Democrat Energy Policies on Display in California Rolling Blackouts

It’s 93 degrees in Southern California on Tuesday, and 10 million Californians are without power to their homes as a result.

I kid you not.

The corrupt hacks in the Democrat news media are trying to pretend that, as Politico claims, “everyone faces blame,” but the truth is that these blackouts are a direct result of proscriptive, Green New Deal-style energy policies adopted by Democrat-dominated governments over the last quarter of a century.

Here’s an excerpt from that Policito report:

The exact root of California’s rolling blackouts is still unclear as more power outages loom, and that’s allowed everyone to point fingers.

Energy experts Monday cited a litany of potential causes for the rotating outages that affected hundreds of thousands of California residents Friday and Saturday nights: ballooning demand, inadequate transmission, an overreliance on renewable energy and natural gas plant challenges during hot weather.

While California braced for another round of rolling blackouts Monday night, the state’s grid operator held off for a second straight night, citing cooler than expected weather and widespread conservation. It also came as Gov. Gavin Newsom questioned all of the state’s electricity players about why the outages occurred and faced blowback from frustrated residents. Still, the state says more blackouts affecting millions of residents could occur this week as a historic heat wave endures.

California has endured planned blackouts in recent years as a wildfire prevention measure. But it was the Golden State’s first round of rolling blackouts related to supply since 2001, when Enron and other energy traders manipulated California’s market.


Note how the corrupt Politico hacks managed to insert a reference to Enron, a company that did indeed manipulate markets in California and other parts of the country, but which hasn’t even existed for almost 20 years. Note also, however, the key admission that Democrat governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom have both used rolling blackouts intentionally as bogus “fire prevention measures”, an effort designed to condition residents of the Golden State to accept such systemic losses of power as just another part of the Democrat-induced “new normal.”

Understand what this means, folks: To California’s depraved Democrats, rolling blackouts are not an inconvenience to be avoided, but a public conditioning tool to be intentionally deployed during major emergencies.

The next three paragraphs of this lede-burying story reveal the real nature of the issue:

Earlier Monday, the California Independent System Operator blamed Friday’s outages on “high heat and increased electricity demand.” Yet some energy experts noted that demand wasn’t particularly higher than normal, as is typical for weekends, and CAISO had predicted it would have adequate reserves on hand for the 80 percent of California’s grid that it manages.

“What’s weird about what happened is they were adequate until they weren’t,” said Michael Wara, director of Stanford University’s climate and energy program and a member of the state’s Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery Commission. “It seems as if certain power plants for some reason were not able to deliver on the commitments to supply reserves and also supply energy.”

Because the Friday outage started around 6:30 p.m., when solar is ramping down and gas-fired plants are ramping up, gas is the likely immediate culprit, Wara said. “The timing of all this strongly suggests problems with gas plants,” he said.


Why yes, there are “problems with gas plants” in California: There aren’t enough of them, because the Democrat-controlled government in Sacramento has spent the last 20-plus years making them increasingly costly to permit and build. In addition, the absurdly impractical emissions goals adopted by a string of leftwing governors have given public utilities like CAISO no choice but to resort to a massive over-reliance of intermittent sources like wind and solar while at the same time under-building new base-load capacity fired by natural gas plants.

Indeed, it is not even possible at this point to build any form of true baseload power plants in California other than combined cycle natural gas, as coal and nuclear has been basically outlawed by the communist Democrats in the state. And so, we have the rolling blackouts day after day during a summer that is not particularly hot by California standards and which is positively mild by standards seen in other southwestern states.

What we are in fact seeing taking place in California this week is nothing more or less than a preview of the kinds of summer days filled with rolling blackouts that the energy/environment policies endorsed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would produce for the entire nation.

If you like your air conditioning and want to keep it, vote for Donald Trump. It really is that simple.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jimmy MacAfee

California, going the same way as NY and NYC:

Lemmings really don’t run off cliffs. But Californians and New Yorkers do.


The only problem I have with that article is there are NO unintended consequences for any left wing legislation! Period! End of sentence.

Everything, and I mean everything, these commies do is planned. From the PLANNED blackouts in California to force energy use and other compliance, to the Obamacare private insurance cost increases designed to get the people to demand government under a Walking Eagle Administration “fix” healthcare once and for all by forcing a single payer government run and controlled healthcare system. When you control healthcare, you control behavior; when you control and raise taxes you restrict liberty. Hussein Hope&Change even said it was his plan to get to single payer healthcare back before he ran.

And too few people listen when the facts are there to be seen. Iran has been telegraphing their intent for the destruction of Israel and America for over forty years, yet until Trump came on the scene, NO ONE has done anything to stop their effort. ‘The One’ and BIDEN even aided and abetted their effort.

The only thing the left didn’t plan on was Trump winning and they are doing their damnedest to stop him. The only thing that hurt their cause was the two dozen or so absolutely pathetic primary candidates the Dems trotted out, and they arguably anointed the two worst ones available and that is really saying something.


Democrats, what ya gonna do with em? ?


Wind does not always blow, the sun doesn’t always shine 12 hours a day, there is not always enough water to produce hydroelectric energy, provide water for production of food, nor protect the fish, BUT……….. We have over 300 years of coal reserves and achieved self sufficiency with oil and natural gas but our prior Socialist President and the prior radical EPA wanted to screw the taxpayer even more with non cost effective and burdensome regulations like 54 MPG for automobiles that nobody wants. We have cleaned up the emissions in transportation and we would be better served by eliminating the ethanol mandate, expanding natural gas for transportation, continue development of hydro, and build reliable nuclear power plants with a reasonable permitting process. Solar, wind, and other forms of alternative energy are not sustainable energy sources without financial subsidies from tax payers that make little financial sense. Energy storage from alternative energy is still a problem. Wind and solar generation will not be able to meet the increased demand of electrification, because the land and battery storage requirements are unrealistic and technologically unfeasible. Wind and solar are basically a waste of money and provide no EC during power failures unless you are not tied to the grid and use expensive batteries Their required subsidies cannot be justified. Using coal, natural gas, and nuclear power continue as much cheaper and sustainable solutions.
We do not need to bankrupt taxpayers and our economies for the globalist plan to place humans in their designed habitrail environments! Coal, nuclear, and natural gas provide needed energy 24/7 without the sun or the wind as America requires


We have a 2015 Ford Fusion hybrid that gets between 48 to 52 mpg and eats Priuses for breakfast. It will do 100 plus on the freeway. Not that I would ever break the speed limit. :Dl

Jay Whitcraft

I have maintained for decades that the environmental movement is by far the biggest threat we are currently facing. They have already killed over 25 million people, a lot with the DDT hoax. They are giving Joe Stalin a run for his money. Let them control a gas you exhale and see what happens. Jay

Skid Marx

The Californians suffering through the heat wave could ride on the train to Hawaii to cool off. Comradette AOC is the conductor and there are free drinks for all comrades.
The train is powered by unicorn flatulence and solar panels that are made in China with a Solyndra sticker on the back.
The station is located in the middle of a desert in the glorious people’s republic of California.
The bestest and brightestest of the CPUSA be all smart and stuff.
They will build the glorious people’s collective utopia where everything will be free courtesy of mommygov.
Forward! Yes we can.


It’s PG&E. Between the tree huggers suing them to stop them from clearing vegetation and trees along their transmission lines and failing to maintain said lines as a cost saving measure, they’re cutting transmissions when the weather is conducive to sparking another wild fire like it has in the past two years.

We lived oin Rocklin CA for a few years and PG&E was always knocking on the door wanting us to sign up for green energy at a higher cost than hydro and gas. I awalys politely told them no thanks. Why should I pay more for less?

phineas gage

Can they purchase excess juice from neighboring states?

We may laugh at California, but other states aren’t that far off, given the aging, sputtering power grid.

If we had sensibly been constructing modern nuclear power plants over the last several decades, none of this would be a problem. Nor would we be as vulnerable to an EMP weapon

The Left has essentially prevented any new nuke plants since the late 1970’s (they propagandized Three-Mile Island to the max).

And yet that would be the quickest way to their cherished carbon-free environment they keep screaming about. The Left wouldn’t possibly lie about its’ true motives, now would it?


They do buy from other grids, specifically from the northwest. But when they shut down transmission lines to prevent forest fires along those lines you get no power.


So what did the commiefornians have before the palm fronds for cooling themselves… well electricity and ac of course… Just like in every other communista countries like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Brazil (until late) with the exception of Cuba the others were once wealthy modern societies. Until marxist communists took over and drove them into dustbowls and abject poverty. Commiefornia is determined they’ll reach the bottom faster and with more gusto.

Maybe Trump should nuke the San Andreas and slid the cesspools of LA and San Fran out to sea… Take the hit on polluting the ocean, it’d be cheaper and less stressful.


Thankfully I’m on the DWP grid, so no blackouts on my end as yet. Think it’s mostly the PG&E people who suffer.

Right now it’s 104 outside; my little Maltese couldn’t take that!


You can bet the good Governor hasn’t had his ac turned off….that’s just for us little people. This two bit politician hasn’t had to work a day in his miserable life out in the hot sun.

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