Social Security Admin Punks Pelosi While Biden Punks Himself

Really and truly, folks, you just could never make these decrepit, infirm, elderly Democrats up in a million years.

In a letter sent to her House colleagues Sunday afternoon, San Fran Nan thought it would be a terrific idea to compound her lies alleging President Trump is somehow “defunding” and “dismantling” the U.S. Postal Service by refusing to pour an extra $27 billion down that particular rathole by adding the age-old Democrat hustle of scaring the old folks about Social Security.

Her letter, which is posted as a press release on her website, reads as follows, “The Postal Service is a pillar of our democracy, enshrined in the Constitution and essential for providing critical services: delivering prescriptions, Social Security benefits, paychecks, tax returns and absentee ballots to millions of Americans, including in our most remote communities.”

“Alarmingly, across the nation, we see the devastating effects of the President’s campaign to sabotage the election by manipulating the Postal Service to disenfranchise voters,” claims Pelosi. “These delays also threaten the health and economic security of the American people by delaying delivery of life-saving medicines and payments.”


In response to Pelosi’s despicably dishonest diatribe, the Social Security Administration issued a statement today noting that checks to recipients last were delivered via the U.S. mail in 2013.


Pelosi is far, far from the only communist Democrat lying to the old folks about this matter. Here is a tweet issued by America’s Worst Mistake, Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self, on Friday:


Let’s also note who was President in 2013, when the SSA stopped mailing checks to Social Security recipients: That would be Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self.


That would be the very same Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self who told a fellow communist Democrat last week that he should “Never underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to f*ck things up,” according to the far left rag Politico.


Just like clockwork, Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Handsy Farty China Joe was doing a livestream with porn star, er, pop star Cardi B early today, when this bit of hilarity happened:

Yes, friends, the communist Democrat Party is about to nominate a frail, fading, elderly dementia sufferer who does not know how many grandchildren he has. Think about that: In your own lives, have you ever known any grandfather or grandmother who does not know how many grandchildren he or she has? Excluding the Clintons, of course.

The best part about that video, though, is watching the perplexed expression on Biden’s face as he tries to figure out just who in the hell Cardi B actually is and what in the world is going on with those fingernails.


That is all.

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Dats Wayciss

Comradette Kommissarina Pelosi still thinks that the USPS delivers Uncle Sugar benefits.
They are on an EBT debit card that gets filled up each month courtesy of the US taxpayer.
Someone should tell Nance about this so that she can be the most qualified evarz like Cruella Pantsuit.


I think we can forgive Creepy Papa Joe if he forgot to count Hunter’s stripper baby that he’s never seen.


And Bush the first was mocked for being ‘amazed’ by the relatively new supermarket scanners, but apparently Nancy Klink isn’t aware of electronic direct-deposit for social security for the last seven years, and most people had direct-deposit for many years prior to that..

I guess all the graft she gets can’t be properly washed through a direct-deposit system; maybe she gets it via snail mail along with her designer ice cream. And:

“The Postal Service is a pillar of our democracy, enshrined in the Constitution…” Huh? I know the post office is one of the duties laid out for the federal government to perform (there aren’t many), and it is another one the government does poorly, but gee whiz Klink – enshrined?!?!

Just like with government shutdowns, we are all going to shrivel up and die if it weren’t for the USPS. Talking about grasping at straws; words fail me to describe how weak their hand is to any thinking American – sadly about forty percent right off the bat will vote for these turkeys no matter what they say or do.


Gregg – your allusion to Nazi P Lousy to Col Klink is understood, however Col Klink was @ least affable. San Fran Nan is not in the least.

A more apropo comparison might be Major Hochstetter; he was a full fledged nut case 24/7 ;<)



It has been awhile since I described my Hogan’s Hero’s characters, but Schiff is Hochstetter, Nadler is Burkhalter and Trump is Hogan.

I call Pelosi Klink because Trump runs rings around her like Hogan does to Klink, and generally San Fran Nan is as phony and vain as Klink. Klink thinks he is in charge of Stalag 13 just like Nancy thinks she is in charge of her caucus, but the “squad” really runs her caucus/circus. When she is properly medicated (on booze or Botox) she occasionally comes across as affable (at least in the past) as it suits her PR purpose – remember “Impeachment is a ‘solemn’ event” (which she could have shut down in a heartbeat) and “I pray for Trump”.

Schiff is much closer to a NAZI nutcase as the face of the anti-Trump cartel. Like the SS, he spread lies about evidence, held secret hearings, and generally is despicable.

The parallels are not perfect, because the depicted WWII German characters in HH were nowhere near as evil as today’s Democratic ‘leadership’ – the show’s writers probably couldn’t conceive of the depravity of today’s Demoncratic leadership and the show was meant to be a comedy where evil always loses.

There is nothing comedic or funny about Nancy Klink and company; they are all a cruel joke, a complete set of tragic figures hellbent on the destruction of our republic.

Since I comment here often, I really can’t retitle the characters without creating confusion. And Schiff is a “full fledged nutcase” with Gestapo like behavior.

PS: I occasionally refer the Trump as James Gardner’s character, Jason McCullough, in the movie “Support Your Local Sheriff” – An outsider “White-Hat” who comes in and cleans up an out of control outlaw town despite getting little support from the mayor and council.

phineas gage

Another thing about those videos, as noted by the Trump team, is that they are heavily edited to remove Slow Joe’s senile mumbling.

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