Tuesday News Roundup: Kasich Goes Full Democrat, Trump Telegraphs Pardon and Portland Riots Steam Ahead

Pardon me? Beg pardon? – Talking to reporters at the end of a whirlwind day of three campaign events, President Donald Trump telegraphed that he would be issuing a pardon today. Being the showman that he is, he further telegraphed that it will be a “very, very important” person.

From a story at Fox News:

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One while on his way back to Washington from a tour of battleground states in the Midwest, Trump dropped the news about the upcoming pardon – saying only that it would not be former NSA staffer Edward Snowden or Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump over the weekend hinted that he was considering pardoning Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who has been living in Russia since he leaked information on vast domestic and international surveillance operations carried out by the NSA.


Ok, so, it’s not Snowden and it isn’t General Flynn. Who does that leave out there as likely suspects? Good question. One thing to keep in mind here is that the subject of a presidential pardon does not have to be among the living – this could be about correcting some historic wrong that Trump’s predecessors chose not to correct. Also note that no one asked the President about the possibility that it could be WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

But that’s all just speculation. As the President likes to say, “we’ll see what happens.” It will be a very interesting day, no doubt filled with the sounds of exploding liberal heads.

On Twitter, conservative satire is bad, the ChiCom Party is gooooood. – The humorless ghouls who run Twitter have recently been on a campaign to purge their outrage site of conservative satire accounts. Yesterday, for no apparent good reason, they suspended the tremendous Babylon Bee satire news account, which every day produces some of the funniest content on earth.

Simply put, the Babylon Bee is what Saturday Night Live aspired to be in its early days, and what South Park still achieves from time to time: A brilliant satire operation that skewers everyone. Upon learning of the Babylon Bee’s suspension, Dana Loesch captured the moment perfectly:

Indeed, pretty much all radical leftists are too petty and stupid to appreciate satire, which helps to explain how they became radical leftists in the first place. After all, intelligent people of good will know better.

Twitter lamely explained that the Babylon Bee account had been suspended due to a violation of its fake rules against “manipulation of information,” which of course is the very essence of good satire. But again, these people are too stupid and petty to understand that. And let’s all realize that this “rule” – like all other Twitter “rules” – is completely fake, applied only as a means of censoring conservative thought and speech. Twitter makes no similar efforts to censor the rank propaganda spewed by the ChiCom Party on its platform via thousands of accounts each and every day.

But this story has a semi-happy ending: Perhaps due to the outrage expressed by thousands of conservative Twitter users – or perhaps because maybe, just maybe, there is one actual semi-cogent adult working in Twitter management – the Babylon Bee account was restored after just a brief period of time.

The most tiresome man in politics is now officially a Democrat. – The Democrats can have John Kasich, the tiresome self-promoting drone who spoke at their fake convention last night. In doing so, Kasich abandoned every conservative principle he had spent the previous 40 years spouting at the altar of revenge on the bad orange man who humiliated him during the 2016 campaign.

In taking this action, Kasich personifies the entire #NeverTrump collection of hacks, war-mongers, grifters and semi-lucid pundits. These are people who have made their livings by pretending to fight for conservative values while surrendering consistently on each and every major issue our nation has faced.

These are people who detested Ronald Reagan when he came into office and spent 8 years attempting – and mostly failing – to convince him to give in to the Democrats. They are people whose political heroes are the likes of John McCain and the surrender monkeys Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They are people who like to quote the great William F. Buckley but always fail to heed his principle that it is often the role of real conservatives to “stand astride the march of history yelling stop!”

Surrender monkeys like John Kasich never summon the courage to yell stop. They’re always claiming to be “searching for the middle ground,” knowing full well that no one on the other side is engaged in a similar search, and that they will be the only party to make a move to get there. But they don’t really care about that as long as the money keeps flowing in and they can keep holding their seminar cruises and getting gigs as the pet fake conservative blooger for the New York Times or Washington Post and occasionally turning up as fake conservative talking heads on CNN or MSNBC or Fox News.

That’s the ground John Kasich has firmly sought and held onto throughout his entire sorry career, and it is the ground he continued to perch atop last night. Make no mistake about this: Kasich and his fellow #NeverTrump nitwits hate Donald Trump for the very same reason why real conservatives love him.

Because Trump fights.

Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon… – Real journalist Andy Ngo, the only reason why we know that is really happening in Portland on a nightly basis, stumbled across a rare commission of actual journalism by one of Portland’s local TV stations:

It’s almost a miracle. Here is the victim that that report is about:

Meanwhile, the riots continued for their 81st consecutive night with no sign that the Portland Police are making any real effort to stop them:

You can be sure this appeal from Mr. Ngo to communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler will go unheeded:

And remember this: These rioters are paid and organized by the communist Democrat Party. By speaking at the Democrat convention last night, John Kasich formally endorsed this behavior.

Truly despicable.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The fascist anitifa… a good read here to consider. foreign terrorist group… without a doubt.


Sure hope Barr is on this….

phineas gage

More Tim Pool:


The secret Trump vote is going to be yuuuge. The Dems better have their cheat-machine cranked up to the max.


And not one black person in the whole crowd.

Jimmy MacAfee

Time Travel:

Nina Burleigh promises to wear out her knee pads thanking Willy Jeff Clinton for his protection of baby-murder.

From the pictures on the former Lolita Express and reports of Willy Jeff’s predictions: Burleigh would be rejected – a clear case of age-discrimination. No one over 14 need apply for the ‘job.’

Jimmy MacAfee

Predilections, Mr. Jimmy, predilections.


I have a new definition today: Rinocoms. These are folks like Kasich who are rino but also
support the chicom loving socialist demoncrats. There is no doubt that these despicable creatures deserve our scorn and disdain. May their place in history be right up there with the buggy whip.


I’ll be more than happy to dump scorn and disdain on the mailman’s son….fed up with him and his commie buddies!

Of Mice And Men

Breaking-Kasich’s dad was a mailman! Esteemed Party Member Comrade Kommissar Kasich just thought that you should know.
Will he go full CPUSA and put the hammer and sickle armband on?
News aggregator is saying that the pardon will be for Susan B. Anthony.
Portland has gone full CPUSA and any business would have to be insane to start up there.
Some top shelf businesses are leaving the glorious people’s republic of Chicago.
Everything that the CPUSA touches turns into a steaming pile of crap and that is their plan for the USA.
Plan accordingly.


Just came across this article… good info here explaining some of the Shadow Gate vid with Millie Weaver (Millennial Millie). Good article and better video which everyone should watch.



Off Topic. Its almost 9am, sky is brilliant blue and temps expected will be about 39C/102F, a very nice summers day… Then it occurred to me…

Covid has saved us… Saved us all from Chemtrails… /s

Like I keep telling the checkout cashiers, you know when the Covid plandemic is losing steam is when businesses start charging for plastic bags again. Like they are here in British Communistia.

TexanForever Thompson

I once liked Kasich. Now it’s apparent he’s just another hack like the worst of ’em. The fake Dem “convention” was just one more opportunity to appear on-camera, anyone’s camera, it didn’t matter. Kasich has turned out to be just another twisted publicity freak.



I’m STILL laughing…. Thought it was a joke but nope… Its real and from the gift that knows no end of stupid. THIS will brighten your day…


**WARNING** Put down the coffee first before watching…


Another brilliant idea from a cluelss bimbo.


2020 Democrat National Platform, Rape, Pillage and plunder….and now they can ass assaulting white people!


The twitter harassment of conservatives will continue unabated unless Trump/Barr/GOP do something about it. Trump started the ball rolling but Barr and the disappeared GOP have yet to do anything public about it at all. What generally happens to conservatives is that when they are taken down and ‘restored’ they wipe out their followers. Then ‘restore’ their followers after with significantly less than before. Can’t confirm that the Bees numbers have changed but I’d be surprised if they havent.

Surrender monkeys like John Kasich need a trunk monkey applied to them.

Sure hope this Adam Haner is going to sue the mayor and governor for the illegal detention, theft, assault and attempted murder from the sanctioned peaceful demonstrators.


I remember the trunk monkey! I always thought it was hilarious that they used a chimpanzee (ape) but that shows you just how ill educated those in marketing really are. But a great commercial none the less.


The Phineas link above from CTH… KA BOOM!

I think 45 will pardon 44 and or Julian


The picture of communist johnnyB with Gina Haspel… Two of the most evil of the coup cabal with Gina being the smarter of the two.


While Lil miss muffet may be smarter she’ll fall with the rest of them.


Susan B. Anthony is the one who Trump pardoned for trying to vote as a man.

Good job Mr. President in grinding the gears of the media speculation machine. Keep trolling these people.

Jimmy MacAfee



Hope so…

phineas gage

Well, here’s on attempted answer to my question about the Politico piece last Friday:


I don’t buy all of it. I do think it’s true that Rice was the Obama camp’s choice. I also think that to get the nomination Biden had to cave in to Crazy Bernie, which Obama didn’t like.

Basically, I think Obama–who is indeed all about himself and his imagined legacy–thinks Biden is a clear loser and is already distancing hmself from what he perceives as an incipient disaster.

phineas gage

One of the best comments on the Page er, Piece:

“Instead of reading How To Get Ahead In Business, clearly she got the title mixed up and read How To Give Head In Business by Kamala Harris.”

AKA Karma Round Heels

Again I ask: Where are all the 99+% of the “good” agents who are supposedly repulsed by this?

There is no way all this crap happened without at least some regular and “good” agents knowing of or being aware of it. Again where are the real WHISTLEBLOWERS? Is there no fidelity – BRAVERY – integrity in your agency M. Wray??? Apparently Not.

If I were king for a day I would issue an order saying the “good” agents have one day to report all FBI malfeasance and other criminal behavior in the Hoover Building or they are fired. The only caveat would be false reporting (to save your ass) would be punishable by a year in jail and revocation of all pensions and benefits.


I have no doubt there are some good agents in the fib. But they won’t come forward as they know that the moment they do they will be vilified and the retaliation will be massive. They will be demoted, assigned a shit job in a closet and the rest of the organisation will view them as lepers. They’ll go broke defending themselves.

Just look back and ask yourself, when has a whistleblower ever come forth that exposed anything that is connected to the left? I’ll wait while we all try and find an example or two.

The only time a whistlebower is given credence and airtime is when it benefits the swamp and it’s denizens.

The FBI is corrupt. Has been since Hoover. I think the philsophy there is “How can I out-Hoover Hoover?”. It’s infested with socialists. It’s time to be dissolved is long past due. Let the US Marshalls take over their duties.


Agreed, but if, and it is a big if, 90+% of the FBI agents are “good” they way out number the <10% rotten apples.

That tells me there is no integrity in the ranks at the FBI and they are all gutless drones. Either that or maybe the FBI is more like 50-50 good cop/bad cop.

I could maybe see the go along to get along attitude during 'the One's' or a Walking Eagle administration, but hey, there is a president who would support true whistleblowers in office right now and we get crickets. And don't forget, FBI agents are not just drone hires, they went through an academy and are supposed to be our best and brightest in law enforcement. I'm not saying it would be easy for them to expose their agency's corruption, but that is where the fidelity, bravery and integrity comes in, but doesn't. The question is, to whom do the vast majority of FBI agents have "fidelity"?

When I saw I was a lone wolf and couldn't force reform or expose and reform inefficiency, I left my federal government agency in 2007. We are beginning to see mass resignations in city police departments as their situation is becoming intolerable. This lack of resignations or whistleblowing just shows me the FBI is just full of very comfortable drones or complicit unindicted co-conspirators.

Evil prevails or succeeds when good people do nothing, and tragically we have a whole lot of nothing being done at the Hoover building and in many field offices.


Amen! The constant harping by Sean “Tick-Tock” Hannity about “99% of the FBI are good, hear working agents” – based on what? If that’s true then where are all the whistleblowers exposing the malfeasance? It’s a canard with him. I don’t care that your mother was a prison guard, that has nothing to do with the FBI. The Bureau of Falsify, Bully, & Intimidate has proven itself the dirty tricks division of the DNC. Fire the agents en mass, dissolve it, raze the building, & salt the earth where it stood. I know a guy who retired from the FBI, he was a paper pushing apparatchik, not a field agent. He’s one of the most radical Never Trumpers you ever saw. Nothing the FBI has done is wrong – they can never do anything wrong in his view. I recognize part of his fanaticism is tied up in being a member of the FBI, it defines who he is. IOW, if the FBI is a corrupt institution, his worth as a human being is null & void.

I’m an active member of the Screen Actors Guild, but it doesn’t- nor ever would – define my value/worth as a human being.

phineas gage

Like the rest of the Never-Trumpers (see Kristol, William; or Will, George), Kasich is doomed to perpetual irrelevancy on the political equivalent of the island of Misfit Toys. After all, nobody wants a Kasich-in-the-box.

His other problem is he’s so inept he can’t even grift. His future career as a Democrat footstool beckons….

phineas gage

Well, new grand jury indictments have just been issued against Assange, so I don’t think it could have anything to do with him. But you never know.


Assange has been the key to this from the beginning. If the President does pardon him I hope he has the best security money can buy and a deadman switch to boot.

And wtf is Weiners laptop?

phineas gage

Very likely with Durham, and under high security.


From your lips to God’s ear, my friend.

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