Another Fake Poll From CNN Sets up its Entire Convention Narrative

Oh, hey, look at this shiny object over here, the latest CNN poll. – What in the world is going on here? The day before the Democrat National fake Convention is to begin, CNN released a new national poll that, if taken seriously, must be sending shock waves through DNC headquarters.

From a piece at the Daily Caller:

CNN’s latest poll shows the 2020 election at its closest point in over a year.

The poll, released Sunday night, gave former Vice President Joe Biden (50) a four-point lead over President Donald Trump (46) if the election were to be held today. Additionally, Trump has apparently closed the gap in consequential swing states, where he trails Biden by just one point.

After receiving a slight wartime bump in his approvals during the early days of the coronavirus, Trump has seen the overwhelming majority of polls released this summer give Biden sizable leads both nationally and in battleground states. The president and his campaign in turn have claimed the polls showing him trailing Biden are flawed and that their own internal data shows the race significantly closer nationally and in battlegrounds.

“The pollsters got it wrong in 2016 from July through November of 2016. There were 226 national public polls. Clinton led in 213 of the 226,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said in his first interview since taking over duties from Brad Parscale. “It wasn’t just the national polls that got it wrong. The state polls got it wrong, too: 120 in state polls in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the president led in 1 of 120.”

“Our internal polls show strong standing. We care about our internal polls because they were right in 2016 and right now.”


Oh. So, what’s up with this poll? Well, think about it: CNN does not do polls with a goal of actually measuring voter sentiment. CNN does polls to create news stories. CNN no doubt plans to do another poll at the end of this week leading into the Republican National fake Convention.

So, you put out a poll showing a tight race this week, and that gives CNN the ability to put out another poll showing Biden getting a gigantic “bump” out of his fake convention at the end of the week. That poll in turn gives CNN the ability to issue yet another poll at the end of the following week showing the race tightening once again as Trump gets a big bump out of his fake convention.

See how this works? It’s all just about creating sensational stories that CNN believes will attract viewers and hits on its website. The polls themselves tell us nothing useful at all.

On the other hand, I’ve highlighted the comments by Bill Stepien, Trump’s Campaign Manager, because they do provide us with useful and true information. The fake polling being rolled out this year in an effort to discourage Trump voters is exactly the same as the fake polling that was rolled out during 2016.

It did not work four years ago, and it will not work this year, either. If anything, thanks to a much higher sense of awareness about this scam among the public now, it will only enhance the determination of Trump voters to get their man re-elected.

But you can’t blame CNN for trying: At this point, this is all that this Nazi-style disinformation operation has to offer.

That is all.

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The mediaverse polls really mean nothing…. Like statistics you can easily get the answer you are looking for by selective data sampling or in the case of polling, carefully crafted questions.

A much better gauge of voter preferences are the public showings, ie boat rallies, parades, yard signs, hats etc etc… When the obvious is very obvious its tough to hide the truth with a fake poll.

jack johnson

Faux News also had a their poll at about 4 points. If their poll shows only a 4 point difference then Trump wins going away. Faux News possibly has the most biased polls out there.

The “silent majority” which gave Trump the 2016 victory will come out in larger numbers in 2020. The left actually had a shot at beating Trump due to the virus and economy, then they blew it with the riots, looting and “defund the police” movement.

phineas gage

Among the major public polling outfits, I think Rasmussen is probably the most reliable.

Right now it’s probably 50:50. and events in the next 2-3 months will be determinative.

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