Cuomo Moves to Open Schools and Other Great News for Trump

So much good news on this Friday it’s hard to know where to begin. 

Let’s start with the jobs report from the Labor Department today. The Trump economy continues to refuse to cooperate with the “experts” surveyed by the corrupt news media, who had projected the economy would add 1.4 million new jobs during July. The actual number came in at 1.8 million, led by the Leisure and Hospitality sector with 592k jobs, Retail Trade (+258k jobs) and professional and business services (+170k jobs).

The only business sector tracked by DOL to lose jobs was the Mining sector, which includes the oil and gas industry. That sector shed another 7,000 jobs, which is not surprising given the havoc that has been wrought in that part of our economy.

The unemployment rate fell to 10.2 percent vs. the “expert” projection that it would only drop to 10.5 percent. We obviously need to find some new “experts.”

Next, you have San Fran Nan, Chuckie Schumer and the depraved congressional Democrats continuing to stonewall on getting another stimulus bill done. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin rejected a “compromise” offered by Pelosi today that would have allowed her to add in a trillion dollars of Democrat wish list junk – mostly “Green New Deal” porkbarrel stupidity – to the trillion dollar bill that the Senate Republicans are ready to approve.

This sets the stage for President Donald Trump to save the day for millions of unemployed workers and small business owners by issuing executive orders addressing unemployment reform, prohibiting the IRS from collecting the payroll tax and extending eviction protections that expired at the end of July.

With the stimulus negotiations now shut down through at least the weekend, this is a prime chance for the President to execute these orders to deny the Democrats receiving any credit from Americans suffering under the insane grip of their party’s governors around the country.

Biden’s gonna pick Susan Rice. The day just keeps getting better and better, according to a piece at the Wall Street Journal:

Susan Rice, believed to be a top contender to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate, has sold a significant proportion of the Netflix Inc. shares she has acquired since becoming a company director in May 2018.

The former national security adviser and United Nations ambassador for President Obama exercised roughly a quarter of the more than 5,200 options she held as of this week, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing dated Thursday.

Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is expected to announce his running mate next week. Ms. Rice is viewed as a strong contender because she worked closely with him when he was vice president and he is known to value personal relationships.

Please, oh, please, please, please let this be so. Rice has the gravitas of a spoiled nectarine and the only reason for choosing her would be to prevent her from being indicted by John Durham prior to Election Day. The hilarious thing for Biden is that the Obama cabal may just be forcing him to make this move in order to protect their interests.


The talking points, they are a-changin’ for the communist Democrats. Both Andrew Cuomo and Chuckie Schumer suddenly reversed course today after months of pushing the narrative that it was just too darn dangerous to open schools this fall.

Remember the first rule of understanding how Democrats work: Everything they do or say is dictated by polls. For several weeks now, they have felt comfortable that their campaign to keep the economy and schools shut down for as long as possible was not harming them in the polls. Today’s sudden shift in talking points on those subjects indicates they have received new polling data showing the public is waking up to their game and does not approve.

They also see their efforts to keep the economy in depression failing with today’s news on employment and the other positive economic indicators that have the NASDAQ setting new record highs on almost a daily basis. So now they suddenly have Pelosi offering to trim her ludicrous 3.4 trillion dollar wish list down to 2 trillion in one fell swoop so that they might sucker Mnuchin and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows into a bad deal that would allow them to take partial credit for any positive results.

Be glad Mnuchin and Meadows didn’t take the bait.

The tide is turning, folks. Have a great weekend.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Jay Whitcraft

I have a question. Once Biden is nominated, can they take it away from him? I think everyone may have forgot something. This is Joe Biden’s 3rd (and he knows his last) run for the presidency. He might be getting senile, but he knows that this is as close as he has ever been. Others may disagree, I just don’t see him (or especially his wife) giving this up willingly. Any thoughts? Jay.


I agree Jay.

The establishment could probably get Joe to ‘retire’ if they were just dealing with him, but dealing with ‘Dr.’ Jill (Hillary with their delusions of grandeur) Biden might be problematic. Just like with RBG, Klink, and all the other superannuated octogenarians and septuagenarians, (RINOs included) they won’t leave until their stinking rotting corpse is carried out of the White House, the SC, and the congressional chambers.

These power mad creatures are a sad legacy to FDR’s Democratic Party who also had to carried out of office as he refused to leave gracefully once his expiration date was reached. Woodrow Wilson and his ‘wife’, the first female president, set that president. The only reason Elenore Roosevelt couldn’t pull off a Wilson is because FDR was with his mistress Lucy/Monica Mercer in GA when he assumed room temperature, Otherwise, I believe FDR would have been kept on ice, so to speak, and sequestered in the White House residence just like the vegetable Wilson was.

These arrogant elitist egotists just won’t go away. Jill is just a slightly less grating version of Walking Eagle with the same illusions of self importance and grandeur. She really thinks very highly of herself. She should be arrested for elder abuse.


I still don’t understand how just because you are running for president or vice president, you are somehow immune from certain prosecutions; how do candidates qualify for a “Get out (or stay out) of jail free card” When did that law get passed?

Oh right, I forgot, Lord Comey passed it using the unwritten super-secret probation clause in the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Amerika for Walking Eagle and now it is a precedent, one might even call it a tradition. Of course, having a (D) after your name helps and makes all things possible


What a ticket: Biden/Rice.

A career political hack from a very small very blue state who managed to win six congressional district sized senate elections, a stone’s throw from DC (AMTRACK Joe) and a little known career bureaucrat embroiled in Obamagate form DC! What a geographical balance!

This is their “A” team folks.

If this were the world series it would be the Orioles vs. the Nationals. Regionally interesting but for the rest of the country, who would care?

President Trump’s team would be the WS champs and the B/R team would be the current Orioles – probably the worst team in baseball. Or the B/R ticket could also be the Washington “Football Team” – last I heard, that is actually their new name – an equally miserable football team.

Regarding Biden’s ‘career’: I’m reminded of the line from the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” Wilson’s greatest legislative accomplishment during his twelve years in congress was that he managed to get reelected five times. Same goes for GO-JO(e) Brain Biden.


How is Tara Reade doing these days? Is she still at 98.6 Deg. F?

And where is Hunter? Is he at some resort in Sevastopol in the Crimea on the Black Sea hiding from Durham and ‘working’ for the Ukraine based Barisma oil and gas company?

Since Joe apparently isn’t going to Milwaukee to accept the nomination (CV-19 concerns, don’t you know), will Hunter show up to accept Joe’s presidential politics participation trophy? Maybe they can have Rice shine it for them…

Just wondering as Inquiring minds want to know.


Scott Adams had an interesting theory if the choice was Rice, who most of us probably see as a political inferior and less potentially presidential than Harris (although both are detestable hacks).
When the Dims decide to dump Joe, Harris would be the presidential nominee.
Who knows?

Michael Falotico

As DB says, the tide is turning. I hope so because Biden is clearly demented and dementia and nukes don’t mix. It’s not only about the complete nuclear destruction of the USA; with Biden’s senile finger on the nuke button that’s the end of England and Brazil and Japan and Australia and . . . everywhere. Dementia Biden and nukes are a nightmare. But these crazy polls! One poll shows Trump ahead in the big swing states and another poll (Fox News) has Trump at a ridiculous 39% to Biden’s 50% nationwide. (39% is ridiculous: Even McGovern got more than that and McGovern in 1972 was not the incumbent president. So President Trump is certainly doing better right now than 39% nationwide despite the Fox poll.)


Polls are worthless at this point in the game. The best poll is voter enthusiasm. It has been chronicled here about some our fellow travelers observations while driving around. Lots of Trump signs, flags and people waving them. I did see a Biden rally along US 101 in Newport, Oregon on my way to work Wednesday. An astounding number! Three people: one waving, one holding a Biden 2020 sign and a third holding a hand made BLM Abolish ICE sign. Boy was I duly impressed.


Well at least they weren’t violating social distancing. Were they wearing masks?

Also, Silas, were they asking for directions to Portland? Maybe their cell phones died or the GPS app crapped out and they don’t know how to read a two dimensional map.

This just occurred to me. Rather than seeing images of some brave woman getting beaten up or assaulted by these thugs, some of our folks should get some Biden campaign stuff and mingle with the “mostly peaceful protesters”. They should be packing in case something happens and of course wear full face covering and other camouflage.

It would be the ultimate truth in advertising in that these are all Biden/Dem supporters.


Beyond that, they are in truth not Biden supporters. They are marxist/socilaist revolutionaries hell bent on subjucating the rest of us for their masters. Afterwhich, like all such revolutions their usefullness being gone they will be the first to be eliminated. It’s what socialists/marxists do.


Silas, They may not be Biden ‘supporters’ per se, but Biden and all Democrats are the vessels that facilitate their agenda and are making it happen.

About how the “mostly peaceful protesters” will be eliminated when the great leap forward is achieved – the same goes for all the media a$$holes too, from the lowliest street reporter all the way up to the heads of the traditional and social media propaganda complex. It would almost be worth having a collapse just to see these boobs get their just deserts.

I can and do live very frugally and can survive using my skills almost anywhere; the SJW snowflakes can’t and will suffer accordingly.,


And they will cry out “But why?! We did waht you told us to do!”and the answer will be: “Because you betrayed your country, we can not take the chance you won’t betray the cause.” BANG!


You Sir are a most deviously minded person.I salute you! It is the best psyops idea I have ever seen.


Dirty…. but effective…

Maybe showing up with a trunk full of signs and hand them out to the antifa zombies… Make the signs basement biden/bernie signs…


🙂 Thanks Silas, Just remembering an old LBJ trick. 🙂


Rice will get a plum cabinet spot offer. The ticket will be Hillary/Bloomberg and his Billion dollars.

phineas gage

How is that going to happen when the convention is mere weeks away?

Why would the Obama people allow Hillary back in?

phineas gage

Shipwrecked Crew at Red State speculates that one reason for picking Rice is that it will make it easier for Dems to scream political bias when Barr and Durham reveal the report and indictments relatively close to election day.

Maybe. I think she’s just the Obama hand.


Every ventriloquist dummy has a hand operating it. Slow Joe is no different.

phineas gage

‘spoiled nectarine’–hey, that’s why I read the Update.

No other site provides such writing along with the political analysis.


I am assuming it wasn’t rancid. 😛


Dave’s scintallating wit and excellent sense of the politcal flow is why I started reading his posts everyday. Then found out a lot of fellow travelers were hanging out as well and have made it my literal first stop of the day.

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