CDC Pushes the Latest False Narrative About “Controlling” COVID-19

You are the frog, and they are slowly boiling you. – In March, the CDC, along with doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, assured President Trump that we could control the viral gift from China if we just had everyone stay at home for two weeks. “Two weeks to flatten the curve,” they said. Remember that? I do.

Then, when that didn’t work, the CDC, along with doctors Fauci and Birx, assured us all that we could control the Wuhan virus if we all stayed home for another month, washed our hands 32 times a day and practiced something called “social distancing” whenever we went out to the grocery store. Remember that? I do.

When that didn’t work either, the CDC and doctors Fauci and Birx, after having spent two months telling us all that masks don’t really do a damn thing to stop the spread of this Chinese plague, suddenly did an about face and began assuring us that, hey, all data and science to the contrary, we really can slow the spread of the virus if we would just practice social distancing, wash our hands 32 times a day, and wear a mask. Dr. Birx even told us that we should turn the masks into a fun thing, a fashion statement like her omni-present scarves. Remember that? I do.

We’ve since been put through another dozen or two story changes by the CDC and doctors Fauci and Birx, and today the story from the CDC is changing again, and they’re putting it in multiple choice terms. From a story at CNBC:

The U.S. could get the coronavirus pandemic under control if most Americans wear masks, embrace social distancing and practice good hand hygiene for up to three months, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

“It’s in our hands, within our grasp,” CDC Director Robert Redfield told reporters on a conference call. “But it is going to require all of us to embrace these mitigation steps. And we’re going to need to do that four, six, eight, 10, 12 weeks and then we will see this outbreak under control.”


Get that? We can “control” the coronavirus in either 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 weeks, according to CDC Director Redfield.

What does this tell us? Well, pardon my language, but it tells us that Dr. Redfield doesn’t have a god damn clue whether or not he and his worthless agency can ever “control” this virus. Which is not at all surprising, given that, since its founding 76 years ago, the CDC has never been able to “control” any of the common, seasonal flu viruses that preceded COVID-19.

Oh, and guess what else? Despite all the assurances we have received from Redfield, Birx and especially Fauci over the past 5 months that what we really need is a “vaccine,” that story is now shifting as well. Early this week, Fauci admitted that any “vaccine” will probably not be more than 50% effective, i.e., just like the “vaccines” we’re supposed to take every year for the seasonal flu.

But it gets even better than that.

Today, the criminals who run the World Health Organization went even further, stating that, even after we have a “vaccine,” life will not return to “normal.”

This is all a huge fraud, folks. We are dealing with a virus that is no more deadly than the seasonal flu, a virus that impacts mainly the elderly and people with major pre-existing health issues, and we are being scammed by government officials to behave as if we are Londoners during the Nazi Blitzkrieg.

We are even terrorizing our young kids in the process. Check this out:

This 7 year-old child will be scarred for life by this incident. Anyone who has ever been in trouble at school knows you retain those memories forever. And we are doing this to our children all over this country right now. It is madness, it is abusive, it is cruel and it should be criminal for adults to treat children like this.

Yet our government officials, especially Democrats, and the media ghouls who function as their propaganda agents completely approve of this stuff.

You are the frog, and they are boiling you. The question is, how long will you take this societal madness before things start to boil over?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Brian put up another link when the commies wouldn’t run the links.

Watch – but you might need to be sedated or use a bite-guard. It’s a long haul


Man… I struggle at times seeing these slime getting a light shone on them. Its almost overwhelming at times seeing just how deep these sleazy evil ticks have dug in and not just corrupted their surroundings but the abject evil they’ve pushed for so very long.

I get to asking why were these dirtballs not exposed for who they are, so very long ago. Where are all the true patriots and God fearing conservatives that should have stood up and spoke out. I truly get frustrated knowing that the MEN of the day did nothing. IMO, we are at a crossroads here. It may well be us that has to make things right again. I know I will do whatever it takes to preserve the freedoms that were fought and paid for with blood.

People should watch these documentaries. They are upsetting to be sure, some of the information may yet still be questionable but the overall is true. We as a people simply cannot afford to bury our heads and hope the trouble doesn’t come our way. But it WILL come our way even if you try to hide or placate the enemy, they will come for you. Best to meet them head on than to have them find you hiding under a rock. I’m all in…

Its a war…

Jimmy MacAfee

This is only 38 minutes of the 1:24 minute movie.

Jimmy MacAfee

With the DOJ incapable of treating Big Tech and Pig Pharma as monopolies (or at least engaging in monopolistic behaviors,) I almost miss Janet Reno.

Blackie The Kat

DOJ?…….i didn’t know they were still around.

Jimmy MacAfee

Frodo failed; Fauci got the ring.


While I have generally supported President Trump’s handling of the Plandemic, I have some real problems with it. To wit:

A couple of weeks ago Trump’s Surgeon General finally came out with a PSA on CV-19 basically repeating the mask, social distancing, handwashing mantra, and follow state and local mandates (from their “experts/political hacks”). I hear them two – four times a day. He introduces himself and his title. I don’t remember his name, it doesn’t matter; he was a non entity on this Plandemic from the beginning and thus he has rendered himself irrelevant. Why the PSA from him now?

He, and at this point I don’t give a damn what his name is, should have been leading this scamdemic response team (with or without Pence) from the beginning. Fluki and the Scarf Queen should have been advisors along with the new doctor who is finally pushing back on the vaccine and shutdown cabal. When Fluki’s past political ties became known and when it became known he was in all likelihood in at least a compromised position regarding Gates and Big Pharma, he should have been retired – he is 79 years old after all.

I understand the reason why Trump had to go along with shutting down the country based on his CDC ‘experts’ and their ‘models’, because if he had left the country open and allowed the virus to run its’ course he would have been excoriated for causing 170,000 deaths and not taking it seriously. Hmm, Oh, wait, say it isn’t so… IT IS HAPPENING ANYWAY.

One other lesson from CV-19: DON’T listen to ANYTHING the left says or advocates under any circumstances – give these people NOTHING.

One thing I did recommend Trump should have done from the beginning was to have been “bipartisan” and invite Schmucker and Klink and any other prominent Democrat, including GO-JO(e) Brain Biden and any other presidential candidate to offer their ‘solutions’ and inputs. I would have loved to have heard Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf, Newsom, or Murphy’s input and their ‘solutions’. It would have been great to have had them on record as to the wonderful job they have done. Noem, Kemp and DeSantis could have provided ‘balance’ along with regular doctors from here and around the world who have actually treated patients in the last twenty years.

It was a missed opportunity IMO.

phineas gage

Great post, but once again, you cannot boil a frog. A common myth.

phineas gage

BTW, note how they are adjusting the timeline so that this panic ends right after the election, just as it ceases to have any political value.

phineas gage

“It’s in our hands, within our grasp,” CDC Director Robert Redfield told reporters

Geez, sounds like the man has been mainlining Dr. Seuss:

‘Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to clasp’

Fahoo fores

Stuartswede - Unmasked

We should organize local flash mobs of unmasked shoppers for groceries and such. Call it a peaceful protest.

Rick O'Shay

This is a great idea!

Stay in small groups within the store so as to NOT practice social distancing.

Be sure to go the wrong way down the one way aisles.

If/when a store associate tells/asks you to put on a mask, tell you them you can’t understand what they’re saying because of the mask they’re wearing. If they say you must put on a mask or leave ask if you can think about it for a minute. Answer them with questions and say, “So what I hear you saying to me is…” then restate what they said to stall.

As you’re walking the store pick up a Trump item, something with an American flag, or just something Red, White and Blue. At the agreed upon time everyone go the the checkouts. If denied service, place your items one by one on the checkstand and walk out.

Repeat at the next store.


Thats actually a good plan. Would a store turn away a couple hundred shoppers for not wearing a mask??? Would the store change its tune when people refuse to wear a mask and sales start dwindling?? I understand that everyone needs groceries but when every patriot is stopped at the door and demands audience with the owner/manager I think they’ll soon get the message that it won’t go well for their business.

If one store says no masks allowed and everyone shopped there to the exclusion of the others. You’d soon see every store drop the mask requirement. think goodyear… vote with your money


Its complete nonsense and most thinking adults know this. Theres no way you will convince the zombies. They’ll try to shame you into compliance. Where was it, just recently, a mayor went and made a decree that restaurant workers now had to wear face shields… upside down.

My wife and I were yammer’n about this, this morning. When you do not push back or go along with these communists, in even the smallest of ways, you are not only giving consent to their demands but you are also compromising your principles DOWNWARD.

Don’t compromise, don’t give them ANY ground. At this point before the election civil disobedience is a must. The communists cannot charge and prosecute millions of people. Everything you see/hear in the media is geared to one thing… fear/obey the government or else… This my friends is 180 degrees opposite of what its supposed to be. Its THEY who should fear the people… don’t buy into their bluster… stand up. push back. its the only way forward.

Its a war… start taking it seriously

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