Democrats Stage a Predictably Depraved Opening Night

The Democrat master plan for the last four years comes full circle. – Actress Eva Longoria kicked off last night’s Democrat National Convention by complaining that “the last four years have left us diminished and divided.” No doubt, many other depraved speakers at this convention will make the same complaint. Indeed, the “Trump the divider” canard has been one of the communist Democrat Party’s main themes for the last four years.

So, here we see the overriding Democrat plan conceived the day after Election Day in November, 2016, arriving at full circle:

– Lose the election;

– Spend the next 4 years doing everything you can to divide the nation, even to the extent of creating a domestic terrorist organization, Antifa, to stage violent, deadly riots whenever the party believes it is politically convenient;

– And then complain about the nation being divided at the 2020 convention.

It’s really elegant in its simplicity.

Think of just some of the ways in which the communist Democrats have tirelessly worked to divide this nation over the duration of the Trump presidency:

– They attempted to rig the 2016 election via the efforts of a White House-led coup cabal operating within the Department of Justice, CIA and FBI;

– They and their corrupt media toadies have steadfastly refused to accept the results of the 2016 elections, despite Trump’s lopsided margin in the Electoral College;

– They had the Director of the FBI attempt to entrap the new President in an obstruction of justice violation;

– They had Rod Rosenstein hire a corrupt former FBI director to take over the entire DOJ as “special counsel”;

– They had that corrupt former FBI director stage a blatant effort to execute a coup d’etat;

– Even after that corrupt former FBI director issued a report fully exonerating the President of any wrongdoing, they have kept up the “Russia collusion” drumbeat in the media;

– They held the nation captive for five solid months while staging an impeachment farce using a completely made-up Ukraine-related non-scandal;

– For more than a year, they funded and organized massive “caravans” of Central American migrants to flood our southern border in a concerted effort to overwhelm our government’s ability to deal with the problem;

– They spent the last 4 years slandering the President as a “racist”, often deploying images of migrants in “cages” that were captured during the Obama administration;

– They have spent every waking day since January undermining the Trump administration’s efforts to deal with the China Virus;

– And they have spent this entire summer staging and funding riots on the streets of communist Democrat-run cities all across the country.

Former first lady Michelle Obama also spoke along the same themes, at one point saying this: “What’s going on this country is just not right,” she added. “This is not who we want to be.”

Well, she’s right about that isn’t she? I mean, no thinking person should want to live in a country in which communist Democrats fund and organize violent riots night after night after night that turn major cities into hellish third-world worthy landscapes. No thinking person should want to live in a country where demented Millennials and Gen-Zers or whatever they are called spend every waking hour screaming at one another on social media.

No thinking person should want to live in states where depraved communist Democrat governors intentionally destroy businesses, throw millions out of jobs and keep children out of school in a blatant effort to influence an election. No thinking person should want to live in a country where a person can lose their livelihoods for simply expressing a dissenting opinion in the workplace. No thinking person should want to live in a country in which one party has politicized literally ever facet of public and private life.

So, you’re totes right, Michelle, but you should take a long look in the mirror before preaching along these lines.

If you didn’t already understand the true nature of the communist Democrats, you might think it inconceivable that any group of Americans would truly plan and behave in that manner. But readers here at Today’s Campaign Update do understand that this is exactly how their depraved minds work; thus, to you, it all makes perfect sense, right?


Get ready for three more nights of this despicable nonsense, because it is just the kind of depraved, demented, disgusting, disgraceful, despicable people these communist Democrats truly are.

If that makes you as angry as it makes me each and every day, good. That’s exactly the way we all need to feel  when we go to the polls on Tuesday, November 3.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I see a rotation ad here by a group called “Stop Republicans” calling for the passage of Amy Klobuchar’s bill for a national vote-by-mail-system.

How is it this lefty group feels a vote-by-mail system would automatically default elections to Democrats where that would “Stop Republicans” if it wasn’t going to be fixed and full of fraud?

The whole push for mail-in voting is counting on the stupidity of Americans to accept massive voter fraud as a legitimate election. These people really are pretty brazen in that they don’t really care how the optics look.

Amy Klob-of-crap, one of the very few remotely normal sounding Democrats, was apparently chosen to sponsor it to maybe get it some traction – after all, some absolute wacko like Sanders or Franken-Feinstein or Crazy Hirono wouldn’t be creditable enough for it to to get traction. And we all thought the states controlled their own voting process and not the federal government.

Actually I happen to agree that national elections should have national standards, but if the Dems steal this election you can bet the elections will be nationalized and with that, there will be no Republican controlled congress ever again and certainly no future GOP president.

As Stalin said, It doesn’t matter who votes, all that matters is who counts the votes (paraphrased). If the election is stolen this year, look for a civil war, as that will be the tipping point.


I’d rather watch a TV test pattern.

Or if I was forced to watch either the (D) convention or an NBA playoff game, it would be a close call, but in that case the NBA game would win, still the test pattern would be my choice.


I would venture to bet that only a small minority of the ducklings know what a TV test pattern is or have really seen one. Or that most stations went off the air after midnight. Old guys really do rule!


The black and white hash after the station stopped broadcasting was awesome!


You forgot the ‘tone’ that filled the air when the pattern was displayed.


Hopefully the youngsters will listen to sage advice from us that have been there and done that. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Groucho Was a Marx

A Potemkin convention for the CPUSA comrades. The virtual hologram For What It’s Worth video by the fossil rockers got ripped to shreds by true believers.
The aging boomercons really do believe that they are sticking it to the man when they are man.
Their loud clueless offspring think that they are carrying the torch and will set the world free from the evil racist America.
The complete meltdown and full Zimbabwe will be the fruits of their detachment from reality.


A brief summary of the opening night of the Democrat convention: “RACIST! RACIST! RACIST!”


IMO this demoncrap virtual convention is a gift. Just exactly who is going to ‘tune’ in for it?? Only the true zombies and a few conservatives who are reporting on the **cough** convention. I’m willing to bet the mediaverse will fudge the numbers and crow about how well the ratings were.

Its truly pathetic on an epic scale. Thank you Mr Blackmon for laying out the demoncrap history like you have. Its important to keep reminding people exactly what the demoncraps stand for and have done to the country.

Ephesians 6:12
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Its a war….


I watch very little of any of the political conventions – Dem or Rep – because they are nothing more than pep-rallies. I do listen to my trusted sources to get the recap. Thanks to Dave and others for doing yeoman’s work and providing this vital public service.

Eva Longoria? Really? Her kicking off the convention, WOW. She played the self-center slut bimbo wife on that dopey show “Desperate Housewives” fifteen years ago. Jeez! What an appropriate character.

What, the Dems couldn’t get Madonna and Ashley Judd with their pink hats to open the convention? Couldn’t they get Maude Behar, or one of the dingbat ‘news’ anchors like Madcow to kick it off (Biden actually said to the ‘impartial’ media – we did it!)? When is the FEC going to charge the MSM (D) for “in-kind contributions” to the DNC?

Remember the left tried to nail Trump’s lawyer Cohen for that when he supposedly paid off Stormy Daniels et al with hush money from many years ago?; an agreement she and others violated. Anyway, Cohen supposedly spent what, less than $150,000 (ultimately of Trump’s money), and the “Russians” spent about the same on Fakebook (less that a quarter million dollars total) ads, yet the ‘independent’ traditional and anti-social media can literally give hundreds of millions, if not billions, in “in-kind” contributions to Walking Eagle in 2016 and Biden now and virtually every other Democratic candidate?

Like I wrote recently, where his the Ronna Mitt McDaniels’ of the world raising hell about mail-in and other voter fraud cancelling out legitimate votes and where is the Republican ‘leadership’ filing suits against this anti-Trump anti-GOP electioneering that the “independent news” has been doing for my whole life? We can’t win if our side doesn’t fight.


It is really fortunate that the GOP convention is going second this year.

I predict the Dem Convention is going to bomb, because their ‘virtual’ convention will be measured against the live attended and cheering pep rallies of past conventions, and by comparison will come across as a dud above and beyond their normal claptrap.

When Trump has his convention, and it will be HIS convention, it will be compared to Biden’s ‘virtual’ convention and rest assured, it will not only be an uplifting MAGA/KAG message, it will be much better produced and projected. Americans, especially this year, want to hear a positive message backed up by real facts and experience. Six months ago Trump had the country roaring, firing on all cylinders, and most will remember that. It is not like Trump has to try to make us remember the Reagan boom of thirty five years ago, he only has to go back less than thirty five weeks.

The contrasts between the two conventions will be undeniable.

It is also a great move that Trump is breaking tradition by commenting/recapping the Dem convention live in real time. In the past the opposing party left the conventions alone and went dark; Trump is preempting the possibility of a media hatchet this year. Trump is a fighter and is not going to allow the Dems and the media spectacle to have a free week of punching him with no response, unlike all the other feckless/gutless GOP candidates of past years.

The other good thing about this tactic is it will force Biden, or his surrogates, to respond in real time which they will have a very hard time doing. And since the MSM (D) is airing the Dem Convention, they must give equal time to the GOP if they want to try to maintain any shred of impartiality.

PS: Are Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix going to be guest speakers at the Democratic Convention? Probably not, because as we all know they are just hard working apolitical public servants working day and night on a vaccine and don’t have time to make public appearances on national TV…

But four years ago, I would have never thought Kasich would be pulling a Zell Miller.

phineas gage

The problem is that the final part of their plan is stealing the election, one way or the other. Going to the polls may not be sufficient.


Spot on, Phineas… old tested strategy of the shameless Democrats is just enough voter fraud to warrant a recount. A tactical move that they seldom lose. If they can find out how many votes they need, they have ballots ready to be counted.
It matters not who wins….the other side will not accept the results. Then it goes to the streets for CWII.
Hopefully the police will continue to stand down like they have for the protesters.



Primary day today and I am angry, voting early and often! Just kidding.

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