Biden Picks Harris to Form America’s First All-Facially Reconstructed Ticket

It had to be Kamala Harris, right? She’s perfect for Biden, as we can see in the two before/after photos below:

This will be the first ticket in U.S. history in which both the presidential and vice presidential candidates have had major, recent facial reconstruction surgery. The first ticket in which both members could literally pass for different human beings than they previously were.

The selection of Harris explains why the rollout, which was to have taken place two weeks ago, had to be delayed: To give her new face time to settle. Because, for fundamentally un-serious people like today’s communist Democrats, appearances are everything.

The announcement of Harris should put an end to any more speculation about Biden being replaced by a different nominee at next week’s convention: The Party’s leaders have obviously decided to go all the way  (and who knows better about going all the way than Kamala Harris?) with the whole hidin’ Biden strategy. It’s Biden or bust for them Dems, folks.

You should put your money on Bust.

The selection of Harris is somewhat mind-boggling, almost inexplicable in many ways. Here are some examples why it seems to make little sense from a political standpoint:

  • Harris is not African-American. Her heritage is south Asian and Jamaican.
  • Harris is the descendant of slave-owners.
  • Harris hardly fits the “woke” criteria of the Party’s radical base: She’s a former prosecutor who publicly reveled in throwing the book at mostly-black defendants for minor drug crimes.
  • Harris’s own presidential campaign was an abysmal disaster. She is in fact a horrific, inept campaigner prone to saying stupid things, imperious and uncaring. She is so bad that she made Eric Swalwell look positively competent by comparison.
  • Harris does not help Biden in any state. Not one.
  • She is from California, a state Biden is already expected to win going away.
  • Just a year ago, Harris stood on stage with Biden in a nationally televised debate and accused him of being a Jim Crow racist. But hey, she was right, so apparently all is forgiven.

Harris provides a wealth of ready-made video and audio material for the Trump campaign to exploit. In fact, the President tweeted this out within moments of the announcement of her candidacy:

Here’s the real bottom line on this choice: It was almost certainly forced on Biden’s handlers by the party power brokers. They know Biden is not going to win this election, and they have been targeting Harris as a presidential contender since before she even ran for the senate.

This choice only makes sense if it was made in order to give Harris more public exposure – and practice as a campaigner, which she obviously desperately needs – this year, thus anointing her as the party’s leading contender for 2024.

If you’re a Trump fan, you should be celebrating this choice. I know I am.

UPDATE: Joe Biden is so out of things that he literally had to read from a script when he called Harris this afternoon to “give her the news,” which she has most likely known for weeks:



You could never make this stuff up, folks. Never in a million, bazillion years.

That is all.

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First of all, let’s clear this up. Old senile, creepy, women-groping, little girl fondling Joe Biden DID NOT PICK Kamala Harris to be his running mate. That was done by his handlers, aka Nasty Pelosi, Chuck U. Schumer and the slimy DemocRATs of the DNC. Biden does not make big decisions, that is all done by his handlers. PRESIDENT Trump does not have “handlers”. PRESIDENT Trump does not need “handlers”. PRESIDENT can “handle” himself quite well and can “handle” anything and everyone who needs “handling”.


You are absolutely correct Sam-I-Am,

I doubt GO-JO(e) Brain Biden can ‘handle’ dressing himself at this point.


Well sniffer joe can handle… just handling of another kind, like little children and women handling.

Robosaurus Rex

I just think the Democratic party is struggling to hold itself together. Who’s new? Where’s the “bold” new future? They’re literally a party of smoke and mirrors. No substance because they stitched a fabric of riff raff together that have competing interests and visions for the country. By 2024, the establishment may have lost their civil war inside the party not to mention they’d be dead from old age. Biden and Harris speaks volumes. The party power brokers are hanging by a thread. Antifa via BLM may be the last breath?


Absolutely True Mr. Rex,

You’ve said in one paragraph what I take many to say. The “establishment” full well knows the Dem Party is a built on a house of cards with no foundation just waiting to collapse as soon as the silent majority of Americans wake up to the reality of their fraud. That is now happening with President Trump breaking their spell by pointing it out every day.

That is why the “establishment” has so infiltrated the Republican Party with so may RINOs and Never-Trumpers as a back-up plan, which, for the most part has given conservative American’s little real choice which has led to the current state of gridlock and frustration.

Think about this: Twelve years ago, no one would have thought it possible to throw a TRILLION dollars at any problem; now government can’t do anything without spending at least a TRILLION dollars on any real or imagined ‘crisis’. TRILLION for the mortgage bailout; TRILLION for “insurance” and control of the population – not healthcare; TRILLION for Porkulus “shovel-ready jobs” stimulus; and now SEVERAL TRILLIONs for a severe (China caused) flu that really only affects people over seventy with major underlying health conditions, and shut down the much of the functioning tax producing country which has destroyed much of the country’s tax revenue stream.

Yet not a dime for any kind of actual nation improving infrastructure “stimulus”. In fact the Dems are in charge of destroying THEIR city’s tax base and infrastructure.

By the way, a TRILLION dollars is a million X a million dollars. it looks like this: $1, 000,000,000,000.00, and every TRILLION equals about $3,000.00 spent against every American. (Federal government math: spend a TRILLION ($3,000.00 per person and give back $1,200.00 – which is probably taxable so it actually is less than $1,000.00 when all is said and done). Our national debt of about $27,000,000,000,000.00 equates to about $81,000.00 of debt for every man, women, and child alive in America today. And GO-JO(e) Brain Biden wants to spend literally HUNDREDS OF TRILIONS more on “Climate Change”, Free College for all (when communities can’t even fund K-12), Healthcare (again) for all and Universal pay…

One of the left’s favorite mantra’s is our treatment of the environment and consumption of energy resources is “unsustainable” – well so is all this deficit spending – the consequences of which will be much more devastating to everyone. This is by design. The left’s Climate Change looming disaster is at best a theory based of the same type of flawed “models” as the left’s CV-19 “models”.

Every Democrat (and RINO) in every election MUST be DEFEATED in this and in every future election in order to save us from financial ruin, and MASSIVE INFLATION that will make everyone’s monetary assets worthless. We will soon be operating with Monopoly money with absolutely nothing backing it up – this can only lead to financial disaster! And that is the left’s ultimate plan.


“We will soon be operating with Monopoly money with absolutely nothing backing it up – this can only lead to financial disaster! And that is the left’s ultimate plan.”

This is absolutely the plan. If people are looking to the government for sustenance they are easily controlled and made more dependent on government. Much like what the demoncraps have done to the black community today. Like Venezuela today or Zimbabwe, once very robust and prosperous nations that have been turned into cesspools of corruption and despair by the communists. Their currency buys NOTHING. Literally.

The fact that these demoncrap are willing to burn the country down and impoverish the populace should be enough to not only kick them to the curb but run them out on a rail would be a better solution. Take their stolen wealth from them and send them off to whichever chosen utopian communist septic tank they desire. There they can live in the environment they so pine for, win win solution for everyone.


“choose a black lady”

There were none… All they have is wildebeests…


As ludicrous as it is…all Dems had to do to placate their lunatic base was choose a black lady for VP…and they miffed that, too!


comment image


The comrades won’t like her because of her record as a prosecutor. She was there before SoroSatan bought up DAs and prosecutors across the fruited plain.
She racked up poseur points with the comments about chronic (weed) smoking and rap music which were demonstrably false.
Those who claim that sex is a social construct of the white male patriarchy but we must have a wymyn president right away might like her as a novelty.


What kinda black person would have plastic surgery to look more white so she can run for VP

phineas gage

I really thought the pick would be someone who could either give him a key state, or help with a key demographic, or was a Deep State operative. She does none of those, and has no political skills. Only Tank Abrams could have been worse.


Its because shes a throw away candidate. They KNOW there isn’t a snowballs chance in hades sniffer joe isn’t going to win anything except a fresh bowl of apple sauce.

The DNC is totally looking to 2014 and in the meantime try to cheat the control of the House and Senate. Thats the stronger gambit.


**groan** 2024


You know who – IMHO – would’ve been a great pick & set us back in our heels (if a little bit)? Tulsi Gabbard, the woman who destroyed Kawowwow’s campaign. Tulsa’s not a total leftist loon, is a vet, & is halfway decent on some issues.

Probably why she didn’t it.


Had forgotten about her but I think you are right.

phineas gage

Yeah, that was never going to happen. After Bass was torpedoed, I think Kamala might have been the compromise pick for Pelosi and company.

Biden’s real mistake was ever painting him into this black female corner to begin with. It left them with very few if any appealing options.


Yeah, Blacks are 12-13% of the population, and with the male half eliminated, that left the Biden Campaign – not Biden – with less than 7% of the population from which to select the best, most qualified candidate. He effectively eliminated 15/16s of the nation’s population. Senator Round Heels is nothing more than a pandering Affirmative Action pick, and she is not even an American of African descent to boot!

Speaking of Black/Minority Privilege via Affirmative Action, which is in fact real: I have heard little from anyone countering BLM’s White Privilege argument with Affirmative Action which is nothing more than reverse discrimination. How does two wrongs make a right?

It is said that a (potential) president’s first executive action/appointment is his/her VP pick. Well this ‘pick’ by the Biden Campaign is his first and hopefully only executive decision as a (potential) president. It is a bomb, for all the reasons Dave mentioned
Regarding Round Heels former paramour/mentor recommending she decline the offer: I guess her ego was just too great for her to be GO-JO(e) Brain Biden’s #2 (in every sense of the word) to decline the offer.

Willie Brown may well be correct. Going back a hundred years from memory, I can’t remember anyone gaining any notoriety from being a losing, or even being a winning vice president, except of course the winning vice president occasionally ascends to the presidency: Coolidge, Truman, LBJ, Ford, and Bush the first being the winning examples. With the exception of Dole in 1976, every other losing VP has faded into oblivion. For example, who was Nixon’s 1960 VP; Goldwater’s VP; Humphrey’s VP; McGovern’s VP; Mondale’s’ VP; Bush’s VP; Dole’s VP; Clinton’s VP; Gore’s VP; Kerry’s VP; McCain’s’ VP; Romney’s VP and Hillary’s VP?

Again, virtually every losing VP candidate (Dole excepted, he later became the senate majority leader in 1981 and 1995) either faded into oblivion, was destroyed (Quale and Palin in particular), resumed their elective career with very little (Biden level) achievement, or in Gore’s case, he launched a very fraudulent, but unfortunately personally successful, Global Warming/Climate Change money laundering industry.

Losing VP candidate = Loser. Senator Round Heels fits that bill perfectly.


Mr. Barr, Mr. Durham, you many now resume your investigation/prosecution of Susan Rice and the Obamagate cartel.

Come to think of it, that is probably as good a reason as any as to why the head honchos at the Democratic Party anointed GO-JO(e) Brain Biden – to protect him and, by extension, ‘the One’ from being investigated…

‘The One’ and his camp can’t be happy, so maybe, just maybe, there is a little ‘independence’ of thought in the otherwise “monolithic” Dem Party.

phineas gage

I agree with you. Now let’s how the money flows. It will be telling if more resources are devoted to the House and Senate Democrat reelection committees to maintain control of Congress. If that happens it means head people at the DNC are looking ahead to 2024.


Gotta run to the store… Need a supersized popcorn….

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