Trump’s COVID-19 Orders: Now Come the Lawsuits

Now come the lawsuits. – I’m not a big fan of an unbridled president making huge decisions on the budget and other matters unilaterally, but this all began in earnest with Barack Obama and the courts have refused to rein it in. Most recently, compromised Chief Justice John Roberts once again twisted himself into a logical pretzel to side with the communists on the Supreme Court to uphold Obama’s clearly unconstitutional DACA order.

So, what happened on Saturday was fair game.

What happened was that President Donald Trump, after watching Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tank the latest effort to pass a COVID-19 relief bill in congress, simply issued a series of executive orders implementing the basics of the Senate version of the bill himself. In four separate orders, the President extended foreclosure protections, extended an unemployment benefit weekly bonus of $400 – down from the previous $600 per week – suspended payments and interest charges on student loan debt through the end of 2020 and suspended collections of the payroll tax for the final four months of the year for those earning $100,000 or less per year.

As I told host Greg Budell during my weekly Saturday appearance on his morning show on News Talk 93.1 FM in Montgomery, AL yesterday, the immediate Democrat response – after all the wailing and gnashing of teeth we will see all day long today – will be to file a lawsuit before a friendly Obama judge first thing Monday morning seeking an injunction that would prevent the President from being able to enforce these orders. Note, of course, that each and every one of these is designed to help ordinary Americans make their way through our nation’s insane response to the China Virus. And then note that Democrats once again will prove that they do not give a damn about ordinary Americans.

Note also that the suspension of the payroll tax would target lower-and-middle income Americans. You know – that vast “middle class” where most of the voters are that the communist Democrat Party is always giving lip service to wanting to help but never quite managing to follow through on those promises. Funny how that works, huh?

Lunatic Karen reporter Paula Reid already gave up her pre-knowledge of the communist Democrat strategy during her absurd exchange with the President at last night’s press conference. Listen closely:

Hear her statement that she already knows the Democrats plan to challenge the orders in court? Of course they will, albeit through some third party Soros front group like Lawfare.

And here’s the beauty part: In forcing the communist Democrats to file their lawsuits challenging this assistance for ordinary Americans impacted by the national COVID-19 insanity, the President once again baits them into revealing who they really are: Elites who do not care about you.

The other immediate reaction the Democrats had was this:

Thus, the head communist leads the communist Democrat Party’s rollout of its quadrennial tactic of scaring the old folks about social security. The President, of course, made no such statement about “defunding” social security, although he did promise to take a look at eliminating the payroll tax permanently next year.

Sanders will now claim that, because the payroll tax theoretically funds social security, the two things are one and the same. But that’s an outrageous lie, since congress long ago decided to simply roll payroll taxes into the general fund in order to try to mask the annual budget deficit. The payroll tax is just an income tax by another name.

No one – especially not President Trump – is talking about abolishing social security, except for craven communist Democrat politicians who feel the need to lie about literally everything.

And so, here America sits as a country, its constitutional separation of powers completely in tatters; a congress that has gone abjectly non-functional; a court system corrupted by hundreds of Alinskyite Obama appointees; and a Chief Justice who has obviously been personally compromised.

Amid all of this chaos and squalor, the one and only elected official in our federal government who tries every day to look out for the interests of ordinary Americans is the President, Donald J. Trump.

So, now you know why everybody else in Washington, DC hates his guts.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jay Whitcraft

Think of the uproar if they try and stop the EOs. You think people are mad at the Dems now? We are just about close enough to the election for most people to pay attention. If the Dems try it, it will cost them at least another 10 house seats. Jay


Ten seats sounds about right for this Jay. Apart from one NJ congressman changing from (D) to (R) in a GOP leaning district and the Hawaiian Heroine (who wasn’t seeking reelection as she was running for president anyway) only voting for one impeachment article, the Dem House Caucus is remarkably – oh, what is the word? – MONOLITHIC!, just like a certain race according to GO-JO(e) Brains Biden.

Say what you want about Nancy Klink, she keeps her minions under strict control (being pushed by the wacko squad) by controlling all the campaign dollars and suffers few defections.

It is up to the American people to defect from the Democratic Party. Prior to the impeachment vote I pegged the Dems losing fifty seats, with an additional ten every time they do some high profile anti-American stunt.

– 50 seats prior to impeachment; -10 more on the impeachment vote; -10 more on tearing up Trump’s SOTU speech; -10 for their CV-19 pork legislation; -10 for their active support of the riots; – 10 for the Lewis “funeral”; and now – another 10 seats for blocking Trump’s CV-19 relief EOs.

Total net loss: 110 house seats, and 4-5 senate seats, along with massive (several hundred) down ballot defeats. That is what has to happen in order to fix this mess.

Of course, this all presupposes a remotely fair and honest election, and that is a big if.


I saw this tweet on one of the links that were posted here today and it is great:

So, it was ok for Obama to do an EO for the illegal DACA group, but somehow it is not ok for Trump to do EOs to benefit actual Americans?

Trump should just ignore the courts, pardon Flynn, and investigate Roberts and every other ‘judge’ who has obstructed his/our agenda.

They (the judges) are (Roberts actually said as much) every bit as corruptible as politicians or anyone else. Throw in their solid leftist PARTISANSHIP and, well you get the courts and the ‘justice’ we have in 2020 America. Not hard to figure out why things are so intercoursed up.

phineas gage

Nevertheless, a temporary restraining order will be issued by the federal court. guaranteed.

phineas gage

Rasmussen–note the black approval number:

phineas gage

No idea if Cates is on to something, here, but if so wow:


Unfortunately, I too live on the West Coast. Central Cal foothills and our small county is being taken over by the left wingers day by day. The irony: fleeing their crumbling cities and bringing with them the exact group think B.S. that they are running away from.


Thank you sir for the words of encouragement! It does my soul good to know there are other sane people out there in this pitiful world of confusion.


You should try living here in BC… British Commustan The whole of the west coast is…. insane. Moreso in the cities than rural, small town areas. The small tourist town I live in filled up with city people bringing their stupid with them. As a result we are hurt’n badly and I doubt a lot of businesses won’t survive the winter.

Marxist/communism destroys everything it touches.

Its a war


My wife came home and told me there about 10 people at the bottom of the Alsea Bay bridge with BLM signs. I can almost guarantee they’re out of towners trying to make it look like little towns like ours support them. And if they are from here, I can’t wait to ask them some pointed questions.


I 100% agree with you, but I really wonder if we, as a people, have the guts to do what most of us know is the right thing to do. Our founders had the fortitude. But do we? Where are the stand up people? I consider myself as one and a patriot, but feel as though I am on an isolated island. The time is running out.


You are not alone. Be patient. Trust in God. Be prepared. Pray.


I would really like to know when this charade being put on all of us by the main stream media and the democrats will be confronted and put to an end. We will not survive as a nation if this media propaganda continues. The media MUST be the impartial judge and not a mouth piece for one political party in a free society….otherwise, you all know what the outcome will be.


Nov 3 will be when the media begins to get the message. I see multiple lawsuits for fraudulent ‘reporting’ from the always ‘dire’ (Trump caused global warming) hurricanes to all this anti-Trump crap to the defamation of all conservatives and the censoring of same by big tech.

The media will have two choices: Reform yourselves to be “Fair and Balanced” or the Silas’ solution.


The media will start being real when we start hanging them in front of their offices with a sign attached to them saying “Here hangs a traitor to the nation and her citizens.” There needs to be consequences for their behaviour and until it’s meted out they’ll keep lieing and spreading the lies.


Demoncraps aren’t overly smart, mostly under smart. That they can’t see that there was no way they were going to be able to stuff yet another pork filled funding thru isn’t a surprise. Their messaging falls completely apart when they willingly sabotage the bill and Trump EO’s the spending after saying he would do that very thing. Its great…


I think Rush shared with the President a little of the talent on loan from, you know, the Thing.

I have never put a bumper sticker on my car, ever. But a few weeks ago I installed a Trump decal on the rear window of my Highlander, right at eye level, in hopes of influencing some. The decal is clear with white letters, Trump – KAG – 2020, looked pretty clean. I remember joking to myself; this is the Trumper sticker for sophisticated deploreables. Ha! And no key marks yet!

David, thank you for your service as well.


Trump is the Grand Master!

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