Will the College Football Season be Cancelled? *Yawn*

The college football season now appears to be on the brink of collapsing due to COVID-19 related liability concerns among university presidents and chancellors. Rumors ran rampant on Monday that the Big 10 will cancel its fall season as soon as today, with the hope of playing football in the spring, a prospect that seems unlikely at best.  Big 10 officials denied the rumor, but there is an awful lot of smoke around it for it not to be at least partially true.

Minor conferences like the MAC have dropped like dominoes in recent weeks, cancelling their seasons in the wake of announcements by the major conferences that they would play in-conference games only. The reality is that these 2nd-tier schools can only make money if they schedule non-conference games with the big schools, in which they get paid huge sums of money to get their butts kicked before a packed house of fans on regional or national TV.

With the Big 10 season teetering on the brink, officials at the Big 12 and SEC were rumored to be scrambling around trying to find some means of preserving a fall football season. One rumor involves several Big 10 schools like Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio State and Michigan forming a joint super conference with the Big 12 for one season. Another involves the Big 12 merging with the SEC and possibly the ACC for one year.

Regardless of how it all comes out, it seems inevitable that the structure of college football will end up being changed forever as the game moves forward into the future. After half a century of obsessing about Texas Longhorn football every year, the odd thing is that I find myself not much caring about whether the games are played this fall or not.

I picked up a copy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football (DCTF) magazine – the annual bible of Texas-based football at the high school, college and pro levels – the other day, and have not even cracked it open since I brought it home and set it on the table next to my seat on the sofa. Of course, DCTF has been kind of worthless for 25 years now, since the advent of the Internet, but I’ve always been able to make myself at least read the Longhorn section and check out where they think the Beeville Trojans will finish in their district in years past.

Not this year.

Maybe it’s the fact that I realized weeks ago that it is doubtful we will even have a season to fret about despite all the bold statements coming out of the SEC and Big 12. Maybe it’s the loss of the Texas game with LSU, which was the one game I was really excited about watching and attending this season.

But what I really think it is, is this: The illusion that the current occupants of UT’s football roster give a damn about Texas, UT and its traditions has been exploded by the recent demands made by the group of African American players parroting talking points handed to them by radical professors.

The enduring charm of college football has always been about its traditions: The Band, the Fight Song, The Eyes, the Texas! Fight! chant from 100,000 screaming fans, Bevo, the Hook ’em!!! sign, and on and on and on. These are the things that have always distinguished the college game from the NFL. These are the things that produced the level of excitement in the stands at a college game that simply do not exist in an NFL stadium. These are the things that have given college football fans that spirit of camaraderie, that sense that we were all in this together that NFL fans never truly experience.

All of that has been exploded now: The myth had already been steadily eroded in recent decades, but now it has been completely destroyed.

It’s pretty hard to see right now how UT and other universities ever get it back.

In every season past football season, I always carefully planned my weekends around ensuring that my other activities did not encroach on Longhorn football time. This fall, assuming there are any Longhorn games played, I will probably tune in to watch them, but only to the extent they don’t interfere with my other plans.

That’s what college football has lost, at least from my perspective. So, whether they play this fall or not, the real issue that the athletic directors and boards of regents at these universities where football has been a huge cash cow really face going into the future is how to recapture the magic that has been lost.

Good luck with that. I have other things to worry about.

That is all.

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NC Curmudgeon

A little late for commenting, but I haven’t seen anyone (so far) on the public media stipulate that when a ball player kneels, he’s not just showing a lack of respect to our country….The player (particularly the “pro” who is getting paid by us, the fans) is disrespecting all of those who bothered to arrive, fight the traffic and sit in uncomfortable seating. Not to mention those who used to watch on TV. If they don’t respect us, why in the world would we want to watch them brawl?

phineas gage

One of the few good things to come out of the scamdemic would be the death of whoreywood.
Once a great industry that gave us a good value for our hard earned wages, it’s demise has been long in coming. I will be happy to watch all the over priced actors reduced to being tv actors
taking much less than they are used to pulling down, reduced to living in one mansion instead
several scattered throughout the contry and world. Forced to live within a budget and having to give up their private or chartered planes and flying first class. And unfortunately still have to listen to their hypocritcal hectoring.

And don’t give the old song about all the blue collar folks who will suffer. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas..

phineas gage

it won’t be coming back, but something will replace it. More than a century ago the two biggest sports were boxing and horse racing.

As I posted yesterday, all that money is going to flow somewhere. The smart entrepeneur will be the one that successfully predicts where.

ESPN and the major pro leagues are dead and don’t know it yet. Big-time college sports are gone too. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

I think it was Socrates that said the unexamined life is not worth living.


I would just as soon see most of these leftist colleges and universities go under. They have done nothing but promote leftism and destroy our heritage.


Sports are stupid and take up way too much time and energy in this world. If they all ended tomorrow, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.


Who cares.Maybe ANTIFA or BLM will watch them. Bunch of commies .


DGAF, that’s what you do with the fish after snatching right? I noticed you are a brother from a different mother, with 4 vertical eyes like me. Funny I have worn glasses since the 3rd grade for near-nearsightedness, and have been called 4 eyes as long as I can remember. How did David know? Scary


There’s always soccor!

The Portland Timbers, the only other really hot pro sports game in PDX, are a big draw. Why I don’t know. Their sideline “mascot” is a guy dressed up like a lumberjack who cuts a log on the sideline when something other happens. I wouldn’t know what that is as I’ve never attended a game. But lot’s of other folks do.

It’s a pretty good bet that some of their most ardent fans are those in the antifa ranks.

As for the rest of it, well, I have discovered better things to do, as have all the rest here, and
have no intentions of going back. The pros can go to hades and the universities can burn to the ground for all I care.

phineas gage

The Left has been trying to push soccer in this country for decades. Outside of a few leftist cities it has never risen above the level of a niche sport, and it never will, to their endless frustration.

Americans don’t care for sports that involve long and tedious games that end in scoreless ties.

Tick Tock

Reality Check. Pro Sports in the USA are dead. So no need for College Sports that feed the Pro Sports players. Yep, its all due to the Liability Risk which according to any Attorney should always be no greater than ZERO. It is great to be living in the land of Sissies and Limp Wristed Boy-Girls etc.

Snake Plissken

American feetsball was killed by colon cancer. It won’t be coming back.
Enjoy the wokeness sporty comrades.
MLB ended 25 years ago and everything is better without sportsball.
I almost feel bad for grown men wearing another man’s jersey and prattling off forty yard dash times or vertical leaping stats while the country burns.


I have always lamented how much more people in general know about their team than who they elect to raise their taxes and rule over them, or what kind of government we have; truly astounding!

Unless you bet sports, no one’s life is at all impacted whether or not their team wins or loses and they have all this passion with virtually no input. But, but, but, they do have an opportunity to root for and ensure the success of a President Trump and/or other strong law and order conservatives; sadly I fear many have in the past and will, in the future, take the apathy route.

Hopefully this lethargy will end this November.

As Rush has often said about all the people who hate him and want to try to ban him, he is just a guy on the radio who has no impact or control over anyone’s tax rate, their school system, or anything else that really matters. A mayor, a lowly bureaucrat, a town council member, a tax accessor, or a building inspector has much more impact on one’s life and little if anything is done to rein in any of these largely untouchable wannabe dictators who control their own little fiefdoms in much of the country,

The left has ruined the fun of sports, ruined the diversion that sports has provided, and this has happened from the owners, to the managers/coaches all the way down to the ignorant players who don’t have a clue as to how many of their fans they have totally pissed off. They also don’t seem to understand who ultimately pays their salary. Just amazing!

It is time we wrote off the blue sports and the blue cities and states. The funny and ironic thing is often the activists in politics throughout history have sought just the type of diversions that sports and entertainment provides to the masses just so their policies can fly under the radar while the citizenry cares more about who wins and loses championships than what the politicos are doing TO them.

Same goes for Hollywood.

And the same goes for the schools at all levels including and especially the teachers and their corrupt unions.

None of what the left is doing is in any way conducive to winning the hearts and minds of the majority of Americans which leads me to the disturbing thought that they must feel that the fix in in on Nov 3 and that they will prevail. Trump had better somehow make sure this last opportunity election to save America as founded is not stolen. Because the left seems sure that it is in the bag and they have their perfect puppet in place with his rubber stamp signature pad ready to do the bidding of all the radicals who infest that party.

phineas gage

I think many have convinced themselves of that reality, just like in 2016. They are literally re-running that tape.

As far as reality is concerned, if vigorous legal action is taken to prevent widespread mail-in voting, the Dems are asking Americans to vote for rampant violence, destruction, economic annihilation and a nominee with dementia.


Love your comments, but really, you should seek some professional help for your multiple personality situation. 😛


“Go Gators”
Has a hollow ring to it now. Funny how all those professors and other elitists think they will still be elitists in the communist shift-hole system they are pushing on everyone else. Having eyes they cannot see, and ears yet cannot hear. Noteworthy too that Alachua county which is home to University of Florida is the only blue county for about 100 miles in any direction, a very conservative region of my state.

Rick Church

Oops, Saban


I think it’s spelled S-a-t-a-n.
Sorry, Rick, couldn’t resist!

Rick Church

Maybe..sure would like to see Sabin win that seventh title.

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