Thursday News Roundup: Grim Milestone for the Biden Handlers and Portland Riots Expand to Another City

Yes, well, these are people who have no conscience, so… – John Solomon reports on a Yale professor, Harvey Risch, who calls the Democrat/media demonization of the safe, effective and inexpensive drug Hydroxychloroquine “unconscionable.”

Here’s an excerpt from that piece:

Risch draws a distinction between two stages of the illness, noting that while the treatment will likely work quickly during the first stage, it is not effective in helping people who have advanced to the more serious second stage.

“At the first stage, it is a flu-like illness. That illness will not kill you. If you are a high-risk patient and begin treatment immediately, you will almost certainly be done with it in a few days. When not treated, high-risk patients may progress. The virus then causes severe pneumonia and attacks many organs, including the heart. In this second stage, hydroxychloroquine is not effective,” he explains in a Washington Examiner opinion piece.

Risch says that people in the high-risk category should be provided treatment even before they receive the results of their coronavirus test.

“The second thing to know is that most low-risk patients survive without treatment. Low risk means you are under age 60 and have no chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, have no past treatment for cancer, are not immunocompromised, etc. High risk means you are over 60 or you have one or more of those chronic conditions. High-risk patients need immediate treatment when they first show symptoms,” he said.

“It is a serious and unconscionable mistake that the FDA has used inpatient data to block emergency use petitions for outpatient use. Further, already back in March, the FDA approved the emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for hospitalized patients, for whom it is demonstrably less effective than for outpatients,” he said. “If hydroxychloroquine satisfied the FDA criteria for emergency inpatient use in March, it should more than satisfy those criteria now for outpatient use, where the evidence is much stronger.”


Make no mistake about this: The media and Democrats who have conducted this campaign to deny COVID-19 patients access to this safe and effective drug have the deaths of thousands of Americans on their hands. There should be consequences, but of course there won’t be.

The standard Democrat playbook is now fully engaged. – That grim milestone – as the media like to call everything related to COVID-19 – was reached yesterday with this tweet from Crazy Uncle Quid Pro Creepy Farty China Joe Biden’s handlers:

So, we’re still going with the “very fine people” lie, even after CNN and the New York Times debunked it? Holy crap.

Look, every four years you can count on the Democrats to roll out a series of standard scare tactics:

– Scare the old folks about how Republicans are gonna do away with Social Security and Medicare;

– Scare the poor folks about the evil GOP plot to eliminate welfare, subsidized housing and Medicaid;

– Scare college students about the evil GOP plot to make them pay back their student loans (this one is actually true);

– Scare Hispanic folks about the GOP plan to halt illegal immigration, which also happens to be true, and which a rising share of Hispanic voters support;

– and Scare the Black folks about the evil GOP plot to re-constitute the Ku Klux Klan even though the KKK was the creation of the Democrat Party.

It’s like clockwork – you can literally set your IPhone alarm to it.

Despicable people, these Democrats.

Speaking of despicable people, how about those who infest the corrupt news media? – The Washington Examiner reports on how the major communist news outlets reported – or didn’t report – on the murder of a 5 year-old kid in cold blood in North Carolina that I detailed yesterday:

ZERO results. And it is not a surprise, because we all know by now that these media outlets simply do not cover any story that does not fit the DNC-dictated daily narrative.

Meanwhile, in Portland… – The Democrat Party-sponsored riots continued for their 77th straight night as the rioters steadily expand their field of operations.

As always is the case, the only reason we know the truth about what is taking place in Portland is the intrepid reporting by real journalist Andy Ngo:

And now the chaos and violence has extended outside of Portland into Bend, Oregon:

Madness. These people hate you and want you dead. They will not stop until they are stopped. It really is that simple.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I totally agree with all you say. You and I, and many others took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. We realize the peril we currently face, and are hoping a lot more people come around. The link that Silas shared above summarizes very well the predicament we face and why the right cannot and should not start a shooting war, yet.

I was a Nuc Electrician, EM1 aboard the USS BILLFISH (SSN676). My Dad was an Aviation Electrician in the Navy, we actually lived on Midway Island for a couple of years as my Dad serviced and flew on the Super Constellation radar pickets between Midway and the Aleutians.


Thanks for posting the Midway link. I am a historian (particularly the Pacific War) and have studied the Battle of Midway extensively. I knew little of the atoll post the BOM other than it became a sub refueling base to extend the SS patrol range and ultimately became a wildlife refuse.

I always wanted to visit Sand and Eastern – now I know why the airfield was moved from Eastern to Sand as it is bigger. It and several other Pacific Islands have always been on my bucket list, and now even more so.

It can be argued that the subs played a key role in the victory at Midway by forcing the Japanese to change courses and do things they otherwise would not have done.

BZ to the silent service!


Gregg, I think you should cut CharleyC a little slack, he’s on our side. We can’t all fly to the great northwest and quell the riots. You know that there are several metals, like Cesium that burn even underwater, and you have let them burn themselves out. Sorry you were bullied as a youngster, and yes we need to put lawbreakers in jail, but that is the fault of the demoncrat mayors and governors, not the folks on this comment train. I could poke you for being a skimmer puke, but that would not advance our mission. 🙂 Love you man! Happy Thursday!



I agree that Charlie is on our side, and Trump is doing a good job letting this fester to highlight who is the cause of and the aiders and abettors of this. But I have a difficult time when someone states two different opinions in the same comment. i.e., let the rioters go ahead and wear themselves out by trashing other people’s stuff, but if they come to my place…

All depends upon whose ox is being gored.

I watched the sixties riots and the do nothing establishment letting the same thing happen. And I know what stopped both the city and college campus riots. It is also my nature to really feel the pain of true innocents and I have outrage for people who are supposed to protect the people and the laws of our country and allow this violence, destruction and anarchy to happen.

By now it should be obvious to anyone one this isn’t just some disgruntled group of harmed citizens “peacefully protesting”, and it won’t stop until it is stopped, probably by force. And as I recently stated, I am surprised that this vitriol, this “Resistance” has lasted for this long; these people must really have no lives. This is an organized effort by powerful people and organizations designed to not solve anything, but to overthrow the country by sewing hate and discord from within.

As Brian says, “It’s a war.

Like with the feckless and worthless UN and its’ diplomacy and resolutions, sooner or later the time for talk and waiting will end and our country will rise or fall on what we actually do to end this on so many levels. Ignoring all this crap for the last fifty plus years has caused this and to continue to ignore it will cause our doom more completely than anything other than a nuclear war. 2020-2021 will be a tipping point in US History just like 1861-65. The question now is the same at is was back then: Which side will win?

BTW, I was an Airedale (ASM) on the CV and an IS in the reserves, so I guess that makes me kind of a hybrid. What was your rate/rank?


“They won’t stop until they are stopped.” True enough, and that’s why we voted for Trump. But you also said, and I quote: “There should be consequences, but of course there won’t be.” That’s because the folks we hired and the folks they hired, (Billy Barr, put down your bagpipes and call your office) apparently have no desire to do a damned thing about it except complain. PLEASE change my mind! And don’t give me that b.s. about “these things take time” because time is running out.


You are either a stealth troll or clueless. Expecting perfection when none exists. Why don’t you open your mind to the possiblity that all is not what it seems and perfection exists only in Heaven?

As I has also said before, the world has gotten to where one is used to near instant results that when one can’t what one wants NOW, then they whine and cast apersions on those who are more patient.

Ever heard the term “Patience of a Saint”? Well I fish, and I know what that means. Maybe you should take up fishing.


I’ve seen no substantive response to my comments, or Dave B’s comment that there would be no consequences. Instead, it’s just ad hominem attacks. Well, you folks just keep waiting for Barr and company to finally prosecute ANY of these criminals. About next December you’ll realize we’ve been trusting folks who can’t be trusted, the clock will have run out, and it will be Game Over for America. Portland is a beta test. As for heaven, I’m looking forward to it. I don’t think Trump can drain the swamp, but I know that Jesus Christ can, and He will. The wrath of the Lamb is not far off.



I didn’t respond to your comments until now for several reasons:

1) I and others here have, from time to time, been very critical of Barr. But things are actually beginning to happen

2) Yes, from my perspective, I do have problems with Barr and his responses to IG criminal referrals and other matters

3) I do wish Barr and Graham and others would just shut up to the media interviews and do their jobs

However, as I have said in the past, if Trump is happy with Barr, then we have no choice. I believe Trump knows what he is doing and I hope and pray he, and his political intuition, is correct and he prevails.

The reality is, what is the alternative? Is any Trump/America supporter going to not vote for him and default this key election to GO-JO(e) Brain Biden and Karma Round Heels? I think not; I hope not. Because if that happens, we are lost as a first world country.

I am a naturally dubious person; the classic glass half empty guy. But Trump has actually provided much to be thankful for and has given his base and the undecideds and center-right America loving independents someone to actually vote for – unlike the Bushes and other RINO disappointments.

So yes, while I wish the Obamagate cabal was frogged marched off to jail years ago and are now making license plates, that is not reality in today’s American politics.

One thing is for certain, if Trump loses, all this goes away, the cabal gets rewarded; will forever be immune from any charges, and will do the same (with success) against any future Republican presidential candidate. That is what is really at stake here.

I and others here generally prefer to be optimistic that justice will ultimately prevail, but in the interim, we all must do our part to ensure Trump’s reelection along with getting/keeping GOP control of congress. It also serves no purpose to constantly repeat the idea that Barr and Durham is doing nothing, but I do understand your skepticism…, but constantly having negative ways (thoughts) solves nothing.

And if nothing of significance happens, yes you will have been proven correct and we all will be pissed, but in the end life will go on.

phineas gage

Why should we try to change your mind? If that is your opinion then so be it. You should feel self-righteous in your superior knowledge about future events.

phineas gage
phineas gage

It’s called the ‘big lie’. Goebbels made effective use of it.


I love how the Left CLING to the false narrative of Charlottesville (where a handful of kooks had an isolated and 1-time demonstration of white supremacy) as they ignore months and months of BLM/Antifa terrorism and anti-white, anti-American violence that’s sweeping through Democrat cities across the country and is actually aided by the mayors and even governors of those places. It’s astounding that they try to pull this schlock and even more astounding that some of the foolish Democrat lunatics believe this stuff!

phineas gage
Total Corruption Total Collapse

Bad white evil racist America is a religious cult to some boomers. Comrade kommissarina Harrise will offer absolution when she is preezy of the steezy.
Absolution will come in the form of rezoning with a house in the backyard of that big capitalist pig suburban lot, reparations, groveling and kneeling to Burning Looting Murder comrades.
Charlottesville was another case of police being told to stand down for those who think that the police will be there just in time like a knight to save them.
State apparatchiks only care about other state apparatchiks and not useless eater taxable unit serfs.
The blocking of the anti-Malarial drug and nursing home death camps are another example of this in action.
Comrade Fraudski is already downplaying the Russian vaccine that he doesn’t have any financial interest in.
Biden just wants another bowl of apple sauce and some orange juice and Hussein Hopenchange the Resistance Führer is driving the CPUSA train.
Off Topics-The grocery plays Blitzkrieg Bop by NYC legends the Ramones over the in store sound system but a snowflake is just waiting to be offended somewhere because they have way too much time on their hands and are well fed.
When you are well fed there are many problems, when you are not fed there is only one problem.

Ben Colder

And the dem/communist do not even report it that is because they are behind all the riots that have been going on no doubt about it.The dem/communists think they have all Trump supporters by the balls this time I think they better be rethinking their stupid ways.I believe that a lot of people have had just about enough.


“After several months of this, are they changing any minds? Making any political progress at all?”

I’m going out on a limb here to state yes and yes…. They are changing minds AND making political progress… but not in the direction they were hoping. And they’re to stupid to stop.

The ones involved in the rioting ARE criminals taking full advantage of the opportunity to carry out whats in their hearts. Odd too that most of those being arrested… are from out of State. Are there not federal laws being contravened going over state lines to carry out violent rioting?? Hellooo Mr Barr….

phineas gage

Night after night of rioting, but the question must be asked–are they really getting anywhere?

Has a wave of violence and anarchy swept like a wildfire across Red America (which accounts for greater than 90% of this nation in terms of territory)?

After several months of this, are they changing any minds? Making any political progress at all?

Or are they a whole lot of sturm and drang, contained, repeating the same old thing, and destined very soon to burn themselves out into cold ash?


RE: rioting – at some point we have to reach an equilibrium. Either antifa and BLM will eventually tire and slink back their Moms’ basements, or if they persist or somehow escalate, at some point will peoples’ tolerance of this behavior come to an end and we see violent push back? That could be police being allowed to do their jobs, prosecutors actually charging and jailing these people, or it could be red-blooded Americans saying “Enough!”, rolling up their sleeves and getting to work on these turds. Probably will take all three.

Supposedly there is a 50d protest planned at the WH and Lafayette Square…does it seem like they are slowing down? They don’t have the manpower to hit red America, but they will surely nibble at the edges.


Agree in general Phineas, that this much vitriol could not have been sustained and I really thought all this rabid and undeserved white hot hatred would have died down after a couple of months of the Trump Administration.

Average people, even the run of the mill leftists and radicals can’t keep this rage up for this long – sooner or later most people want to resume a normal life – unless they are being well funded and highly recruited by people and organizations with deep pockets.

I don’t know anyone who has this much passion for ANYTHING – except for adherents of a certain cult based in the Middle-East masquerading as a religion – especially when President Trump has done nothing to hurt anyone or any group in this country and in most every other case, greatly improved the lives of many people where he could by direct action or when he occasionally gets the GOP to legislatively ‘support’ him.

None of this makes any sense and it is more than a little depressing that Trump is only at 46-51% job approval in Rasmussen (which is one of the few remotely accurate polls), and he still has a slight strongly negative rating. Essentially he is in or slightly above Obama polling territory when logic should dictate he should be in Clinton (circa 1998) territory; in the 60-70% approval. I guess Trump polling as well as he is is a minor miracle in that he gets 90+% negative coverage 24/7 and ‘the One’ got 90+% positive coverage 24/7 especially when so much was going sideways.

Obviously this “domestic terrorist organization” Antifa, and its’ close relative BLM, is being well funded by Enemy Groups (Where is RICO AG Barr?), or by feckless corporations who are paying reparation “donations” which are nothing more than extortions for protection so that their assets or image don’t get trashed.

Again, the adage about people or organizations who give up liberty for perceived safety soon will have neither has never been truer. How is it that supposedly smart CEOs of many of America’s biggest corporations do not see this? Maybe the shareholders of these corporations should sell their stock in protest of the feckless leadership of these greatly overpaid and out of touch, but otherwise “woke”, corporate CEOs and other corporate leaders.

Speaking of sports and the various league’s overt support of the racist movement: Rather than just burning a team jersey or hat, disgruntled fans should cut up, or mark up (destroy) the hat or jersey and ship them back to the home offices of their respective team. Can you imagine the reaction if hundreds of torn up team merchandize shows up at the corporate offices daily, especially with protest letters?


I have a new nick-name for GO-JO(e) Brain Biden’s VP: Senator (bad) Karma Round heels.


In other news, TN talk radio is reporting this morning that AOC will be a speaker at the (virtual?) Democratic Convention. No surprise there, but they are reporting that her (well vetted I’m sure) speech will be limited in length to, wait for it, ONE MINUTE! We’ll see, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

phineas gage

Sure. the professional anarchists will keep it up as long as they continue to be paid or until they are shut down by other means. The key point is that it is not advancing. They just burn the same plots of concrete night after night. The media don’t cover it because it hurts the Dems politically. It is contained and destined to die. That is not a winning political formula. The main thing it is accomplishing is destroying the nation’s cities, which will not redound to the Democrats favor.

The numbers now, if they mean anything at all, are quite similar to the summer of 2016, although somewhat more favorable for Trump. When all is said and done, I’m expecting Trump to prevail by roughly the same margin as last time.


I think that if you treat the antifa rioters as spoiled children by ignoring them, they will grow weary of their plaything and go home. Give them attention and they will continue to rant and rave.

We have a 223 solution for these rioters if they come our way.



I couldn’t disagree more with your Idea of ignoring the rioters and they will go away. I can’t think of a historical instance where ignoring a problem solves a problem. Ask Chamberlin and the League of Nations about how well of first ignoring and then appeasing Hitler worked out..

Even in physics or mechanics, if you ignore a problem, a squeaky wheel for instance, it keeps getting louder, and eventually fails causing a much more severe problem. The “A stitch in time saves nine” analogy fits well here.

And finally, one of my big problems with American education dating back to when I was in grade school was when I was being picked on by bullies or mocked because of my name, I was always told to ignore the bullying and the ridicule and it will go away. Bullschiff, it never went away! And, sure tell an eight year old to ignore constant bullying and ridicule and not retaliate. And to make matters even worse, the offenders were never punished.

So no, I’ll never buy into the concept of ignoring it and it will go away. If that was the case the rioters would have gone away after a week or so – not be ongoing for eleven (11) weeks and counting.

As I proofed this and reread you comment, I have another thought about your comment – quoting your last line:

“We have a 223 solution for these rioters if they come our way.”

You seem to be ok with “ignoring” the rioters who are trashing other people’s property and livelihood as long as they don’t “come our way”, then you seem to have a different “solution”.

Hypocritical Much?

What has to happen is these spoiled brat ignoramuses need to be smacked down hard and arrested and punished for their actual crimes.

Please see my other comment below about how I too felt they would vent their spleen, grow weary and go home.

Won’t happen with this highly paid and supported group.


Isn’t copper supposed to be good at ridding infections???



phineas gage

It is not surprising at all that the Dems run their same playbook election after election–after all, it has worked for decades.

What is appalling is that people keep falling for it. I don’t have much sympathy for people that are that easily subject to manipulation. If you are going to act like a common farm animal, expect to be marched into the slaughterhouse.

phineas gage

The data clearly show that the countries that have adopted widespread use of HCQ have lower death rates than the U.S. Those deaths are directly and unquestionably attributable to the Democrat party. Trump should hammer this point during the campaign.

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