Addled Joe Biden Spreads Crazy Postal Service Conspiracy Theory

When was the last time you got anything important in the daily mail delivery? Think about it for a minute. Oh, I get a couple of checks in the mail each month that I could easily convert to auto-deposit to my bank account if I invested 10 minutes of time. But otherwise, about 99% of what we get in the mail each day is trash: solicitations, catalogs we never open, and pounds of additional junk mail.

The simple truth about the Post Office is that is an anachronism: A relic of the past that could not compete 50 years ago and certainly cannot compete today. It is a bloated, dying business model run by not-very-bright bureaucrats in Washington.

It is into this dying business model that communist Democrats in the nation’s capital are currently holding up a deal on another stimulus bill so they can pour another $27 billion down the same old rathole that has sucked up hundreds of billions – probably trillions – over the years. And because President Trump and Mitch McConnell refuse to agree to that additional wasteful spending, the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies are pushing the narrative that the Republicans are engaging in “voter suppression” by trying to “dismantle the post office.”

You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

It was into this absurd bit of DC Swamp Kabuki theater that elderly, addled Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Handsy Farty China Joe Biden dipped a spindly toe yesterday, pushing a new conspiracy theory that only a communist Democrat could buy:

Yes, friends, the dementia-riddled nominee of the communist Democrat Party actually believes that the President of the United States has now ordered the U.S. Postal Service to get out the tractors and go remove all the mailboxes. This is a conspiracy theory that makes the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy look positively rational by comparison.

The Unfrozen Caveman Democrat nominee was apparently spooked by a story carried on Thursday by the Oregonian newspaper. Here’s an excerpt:

Residents of Portland and Eugene were alarmed this week to see some U.S. Postal Service mailboxes removed from neighborhood streets and hauled away in flatbed trucks.

The sight of mailboxes being carted off caused concern in light of recent comments by President Donald Trump about cutting Postal Service funding. Trump has also criticized voting by mail.

But a Postal Service spokesperson said declining mail volume means the Postal Service is removing “duplicate” boxes from areas that have multiple collection boxes. The USPS confirmed that four mailboxes were removed in Portland this week.


Ok, so four – count ’em FOUR – duplicate, unneeded mailboxes were removed in one communist Democrat-run city last week, and the Democrat nominee rolls that into a giant nationwide conspiracy theory. Note also how the corrupt writer of this piece alleges that the President, by refusing to waste another $27 billion over and above the current Postal Service budget, is somehow “cutting Postal Service funding.” Right out of the DNC talking points email, no doubt.

Here’s reality:

  • The U.S. Postal Service is a dying relic and we need to just let it die.
  • Nobody in the GOP is advocating “cutting funding” to the Postal Service budget, even though they would be doing the country a service by cutting it out entirely.
  • The Democrat/media narrative that the USPS desperately needs another $27 billion to accommodate their “vote by mail” scheme for this year’s elections is a fiction: Even if congress allocated the extra money, it would be impossible for USPS management to spend any of it prior to November 3.
  • This is, in other words, just another fake narrative invented out of whole cloth by the Democrats and parroted by the nation’s raging dumpster fire news media.

Oh, and Joe Biden is a mentally-addled reprobate who would destroy our country if he wins in November.

Did I leave anything out?

That is all.

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Unfortunately, this vestigial organ is one of the few things actually enumerated in our constitution notwithstanding the foresight of some of our founding fathers that it would become the cesspool of waste and patronage (but I repeat myself) that it is.


Old senile Joe needs to get some more of those little red pills from is doctor to help him get back to reality.


Sit-rep on Stuart, FL, we share a border with Palm Beach county, demoncrap den of iniquity.
Spent most of the day volunteering at a Trump booth at our local flea market. Gave out around 50 yard signs and many more bumper stickers. Helped around two dozen people register to vote. Made several new like-minded friends, it was nice working with people who actually get it. Surprisingly they were all much younger than me (good sign). No negative comments from passers-by. It was a very encouraging day, just wanted to spread a little.


Add to that this

It is my earnest belief that there are many stories such as your and his. I know I can count the Biden for President signs I’ve seen thus far on one finger, which I witnessed at his resounding rally of three people, one of whom was holding a BLM sign the other an abolish ICE sign. So I can assume they were all Biden supporters. This was in Newport, OR along highway 101.

They and a few of their like minded friends are driving up and down the coast locally, stopping in all the small towns along the way and holding up their signs. Most likely taking pictures and posting them on FB to show how “we” all support them. i wouldn’t put it past the sickos to do so.


Quote of the day!

“In September 2016, the USPS inspector general noted that “Nationally, the number of collection boxes declined by more than 12,000 in the past 5 years.” This means that the USPS, during the Obama-Biden administration, removed thousands of mail collection boxes. Was this a diabolical plan by Obama and Biden to suppress the vote in 2020? Did Trump make them do it?”


Of course he did because Orange Man Bad!


How can this be? A “self-sufficient”, fee based government entity not able to function without endless price increases, bailout, and subsidies? You don’t say? Who would have thought that possible? I mean the USPS is a self governing Pay As You Go organization, isn’t it? It isn’t shutdown when the Gov gets shutdown, so everything must be just fine… .

Maybe President Trump should name Cliff Clavin Kasich as the Postmaster General – he can ask his dad for advice on how to straighten out the Post Office.

*** Slight update on my earlier Post Office comments:

Now the Dems are bitching about postal funding and defunding to mess up the vote by mail process. Last I heard the PO handles over 120 million pieces of mail per day and somehow we are to believe it can’t handle delivering a similar number of ballots once to and from the voters without Nancy Klink’s infusion of 25 (now reported by Dave as 27) Billion Dollars – in yet another pork laden “stimulus” package – to the USPS to handle the mailings? And if Trump doesn’t go along, he will be guilty of voter suppression.

Think about this: perhaps 250 million ballots would be mailed out and perhaps half would be returned for a total of 375 million mailings. Dividing Klink’s 27 billion by 375 million would equate to about $70.00 per ballot each way. It has also been reported that since the ballots are prepaid bulk mailed (and theoretically cheaper) they are not postmarked making it impossible to know when they were actually received.

How convenient is that when one of the few time the Dems and government may attempt to save money by doing a bulk mailing, it is designed to intercourse up the election voting process.

If mail in voting was that critical to the survival of millions of Americans in order to avoid CV-19, then why can’t the ballot be made available on line for people to print out, vote on, sign and mail back with a first class stamp? Or, why can’t the return envelope have a first class stamp placed on it where it would be cancelled like any other first class mail? Isn’t our “most sacred right” worth a first class stamp paid for by either the election boards or the individual voter?

And if the USPS can’t get local first class mail delivered in two days it should be disbanded and privatized.

These people aren’t even trying to make mail in voting appear to be legitimate and accurate. I do know this, if mail in voting, or illegal immigration, was found to benefit Republicans, mail in voting would be outlawed and Klink and Schumer would be on the border laying the first brick of the wall and the ICE budget would be doubled.

And now I hear the Dems (PA Gov. for example) wants the ballots that appear up to three (3) days AFTER the election to be counted too. I mean “Come-On-Man”, how ridiculous can this be and how obvious an opportunity for voter fraud can one have?

Why do they need to go to these extremes if their polling is showing a Joe and Hoe landslide?

When are some prominent people on our side going to start raising hell and point out that every fraudulent vote not only suppresses, but cancels out a legitimate vote? Is that not as bad or worse than any bogusly alleged voter suppression effort? Especially since the vast majority (99%) of all this voter fraud always redounds to the benefit of the Democratic candidate.

BTW, the last major and actual voter suppression effort was carried out by racist southern DEMOCRATIC Governors, Sheriffs and Election Officials over fifty years ago!

PS: Caught an interesting blurb on radio about that disputed and ultimately invalidated NC House Race in 2018 that Nancy Klink refused to certify/seat the Republican “winner” – talking about spiking the ball in 2018 when she already got the House back!

It reportedly turns out the election official who “harvested” enough GOP votes in 2018 was a long-time former Democrat election official who did the same for Democratic candidates in that district for numerous election cycles. When he #WalkedAwayfrom the Dem Political Machine, he apparently brought his electioneering vote counting ‘skills’ with him and the Dems (correctly) called him out on it. I guess even FORMER Democrats are pretty dumb as he had to know the Dem Machine knew what his history was and were probably just waiting to ambush him. The ironic thing is the GOP candidate would probably have won even if he didn’t cheat, however, in his defense, he probably thought he had to “find” more votes to counter the efforts of the new Dem fraudster, er election official.

As Ron White says: You can’t fix stupid!

I think all of us here just want real, honest and fraud-free elections! I don’t think anyone here would support ANY Republican cheating on any level; we just want a level playing field. Same goes for the media; we wouldn’t want to see a sycophantical pro Trump media either – just 50-50 reporting.


“And if the USPS can’t get local first class mail delivered in two days it should be disbanded and privatized.”
Gregg, that may be easier said than done since the “Post Office” appears in the Constitution.
“The Congress shall have Power To…establish Post Offices and post Roads….”
But….maybe if Congress has the power to “establish”, maybe they also have the power to “abandon”.
Who am I kidding? When has Congress ever abandoned anything that diminishes their power to allocate money to the benefit of their most favored constituencies?


The mediaverse has gone so far over the rails and into the weeds that any person with more than two functioning brain cells no longer listens to these Earth ending screeches from demoncraps.
My 4 year old grandson has more believable world ending events than these dimsum dems do.

So the US postal services must be supported at all costs according to the swine leading the Dem cesspool. We know just how reliable and efficient the postal systems have all become. BTW, the US postal makes our canukistan postal system seem to be run by nothing but sniffer joe type of people. Old. slow and haven’t got a clue.

Obviously using a system like this is the ONLY way to have crucial election balloting. I mean what could possibly go wrong???

phineas gage

Another reason the GOP won’t touch the post office is because of the senior vote (although I’m not sure if SS checks still go out that way, maybe they are all electronic direct deposit now). Nevertheless, that is the demographic that still uses the post office.

Either way, it ties in with the Dems current revival of the ‘scare the elderly’ page of their time-worn playbook–since Trump is suspending the payroll tax, it’s just the first step to taking away Social Security etc. etc.

phineas gage

But you can be sure that Slow Joe still puts stamps on envelopes and drops them in the mailbox.

He’s also always been behind maintaining that other federal blackhole of wasted money called Amtrak simply because he wanted a quick ride from D.C. to Delaware.

phineas gage

It’s hilarious, but it’s not going anywhere politically because the vast majority of people don’t care about the post office, particularly anyone under the age of 40.

The post office is a jobs program primarily for African-Americans who vote Democrat. That is precisely why it has been kept afloat, wasting billions of dollars a year, twenty or more years after it should have gone extinct.

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