Need New Tires? Don’t Buy From Goodyear. **UPDATED** **UPDATE 2**

Need tires? Don’t even think about buying Goodyear. – I’m currently searching for new tires for our car, and was looking seriously at a 50,000-mile set from the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. After all, it’s a great American company – or at least it used to be – and I’m all about buying American since China’s government intentionally spread a deadly virus all over the world.

But that consideration of ever buying from Goodyear ended this morning when news broke about a new attire policy the company has adopted for its employees. Check out this graphic:

So, it’s perfectly fine for Goodyear employees to wear clothing endorsing BLM, an openly-Marxist domestic terrorist group funded by front groups for George Soros and the Democrat Party. But it is not ok for those same employees to wear attire endorsing law enforcement or their desire to make America great again. You seriously cannot make this stuff up, folks.

In response to this bit of news, President Trump himself issued the following tweet:

Conservatives have always been reluctant to play the same kinds of boycott/cancel culture games that the left has made a daily part of our lives. But this really and truly does need to change.

There is a increasingly hostile and intense war for the soul of this nation taking place right now, today.
Sadly, only one side is really fighting it, and it isn’t us.

That must change.

Boycott Goodyear Tire and Rubber, folks. Boycott this deplorable company and its management like your way of life depends on it.

Because you know what? It does.

**UPDATE** – Shortly after this piece was posted, Goodyear released the following lame and unconvincing statement:

I do not believe the highlighted part of this statement for a moment. The rest of it is your standard, overly-lawyered corporate gobbledygook.

Goodyear should be boycotted. Period. We must stop tolerating this kind of blatant discrimination against traditional American values.

**UPDATE 2** Looking at the Goodyear website, we find this press release from 2016:


PULANDIAN, China, November 2, 2016 — The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company today announced it has broken ground on a $485 million expansion of its state-of-the-art tire factory in Pulandian, Dalian, China. Goodyear Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Richard J. Kramer took part in a ceremony with Lu Lin, deputy mayor of Dalian, China.

When completed in 2020, the expansion will increase the plant’s capacity by about 5 million tires a year, enabling Goodyear to meet the strong and growing market demand for premium, large-rim-diameter consumer tires in China and the Asia Pacific region. By 2020, Goodyear expects tires with rim diameters of 17 inches or greater to account for nearly 60 percent of its replacement tire sales volume in China.

“This investment in our Pulandian factory speaks to our long-term strategy of pursuing sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region and increasing Goodyear’s presence in high-value segments of the global tire market that are growing at rates above the total industry where we can capture the value of our brand,” Kramer said. “The city of Dalian has been supportive of our developments here, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.”

“Goodyear’s latest investment in Pulandian strengthens our presence in China. As one of our most important and key growth markets, our global brand and innovative product portfolio in China will gives us a competitive edge,” said Chris Delaney, president, Asia Pacific.

Goodyear was the first global tire manufacturer to enter China when it invested in a tire manufacturing plant in Dalian in 1994. The company moved production to the new Pulandian factory in 2012 and opened its new China Development Center on the Pulandian campus in 2015 to increase the speed and efficiency of developing high-quality premium tires for China-based auto manufacturers.

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. It employs approximately 66,000 people and manufactures its products in 49 facilities in 22 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. For more information about Goodyear and its products, go to


Ugh. So much for Goodyear being a “great American company.”

Boycott Goodyear like your way of life depends on it. Because it does.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Timing is everything! I was just going to replace my Goodyears with a new set.. I was replacing my current Goodyears with a new set of Wrangler All Terrain w/Kevlar ($229.00 ea) With mounting and all the rest we are over $1000. 00 in tires. Guess what? This is a set of tires you will never sell me again. There are many other tires that I can select from and I do NOT need you! So long fools. Get woke, get broke!


The Goodyear statement reads (quoting directly from this article), “the upmost appreciation for the vital work police do”. Huh? “Upmost appreciation”?? Do they mean, ” utmost” ? This is a major press release from a major corporation and nobody proofreads? Or, am I missing something and ” upmost ” somehow makes sense here?


Great point Rocco,

Utmost vs. upmost:

Actually upmost is also technically correct, but it is not common usage, and truthfully, I missed it.

“Upmost” actually means uppermost, loftiest, top, highest, it therefore passes spellcheck, but also shows sloppy editing which is the norm for many of today’s writers.

Proofreading my sometimes lengthy comments is probably the most difficult part of my posts. But I’m just one guy on the keyboard. All these corporations have oodles of HR staff and lawyers to check out their releases.

If you look at most of the rest of the Goodyear statement, it is just boilerplate BS. Most importantly, it does not in any way show a real apology for or to anyone it might have offended. At best, it is a pathetic attempt to make a controversy just go away. I don’t think it is going to work because the vast majority of us MAGA/KAG folks are now “WOKE” to this corporate and cultural Bull Schiff.

Good luck Goodyear! Keep polishing your “woke” turds.

Nunya Business

The sad thing is, I can almost guarantee you that a version of that slide is in EVERY corporate diversity program. They know to do otherwise would result in their headquarters being mobbed and burned tot he ground.


My vehicles will never run with Goodyear tires again. I will not use any Goodyear services.


Not that I’m going to tune it in, but in some small way I sort of feel sorry for KARMA ROUNDHEELS tonight when she gives her VP acceptance speech.

With the convention being a dud so far, she has to pull off a very good speech for the diverse and divisive lemmings in her audience. She has to be the Dems great black hope without actually being an authentic ‘black’. She has to somehow appeal to the moderates at least to some degree, yet still give red meat to the AOC/Bernie communists/anarchists; she can’t be totally anti COP, but has to kiss up the BLM and ANTIFA, and probably the LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ crowd. Just like CJ Roberts turning himself and the constitution into a pretzel trying to make the unconstitutional Obamacare law “constitutional”.

Earlier this year I wrote I didn’t care who the Dems nominated because a party unifying person, a political gumby, doesn’t exist. The ultimate political gumby (e.g. BS artist), BJ Clinton, could literally sell air conditioners to Eskimos or sand to a Bedouin back in the 1990s. But no one can sell a set of unmarketable products to their whole audience of passionate malcontents with diametrically opposing views – there is no latitude to moderate the message in order to appeal to America’s political middle which, for better or worse, decides elections.

In trying to be all things to all people in that collection of disparate haters and misanthropes you will wind up being hated by all.

That is what has so frustrated we conservatives with our pandering, “crossing-the-aisle” feckless weasel Republicans for so long – President Trump is the refreshing alternative to the cookie cutter politician.

Compounding KARMA ROUNDHEELS’ impossible task, she has to do all that and in the process can’t afford to upstage her running mate. Vice presidents are vice presidents, the warm-up act, and not the “star”. Like everything else the Dems do that are opposed to nature, tradition, and sense, they are trying to marry an unlikeable unaccomplished pandering fraud to a fossilized declining political hack buffoon who was never good even when he has his fastball.

That is an impossible task. The Dems needed a “New Democrat” like BJ Clinton (in his prime), combined with a Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill; instead they are stuck with the KARMA ROUNDHEELS/joe biden ticket. They got bupkis and their whole virtual convention is nothing more than a bunch of walking talking blivits.

Can you imagine how miserably inadequate and pathetic the other two or so dozen wannabees must feel, not being able to beat these two?

phineas gage

I’d imagine Sanders feels pretty good–he’s running the convention and by extension the party.

marty lopez

As a famous stock analysist I forcast a very Bad year for Goodyear


Having seen the kamikaze plunge into a fiery plume of dust and flame the company is try’n desperately to back pedal as fast as they can. They have not denied that the photo came from head office or was supported by said office either.

So they are hoping that their customers are stupid dolts and will forgive them and buy their products… They fail to realize that patriots are not demoncraps.

Its a war… support the troops by buying REAL american products from real american companies.


I bought Kelly Springfield tires at Discount Tires in Littleton, CO. Was told that brand was a division of Goodyear. This was in the 90’s. Don’t know if they are still made.

Will be sure to boycott Goodyear.


If I worked in Goodyear I would def walk in with a MAGA hat on. Get fired!?!? I’d be filing a lawsuit…. just say’n


Tough point, a lot of grey area. But the argument can be made that NFL players can take a knee at their place of employment so can I/we wear a hat – free speech. But the courts have ruled that employers can regulate speech/behavior on their time at their place which makes the NFL owners culpable for any blame or boycotts that come their way.


WAAAAATTT??? Ok so next question would be do they allow other forms of ‘speech’ ie black lives matter etc… if so would that then be discrimination?? It’d be a political discrimination. yes/no???


According to the screenshot BLM and LBGT is fine, while the other stuff is considered “political” and is not allowed.

A firing for violating that policy could well be a different matter.

Judging from the outrage on this site, that Bull-Schiff ‘clarification statement’ ain’t gonna cut it. Nor should it; nothing but a full -fledged apology, and unequivocal admission of a mistake, and perhaps a discount coupon for all offended customers, and the firing of whatever activist snot-nosed HR puke who promulgated it will suffice.

Regardless of lawsuits, the Dems and the left want a war with all this agitation and sooner or latter, they will get one and it won’t turn out well for them.


Goodyear could make a new MAGA/KAG model orange tire and have it “Made in U. S. A.” at half price and I still wouldn’t buy it. I can’t boycott every major internet provider because they all are – one way or another – part of the Globalist network, but I sure as hell can boycott a specific overly “woke” company.

And I will be writing them abut this.

Wonder which brave employee(s) leaked that ‘diversity’ training screen. If only we had a few “good” FBI and other government employees doing the same…


This episode also shows the passion President Trump can generate with just one tweet. GO-JO(e) Brain Biden, Karma Round Heels, or even ‘the One’ or BJ Clinton couldn’t dream of drawing such attention or action.

Where is the Twitter and Facebook alternative? There must be some conservative media gurus who can take a huge chunk of Dorksey’s and Schmuckerberg’s market. Step up you wealthy conservatives – there is a whole new world out there just waiting to be exploited.


Kimberly Klacik’s (MD-7) house campaign video is dwarfing ‘the One’s’ nominal wife and her Dem infomercial convention ‘speech’ with hits on social media according to Rush as I am typing this.

Enthusiasm Gap anyone? Where are Biden’s Boat Rallies? (Boats cost a lot to run) Somebody last weekend ripped the “small” pro-Trump crowd in Hawaii. Well, Hawaii is deep blue and where were any Biden rallies, in Hawaii or elsewhere? Huh? I say again, where is the passion for the KARMA ROUNDHEELS/joe biden ticket?

Speaking of boat rallies, it makes me feel good to see this amount of organization; it bodes well when there is the eventual pushback against antifa/blm “mostly peaceful protests”

Oh, I forgot about the Portland, Seattle, Chicago and NYC rallies – they just forgot their KARMA ROUNDHEELS/joe biden signs.


There is no real enthusiasm for Joe and the Hoe. None, nada, zip, zilch. I would love to know the nielsen ratings for days one and two. Radio silence. Not even crickets. Wonder why? You know if it was real big numbers, the press would be shouting it from the roof tops. Not one word from any of them. Yes, I will keep beating that dead horse.


Can’t remember the exact numbers, but Rush is saying they are a disaster, all time lows, down like 25-30%. If Trump was so hated, wouldn’t it be logical that MORE people would watch to see the alternative? Guess Trump isn’t so hated after all the negatively they have dumped on him over the last four years. And just remember America nets a population increase of a couple of million people per year so there are theoretically 8-10 million more eyeballs available over the 2016 numbers, so ratings should never be down from one convention year to another.

Also, some poll was quoted as reporting about 50% of the KARMA ROUNDHEELS/joe biden support is strictly an anti Trump vote. In other words, they could run a political hack buffoon and an unaccomplished pandering fraud and still get the anti-Trump vote.. oh, wait!, They have done just that.

phineas gage

I think they know that. I think all the focus is on stealing it now, by refusing to accept results, refusing to seat electors in Dem states, and throwing it into legal limbo where the Speaker–if still Pelosi–would have a great deal of power.


Go to the Goodyear site, accept cookies and usually a survey button will pop up. Perfect thing for telling them how you feel:

“Why have you contacted us?”

“To find out why Goodyear hates the police.”

You can also open a chat and just leave it there since the line is veyr long htis morning for “some” reason. You can also find a link for emailing the corporate site at the bottom right of the home page.


Bet that chat gets ‘closed of maintenance/upgrade” very soon.


Goodyear is Chinese owned now.

Jimmy MacAfee

I wrote to Goodyear – not a great portal. Told them that they should stop swapping spit at their country clubs. spitting on American labor and to stop patting themselves on each other’s behinds congratulating themselves how “woke” they are,

A local tire company I deal with doesn’t carry Generals; Walmart does – maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Any other good American companies with GOOD tires like some say General makes?

Hurts on a personal level, because I’m originally from the town that hosts Goodyear – (or should I say, “Goodbye?”)

Suggestions, in addition to Generals?


Suggestions fore tires? I’ve used Goodyear but have found Michelin and Hankook to be easily superior.


I would never buy a Bridgestone/Firestone tire. They just can’t make tires IMO. The 500s were recalled many years ago; the 721 replaced them and they had problems with them too. Then I remember Firestone had massive problems with the larger SUV tires in the mid nineties. It was so bad I remember the Firestone name was replaced by (I think) their Japanese name, Bridgestone, as their reputation was so badly damaged. Only relatively recently has “Firestone”/Bridgestone reappeared.

Unlike with turkey politicians, most people won’t patronize a bad product. I just don’t see how the Bull Schiffters of the world keep keep getting elected and reelected in swing and red states. Quite the phenomenon.

Rick Darick

“a tire company’s attire policy draws the ire of patriots” would have been a cute headline.

Bob Williams

Just bought 2 Michelins. About to replace 2 more “badyear” tires on another vehicle. Typically put 50K miles per vehicle per year. 5 vehicles. I’ll vote with my money thank you.

phineas gage

Corporations will keep doing this until they are made to pay a price. And sometimes even that doesn’t stop them because they are ideologically driven.


Yep… Fully agree…

I’ve been harping on this ad nausea that we as conservatives need to QUIT funding our own destruction. Stop buying anything from these traitorous companies. Companies that want to inject marxist policies do not deserve to have your business, period.

Its a war… quit funding the enemy to fight you.

Support our troops… shop with discretion and buy from only conservatives, vote with your money first.


I have an F350 and have bought nothing but General Grabbers for the last ten years… two sets. The first set went with the F250 I sold and they had almost 60% tread left after 5 years. The f350 I bought two years ago and dropped Generals on them immediately, with zero regrets or worries.

I wouldn’t buy anything else because of how well they last both on and off road. Best part is I’m, to date, not funding the enemy. And I’ll be writing an email thanking them for not going ‘woke’

phineas gage

A smart competitor would take immediate advantage of this We’ll see if Firestone, General and the others do.

What is your opinion of the Japanese tire manufacturers?


We have a chain of stores here called Les Schwab. They sell Japanese tires and the quality is pretty good. I bought a set of all weather radials and they have perfromed quite well.


I should qualify my comment too that I don’t have a car or second vehicle. So I cannot comment on car tires. When I worked in the bush the tires take a beating and I’m hard on vehicles. Now that most of my miles are hyway I still rock the Generals and they’re still giving great mileage.

When I rode motorcycle you buy according to riding habits. H/G tires were great for long road hauls because they are hard rubber and wear little, but terrible in corners. V rated tires last one riding season, here in BC, but stick like glue to the pavement because they are very soft.

Ask your tire dealer which tires are best in your local and driving conditions. Living here in BC with few roads with a straight stretch longer than a mile or two means corners. Mountainous roads and varying weather conditions which is why I run A/T’s. Good for town and going out to the back forty.

Driving prairies I’d want a harder tire/ Good for high mileage and few corners.

Tough choices Jimmy as we don’t buy from Walmart either. Openly anti-family and ‘woke’. So it matters not how cheap anything is we don’t support ‘woke’ companies or buy products made in china… Actually hasn’t made much difference, just a little extra work researching when we need something or simply looking at the label.


Personally… The tires I’ve bought for my trucks, worked in the bush logging, would see highway and gravel roads. The Toyo’s I’d bought, not impressed, to soft, wore quickly. The Bridgestones… OK but nothing to write home about… overall… meh. But thats just my opinion. When I bought the Generals and saw how little wear and great road grip… never looked back.

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