Monday News Roundup: Portland Rioting Spreads to Seattle and Chicago and William Barr Slams the Left

Talk about a lack of self-awareness… – Watch below as Brian Stelter proves that he is in fact the single most clueless individual working in the corrupt news media today:

Obviously, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, ABC and NBC have all existed for the last 5 years solely to tear down Donald Trump. Yes, they have been miserable failures in that pursuit, but the effort has been ubiquitous and undeniable.

If Brian Stelter did not already exist, no one in their right mind could ever dream of making him up.

This happened on Sunday… – Lindsey Graham appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo yesterday, waving around newly declassifed documents and claiming they show “new criminality” on the part of the FBI:

In rolling out these newly-declassified documents, Graham told Bartiromo that he had been trying to obtain them from the FBI “for two years,” and he thanked Attorney General William Barr for helping him bust them loose from the FBI’s grip. Notably, he did not also thank Christopher Wray.

Just as a reminder, the Director of the FBI for the last two years has not been James Comey, but the worthless apparatchik Mr. Wray. Sen. Graham said he was going to “write a letter” to Wray demanding he identify the person within the FBI who gave the Senate Intel Committee this utterly false briefing about the veracity of the Steele Dossier. Maybe he’ll get an answer sometime in 2022.


You should get ready for a very, very interesting week. – Yes, every week is “interesting” these days, but I’m guessing that this particular week is going to be more interesting than most. Obviously we will see a week-long conflict between the Trump Administration and congress over the President’s weekend executive orders, as well as lawsuits being filed against those orders by communist Democrat interests before friendly Obama judges.

But I think it’s going to get much more interesting than that. Here is one reason why: Attorney General William Barr appeared last night with Mark Levin on Fox News, and made his most inflammatory remarks yet about the communist Democrats and the political left in general.

Here are some quotes from a piece at Fox News:

“They’re not interested in compromise,” Barr told host Mark Levin. “They’re not interested in [a] dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory … It’s a substitute for religion.

“They view their political opponents as evil because we stand in the way of their progressive utopia that they’re trying to reach, and that’s what gives the intensity to the partisan feelings that people feel today, because for them, this pilgrimage we’re all on is a political pilgrimage. Everything is reduced to politics for people who don’t have that perspective.”

Barr theorized that the left “really represents a Rousseauian Revolutionary Party that believes in tearing down the system, that what’s wrong about America today all has to do with the institutions we have and we have to tear them down.”

“I said during my hearing: ‘Can any of you just come out and say it’s not OK to burn down federal courthouses?’ I mean, they talk about the rule of law. They talk about the importance of the federal legal system to protection of civil rights. Well, the heart of that is our court system. And they’re not willing, not one of them piped up to say, ‘No, it’s not OK to be burning down federal courts.'”

A few Democratic lawmakers, Barr suggested, “are true believers” who are “essentially revolutionary in their outlook” and “believe in tearing down the system.

“But many of them are just cowards   and are afraid from, you know, about a challenge from the left. So for them, it’s careerism.”


These are not the comments from an Attorney General who is interested in working cooperatively with Democrats in congress and outside of it. These are the comments of an Attorney General who is now on a war footing and is ready to take it to an enemy.

Glad to see it.

Welcome to the party, Pal. – Also of note is this series of tweets from GOP Sen. Ron Johson, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Take a look:

Hey, does it seem to you as if Sen. Johnson might have finally woken up and realized that the true enemy to the United States of America is not some external threat like China or Russia, but the communist Democrat Party right here in the U.S.? Does it seem like maybe, just maybe, Sen. Johnson is finally ready to quit referring to seditious scumbags like Richard Blumenthal as his “friend” or “colleague”?

Because it sure seems that way to me.

This week is going to be very, very interesting.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The revolving door continues in Portland, as even the most violent Antifa/BLM Democrat sponsored rioters are arrested and then immediately released to go back on the streets thanks a huge fund providing pro bono legal support:

Ngo continues to blame all of this on Antifa, but note the BLM clenched fist on the sign that appears in this video:

Again, it is completely wrong to draw a distinction between Antifa and BLM. Both are Marxist, Soros-funded domestic terrorist groups that are sponsored by the Democrat Party. Both will ultimately have to be dealt with very violently or this chaos will only continue to grow.

In fact, it’s already escalating again. Emboldened by the fact that the communist Democrats in Oregon refuse to deal effectively with the Portland rioters, Ngo notes that fellow terrorists in Seattle and Chicago are ramping up the violence in those cities now:

None of this is really complicated, folks. We simply must as a society identify who and what these terrorists are with clear eyes and deal with them as we have dealt with radical Islamic terrorists for the last 20 years. If we don’t, then they will win. It really is that simple.

By the way, have you noticed that you have not heard a word about any Islamic terrorist activity in the U.S. since these Antifa/BLM riots got started? Ask yourself why that would be the case. The logical answer is kind of frightening.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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You have an uncanny gage on current events, we are not worthy, sir


Phineas, I hope you are an accurate gage of things to come. We are not worthy, sir.

phineas gage

I don’t care about media denial, this is in fact happening:

phineas gage

The market is nearly back to 28,000, despite months of hysterical media panic porn, and unemployment well into the single digits by election day.

phineas gage

Like Marvel before them, ESPN is about to have an abrupt encounter with reality:,year%20history%20of%20the%20network.

What they will discover is that the woke brigades actually have no intention of watching their network or sporting events, they simply want to ruin it for the traditional audience (particularly white males) and then, in Alinskyite fashion, move on to the next target. ESPN, as well as the NBA and NFL, will be left standing in the smoking ruins wondering what happened.

What happened is the logical result when you think Twitter is reality.

phineas gage

Some brave entrepeneur (Elon Musk?) is going to make a lot of money by founding alternative professional sports leagues to the NBA and NFL. I know it has been tried and it has failed before, but there has never been a moment like this one. Site the franchises in mid-size cities in red America and watch them take off.

MLB is sick, but I think it will eventually recover. The other two are terminal. And likely big-time college basketball and football as well, at least as the billion-dollar industries they have been for the past several decades. Perhaps they will transition back to actual students playing athletics rather than semi-professional mercenaries auditioning for the pros.

That is a whole lot of revenue that will stop flowing into those leagues and universities. That money is going to flow somewhere else. Someone smart is going to realize this.

phineas gage

Seriously, bleep this guy and everyone like him:

And it certainly seems to be a winning strategy:


If it weren’t for cable and satellite subsidies, they’d be gone already. I hate having to pay for channels I never use. Working on streaming services and we’ll probably flip off the satellite
once our contract is up. Hell, we haven’t watched a local channel for that matter in months.
(May be because we get Portland channels?)

phineas gage

It’s all a matter of how long Disney wants to keep hemorrhaging money.

phineas gage

Go to streaming as fast as you can. I cut off all satellite services over six months ago.


When the “progressive utopia” is achieved, the rioters are too stupid and uninformed to understand that all rights will vanish. Likely, so will they.

Screwtape Sent Me A Letter

Just what are the comrade protesting in their golden CPUSA utopian paradises?
Is it because no Jussie is safe in MAGA country at 3AM when it is ten below in the middle of winter?
Foot Locker ran out of Nike Air Colons made in Vietnam for fifteen cents?
The UBI only gets a comrade’s havel and some ramen noodles?
The dispensary still charges for the cannabis?
The liquor store ran out of Four Loko?
Starbucks ran out of heavy whipping cream?
Past “revolutions” at least had some lofty ideals even if they were half baked but this one is just burning and looting.

phineas gage

Many people are going to be shocked at the conversion rate:


A very large and until now silent majority sees all this chaos and destruction and look for one thing above all else: LAW AND ORDER.

The demoncrats offer them none of this. And as the criminality continues to ramp up in blue cities across the country, they will turn against the demoncrats and vote for what is most important to them.

I suspect that even their attempts at election fraud will not be sufficient to stem the flood coming.

phineas gage

We are beginning to gain some clarity:

phineas gage

Mark Dice makes a reasonable claim that although he didn’t invent Brian Stelter, he did promote him from obscurity into derision:


His Stelter takedowns are epic.


There is no difference between BLM and Antifa. They are the same people who own two different T-shirts.

phineas gage

That can be a problem when Mom doesn’t do the laundry soon enough


Islamic terrorists are relieved that the focus is elsewhere at the moment. I’m sure that will likely manifest itself in some kind of attack in the future. At least locally, Detroit hasn’t seen much in the way of riots like Portland Seattle, etc. The Chief here, Jim Craig, doesn’t put up with any crap. The normal Detroit issues (drugs, murders etc) are still prevalent however. The Muslim heavy areas in the suburbs are probably getting the same level of scrutiny from the local FBI field office as before BLM and antifa became household names.

I think after the election, Trump (assuming he wins) will take the gloves off and deal with antifa in much more robust fashion. Once they start getting arrested and charged with some serious jail time, it will slow the roll on a lot of these basement commies. Like what happened with the monuments. After Trump enforced the maximum sentence of 10 years for those crimes, it stopped pretty quickly. You don’t hear about statues coming down any more.

And folks in the burbs just aren’t having it when it comes to antifa. A nice beatdown after antifa picks the wrong neighborhood:


Unfortunately, beatdowns are only the beginning if some mayors and governors don’t start doing their jobs real soon.

phineas gage
phineas gage

Islamic terrorist organizations are in fact in league with Antifa and BLM. It is all the same network with the same goals.

Jumper Bones

Islamic terrorist activity? What Islamic terrorist activity?

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