Wednesday News Roundup: Dems Now Hate Susan B. Anthony and Portland Riots Expand Again

Highlights from the communist Democrat National Covention, Night 2:

  • The featured speaker to the party of the fake #MeToo movement was a man who has been credibly accused as a rapist and pedophile since 1999.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke for 60 seconds, in the process seconding the nomination of … wait for it … Bernie Sanders as the party’s nominee. Hey, a communist party ought to have a real Commie as its nominee, right?
  • Islamic Jihadist radical Linda Sarsour was given a speaking slot to spew her anti-American, anti-Semitic filth, because of course she was.
  • Sally Yates, a prime participant in the coup d’etat effort to remove President Trump in 2017, spoke to beg the nation to elect Joe Biden so she won’t have to to go prison.
  • Deceased John McCain received the most fitting tribute of his entire political career, having a video of his career narrated by his second wife played at the convention of the one political party to which he had true loyalty.
  • Chuck Schumer spoke, causing any thinking person to feel the need to take a shower after he was done.
  • John Kerry gave a short speech, reminding everyone why we almost lost the country entirely in the 2004 election.
  • And for some reason, Stacey Abrams, the epic loooooser in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial contest who also lost out on her tireless effort to become Joe Biden’s running mate, was allowed by the party leaders to deliver yet another tedious, utterly dishonest speech in prime time.

I’m really glad my wife and I were streaming Season 2 of Yellowstone.

For those of you still dumb enough to think Joe Biden is somehow a “moderate”… – Watch as Marxist New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay gushes about the “radical” nature of Joe Biden’s policy platform:

Transcript: “You know, I think, what’s funny is that Biden’s platform is actually far more liberal than Barack Obama’s was 12 years ago. So, when we looked at that as an editorial board, we were kind of blown away at how much more similar it is to Bernie Sanders’ platform in some ways than Barack Obama in 2008.”

Any questions?


Because the Democrat playbook dictates that Democrats cannot support any action taken by the duly-elected President of the United States of America, this bit of mindless hilarity happened on Tuesday. – You seriously cannot make this stuff up, folks: President Trump issued a full pardon for Susan B. Anthony, hero of the women’s suffrage movement in the late 19th century, on Tuesday, completing an action that 27 of his predecessors had refused to take.

Naturally, the communist Democrats found a way to oppose even that.

New York communist Democrat Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul got the party’s honors, issuing the following factually-incorrect tweet:

The truth, of course, is exactly the opposite of what this communist Democrat says. From a piece at the Federalist:

While Anthony never paid her fine or spent time in jail, Hochul’s claims that were quickly disputed by Twitter users who cited Anthony’s petition to the White House as the reason why she wanted her criminal record overturned.

“She believed she had committed no crime and that her right to vote was protected by the privileges and immunities clause of the 14th amendment. She also petitioned Congress to rescind the fine. She wanted the government to recognize that she had not committed a crime by voting,” replied one Twitter user.


The President was in fact acting on a petition requesting a pardon that was filed by Ms. Anthony over a century ago, a petition that 27 previous presidents had ignored.

Not content to stop with this depraved bit of stupdity, the communist Democrat activists at the New York Times published a piece excoriating the President’s action and branding the first female whose face appeared on U.S. currency as a racist. No, really, I swear I do not make this stuff up:

She is also an increasingly divisive figure, adopted by anti-abortion forces and criticized for relegating Black suffragists to the sidelines. On Tuesday, Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion political group, and Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer who represents conservative groups, were in attendance as Mr. Trump made his announcement.


Thus does a woman who has for many decades been held up and lauded by the “women’s movement” as a hero now make the transition to a racist bigot who must be destroyed more than a century after her death.

Absolutely breathtaking. The utter depravity of these communist truly knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The riots in this formerly beautiful city raged on for an 82nd straight night, with no visible evidence that the Portland Police Department is making any real effort to contain them.

As always, the only reason we know this is thanks to the ongoing efforts of one real journalist, Andy Ngo:

The rioters have now become so emboldened by the lack of effective resistance from law enforcement that they have taken to advertising their next rioting spots a day in advance:

Absent federal intervention, these riots will only continue to grow in scope and scale, because the communist Democrats in charge of the city want them to do so. It really is that simple.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

Antifa now moved on to attacking the Multnomah county building:

phineas gage
phineas gage

While I think thats a good ad its much of the same stuff we hear every day day in day out. Most conservatives don’t really need a reminder of what the demoncrap stand for, thats obvious.

IMO… a better ad for everyone and especially ‘moderate’ dems would be a reminder of what Trump did before the scamdemic. Then show the numbers climbing and States making a rebound, jobs being added. Messaging the return of full employment, bigger pay checks, more liberating from dem regulations, law and order, etc etc… I think it would have much greater impact if people, even liberals, see whats been done and what can be done… again. and bigger…

phineas gage

I don’t think the ad was directed to conservatives.


That may be but I don’t think it’ll convince many of the ‘moderates’ and least of all the zombies. They already know this and don’t care. But seeing the rioting and contrasting that with a nice paycheck… disposable income… has a way of convincing fence sitters to your side… imo


Interesting…. If this be true it should be alarming about what the Chinese and marxists are smuggling into the country to fuel a civil war.

I might be possible to rig a faux wing to launch this missile from, yes/no?? Not being a military person I have no idea if this could be locked onto a target and fired from a fake wing of sorts. Why else would a foreign missile be located so close to where the President could be encountered. Interesting


It would take a lot more than just a wing mock up. You’d pretty much have to have the weapons system deigned for it mounted in an aircraft that’s flying on an intercept course to have a chance.Then you’d need the radar system it uses for a lock on before you could launch it.

On the other hand, it’d be a pretty good candidate for an IED. The scenario for that would be an airplane with the missle in it, a detonator designed to go off when triggered and being close enough to your intended target to make the explosion effective. this would also involve a suicide pilot as that’s the only way a plane could be used. Making a plane into a drone is very hard and expensive.

phineas gage

Well, sundance revealed the name of Durham’s chief investigator, I guess to try to pressure them.


And it begins, just a trickle now, but it will grow. The covid did two things that may prove to be beneficial, remote jobs and remote schooling.

phineas gage

As much as the Left has reveled in covid as a political weapon, it actually is killing them (metaphorically) on many fronts. It is destroying the blue cities, the seat of their political power. It is destroying Hollywood and sports, the source of much of their propaganda power. And it is destroying traditional media.


And I, for one, am relishing every meltdown and failure as it occurs. The point of maximum saturation for the scamdemic is rapidly approaching, The backlash, when it hits, will be epic.

phineas gage

Crickets from the national media:

Doesn’t fit the template.


heh heh heh! Yup. There was all the hype and hooplah and then the virtual covention happened. The masses were not inspired. The media actually was talking suicide. The politicos
and the sycophants were enamored with themselves.

The rest of us Meh, just more socialism painted up pretty.


I’m blind in one eye can’t see out the other… I bet I can paint better than what they tried to paint on the ‘virtual’ convention. Makes no difference what pretty dress and makeup you put on a pig… its still a communist pig.


Democrats are angry that Susan B got pardoned!? LMAO! They’re like an angry ex-wife: they’ll tell you you’re absolutely wrong no matter what you say or do…


And in other news, Ghislaen Maxwell has survived incarceration for 48 days. Let’s hope I didn’t hex the dear woman.


Having sex with her jailers is most likely saving her.



Agree about all the RINOs, but they do serve one purpose that we have to live with until get a much bigger majority in the senate.

They keep the senate and the committees in nominal GOP control. Bad as many (whom I have often listed) are, if they actually switched parties to the (D) party Schumer would be the majority leader. The reason most like Romney, Alexander, Burr, and Sasse etc. don’t is because a Dem has no chance of winning an election in their respective states. And the reason there are no DINOs is because of the BJ Clinton and ‘the One’s’ election purges of the actual ‘moderate’ old Dems, and any remaining remotely moderate Dem will be primaried and denied national campaign funds by Nancy Klink or Schumer which effectively cows any ‘independent’ thinking. Go off our reservation and we will remove you from our reservation.

Shelby (86) (D to R) AL changed in the wake of the 1994 Clinton senate wipeout. I think one other senator also switched after that election, but has since left office. Jim Jeffords (RINO) NH became a Dem in the summer of 2001 to flip the 50-50 (with Bush’s VP Cheney breaking the tie) senate to 51-49 Dem. Majority. So yes, while most everyone here despises the RINOs, the sad fact is we need them.


” the sad fact is we need them.”

I’m not that certain my friend because the climate is entirely different these days. If these rinos were being forced out like ‘the one’ did, it would leave open the field to a real Republican. Imo given the dissatisfaction of voters in red states of their elected officials I think it would actually be beneficial.

Take pansy all-hat graham for instance. I think voters just stayed with what they knew. If he were forced out do you think the voters would follow him?? Not at all, imo again. They’d have a fresh plate to choose from and I think they’d go strong on whoever Trump backed. I also think a real conservative replacement would stand a far better chance of getting elected in a blue state than a rino would. People are getting sick of the demoncrap leadership burning everything down… They’d switch… I think you’ll see this in Nov… bigly



You sort of made my point. South Carolinians had a chance to schiff-can Graham this summer in the primary and failed to do so. Now we are stuck with him for another six years! The same crap happened cycle after cycle with the McLame machine. Our voters have to get active and smart, especially since such a relatively small number of people vote in primaries. There is no doubt in my mind a decent conservative would carry SC against any Democrat, but now we must hope SC reelects Graham or we lose the seat and probably control of the senate.

The ‘justice democrats’ are beginning to be successful in getting rid of their perceived DINOs – which they are not. We need our own version of ‘justice republicans. Until that happens, we will be forever stuck with the Grahams and Romneys of the world.

“I think voters just stayed with what they knew.” And that is the problem my friend!


PS Brian,

That is also why I am in favor of supporting any viable Republican in all the deep blue districts, cities or states where a win might be possible. If we could pick off a dozen or so of these blue lifetime politicians in their Gerrymandered Districts the whole Dem support system would collapse.

The lady, Kimberly Klacik, of whom posted about in the next article is the type of candidate to who I am referring. Now that Cummings has assumed room temperature, there might be a chance to flip that seat from the fraud of the new incumbent – Cumming’s current replacement and predecessor – Kweisi Mfume, the former president and CEO of the NAACP.

If we can’t get rid of many of the RINOs, then maybe we can flip some deep blue seats.


Lora Loomer as well… in S Florida… Shes not afraid and people there need to rally behind her… Its going to take some time but many of these career politicals can be hacked out.


My hope is that we get more real Republicans into office. Trump needs to get a program going to recruit and elect more of them. A purge of the old school get along crowd is needed badly. They’re more concerned about themselves than those who voted them in. One can hope.


A logical person would think that would be the job of the RNC Charwoman – That would be Mutt McRomney’s niece – fat chance of that happening. She, like all her former male predecessors, is doing just what the GOP establishment wants her to do – namely nothing. Put up an appearance of actually giving a Schiff of trying to win, and always be asking for money, but just sit around and take a ride like so much of the other deadwood in the DC swamp. I truly believe, the vast majority of the GOP establishment doesn’t care if they win or lose nationally.

Local and individual politicians are a different matter, but only slightly, because once they are beaten they can move on to be even richer lobbyists jobs, or better yet, be a guest anti-Trumper at the Democratic National (telethon) Convention.

Of course, the numerous ignorant voters have to Schiff-can as many worthless RINOs as possible, but they rarely do.


The peril here is that if President Donald J. Trump actually sends in the troops to put down the “peaceful” protests(riots), without the request of the idiot mayor or equally idiotic guvnr, he will be accused of violating the 10th Ammendment or some such nonsense. And the left will scream “tyranny” from the many outlets they control until the election.
I’m all in favor of the citizens of OR, and Portland in particular, of rising up against this nonsense. Like yesterday. I keep waiting to see the headlines of this law-abiding uprising against the commie insurrection. Where are they? That question needs to be answered in Seattle and all the blue cities where these riots are taking place.
Where are the citizens who live and work in those places? Why are they not resisting the rioters?
However, I am not holding my breath. I’m too old to do that for very long and value my days.


Let them destroy their Liberal havens, as long as the American Taxpayer isn’t going to be footing the bill. Let them reap what they sew.

Liberty Writer

alonzo – I agree.

Ben Colder

I have not wasted my time watching any of the communist convention and that is what the so called democrats are now communists the old dem party is dead.From what I have read and heard on the radio this communist convention is just a fools errand and one is just wasting your time looking at it these fool communists have lost all pretext of being what the dems were even last time.They have gone completely gunny bag nuts.The hell of it is there are some who believe all this crap.As for the riots we hear nothing about them in the fake news at all only a few people that probably do not work for the fake news are telling it like it is .I would guess that Portland will probably cease to be a city after they get it burned down the cops are done for and anyone with a lick of brains have moved out of there by now and will not go back.this what is coming to a city near you. Your city if the communists have anything to say about it.Sounds like Denver might be next then who knows any where they have a dem city government.This is reality time.


Schumer, Kerry, McStain…. lots of great examples of traitors right there… I can think of a few rinos that would easily fit into that category… The RNC should invite them to do so… cya mittens… take pansy grahams with you.

Its no secret that many of the criminals in Seattle/Portland festivals are out of state criminals. Its listed on the arrest record which state they hail from. Is it not a federal crime to be a participant in criminal actions having crossed state lines??? Back to the old canard… Wheres Barr in this?? Is it not his job to oversee the arrest of criminals that contravene federal law??? Maybe hes to busy watching statues…

I get that hes roped in a few tiny minnows with statue violations, quietly going after crooked politicals and pedo’s and likely quietly skulking around the halls of DC. But IMO, it would be far better optics and encouraging if he’d step up to the plate and publically charge these criminals. Have they not been declared a terror group??? Why no action???

care factor

John Kasich will stop Mailgate! The son of a mailman will cure what ails the USPS and help the CPUSA build the glorious people’s collective utopia. Yes we can.
Just imagine if the GOP had blocked every move by the immaculate Chicago Jesus Messiah Hussein Hopenchange, it would be wayciss or Putin Boris and Natasha Russia bots.
Hitler was so detached from reality that he wanted war with Russia at any cost and it didn’t end well for him or Germany.
Portland? Who?


Forward together?


Susan B. Anthony. Ring leader of the women’s suffrage movement. I have no problem with Susan B. Anthony as all men and women are created equal and all Americans should be able to vote. The problem is President Trump pardoned her. The left cannot take it, anything the President does, the left has to hate it, scream at it, and vilify it. Could you imagine if President Trump cured cancer? There would literally be millions of people in the street screaming and holding signs that they want their cancer back.




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