Democrats Are Destroying Their Own Cities, and it all Makes Perfect Sense

America’s cities are dying, and no one in the Democrat Party seems to want to do anything to stop it from happening. In fact, it is Democrats who are actively managing the chaos and destruction. Ask yourselves why that is the case.

After all, the big cities represent almost the entire base of power for the Democrat Party. That’s why the county-by-county presidential election maps always look like a sea of red with little blue islands sprinkled onto it.

Election Results in the Third Dimension - Metrocosm

Most of those islands are the counties where the big cities are. The sea of red is where they aren’t. This isn’t complicated.

Yet, right now, as we sit isolated in our homes today thinking about which useless, virtue-signaling mask we will wear when we venture out to the grocery store, Democrat mayors and city councils all over the country are willingly presiding over the complete destruction of their centers of power.

The mass exodus out of New York City that is happening right now under communist Bill de Blasio’s buffoonish leadership has become so severe that it had mass murdering Governor Andrew Cuomo actually begging wealthy people to move back, promising to buy them drinks and dinner if they do:

Mayors like De Blasio, Lori Lightfoot in Chicago and Muriel Bowser in Washington, DC appear bent on completely destroying their cities’ tourism industries, which are the life’s blood for their local economies. All three communist Democrat mayors have now imposed 14 day quarantine requirements against any person entering their cities from a broad list of other U.S. states, as well as other countries. This is madness, plain and simple.

Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Perhaps it isn’t madness at all, but simply a part of the goal of any communist in America, which is to destroy our nation’s institutions and economy in order to render the population destitute, isolated, frightened and needy, and thus far easier to control.

We must all wake up and recognize that today’s “Democrats” are not our father’s or grandfather’s Democrats. We have no doubt all known so many Democrats in our lives who voted for that party’s candidates out of a sense of compassion for the poor and perceived generosity, albeit with other people’s money. Voting for Democrats has been their means of assuaging their own guilt over having so much in their lives.

Anyone who still believes that today’s Democrat Party still has anything even slightly resembling a sense of compassion for the poor in our society is living in some warped, post-apocalyptic version of Fantasy Island. Literally the only thing today’s Democrat politicians care about doing with the poor is to manufacture more of them, whether that be by destroying our own economy or by opening up the borders to anyone who wants to come in and become dependent on our already overwhelmed social safety net.

Do any of you really still believe that San Fran Nan and Chuckie Schumer have tanked the latest stimulus bill because they want more in it for the poor? That’s what the trillion dollar GOP Senate bill is focused on doing.

The stuff the Democrats want to lard into it in fact involves about a trillion dollars to bail out their own poorly-managed states and cities that they have run into the ground over the past half century, giving a gigantic tax break to wealthy people in New York and California, and spending another trillion or so on “Green New Deal” nonsense that will dramatically increase everyone’s power bills, a move that would hit the poorest the hardest.

The irony is that congressional Democrats are trying to bail out the big cities that local Democrat officials are in the process of intentionally destroying. This week, in response to Cuomo’s pleading, the Big Doofus de Blasio told reporters that “New York is for New Yorkers.”

He then went on to say the following (read carefully):

“We must build our policies around working people,” he said. “If the federal government fails us we should immediately return to Albany to the discussion put a tax on wealthy New Yorkers.”

“While everyone else is suffering, you see stock markets rising, the rich getting richer. Wealthy New Yorkers, they can pay a bit more so can get through this crisis,” de Blasio continued.

De Blasio during his press conference also advised New Yorkers against buying a car. “My advice to New Yorkers is don’t buy a car, cars are the past, future is mass transit, biking, hiking,” the mayor said. “Going forward I will never buy a car again.”

“There’s a lot of New Yorkers who are wealthy who are true believers in New York City and will stand and fight with us, and some may be fair-weathered friends, but they will be replaced by others,” the mayor continued.


Will the wealthy who are fleeing the city really be replaced by others, as the Mayor contends? What wealthy person in his or her right mind would move to New York City as it exists today?  What person of means would voluntarily move into a city to pay double the taxes he or she would owe in a neighboring state? What person with an innovative, forward-looking mind would want to live under the yoke of a communist Mayor who wants his citizens to eliminate their own independence and mobility?

Even more to the point: What person of means would want to live in what has become a hell-hole with skyrocketing crime and constant rioting, and which is governed by a communist Mayor and city council that is actively de-funding the police department?

And it’s not just New York City: The very same dynamics are taking place in Democrat-run cities all over the country. We talk about Portland, Chicago, Seattle and Minneapolis a lot, but the exact same things are happening in Democrat-run cities in red states like Texas and Louisiana and Tennessee and Georgia.

It all seems like madness, this effort by Democrats to destroy the cities that serve as their base of power. But, when you accept the reality that today’s Democrat Party is now a violent, radicalized, Alinskyite/communist organization with all the attendant overarching goals that come with it, you realize it isn’t madness at all, but just a necessary piece of the Grand Plan.

Once you accept who today’s Democrats truly are, everything they do makes perfect sense.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Communists dont care about the conditions of the city. You think that Castro or Chavez gave a damn about the deterioration of their capitals, Havana and Caracas? They did nothing to improve them. Democrat/communist mayors are driven mainly by their hatred and resentment of the “bourgeois”, the class that creates private businesses, professions and commerce. DeBlasio and Lightfoot and their ilk couldn’t be happier if NYC became a hellhole of poverty and crime as long as they and their associates retain power and privileges. Funding the city means nothing to him as poverty is taken for granted in Communist regimes. Expect deterioration and escalation of crime, as long as citizens elect such Democrat/communists to office.


Just like in the military, when everyone is a general, no one is a general. When everyone is a “racist”, or everything is “racist”, nothing is “racist”.

When words or phrases are over used, they become cliché, and lose most of their effect. Same with cussing being used for shock value – it ultimately becomes empty words meaning nothing. How many times can De Nero or Madonna, or Arnold or any of the other Hollywierd ‘elites’ say it? If you listen to most of the videos of these “mostly peaceful protesters”, you hear the “F” word in every sentence; sometimes nearly every other word in their rage/discourse. Over the top cursing is a true sign of the ignorant, and only highlights the fact that these spoiled children have never grown up.

What really bothers me are these sanctimonious jerks who are so offended by Trump’s ‘language’. ‘The One’ routinely hosted foul-mouthed rappers at the White (I guess that’s “racist” too) House to entertain them with their ‘music’ with no problem. But as soon as Trump became president, Big Mike all of a sudden gained a newfound sensitivity to foul or ‘offensive’ language.


not only cities..In CA they are destroying the suburbs..they want to eliminate residential zoning and build 10 unit “affordable” housing in its place..should homeowners not fight but pack up and leave ..the reason behind this is is racist to own your own high income property in a zoned area that keeps low income people out..


It’s the demoncrat way.


Actually delow241, I think overall the exodus migration will be a political wash because many people like me are very conservative (I escaped NJ and Northern VA while the getting was good and my property was still worth its true value) and moved to sane states. True, there are going to be some dyed-in-the-wool liberal dingbats who will still vote blue after moving, but the people leaving NY, NJ, IL, and CA etc. at this time are conservatives who can’t take the blue schiff anymore. Many of the well off liberals are being taught a lesson by the left’s (in your face) agenda and Trump has made it unequivocal to anyone with a nickel’s worth of sense; he has exposed the true nature of the Democratic Party. At least I hope my theory is correct.

What will also happen is the blue cities/states will become even bluer and smaller in population, as no one, of any political bent is looking to move to the blue cities/states. And I can see purple states like CO, VA, NC, MI, WI, MN, NM, and even NV becoming red. In Nevada’s case, this mail-in voting fraud effort proves the left is not at all confident that NV will stay blue in 2020, hence the all out effort to “legally” cheat bigly.

I just wish the census would be taken in again in 2022 to reflect the mass out-migration of the blue territories and cost these Dem states congressional representation. In a perfect world, MA, CT, RI, NJ, MD, MI, OH, MN, NV, OR, and HI would lose one congressional seat and NY, PA, IL, and WA would lose two congressional seats with CA losing four or more seats.

I can dream, can’t I?


My theory on this. They are trying to get people to move out and seed some of those red areas with their fellow travelers. Ramping their insanity up to 11 in the cities does not mean the people leaving do not still fully believe in the basics of the democrat party and keep their twisted beliefs when they do leave. Trust me, North Carolina has become “purple” in the past few decades as the yankees have continually infiltrated our state and continued to vote the same way they did in the place they escaped…somehow expecting different results I guess.

Fundamental Transformation

The comrades are easier to control when they come to mommygov with hat in hand asking for assistance.
Power increases as more gov programs to shovel money at decades of failure must be implemented to at least pretend to solve these issues.
Green Nude Eel boondoggles will go up in the wastelands known as democrat strongholds which promises more graft and corruption.
If the CPUSA ever solved anything then they would be out of business.


“Russians don’t take a dump son without a plan”. (another submarine movie)

We need to fill the gaps as best we can to protect liberty.


Insanity makes sense!?!?


If it involves demoncrats, yes it does.

phineas gage

I would add Los Angeles, with Garcetti cutting off water and power to those individuals exercising their First Amendment right of association.

Their Grand Plan has a fatal flaw (well, it actually has many) in that all the rest of the country, that sea of red, has no intention of going along with it.

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