Saturday News Roundup: Morning Mika Goes off her Meds and a New Development in Portland Riots

When will we have a vaccine for this virus? – Like a virus with no cure, the Pantsuit Princess just keeps coming back in waves. Yesterday, speaking to a group of interns via video link, the Coughing Crook was still blaming the Russians for her loss to Donald Trump in 2016, and previewing the blaming of the post office for Joe Biden’s upcoming loss in November:

“Running in 2016 against someone who was totally willing to say or do anything, who attacked people, insulted people, who wanted to be good entertainment and then was, sadly, helped by the Russians and other allies to plant lots of disinformation,” she said.

Clinton said she’s going to do everything she can to “protect” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from “those kinds of attacks going forward.”

She added she hopes “for an election as free as possible from (inaudible) and misinformation, from voter suppression, from the efforts to deny people their right to vote and have that vote counted.”

Clinton said she hoped the “hostile takeover of the post office” doesn’t “interfere” with the election.


Hey, I wonder if mega-doses of Hydroxychloroquine can make this evil hag go away. I’m willing to try anything.

This is a big deal. – In a break with tradition, the New York City Police Union decided to endorse a presidential candidate this year. Not surprisingly, that endorsement did not go to the guy whose political party has been funding riots all over the country this summer and working to defund the police.

New York’s biggest police union backed President Trump’s bid for re-election Friday, as Trump slammed a “a left wing war on cops.”

“We need your strong voice across the country,” said Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch.

Lynch and Trump spoke before a crowd at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J. attended by PBA leaders wearing red MAGA hats.

Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Donald Trump speaks as President Donald Trump smiles during an event Trump National Golf Club, Friday, Aug. 14, in Bedminster, N.J., with members of the City of New York Police Department Benevolent Association.
Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Donald Trump speaks as President Donald Trump smiles during an event Trump National Golf Club, Friday, Aug. 14, in Bedminster, N.J., with members of the City of New York Police Department Benevolent Association. (Susan Walsh/AP)

Lynch said it was the first time in his memory that the PBA had endorsed a presidential candidate.

“That’s how important this is,” he said to applause from the crowd. “Mr. President, we are fighting for our lives out there … You earned this endorsement, and I’m proud to give it.”

“We have to bring order back to our cities, back to our country,” said Trump, who said Joe Biden will make the country more dangerous.


Morning Mika was off her meds Friday morning, and the results were glorious. Watch this:

Note that literally every single accusation she hurls against President Trump has been conclusively demonstrated to be false. Every. Single. One.

This is your news media in action.

ummmm…when was the last time you saw a “Vietnamese for Biden” rally? – Look at this:

But your news media expects you to believe that Biden is leading President Trump by double digits. You are being brainwashed to accept the results of a stolen election. Resist.

Meanwhile, in Portland Oregon… – The feds are now stepping in to once again do the job the local communist Democrat officials refuse to do. No, we’re not talking about federal law enforcement officers protecting the federal courthouse in Portland this time; we’re talking about the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Oregon district now stepping in to prosecute violent rioters who the local district attorney, Mike Schmidt, refuses to pursue.

From a piece at Breitbart:

Willamette Week reported on the federal move to prosecute rioters, including Edward Thomas Schinzing, who was caught on camera setting fires inside of the Multnomah County Justice Center on May 29, 2020, the first night of protests in Portland:

It was a slam-dunk case for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office: the destruction of county property caught on camera. And county prosecutors are pursuing indictments for 47 people on felony charges related to protests this year.

Schinzing was indicted July 28 on arson charges. But the county isn’t bringing the charges.

Instead, he’s being prosecuted by the U.S. attorney for Oregon—that is, the feds. He’s one of at least two protesters whose cases originated in the district attorney’s office that have now been taken up in federal court, according to Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez.

The Willamette Week report notes that the fires were set in buildings owned by the city and country, not a federal building that federal law enforcement are tasked to protect.

The report also said “the feds’” rationale for claiming jurisdiction was, “Because Portland and Multnomah County are recipients of federal aid, including COVID relief funding, the federal government has authority to prosecute crimes on those properties.”

At a press conference on August 11, Schmidt did not dispute federal law enforcement’s jurisdiction in the Schinzing case, according to the Willamette Weekly report.

“Schinzing maliciously damaged and destroyed…by means of fire a building and other personal property belonging to Multnomah County and the City of Portland, which are both institutions and organizations receiving federal financial assistance,” Special Agent Cynthia M. Chang of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives wrote in an affidavit.


Of particular interest in this story are the quotes from a former Multnomah County Chief Deputy DA:

Former Multnomah County Chief Deputy District Attorney Norm Frink said that the feds’ involvement may seem unusual, but what is taking place in Portland is anything but usual.

“Yeah, it’s unusual. But the circumstances are even more unusual,” Frink told the news outlet. “It’s unusual that for 70-plus days, people have been permitted, with minimal law enforcement interference, to break the criminal laws over political animus.”


Unusual circumstances indeed. See? Not everyone in Portland is a leftist lunatic.

Real Journalist Andy Ngo once again reported on the action in Portland on its 79th consecutive night of riots:

Hey, just a bunch of “peaceful protesters,” right, CNN?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Mika is a plastic sex doll, not a real human being. Joe keeps her in the closet.

Pointy Clown Shoe

Mika is still butthurt over the bleeding comment by the Trumpster.
The Jedi Supreme trollmaster burns lefties with such aplomb and it is glorious.
Feeble intellects can’t handle it from their glass doll houses.
The choice is Trump or Venezuela and it is just that simple.
Cruella Pantsuit will find some way to weasel in on the Gropey Joe Kommissarina Kamala clown car campaign.


It never ceases to amaze me how Cuomo can deflect all his wrong doing on Trump….what a pitiful excuse for a governor.


Possbily laying the foundation for excuses as to why he lost? Certainly doesn’t serve to help him get elected.


A vote for Joe’s a real no-brainer! Ha!


I was wondering the same thing, seems like greasing the skids a little early for a despot deep six. Unless Basement Boy’s loss of brain-width is forcing a premature strategy change. Maybe they realize he won’t remember in November.

phineas gage

I think you are correct–more specifically, I think Team Obama wants him gone after getting a sense of the cognitive deterioration.


A vaccine for the evil old b*tch??? Not sure but I do know a few other things that would eradicate the de facto head of the Clinton Crime Family.


Mika is the poster girl for dumb blond jokes and Morningsickness Joe is as stupid as they come.


Today, August 15, 2020, is the seventy-fifth anniversary of VJ day! The actual Japanese surrender occurred on Sept 2, 1945 on the Battleship Missouri. Gen McArthur called for an everlasting peace.

Unfortunately, since we didn’t fight that war to an absolute conclusion, we allowed two other communist tyrants hell-bent on world dominance to emerge, along with a whole slew of newly independent nations who were very vulnerable to internal corruption and external coercion and dominance by the Asian based communist dictatorships. Instead, we created United Nations which was another false hope or fools errand to attempt to mesh conflicting national agendas into a peaceful coexistence.

The UN has solved virtually nothing, cost mainly America and occasionally other western democracies, countless trillions of dollars and tens of thousand of lives, and actively works against the US of A with most of its’ agenda while we host it, and support it to the tune of at least 20-25% of its’ budget while we are only about 4% of the world’s population.

President Trump, with his diplomatic skills – I doubt the UN was involved with the new Israel-UAE peace and trade deal – achieving real results, should get the US out of the UN and evict the UN from NYC in his second term in order to remove one major globalist enemy from our soil.

Actually, the UN may want to leave the war-zone that NYC has become lest some of their worthless diplomats and bureaucrats get assaulted or hurt. And from my perspective, it would be good to deprive de Bozo any revenue from hosting the UN and its mostly anti-American staff.


Patton wanted to clean out the Soviets and MacArthur the Chicoms. Both were prescient in the evils these two nations would commit. Reagan finished the Soviets, the Chicoms are a whole new level of trouble. As they have already proven.


I agree. The UN was a messed up project from the start. A ‘governing body’ made up of a slew of communist and islamic representatives. Who in their right mind would even remotely believe that they would be ‘friendly’ to western ideals and/or rule against ANY of their like minded communists and islamic thuggery?!?!?

The UN IS a colossal waste of money and ENTIRELY nonproductive towards peace. Its controlled by those that hate the ‘West’ and see it only as a hedge against their rule in addition to a piggybank. Trump should definitely send them packing… The fireworks would be fun to watch, even if Trump merely suggested it…


“That is why Trump is so reviled – he is ruining the globalist’s plans, busting up their destiny for America.”

Exactly! He’s ruining/erasing all of the ObamaMessiah’s dutiful progressiveness. The Bad Orange Man wasn’t supposed to win, the Dems thought they had this thing rigged, & when a political novice not only secures the nomination but wins the election & denies HRC her entitled birthright, you can see why the last four years have been seen thru a prism of apoplectic rage…

…with more to come. Stock up on the popcorn. This is going to be entertaining ;<)


It is amazing how all these leftist women are so angry almost all the time, especially when things don’t go their way. Like bullies, they appear reasonable when things go their way, but as soon as they don’t, their ugliness and anger takes center stage.

The tweeted responses to Mika’s unhinged rant were quite funny, and one even had her father Bolshivickzinski, or however their name is spelled, quoted back in 1972 that the “news” will have the people conditioned to accept anything told to them. Just like with Goebbels and “Pravda”.

These communists were dangerous in the forties through the seventies; Reagan partially defeated their powerbase in the eighties, but they, in coordination with our CPUSA and other anti-American misanthropes have rebounded in the last thirty years culminating in what we are witnessing now.

The slow but steady old guard Dem politicians have raised a new crop of radicals and like most everything about youth in general, when they want something, they want it NOW! The AOCs of the world are not willing to wait ten or twenty more years for their version of utopia to happen, so they are forcing the issue now. The old guard communists/Democrat pols/judges/bureaucrats are powerless to put the genie back in the bottle or stuff the Schiff back into the horse.

This is a direct result of President Trump defeating Walking Eagle and by extension, the old guard leftists who infest the District of Corruption and its’ propaganda arm. The young radicals, while being funded by the GS and other front groups, are actually being led by ‘the One’s’ 30 or so thousand person stealth army of community agitators. Trump brought this previously barely contained festering anti-American movement out into the open just by winning an election and fulfilling most of his promises for a better America. He derailed the “managed decline” of America (under a Walking Eagle Administration) before it could have irretrievably doomed America to the status of Venezuela.

That is why Trump is so reviled – he is ruining the globalist’s plans, busting up their destiny for America. No other politician/president could have, would have, done what he is doing to save America as founded. He has and is exposing and (hopefully) destroying the carefully crafted agenda and largely hidden image of the left’s goals for America for the last 100 plus years.

As Brian says this is a war! My thought is, had walking Eagle won ‘the One’s’ third term, and likely fourth term, America would have been “fundamentally transformed” beyond redemption.

This is our last chance to keep our Republic as Benjamin Franklin said: We gave you a Republic if you can keep it. The question is: Are there enough of us here today who want to keep it and fight (vote) to keep it in 2020 and beyond? I hope so, because once it is gone, it ain’t coming back for a long, long, very long time, and not without a lot of bloodshed.

phineas gage

Here is where we are in this nation today:


These scum in the video, don’t need to be arrested, bailed out, maybe prosecuted and convicted to get, what? Maybe a month in jail or probation.

They need their heads busted and their a$$es kicked hard and often.

If law enforcement and the judicial systems throughout the country don’t get back to doing their constitutionally mandated jobs correctly, then you will see a wave of “Death Wish” vigilantism that you cannot imagine.

There will be no due process, no trial; just outright violence done to the rioters and criminals. And with that, many uninvolved innocent people may well get caught up in the melee, but if that is what the ‘leaders’ want (a lawless society), then that is what they will get.

Word of warning to all involved: Be careful what you wish for, you may well get it.

phineas gage

I would guess the perps are 12-13 years old, and modeling their behavior on their older gangbanger brothers. They are in training, you might say.


I used to watch the series Gangland. It was always the same, they start out as a group of kids trying to protect themsleves from gangs only to eventually become that which they were trying to oppose.

And they do recruit adolescents, often their own family members, because they can commit murder and other crimes and not get sent to big boys prison in most states.


Poor Mika has lost it even worse than Hillary! LOL! KAG2020!

phineas gage

The Vietnamese rally is interesting. I have long been puzzled by Asian-American voting patterns that favor liberals, since all of their cultural values are conservative.

I have had it explained in several ways, such as the Asian tendency to conform to the dominant culture particularly to advance their children’s education, but it is still hard to understand, even more so than the Jewish vote in this country.

I hope this is one more sign that this will in fact be a realignment election.


So a bit off topic. The close of the metals market yesterday gold was up 85 cents, silver up 12 cent, platinum $5.19, palladium $14.57. In canukistan currency. This has been the case for the last week where metals has dropped or changes are very small, very little movement.

IMO, when announcements like Barr’s little fish catch, Jo&Ho hookup etc have no real affect on markets you know the that the confidence in the countries direction is one of confidence. Investors will move from the safety of metals back to the stocks, and metals reflect this when they drop or have little movement. For example, palladium is generally very volatile, changing in a day between $150 – 300/oz A $15 dollar change is barely a blip. Watch the stock market climb and metals drop ahead of Nov. Buy low… sell high…

phineas gage

I would have thought that the Middle East announcement of normalizing relations between Israel and UAE would have impacted the oil and metals markets.


I don’t know much about the petroleum markets so you’d have to ask Mr Blackmon about that. But the mideast signing would drop metals as investors see a stabilization in global geopolitical terms. Generally high volatility in geopolitical realms translates to uncertainty and investors move their funds towards security in metals or US currency.

The peace deal, at this point, is a wait’n see event. Its good news but will it last. So metals tend to flatten and will drop as confidence builds on that stability there. Metals are an oddity and at this point are more affected by confidence in the upcoming election going to Trump, than they are with events over seas. My money is on a drop the closer to the election we get. readers digest version…

Ben Colder

I didn’t know anyone watches that show anymore.As for the riots how much longer are they going to let this crap go on?Maybe its for the best at least people can see what these communists have in store if they take over.Just think of all the money they have cost the taxpayers people will move out of there in droves if they aren’t already.I hope the government tells the city to rebuild its self they should not get one red dime for this crap not one dime they allowed this to happen rebuild it themselves or leave as hell with the left coast .

phineas gage

Barr did discuss Operation Legend the other night, the federal anti-crime initiative that is supposed to be coordinating with state and local authorities.

We’ll see if it amounts to a significant step forward. Politically, I think Trump has played this well. It was a trap for him, and he wisely avoided it.


Operation Legend will work in those citys where their mayors and city councils are friendly to law enforcement. Portland will not be one of them.The mayor is the police commisioner.That happened back in the 80’s as I recall, when the last police commisioner would not bow down to the politicians and insisted on enforcing the laws as writtten.


I agree they shouldn’t be given any money to fix what they themselves destroyed. Unfortunately there are a lot of good people who didn’t vote these communists in. The cities did, and oddly enough its where the communists flock to.

I still think the electoral process in States should be modeled after the Federal election with the electoral collage deciding the State governance. If a State governance was decided by the number of counties and each county is allotted one vote. Then it would be a whole other story, one where a city cannot decide the fate of the rest of the State… imo

jack johnson

Mika is a talentless bum, her meltdown doesn`t even seem authentic. She spews “Trump`s Russia lies” on the same day a FBI attorney pleads guilty to falsifying information to spy on a Trump advisor in the Russia scandal.

She is the devil`s spawn. Her father Ziggy made Hitler look like an alter boy….truly one of the most evil men in our history.


The Mika rant is epic… a laugh snort kinda ongoing meltdown. We all know everything out of their pie holes is plain stupid or outright lies. So watching this hate for their country and a late stage TDS is quite sad really, funny but sad.

As for these antifa thugs in Portland, their day before a judge is coming. This ‘movement’ isn’t going anywhere regardless of the media over amplification. Its still very limited to a few cities and unfortunately there are innocent people who will be caught up in it.

The Fed bringing charges will only slow the chaos down a bit, its not going to stop it, the rioting. Like Mr. Blackmon states, its not going to stop until its stopped. These thugs are wanting to get out of the city core because they know the limitations of being confined to the core. So the suburbs need to step up and be a wall when these criminals try to bring chaos to your neighbourhood. Push them back to the city where they’ll be starved out.

Its a war… and it is serious, your liberty depends on you.

phineas gage

It was good–particularly the steadily increasing hysteria throughout as others sat in stunned silence–but it doesn’t quite eclipse Lawrence O’Donnell demanding that all the hammering cease immediately.

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