Thursday News Roundup: Biden Goes Berserk, Portland Riots Mount, de Blasio Goes Full-on Nazi

Here is an angry old white man exercising his white privilege and verbally assaulting a Black reporter who is just trying to do his job. – That’s how the corrupt hacks at CNN and the New York Times would describe the video below if it involved a Republican.

But hey, it’s Joe Biden, so the only thing that gets reported out of this incident is that Biden was trying to “clarify” the fact that he has not ever taken a cognitive test despite his claim a couple of weeks back that he is “tested all the time.”

Here’s the clip:

You could never make this stuff up, folks.

Oh, but it gets better. – Here is the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee explaining how he would deal with China if he wins the election:

If that doesn’t give you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, nothing will.

This is happening in Australia. Not Russia. Not China. Not Venezuela. Australia. – It will eventually happen in the United States if we, the people don’t make this madness stop. Watch this video featuring Katie Hopkins and realize that this is nothing more than the logical conclusion of where Democrat governors – an a few Republicans, too  – want to take us:

An entire major city, locked in their homes, unable to travel more than 5 km, unable to go to the grocery store with anyone else including their children, all schools and child care centers closed, all non-essential businesses closed, everything shut down for six solid weeks due to the deaths of 7 elderly patients, all of whom were over the age of 70 and some of whom probably did not die to to COVID-19.

If you think this cannot happen in America, you just have not been paying close enough attention to what has already been happening.

For example, here is what communist Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti is now doing in Los Angeles with the full approval of communist Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom:

But it gets even worse in New York City. – Andrew Cuomo, the ghoul Governor of New York who is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers in the state’s nursing homes, has been bragging for weeks now about how the worst of the viral gift from China is over for his state.

Ok, fine. But if that’s the case, why is the Big Doofus, New York City’s communist Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, implementing Nazi-style check points at which his cops are wasting their time checking the papers of everyone entering and exiting the city?

From a report at NBC4 New York:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said New York City would start implementing checkpoints across the five boroughs to help enforce Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s quarantine order for travelers from viral hotspots, citing the ongoing national COVID threat.

The measure announced Wednesday is the first significant effort by New York City specifically to help enforce the 14-day quarantine for travelers from 34 states and Puerto Rico. In revealing it, de Blasio said the state was “absolutely right” to impose the travel restriction in the first place. Cuomo announced it in late June.

The governor has said the quarantine itself is imperfect and Mayor de Blasio admitted New York City’s new enforcement plan has some caveats as well. But the idea, the mayor said, is to send a strong message to people coming in.

“The checkpoints are going to send a very powerful message that this quarantine is serious. Even if we can’t reach every single person I think it’ll get the message across,” de Blasio said. “We don’t want to penalize people. We want to educate them, make sure they’re following the rules.


Thus, the descendants of thousands of Holocaust survivors who still live in New York City are getting a real-life taste of the kinds of crackdowns their ancestors experienced. Right here in America, where their descendants fled after the War.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the “peaceful protesters” continued their efforts to destroy Portland. – Hey, at least the police are now being allowed to use tear gas. In Democrat-run cities in America today, that is what we call “progress.”

The intrepid real journalist Andy Ngo is as always on the ground getting the truth out while the corrupt corporate media continues to lie about it. As usual, the riots were still ongoing as I began to compile this piece at 5:30 CT. Here are some highlights of the hijinks and shenanigans these “peaceful” kids were engaged in:

Hey, at least they’re attacking a local police precinct instead of the federal courthouse now.

So, you might be wondering how the leadership of communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler and his fellow communist Democrats on the city council is working out for the people of the city in terms of violent crime. Well, Mr. Ngo is on top of that, too.

Check this out:

So, just like New York City; just like Chicago; just like Minneapolis; just like Seattle. All Democrat cities run by communist Democrat Mayors and city councils dominated by communist Democrats.

There’s a pattern here, folks, and it isn’t hard to detect. Well, unless you’re a Democrat or a corrupt reporter, that is.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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“Tell Antifa I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”

Excellent play on ‘the One’s’ words to the Russian ‘president’ Medvedev on the hot mic. Jay!

That alone should have disqualified him for being a “Russian Agent” and Putin’s butt-boy.

Just doing what they always do when they don’t get their way – Projection, Projection – Projection.

Jay Whitcraft

I almost agree with phineas on the point about the riots largely ending if Trump wins re-election, which I see a pretty big landslide building. If the win is big enough, they will certainly be deflated for some time. Most will quickly realize that President Trump will use force to stop them without political consequences because he can’t run again. “Tell Antifa I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” Jay.

Honk Goes the Horn

Junkie dog faced pony soldiers, Oh My! Comrade kommissar DeBlasio is a liberation theology RAT.
That is where the working classes get liberated from the fruits of their labor and the takers have a religious zeal about it.
Naw, just kidding as it is communism with a organized religion face or is that the same thing.
Ahaha! Clown Honks and squirting flower top shirt buttons for all comrades of the glorious people’s collective. Yes we can!

phineas gage

I thought that Assange might be the missing piece of the puzzle.

It’s pretty clear that Rich downloaded the emails onto a flash and leaked it to Assange.


I’m no hifalootin computer wiz, but even I know there’s no way that at the time the data was downloaded at the speed it was doenloaded at that the internt could support it.
A thumb drive maybe, cd rom maybe.

Then add to that the DNC refusing to hand over the server to the FBI? And I suspect it wasn’t only because there was no hack by Russians or any other foreign national, but because there was a lot of dirty shit they didn’t want the FBI to have access to

phineas gage
phineas gage

I’d like to be a fly on the wall for this interview:

Although in reality he’s lawyered up to the hilt and won’t say anything–unless they have struck a deal to turn the old communist.


He’s a tricky bastard and as dirty as they come. I suspect he’ll try to get Durham to tip his hand rather than answer any direct questions. I’m sure he”ll have his lawyer(s) sitting next to him the whole time.


David, I stumbled across your site several months ago, and just wanted to thank you for your insight and commentary. You are one of my “daily commutes to the truth”. I created a website many years ago as a tribute to a fast attack submarine I served aboard during the cold war. I kept it completely a-political until early May of this year, when I figured out that this virus thing was a lot more dangerous than it at first appeared. Now I post links on the 1st page of the site to try and share good articles I run across. Several of yours are linked there.

I really enjoy your analysis and feel like I have come to know most of your “little duckling” respondents. I have been a silent one for some time.


On behalf of the “little ducklings” here, welcome aboard Stuartswede!

If I do say so myself, we are a pretty smart group. I was a carrier sailor myself during the eighties and a reservist for another ten years. Thanks for your service.

How about posting your link in your next comment?


Hi Gregg,
My site was clandestinely inserted in my original reply above as, although it does not appear to be clickable.

phineas gage

They are just going to keep ramping the lies up to keep the women in a state of hysterical panic:

phineas gage

Nothing to see here:

That ought to help with the black vote.

Ben Colder

It is coming we will have to attend re education camps before all this is over.Civil war is on the way and when that happens you can bet your sweet bippy china or Russia or both will step in and take over .That is what is going on as I see it .I feel very sorry for my Grand kids.


I won’t be attending anything or learning anything new, period. Civil War is possible, and I’ve pondered here before on what the scenarios would be, mostly centering around outcomes to the election, and the left’s potential responses. A foreign invader is unlikely. Supposing China could defeat our pacific fleet, they might take portions of the West coast. After that, there’s a rifle behind every blade of grass.


If Joe Figurehead wins, there probably will be a CW, and then a possible intervention by China. There won’t be a need for an actual invasion, as Figurehead’s handlers, or VP will peacefully surrender our sovereignty to the UN/China/NWO/Globalist Cabal. Then us conservative survivors will be concentrated…

When President Trump wins reelection, a CW may well also happen, but it will be brief and the radicals will be soundly beaten and jailed etc.. The military will be perfectly capable of protecting our country (our “allies” security may be a another story), and any Asian country will be smashed if they were to attempt an overt act upon the US.

China was embroiled in a civil war with a dying leadership (dynasty) being overthrown in the twenties and the thirties, and Japan saw an opportunity for a cheap victory. It embroiled them in an unwinnable quagmire which lasted for eight to fourteen years (depending on which starting point you want to use). It was their Vietnam and led to their total defeat.

When Trump wins, America will be defended and it will be victorious; if any Dem wins, well, let’s just say, the issue of American sovereignty will be in doubt.


Spare the buckshot,
Spoil the commie.


I really hope Biden is their candidate right through to Nov.3 because anyone else would be better and improve their chances,

Go Jo Go! Run Biden Run! And I don’t give a rip who the DNC ‘picks’ as his VP.

Joe is the gift that keeps on giving to the Trump campaign.

phineas gage

Here in Georgia I’m not the biggest fan of Kelly Loeffler, but she is showing some spine in fighting the Left:

Also, I’m somewhat wary of Doug Collins since he takes big money from Google and the other social media giants. You have to believe that they expect something for their money.


Watched the Ingraham-Loeffler clip. She is in a conservative/red state how could she not say what she said to Laura? She is an attractive candidate and speaks well, but I’ve not seen any political courage on her part.

I am having a similar conundrum in TN’s senate primary race which is being held today. Our race for the thankfully retiring Lament Alexander’s (RINO old fart – 80) TN senate seat is between Bill Hagerty (former amb. to Japan) who has had Trump’s endorsement since last year, and second generation Indian trauma surgeon Manny Sethi. Sethi is a true outsider who has never held political office; neither has Hagerty, so neither has a legislative record. The race is one of the most hotly contested in the country and until about three weeks ago, was clean. Since then it has turned nasty.

My conservative friends are all in for the outsider Dr. Sethi. Hagerty has given to Algore, is or was, closely associated with Romney, and apparently/reportedly made bucks off common core. Dr. Sethi is being accused of being “Massachusetts Manny” supposedly pushing for Obamacare to be expanded, for gun control to be taught in schools, and gave money to a PAC to help Nancy Klink get Dems elected to the house in 2018.

Hagerty, supposedly leading in the polls in a close race, refused to have a debate with Sethi just like Biden. I’m not saying Hagerty has GO-JO for brains, but he does seem to be a little too polished. For example, there is a commercial of him in jeans with a rifle slung over his shoulder of a pressed shirt walking past a barn… Trying to fool us hicks? Remember Lurch in camo saying “Can I git me a huntin’ license here?” in 2004.

The only thing that makes me want Hagerty is the Trump endorsement, but (and it is my only criticism of the president) so many of his picks have turned out to be, to put it nicely, DUDS.

Anyway, I’m going with Dr. Manny Sethi, mainly because we need as many non-lawyer working professional outsiders as possible in DC.

Regarding Loeffler vs. Collins: Here is all I know judging from the outside:

1) Congressman Collins was/is an actual and outspoken supporter of Trump in hearings.

2) He was the favorite of conservatives for Gov Kemp to appoint; Loeffler was not and conservatives were quite disappointed with Kemp choosing Loffler

3) Loeffler’s hubby is a big wheel at Wall Street and the ‘family’ made a killing (insider trading investigation?) by selling stock just before the market crashed AFTER she was briefed about CV-19. It may be ‘legal’ but it is also really questionable. Didn’t another senator (Burr?) resign as co-chair of the senate Intel committee for doing essentially the same thing?

4) Now that she is in a real political fight she is showing ‘spine’… How many politicians show incredible ‘spine’ in the weeks/months prior to their contested election(s)? Just sayin’

phineas gage

Yes, that is the predominant interpretation of Loeffler’s behavior. She is also pro-abort.

However, I’d still like to get an explanation on why Collins is taking big social media money and there hasn’t been one forthcoming. Tucker Carlson did a piece on this.

phineas gage

For some reason I’m reminded of Tyson-Spinks:


Phineas, you are correct. But, if President Trump wins, it gets even worse. From Portland to all of the other democrat run cities and states, there will be no rest from the riots. I happen to believe we have reached Tik Toc’s flipping point. Once the results come in that President Trump has won re-election, President Trump will have no choice but to send in the NG and put down riots quickly and restore law and order. May even see some arrests of mayors and governors for dereliction of duty. I know that is a military term, but mayors and governors are responsible for upholding the peace and protecting their citizen which they have been sorely lacking.


Or he could just let them fail, which will in turn help properly-run states and cities take over as the centers of our economy. NYC/LA/Portland/Seattle can become Detroit. Or in NYC’s case, it can return to the glory days when nobody in their right mind wanted to live or visit there.

phineas gage

I know I am in a distinct minority here, probably of one, but I actually think the opposite will happen. A Trump re-election will deflate the Left like letting go of a balloon that has just been blown up. It will careen about for a while making a sad party favor sound as it diminishes and falls to the floor.

Bad Bart

I wish I shared your optimism, but I get the feeling that the whole Biden thing is a giant head fake.

Worst case scenario: the Marxist Dems will conspire with the CCP to hit us with an EMP either just before or just after the election to forever obscure the true outcome.

They’ll simply declare a popular vote victory, denounce the “obsolete” Electoral College, and invite the Blue Helmets in to restore order and remove the “illegitimate” Trump from the White House. Hildabeast to the rescue. See ya ’round the gulag, comrades.

That dark enough for you?


In most cities that might be so. Portland will go, as I have said previously, nuclear apeshit. The little nazi wannabes have been going at it for over two months now and thanks to feckless appeaser Wheeler, they now have assumed control of a major portion of downtown Portland and have moved out of the city core.

Nothing short of some serious head busting and possibly some gun shot wounds or deaths is going to quell the little bastards mission to destroy the city and terrorize it’s citizens into submission.


Phineas, some of these rabid animals are going to have to be violently put down; these lasers are weapons that cause permanent damage. The more martyrs the better.

The organizers and funders of these groups have to be prosecuted and jailed with all their assets forfeited.

Fraudulent vote operations, e.g., Dem controlled polling places need the same treatment.

The NEA union, all state and local teacher’s unions and the Dept. of Ed. need to be busted up.

The media and their bosses must be sued into bankruptcy.

If these, and other things are not done in the next Trump Administration, Tick Tock’s reality will be done to us in the very next Democratic Administration.

phineas gage

Nothing stops until the election, it only gets worse.

It is all about mail-in voting now and absolutely nothing else. The nominee is irrelevant.


Mail-in and ballot harvesting… what could possibly go wrong…

If the feckless GOP doesn’t put a stop to this… there WILL be trouble and they’ll be held accountable along with the communists.

Tick Tock

From a different perspective than most, I may be beginning to see why Lennin, Stalin and Mao had to imprison millions of their own Citizens. Do you think anything short of a Prison Camp would solve these issues for either the short or long term? It may be the only rational thing to do with these individuals that clearly have become more animal than human in large numbers.


Prison camps won’t sort these people. They are no use to themselves or the country.


I understand how you got to your analogy – however I would not go down that path. We need a few things to happen and this will start to improve.

1. They key to everything is this – stop electing Dems to any office, replace them with people who are not marxist sympathizers. They don’t have to be republicans, but they need to follow the constitution.
2. Let police do their job, and replace prosecutors who won’t do theirs. If enough of these antifa soy militia types get arrested AND do some jail time, they will go back to making/sharing videos online.
3. We, the silent majority need to start making our voices heard. I am guilty of not do this. More of us need to push back however we can when local leaders start getting high on their power.

It will take some time. The alternative is more chaos.

phineas gage

Not sure if that is a serious comment, but if it is you might want to reassess.

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