regular people and then to be further traumatized by political/Democratic prosecutors and courts…


The political partisan hacks at the SDNY and the NY state prosecutor think they can hurt Trump by trumping (pun intended) up bogus political charges against the president’s allies – news flash!, no one cares!, just as no one cares about the USPS non-“scandal”. People who I know have grown numb to all this anti-Trump Bull-Schiff and have tuned it out.

The only issue that matters is it is either Trump MAGA/KAG 2020, or the KARMA ROUNDHEELS/biden Dystopian Dictatorship.


The riots will continue until they are stopped via force or they are put in jail when arrested (reduce their number through attrition).

I’ve maintained the opinion here that the riots are a powder keg waiting to explode. Antifa and BLM have been given free reign for the most part – if they continue to escalate and do it in the wrong neighborhood, I could see a pretty good bloodbath happening. Like Gregg mentions, most people don’t want to have to deal with the fallout of using deadly force, it could cost you everything. All it could take is the first molotov cocktail thrown at someone’s house while their family is inside, and its game on.

Trump can’t use the NG until after the election. Hopefully things don’t get any crazier until then.


IMO… So far the rioters, I mean festival goers, have been contained to mostly the city cores. Some probing into urban areas, mainly Portland and Seattle.

The criminals are getting pushed out on occasions when the residents band together and go out to meet the criminals head on. This is a strategy that needs to be amped up, residential resistance. To date nobody has fired a shot and the communists cowards won’t go after residents because they don’t have a stand down order to obey.

Keeping the criminals in the city core limits their ability to escalate the chaos. They can burn everything down around themselves and they will. Businesses are pulling out in droves because they are seeing no end to the chaos and its costing them money. THAT, will affect city revenues and they will be coming to Trump for bailouts with all manner of excuses. And when Trump refuses to pay… well the rest is predictive.

So imo… Let the festival goers continue to destroy their front yard for all to see just how far these communist **cough** leaders are willing to go in destroying their own yards. Looks bad when Trump won’t storm in but its a great testiment to how far these evil sod’s will go in destroying everything around themselves.

When the communist mayor/guv do finally tap out… and when the NG is sent in with full metal jackets… Then it’ll be over quick, clean and a few communists taking the room temperature challenge. Until then its just a tough thing to watch the destruction…

Its a war… war is ugly but unavoidable when the enemy presses into it…

phineas gage

Your arguments are good ones. I would point out that there is quite a distance between 1972 and 2020.

I just don’t think it will play well politically if people–even reprehensible antifa/BLM members– are gunned down in the street by the feds or National Guard, but I might be wrong.


Given the current state of “journalism” it would be a shit show for the Republicans. Once Trump is re-eleceted, the gloves can come off and should.

I am willing to wager that a lot of those we see in Andy Ngo’s reports are from outside the state and will be the one’s who will get the harshest charges. Crossing state lines to commit any crime is a big no no.

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