Sunday News Roundup: Antifa Goes to Sturgis and Portland Cops Suddenly Fight Back

This is the perfect illustration of what Twitter really is. – President Trump lost his brother, Robert Trump, to illness on Saturday. In response, the perpetual outrage crowd on Twitter started a hashtag, #wrongtrump, trending. The despicable cretins who run Twitter have left it up on their trending session all night long.

Twitter is a cesspool filled largely with self-loathing sub-humans.

America’s “first black woman vice presidential nominee” is a … Caucasian? – That’s what her own parents stated for her birth certificate:


Caucasian at birth, Indian or Jamaican when convenient, and now “black” in order to be placed on a presidential ticket. This is one highly-versatile lady.

Sadly, they were not beaten to within an inch of their sorry lives and dumped in a ditch. – A small band of Antifa fascists decided to go to Sturgis on Saturday and protest the big annual bike rally being held there. Fun predictably ensued, as reported at Powerline Blog:

Earlier today, a handful of Antifa goofs decided to take their anti-American shtick to the annual biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. If this sounds like a bad idea to you, you are right.

Actually, the bikers were commendably well-behaved. Sturgis is a fun, feel-good event, and it would take more than a few fascists to put the bikers in a seriously bad mood. Still, a scuffle broke out at one point. Police officers protected the Antifas and escorted them away safely. (It isn’t you, there is no sound with this video.)

Of course, the Antifas were counting on law enforcement to protect them. Some might find this ironic.


This is one instance where I would have preferred for the police to have been defunded. Unfortunately, they did their jobs.

Back to Kamala Harris… – Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Strassel dismantles the 180 degree turn that the corrupt news media has performed in its characterization of Joe Biden’s designated successor. Back in December, when she ended her horror story of a campaign earlier than any other significant contender, the corrupt media mocked her. Today, now that she’s the Veep nominee of their Democrat Party masters, the very same corrupt reporters parrot DNC talking points portraying her as an invincible campaigner.

It really is amazing to watch. Here’s an excerpt from Strassel’s piece:

In that run, Ms. Harris had about 50 seconds of fame—from a June 2019 debate in which she accused Mr. Biden of being too friendly to racists. Her “That little girl was me” moment and other practiced phrases led to a “Saturday Night Live” impersonation that, as SFGate noted, “mocks” the candidate for her “ ‘viral moments’ desperation.” A New York Times story about how her campaign “unraveled” described one such quest for a memorable catchphrase, noting that her aides had become “given to gallows humor about just how many slogans and one-liners she has cycled through.”

If commentators are now struggling to define Ms. Harris, it’s because she offers little that is truly defining. The party establishment quickly closed ranks around her 2016 Senate race, allowing her to run a standard liberal campaign that the Los Angeles Times described as “carefully orchestrated” and “overly cautious and scripted.” In her 3½ Senate years, she’s done little by way of legislation, preferring to showboat at hearings. The lack of an animating agenda helps a explain a presidential campaign in which she bounced from left to far-left position, whatever she thought most helpful at the moment. She twice called to eliminate private health insurance—and twice reversed herself the next day after backlash. As Vox noted, the “combination of policy reversals and botched rollout . . . undermined faith in her ability to govern on the issue Democrats rate as most important.”

The campaign was a mess, rocked by infighting, leaks, restarts and financial problems. After the campaign announced layoffs in early November, its veteran Iowa operations manager wrote a scathing resignation letter in which she said she’d “never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly” and expressed dismay at its ability to make “the same unforced errors over and over.” Ms. Harris didn’t even make it to the first contest, dropping out—broke and with embarrassing poll numbers—two months before the Iowa caucuses. The only other “top tier” candidate to implode as quickly or spectacularly was Beto O’Rourke. The Washington Post campaign obituary bluntly called Ms. Harris an “uneven campaigner” who was “engulfed by low polling numbers, internal turmoil and a sense that she was unable to provide a clear message.” The Post this week lauded Ms. Harris as “vibrant and energetic” and a “vessel for Democratic hopes.”


As I pointed out on Thursday, Kamala Harris adds nothing but female hormones and dark-ish skin to the Biden non-campaign. She doesn’t help him in a single state, and her utter ineptitude as a campaigner will certainly end up costing the campaign many times in the weeks to come. She became pick only by virtue of being slightly  more appealing than the human slug Susan Rice.

She’s a horrible choice, but in the end, the only choice Biden’s handlers had once their addled candidate put them in the box they were in.

Meanwhile, in Portland… – Have the gloves been taken off of the Portland police now that the state police have abandoned the fight? It kind of looks like that might have been the case last night, as the Portland LEOs used tear gas, slashed the tires of idiots blocking traffic and just generally raised havoc with the communist Democrat-sponsored rioters.

As usual, we only know all of this thanks to the sterling efforts of real journalist Andy Ngo, who is one of Twitter’s few reedeming assets:

It’s good to see the police fighting back, albeit only on the 79th consecutive night of rioting in their city. Only time will tell if this was an aberration or a new policy dictate from communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler. We will find out when the riots ramp up for their 80th straight night on Sunday.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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marty lopez

Why not? wasn’t Obama listed as a citizen.


Now this is a real Governor! It would be South Dakota’s loss if she became President. And the meltdown would be beyond epic.


Is it true that when the bikers leave Sturgis that they are heading to Portland?


LOL Now that would be real interesting if it did.


DJT should announce that he is going to put a black man on the GOP ticket in the name of identity politics. And for this election, Pence will identify as black until November 4th – just like Harris.


You sir, win the interwebs today! The liberal meltdown would be epic, especially when the Trump campaign trotted out Camella’s birth certificate. Then they could add gasoline to the fire by accusing her of cultural appropriation. Epic!

Peter York

I turned on my air conditioning here in southern California for the first time this year yesterday, August 15, a day that will live in famy.

you’d think I suffer enough with liberals, chicans, earthquakes, wildfires, etc. but what I hate is those a-holes driving around with their air conditioning on during the most luscious hot dry weather on earth.

G E T. O U T.


So these antifa/BLM (Burn Loot Murder) thugs hate the police but they sure want the police there to protect them when they are faced with someone like the bikers who they know if it were not for the police the bikers would beat the living crap beat out of them.


Pretty sure the police in Sturgis would have gladly looked the other way if they could, but near dead, bloodied and beaten punks would have been bad business for Sturgis. Pity that, but I can’t blame the folks of Sturgis for wanting to keep it calm.


With regards to Antifa folks going all Uber for their buddy’s. Be a damn shame if their cars started getting fire bombed like we’ve seen happening to police cars.

Disclaimer: Silas is not in any way advocating the destruction of private property owned by any person related to any terrorist organization currently occupying the streets of any city in the United States. Just saying it would be a damn shame. Really. I would feel real bad about it. Really really bad.


I too would shed a tear…


These brownshirts haven’t taken into consideration the people they are going to run into. Hitler had already disarmed the populace when he set the brownshirts to terrorize the citizenry into cowering submission. Nobody has been disarmed yet in the US and it will be there blood that will stain the streets when it reaches the tipping point. The demoncrap governors and mayors need to be held criminally accountable for supporting this lawlessness. Hello Barr…

I agree Silas, any LEO should definitely not only say ‘F’ the mayor, etc, but also use deadly force when these thugs lob explosives, shoot fireworks or even laser them. Somebody has to take point or this will continue unabated and get worse, as they have announced.


Any sane, rational human being will take just so much before they say “Enough!”. That time is rapidly approaching I suspect.


Since everyone is wearing face coverings, no one can be identified, therefore no one can be judged, or prosecuted. We can all play Sgt. Schultz. If some cell phone cameras get broken as collateral damage, well that would be a shame too. Yep, a real shame…

While I would never endorse a thuggish police force or state (which is what the commie/Dems will bring about), if the prosecutors won’t prosecute, then the cops shouldn’t bother with making arrests, and having to deal with all that nescience and worthless paperwork. Rather than temporally filling up jails, we should be filling up hospitals and morgues with nobody seein’ nothin’.


Masks make ’em hard to identify, but a bullet hole or two makes it easy to pick out those who were rioting. Use some blue dye in the pepper spray, or dragon’s breath rather than bean bag rounds in the shotguns. Ever tried to put out burning magnesium or phosphorus?


Antifa yell “ain’t seen shit” so , yeah that works two ways. I suspect the Police have decided to say ef the mayor. What’s he gonna do? Fire us? If I were in their shoes that’d be my attitude about now.

Ben Colder

Oh what a wonderful thing the dem/communist have in Portland It is the most beautiful place on the left coast and its getting better all the time each passing day.I heard that they have so many people trying to get in that the communists have to let them pick numbers.Every thing is just peachy out there they are even asking for donations things are so great the shinning city on the coast.


Not to nitpick, but yea I’ll nitpick. LA and Sanfranshitsco are on the coast Portland is inland. Other than that, you’re pretty much spot.


spot on *sigh*


Does my heart good to see these antifa pussy’s run like scared chickens when the police use some force. Let’s all hope the cops keep cracking some antifa skulls! These punks are all nothing but cowards when some force is used.


I loved that first vid… HILARIOUS…

I cannot believe these losers went to Sturgis looking for nothing less than a beating or getting shot. Trying to provoke, in their eyes, a media martyr. Good on the guyz’n galz for not giving them the narrative. Good on the police for taking them out.


….I loved that first vid also, beautiful. That tool wanted to be the big man and was given a reality adjustment regarding his own significance 😉


They only fight when there’s more of them than you.The police should have have just let nature take it’s course. But I understand Sturgis’ politicos wanting to keep the peace.


greed, it would have been beautiful justice, but the press would have made it look awful.


I suspect that’s what was hoped for, but unlike the blue cities, Sturgis is basically a rural town with a police department. And the state police are there too. Along with the fib, dea and other alphabet soup agencies watching the 2 per centers.

phineas gage

What the media wants most of all is confirmation that Robert Trump died of covid. That will be the next Twitter wave. And of course none of this violates any Twitter ‘standards’. Dorsey is a punk and a fraud.


Twitface… the tool to frenzy the zombies. Its the meeting place for cesspool dwellers what else is expected?? Dorsey… far worse than the descriptors you’ve used.

phineas gage

More birth certificate creativity–what is it with modern Democrats? I guess when your whole political identity is tied to balkanized racial and ethnic groups, this is where you end up.

Harris is a terrible choice politically, but there may be other considerations. That Politico hit piece on Biden published yesterday would not have run without permission from the Obama camp.


At least her birth certificate is real. It will be fun if the Trump campaign decides to throw that out there. The media will be all conflicted about fighting it. If they do it gets eyeballs, if they don’t it will get eyeballs. Win, win.

phineas gage

Man, antifa really are clueless to go to Sturgis during the rally. I’ve gone a couple of times myself. They are lucky they are still alive.



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