Democrat Convention Puts a Basket of Despicables on Display

You had one job, and you couldn’t find even 30 real people? – The steaming pile of hammer and sickle nausea that is the communist Democrat fake Convention steamed through its third night, and here is all you really need to know:

That’s right: If you look at the circled faces, you will see they are all duplicates. It’s like the corrupt news media carefully snipping video to make it look like more than a dozen people showed up for a Biden high school gym rally.

Honestly, you couldn’t find 30 individual women willing to pretend to be excited about a Veep candidate who slept her way into the U.S. senate? C’mon, there’s more women than that pretending to be a part of the fake #MeToo movement – weren’t they available? There’s more loyal communist Democrat women than that participating every night in the Portland riots. You couldn’t do a live feed from the burning Multnomah Building? There’s more loyal communist Democrat women than that in the Al Franken fan club, for crying out loud.

Obviously, the ratings for this snoozer of a convention are low – down 48% from 2016 – but they’re not that low. But hey, everything the Democrat party does is a lie and/or a fraud: Why would this livestream for Kamala be any different?

In addition to the carefully-read speech by Kamala Harris, Wednesday night’s festivities featured predictably dishonest and unhinged diatribes from Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self, Faucahontas and the Fainting Felon, who is still blaming her 2016 loss on the Russians. At my house, we are already into Season 3 of Yellowstone, in which the mooing cattle and howling wolves make far more logical sense than any communist Democrat.

Tonight, the Party that gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws and the Antifa/BLM domestic terrorist complex will present the nation with a nominee who is a career racist, has a long history of inappropriate behavior with women and children, and who is displaying obvious symptoms of advancing dementia.

He is, in other words, the perfect representative for the Democrat Party in the year 2020.

Wait, who’s enriching himself??? – Here was the real highlight, though: At one point, Obama accused President Donald Trump of using the presidency to “enrich himself.” Just a reminder that, when he assumed the office of the presidency, Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self was worth barely more than $1 million.

Today, the guy who spent 8 years lying to America about rapidly rising sea levels owns a $15 million mansion that sits 2 feet above sea level on Martha’s Vineyard; the guy who spent 8 years lecturing struggling Americans about only using the resources they truly need is also about to own an $8 million vacation home in Hawaii; and the guy who spent 8 years preaching about the need to redistribute the wealth of other people also owns a $9 million home just outside of Washington, DC in Bethesda, MD.

Obama’s net worth today is reportedly upwards of $100 million. At the same time, Donald Trump’s net worth has dropped by over $1 billion since the day he won the 2016 election.

But Trump’s the one who is “enriching himself” in the presidency. Riiiight.

These people are despicable. In fact, we should call them a basket of despicables.

That is all.

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Those that make a living pretending to be others can carry on by themselves. I quit paying to watch these losers three plus decades ago. Simply won’t fund the enemies of freedom. If I feel the need to watch their junk, then I’ll stream it but certainly not going to pay for anything that comes out of hollywierd.

I have and will continue to pay for those flics that adhere to Godly principles, family and freedom. I’ll gladly put my money where my mouth is and support the troops here. Companies, film producers, actors, businesses and all true conservative and God fearing entities will get my dollars only. Kevin Costner can Kevin kiss my hiney along with all the other ‘woke’ morons.

If people quit funding hollywierds propaganda garbage do you think they might take pause and start producing better quality films, shows, than they feed the public these days??? Or do you think they’ll carry on producing cinematic woke epics like mavels current comic book trash??

Who do you think is funding most of this garbage. It isn’t the ‘woke’ leftist. They’re to busy burning and rioting, sipping latte’s and twitfacing. The left don’t support their own, they eat them.

Vogon Poetry

I still wanted Al Franken to run with Jill Stein this year. The yard signs would have been perfect.

Franken / Stein


I saw about 10 minutes of the DNC convo…total. it would be easier to have been waterboarded.


easier or pleasurable… I think the latter…


“There’s more loyal communist Democrat women than that in the Al Franken fan club, for crying out loud.”

My favourite line… produced a lot of endorphines from all the grin’n… Happy day all

Jimmy MacAfee

Whole column made me smile.


The dnc “convention” is a massive fail. And the left knows it. The giveaway is the lack of any policy proposals beyond what President Donald J. Trump has already done and is proposing for the future.
That 0zero became a multi-millionaire while in office. A perfect example of what a leftie is all about. This at a time when the everyday citizen was struggling due to policies set in place by the 0zero administration.
Typical misdirection by all the lefties during the “festivities” of the dnc event. Projection of blame is the platform of the dems/commies/progs. Always has been, always will be.
Meanwhile the POTUS45 continues to work for “We the People”.
Just sayin’.

Jimmy MacAfee

O.T. but something I wrote when I was posting regularly – another reason not to wear masks in open spaces, (because a mask hides a smile):

“-ADELAIDE, Australia — Can a smile truly make everything better? A new study finds even if you don’t feel like smiling, faking one can have positive impacts. Researchers say smiling triggers certain facial muscles which can trick your brain into feeling more positive.”


“Marmolejo-Ramos says this discovery provides important information about mental health and what stimulates the brain. This is critical during the coronavirus pandemic, which study authors add is causing disturbing spikes in anxiety and depression cases globally.

“In our research we found that when you forcefully practice smiling, it stimulates the amygdala – the emotional center of the brain – which releases neurotransmitters to encourage an emotionally positive state,” the artificial cognition expert explains.

“For mental health, this has interesting implications. If we can trick the brain into perceiving stimuli as ‘happy,’ then we can potentially use this mechanism to help boost mental health.””

Back to my Bat Cave. Smiling.

phineas gage

Hillary Clinton has now nearly fully transitioned into her role as America’s crazy old aunt in the attic.


You can add the republicans on the senate select committee on intelligence in that basket of despicables, like I said yesterday, their report is a lyin’ sack of steaming shiff.

phineas gage

I see on the sidebar that Lindsey Graham is preening on social media, although he couldn’t be bothered to do a damn thing with his Senate committees for the past four years.

Good preview of his next exciting appearance on Tick-Tock.

Lindsey’s up for reelection and his Democrat opponent in SC has raised a lot of money. His opponents are also going dirty by raising the gay rumors. He might be worried.

phineas gage

Great first paragraph–really says it all.

What are the odds that something could go catastrophically wrong tonight?

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