Friday News Roundup: Durham Targets Brennan, Portland Rioters Expand Their Operations

This happened on Thursday:

Now, ok, I get it: Many of you are going to respond with “well, it’s about time! What in the hell has Durham been doing????” Yeah, ok, get it out of your system. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

There, you done? Feel better now?

Ok. Look, in this kind of case, which involves literally dozens of potential targets for prosecution and dozens more potential witnesses who must be vetted, federal prosecutors like Mr. Durham will always – ALWAYS – wait to interview the big fish last.

The reason why is simple: They want to give the smaller fish – like, say, Peter Strzok or Bruce Ohr or Kevin Clinesmith – every opportunity to make a deal and turn state’s witness before they talk to the really big targets like Durham and Comey. This is the natural progression of any such investigation.

So, for better or worse, this is actually great news, a sign that Durham is finally getting to the end of his investigation. Attorney General William Barr has twice promised a “report” from Durham by the “end of summer,” which is September 22. Barr has also indicated that Durham has had at least one grand jury convened, and it is the job of a grand jury to true bill indictments.

Hopefully it isn’t all a Jeff Sessions-like smoke screen, but we will find out either way soon enough.

Stay tuned.

Hey, look: A random act of actual journalism at NPR. – Watch despicable Nancy Pelosi’s reaction as her trusted toady Judy Woodruff goes off-script and actually asks her a semi-tough question:

For a moment there, Woodruff must have remembered that she used to be a journalist. You can be sure she will not make that mistake again when talking to Pelosi.

And now a word from the mindless blithering hacks at Morning Joe. – Watch this clip and marvel as the liberals at Morning Joe twist themselves into racist pretzels in their efforts to serve as apologist for the Democrat Party’s addled nominee, Joe Biden:

You just could never make this stuff up, folks. What you are watching here in real time is the Democrat Party removing its own mask and returning to its Jim Crow past. All for the sake of getting the Bad Orange Man out of the White House. Amazing.

Gosh, Ted, who tipped you off? – Portland’s communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler suddenly woke up on Thursday and realized that the Democrat-funded and sponsored rioters who he has been allowing to run wild in his city are creating b-roll for President Donald Trump to use in his re-election campaign ads. Hey, I wonder what tipped him off?

From a piece at KGW8 TV in Portland:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell spoke about the ongoing violence in Portland during a news conference Thursday.

On Wednesday night, Portland police declared a riot, arrested 8 people and used tear gas after a crowd of a couple hundred people gathered outside the East Precinct. Some people in the crowd tried to set the building on fire while officers and others were inside, the mayor said. Others tried to smash the glass doors of the precinct building and threw large, heavy rocks and other items at officers.

Wheeler said what happened Wednesday night “was intended to cause serious injury or death, and it very well could have.”

“When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people that you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating. You are attempting to commit murder,” Wheeler said.


Oh, you don’t saaaaayyyyy. But it gets better.

From a piece at Willamette Week:

“Don’t think for a moment that, if you are participating in this activity, you are not being a prop for the reelection campaign of Donald Trump,” Wheeler said. “Because you absolutely are. You are creating the B-roll film that will be used in ads nationally to help Donald Trump during his campaign. If you don’t want to be part of that, then don’t show up.”


Ok, so, what did the Democrat-funded and sponsored rioters do in response to their partner’s admonitions? Why, they expanded their operations into a residential district, naturally.

For coverage of that, we must turn to real, actual journalist Andy Ngo, since the hacks in the corrupt corporate news media refuse to do their jobs:

But never fear: The Democrat Antifa/BLM rioters did not abandon their downtown mission:

So, the situation in Portland – which your corrupt news media continues to describe as “mostly peaceful” – is now about to spiral out of control unless the rioters’ Democrat sponsors pull their funding. Maybe this was why President Trump was once again speculating about ramping up federal involvement in that city again yesterday.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Imiagine an coming up to an antifa roadblock with this!


A good article from the Newt…. IMO… Trump should read’n heed…


Demoncraps are preparing for the voter fraud play. Like everyone has been saying all along, these dirtballs will cheat, scam, lie or steal this upcoming election ANY way they can. They’ll try everything…

phineas gage

When you lose Tim Pool….


He’s been close to red pilling many times. it was just a matter of time before he went all the way.
Like all sane, reasoning beings, he has finally reached the conclusion that the demoncrats are out to destroy their cities,states and the country in order to try and bring President Trump down.
They would gladly rule over a land of scorched earth and ashes if means Bad Orange Man gone.

phineas gage

Dems all throwing it into reverse on public schools.

Must have some really bad polling data.


I think Fraudci coming out and saying there’s no need for another lockdown may have helped a little as well. They live by the polls and die by the polls. May their deaths be long and painfull.

phineas gage

I think Bloomberg has bought the VP position with his Billion dollars.


Congratulations Phineas!

Your prize is you get to read Dave’s articles and my, and other’s, comments here for free.

Boy, that will add a lot to the ticket. A virtual unknown, except to us policy wonks, and a totally corrupt one at that – Trump’s campaign will maker her famous just in time for the indictments:) One of my conservative (voting) but not too politically intense friends, thought it was Condoleezza Rice they were talking about being GO-JO(e) Brain Biden’s running mate. During our discussion last night, even I couldn’t remember (Susan) Rice’s fist name off the top of my head.

As I’ve said in the past, I couldn’t care less as to who is anointed to be Figurehead’s VP./caregiver.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it were ‘Dr.” Jill Biden – and I’m not joking the more I think about it. After all, the last three Dem presidents have been ramming the FLOTUS power position (“two Clintons for the price of one”) down our throughs since 1977 when they have been in power. I mean really, who do you think was the real power behind the throne in those administrations: Rosslyn or Mondale? Algore or Walking Eagle? GO-JO(e) Brain Biden (hee hee) or Big Mike? And, she is ‘qualified’ because, and CNN can verify this, she has a cervix; all she needs to do to really qualify is get some real dark make-up.

However, it is a little concerning that there may be quite a few people who know of and like Condoleezza Rice, may actually confuse her with the lying fraudulent Dem hack. Again, whoever they pick, it won’t help because everyone knows who Trump is and getting him reelected is all that matters.

phineas gage

She’s simply the cats paw of the Obama cabal, pure and simple.


‘has nothing to do with V.P. speculation’ yeaaah, riiiight!


This talk re not upsetting the election with prosecuting high level dems is upsetting to me. They started on Trump prior to the election, after the election and ever since…The dems are always saying “No One is Above the Law”…except it seems like HRC and Bill, BHO and Joe are clearly above the laws the rest of us must submit to. Also the rioters seem to not be slowed by the revolving door arrest…


Hey HARPO! Here is another example of systemic RACISM in your beloved Democratic Party:

From commentary on TN talk radio this AM in the aftermath of yesterday’s TN Senate Primary:

Marquita Bradshaw won the TN Dem senate primary. She is an AA activist from Memphis and is very much in the mold of AOC and BHO. Sources said she won with approximately $8,000. from first quarter campaign disclosures; there is no reported record of any second quarter campaign disclosure. She upset the Dem establishment favored candidate.

The Dems realize they have no chance to win a TN senate seat, after the national party spent millions trying to push a prominent and relatively popular former Dem Governor over the top against Marsha Blackburn in 2018. They underfunded their preferred candidate this year; he is white and a military veteran who, as per their playbook, is ‘moderate’ sounding to fool the hicks in flyover country.

Bottom line, the DNC did not spend anything to support an AA radical in a deep red state.

However, In three states they believe they have a chance of winning: NC, KY, and TX, they funded the white “moderate” sounding candidates, and gave nothing to the AA challengers in those respective races according to the the radio hosts. So much for the Democratic Party supporting blacks when it matters – systemic racism anyone? It will be very interesting to see how much money the Dems invest in Bradshaw’s race here in TN.

BYW, The former Ambassador to Japan and Trump endorsed candidate handily defeated (Nashville) outsider and trauma surgeon Manny Sethi 51 – 39 in a very expensive campaign. I hope Trump’s guy is the real deal, but I just don’t know…

And Nashville’s Dem congressman for life, white congressman Jim Cooper (66), who is the brother of Nashville Mayor Cooper (who is working very hard to destroy Nashville), was actually challenged by an AA woman, Keeda Haynes this year – he usually runs unopposed. He even got ‘the One’ to do a commercial for him, so he probably was at least concerned. Obama (who probably couldn’t pick Jim Cooper out of a room prior to the commercial) said Jim Cooper is great, hard working, and is great on all kinds of stuff… – nothing specific, no accomplishments, and certainly nothing on his vote for Obamacare.

Cooper won 57.3 – 39.7, so, in that case, I suppose ‘the One’s’ endorsement didn’t hurt and possibly helped. But the fact remains, there is no way any Democrat can lose this seat in November, so who does Obama endorse?, and who does the DNC support? An old pasty white guy over a young AA candidate – systemic racism indeed Oprah/Harpo, you pandering race-baiting fraudulent hack.

So where is the actual systemic or institutional RACISM? Guess which party owns it!!!


I also hope Rosenstein (he of “jokingly” offered to wear a wire to trap Trump fame) and McCabe also among the “big fish”. Rosenstein signed some of the FISA warrants; he got Trump to get rid of Comey; he (probably BS-ed Sessions to recuse himself) appointed the esteemed Robert S. Mueller III; he oversaw Mueller’s ‘investigation’; he started this and kept it going when it was clear there was no ‘there’ there.

And McCabe was every bit one of the big players in the FBI.

I'd buy that for a dollar

Esteemed party member comrade kommissar Wheeler couldn’t catch a clue if they were falling from the nearest tree.
Maybe SoroSatan has sent a cargo cult plane full of cash and supplies for the poor downtrodden rebel revolutionaries in the people’s republic of Portland.
The hungry edgy rebels will post up from their AT&T accounts on Macbooks while sipping on Starbucks as the czar rolls by in a gold and diamond encrusted chariot just as soon as they check on the trust fund.
Lancy Neposi is almost as brain addled as Gropin’ Joe Biteme but watching NPR would be like being in hell even if just for a few minutes and not worth the laughs.
Will comrade kommissar Brennan be given the questions in Farsi?
He converted to the religion of peace and never voted for any communists.
The bestest and brigtestest in any room always work in government. (not really)


As for the rioters, Wheeler’s got them right in his wheelhouse now. Haha. He just told them their antics are successful as far as they are concerned, what an idiot. He still thinks he’s their friend, what an idiot.


Celebrating the talk about interviewing Brennan? It’s already too late for this election cycle, there’s nothing to celebrate here.


Not sure if theres a celebration of sorts… Everyone pretty much knows that if the demoncrap can steal, cheat the election away from Trump then this all disappears before the night is over on election day.

I’ve been a harsh critic of the Barr/Durham effort for the most part. Its good to know that there is a modest attempt at justice. With a few corrupt politicals getting hauled in and now with johnny b on the block… its encouraging. The caveat tho is that those not already in the docket will walk if Demon get control.

its a war

Robosaurus Rex

It appears the Durham investigation is a bottom to top and at least a 3 to 4 prong operation: Obamagate, Ukraine, Epstein, and possibly Clinton Foundation. Look at all the state level politicians and campaign money handlers that have been arrested for corruption this year alone during Covid. Absolutely staggering. It’s the small indictments that give me the most hope and is a sign of the traditional ramp up to big cases like this. While nothing is sure, the end of the summer for me is after labor day or when the kids go back to school. So late August. This end of summer in this regard coincides with the Democratic National Convention. I believe Barr when he says he’ll not interfer in the election. However, I don’t think this will stop him or Durham from indicting noncandidates and there are a ton of people we’d like to see doing perp walks in this category. IF this happens to be so, people tend to implicate you based on the groups you run with especially when you have spent a long time (51 years) in these circles. The question is not when, the question for Barr might be who will the Democratic candidate in order to avoid “interference”. I would also expect to hear something coming out of Ukraine sometime in September as well, which will be dubbed as foreign interference. There’s a lot going on and it’ll be necessary to keep corrupt politicians off balance and on defense leading up to the election. I know its speculation, but the Democrats’ rantings are really starting to crescendo and this suggests things are not going well behind the scenes.


I bet ol johnny b is sweat’n bullets about now. That communist deserves to be on a hot seat and get the full experience of waiting for the hammer to drop. The great thing about being the last is not only knowing YOU are the target but you have no idea what the investigator knows. Ol johnny b doesn’t know if everyone held their tongue or gave him up… Seeing what Yates is doing to Comey…. I think communist johnny is worried, a lot of silence lately.


Judy Woodruff got the raised hand from Pelosi. That’s her visual cue that you crossed the line. She really is a despicable human being. Accusing your interviewer for being a shill for the other party? Wow…

Portland…what a s_hit show. I’m not familiar with the city, but why haven’t we heard from city residents about how they feel about the constant riots?

Now that antifa is branching out into the suburbs, they are finding out they are’n always welcome. This was a good blog article documenting a Colorado Springs incident. The accompanying article has an hour long video that will get your BP up in now time. Blocking residential streets, ARMED protestors poised to shoot if people try to nose their way through the crowd. There’s a major bloodbath out there, it just hasn’t happened yet.

phineas gage
phineas gage

He may be receiving credible threats, or they have intelligence to that effect:

I’ve been expecting this, particularly as Leftist hopes are dwindling. Desperation is all they’ve got left.


They’ve been greenlighting their fringe since he was elected. It was just a matter of time before
one or two credible threats were picked up.

phineas gage

The Dems are increasingly trapped under the crushing weight of disbelief:

They can sell it somewhere else–Americans aren’t buying.

phineas gage

And this shows the problem the Dems have–they can’t put the anarchists back into the bottle.

They’ll stay contained in the blue cities, but the carnage will go on daily until the election. The media may try to cover, but the truth of it will and is leaking out to the public. The Trump campaign ads will just drive the point home with the force of a sledgehammer.


I fully expect most blue city antifa activity will subside as the motivation and money will dry up,

Portland on the other hand will continue to ramp up. As I have said before it’s ground zero for their movement. They are by now probably self funding for the most part, drawing support from
other cells outside of the state. That’s right I said cells. It’s how revolutionists work. Especially marxist/socialist revolutionarys. And that support is not just money, but manpower as well. i would venture to say at least 30 to 40 percent of it at least.

And as I also said, they would soon move out to the city proper and they have. Not sure where the woman who they are harassing lives, but the 3rd precinct is on SE Burnside and 47th street. That’s about 2-2 1/2 miles from the downtown area.

As for why Portlanders have not gotten more vocal and active in rejecting antifa, the main reason is they just don’t want to get involved. The nice thing about Portland used to be it’s laid back live and let live attitude. It’s that attittude that bred antifa. And the sad thing is, while there is a portion of the population that would push back, the police won’t be there to help them when the mob comes for them.

Local and state police do not have the manpower to put antifa pdx down. it will require blunt, brute force on a much larger scale. And that’s what they’re hoping for. But as I have also said, they’re going to find out real fast that you don’t respawn after a bullet kills you as you would in a video game.


Phineas, do you believe the riots will stop after the election?

phineas gage

Yes, as I stated yesterday I think all the momentum and energy will dissipate in the wake of a Trump victory. I think most of the board disagrees with me.

Silas, who knows whereof he speaks, makes a convincing case that the violence in Portland will continue regardless.


Mayor idiot Wheeler used his storm troopers to tear gas peace full… of sheet protesters…What an outrage..Remove and prosecute him immediately

phineas gage

‘I wonder what tipped him off?’

I would imagine he received a Godfather phone call from the DNC

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