Wednesday News Roundup: A False Beirut Explosion Narrative and the Portland Riots Explode Again

And so the false narrative forms around the Beirut explosion. – The official government narrative out of Lebanon about the horrific series of hundreds of smaller explosions followed by at least one, and possibly two massive blasts at the shipping port of Beirut on Tuesday.

As I noted yesterday, the Al Arabiya news service reported that the explosions took place at a warehouse that was a known weapons depot for the Hezbollah terrorist group that dominates Lebanon’s government. President Trump stated at his press conference late Tuesday evening that his generals had told him they believed it was an “attack” on Beirut, but did not elaborate.

But this morning we wake up to the following official narrative put out by the Hezbollah-dominated Lebanese government:

  • Beirut awoke to scenes of devastation this morning, following two huge explosions in its port which sent a blast wave across the city, killing at least 100 people and injuring nearly 4,000.
  • Lebanese prime minister Hassan Diab appealed to all countries and friends of Lebanon to extend help to the nation, saying: “We are witnessing a real catastrophe.” He earlier said the cause of the explosion was 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a common industrial chemical used in fertiliser and as a component in mining explosives. Diab declared a national day of mourning for the victims of the explosion, and promised accountability.


Ok, so, we are to believe it was all caused by ammonium nitrate, the same element commonly used in fertilizers that was the source of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1994 and the horrible 2013 blast that leveled the city of West, Texas.

But there’s a big hole in that narrative: While improperly stored ammonium nitrate could indeed explain the enormous explosion(s) at the end of the clip below, it does not at all account for the hundreds of smaller explosions and massive fire that preceded that explosion.

Were those smaller explosions caused by fireworks, as early rumors contended? Or were they caused by exploding munitions? One thing is certain: They were not caused by ammonium nitrate.

The official government/media narrative, as usual, is false. Corrupt politicians and news media are not confined to the United States.

Who is the singled dimmest bulb in the United States Senate? – The badge for that honor might just have to go to Hawaii’s disgraceful senator, Mazie Hirono, who embarrasses herself and her state each and every time she opens her incredibly stupid mouth.

The Senator really outdid herself at yesterday’s hearing on domestic terrorism held by the Subcommittee on the Constitution, which is chaired by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Watch below as she embarrasses herself and then is further embarrassed by Cruz as she storms out of the hearing:

This is who you are voting for, Democrats. A pox on all your houses for doing so.

The Portland riots are escalating again. – After a few nights during which the Antifa/BLM rioters tapered down their activities to help support the media/Democrat narrative that all the violence was the fault of federal law enforcement officers, the violence exploded on the streets again.

As usual, the one and only reason why we know all of this is thanks to intrepid real journalist Andy Ngo, who flew across the country to testify in Ted Cruz’s hearing on domestic terrorism during the day, and then flew all the way back to Portland to capture the truth.

Here is some of the action from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning – the action was still ongoing as I compiled this piece at 5:30 a.m. Central Time.:

And, for those who may be buying the media/Democrat lies that the disruptive actions of the rioters are isolated to “just a few blocks downtown,” there’s this:

The simple truth here is that communist Democrat Governor Kate Brown and communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler are still hamstringing the ability of state and local law enforcement to use all the tools at their disposal to effectively put down these domestic terrorists. Which is not surprising given that these domestic terrorists are in fact aided and abetted by the Democrat Party.

These riots have now gone on uninterrupted for more than 70 consecutive days and nights. Because they are organized and funded by Democrats, they will not end until they are put down, or until the Democrats see polling data that indicates they are harming their election chances.

Yes, it’s despicable; yes, it’s depraved; yes, it is disgraceful, demented and disgusting. But hey, these are Democrats we’re talking about here. You expected something else?

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Creepy uncle Joe just gave he Trump campaign another gift. He just keeps on giving like the Energizer Bunny.


C’mon man… Its a bunny, you know they don’t peel bananas from the bottom up. If you can’t tell the difference between nutella and a popcorn or.. or.. a cornpop then I don’t know what to tell ya.

Hi I’m joe, joe bidens husband… c’mon man vote for me.

phineas gage

So Comey is the designated fall guy:

Hopefully this means he is singing to implicate Obama. Why should he take the federal prison rap to cover for The One?

The more they all turn on each other, the better.


He was always going to be. Question is, will he stand on his much twittered prinicples or will he rat out the rest? That’s if he doesn’t suddenly become ill and die or suffer some other “unfortunate” demise before he can be deposed and offered a deal.


Let them burn Portland to the ground. Not one patriotic American life should be put in harm’s way to deal with the children raging on a temper tantrum.


Unfortunately, it’s going to happen. If not Portland, in some other blue infested city. But I fear my once beloved Portland will be the first. The breaking point is coming fast and the genie can no longer be talked back into the borttle. The demoncrats will own this one whether they want to or not and no matyyer how much their propaganda media tries to spin it. They can’t spin and censor the internet completely. Yet.


Regarding what happened in Beirut. Israel is cleaning house. They are getting ready to slap Iran down and thus they need all the other players in the region sufficiently subdued to the point they can’t co-ordinate a mass retaliation from multiple fronts. Nothing else makes sense, since these
munitions have been stored there for “years” if you buy the official line.

Go back and look at every recent incident in the area and realise it’s all been cooridnated from the beginning. The Israelis aren’t waiting for anybody else to take care of it, they can’t afford to.

phineas gage

Right, they are hedging against a Biden election. As you say, they have to.

Liberty Writer

Trying to get this video site to paste: This is taped many years ago. The speaker is Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov. How Communism works to achieve Global control.


Unfortunately we can’t embed videos. A pasted link will work, as you have discovered. Welcome
fellow traveler!

Liberty Writer

How to Brainwash a Nation.

Liberty Writer

Bringing the USA to this present state of civic destruction and Communist control has been a work generations long. Here are two works that talk about this generations long process of a Communist takeover of the USA.

The works of Diana West. Here is a video.

American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation
Recorded around circa 1980.
Bezmenov called for defeating the Soviet Union, which happened in the 1980s. Worldwide Globalism/Communism then reinvented the movement and charged ahead following the loss of the Soviet Union.


“Who is the single dimmest bulb in the United States Senate? – The badge for that honor might just have to go to Hawaii’s disgraceful senator, Mazie Hirono, who embarrasses herself and her state each and every time she opens her incredibly stupid mouth.”

It is a tough call Dave, especially since GO-JO(e) Brain Biden hasn’t been there since 2009, and there are at least twenty other Dems and several RINOs who compete with her daily.

But Hirono doesn’t embarrass her state; Hawaii does that every time they elect, or reelect, jerks like her. Last time Hawaii voted republican was for Reagan in 1984, so it is the state and their non-productive voters who keep embarrassing themselves. Crazy Mazie just represents Hawaii in the way Hawaiians want to be represented. In that respect, she is the perfect politician representing the will of her constituents to a fair-thee-well.

No one can “embarrass” these people; statesmen like Senator Cruz and especially Trump can piss them off, and that is all these dim bulbs have: being perpetually pissed off about everything. Look at any Dem, are they ever happy?, do they ever smile? The only time I see a smile is when they ‘win’ (steal) an election, and that is only one or two days every four years,


They have no God in their lives or hearts. Every day theywake up looking for another way to lie, cheat and steal from their own and the rest of us. Thier lust for power and control has no bounds. They are empty vessels with a hole in the bottom so they are never full. At first I despised them, then I pitied them, now I care not for them at all. They have sown the wind, they will now reap the whirlwind.

Slats Grobnik

Portland and Beirut. I see what you did there.
Not sure if Fundamental Transformation or Great Leap Forward.
Are there any people left who don’t laugh out loud when some Dem utopia that has voted CPUSA for fifty plus years devolves into some Beirut s-hole dump?
I don’t feel sorry for them and they have no mercy for me.
That’s the way I like it.

phineas gage

What a shocker:

Slow Joe will (maybe) read his nomination acceptance speech (which will probably last five minutes) off a teleprompter in his basement.

I’m thinking maybe 500 people will be watching, mostly campaign staff.


You’re being generous on your number, 😀

phineas gage


As Musk said, Mars is ‘looking real’. (even though this looks like a large aluminum can…)

The media can’t stand it because Musk is doing this through private enterprise


Jimmy, if you’re lurking, hope you’re okay.



I am now firmly convinced that the people in these cities ( and even whole states in some cases) ARE NOT voting these people into office. It simply defies all logic to believe that there could be enough people in any circumstances who would vote for such obvious criminal hacks. Maaayyybe once in a while in one city, maybe. But all across the country? Common sense says no way. The electoral processes in these places have been completely usurped and are now corrupted shams. There’s no other logical explanation.



It really boggles the mind when you realize that in many of these cities, they have been electing Dems since the late 50s. I think Portland might even be Dem run since before WW2. I’m sure there are others. It appears that lately, they turned the marxism knob to 11 and busted it off.


It’s about population numbers really. Here in Oregon, the I-5 corridor is infested with blue cities and voters. You get outside of it and it’s mostly red. We’ve been living with it since the 80’s. Used to be, Oregon was a red/purpe state. Then during the 60’s and 70’s people started fleeing California and brought their politics with them. Then came the antilogging campaign. It destroyed the economic base of the state. Thousands of good family supporting jobs evaporated and all the ancillary businesses that also suppored familys disappeared. Oregon has lagged behind every economic recovery since then.

All because of the I-5 corridor and the disease that infests it.


GregH you are not understanding the marxists, they have zero common sense. They are zombies and it matters not how much rational, common sense or facts you give them, zombies will do what zombies do, defy logic and vote their doom.

Don’t under estimate their lack of understanding or willingness to do anything, literally anything, to achieve their goal of a socialist run country, communist. Thats why there has to be a concerted effort to get everyone you know to the polls and vote conservative all the way down. The communists need to be decimated at the polls because they will NEVER give up or cede.

its a war


It is a war, Brian, and if/when everything turns to s#it, it’s good to know you’re on our northern front!

Meredith Ellsworth

Watched Hirono. I knew she was a dim bulb already, but when she kept berating the poor woman for not doing the job that she isn’t supposed to be doing, it was a new low.

jack johnson

There`s a reason everyone sent their Lepers to Hawaii….the weather is beautiful but the people are inbred.


Simply put the Dems have lost control. They can’t openly condemn the communists or stop them from taking seats because to do so would invite a bigly backlash from the marxist thugs.

phineas gage

Nothing to see here:

And I’m sure that is going to help with the Hispanic vote.

phineas gage

Probably the biggest political improvement you will ever see in one election:

phineas gage

Another one bites the dust, as long-time St. Louis congressman Lacy Clay is ousted by a communist BLM candidate.

This is a further example of why the Dems are trapped and caving in to the radicals in order to hold onto power. Which means they can’t end the rioting, even though it is killing them in terms of the national election.


Now all we need is for the stupid GOP to get off of their asses and fund a candidate with a campaign highlighting the marxists bastas plans for the rest of us and why the voter needs to elect him/her instead of the marxist.

phineas gage

Nothing to see here:

And I’m sure that’s going to help with the black vote.

phineas gage

I believe they already have the bad polling data, which explains why media coverage of these anarchist riots has vanished.

The problem for the Democrat leadership, beyond the feckless governor and mayor, is that they cannot afford to shut this all down with alienating their insane base. They are probably already facing an internal insurrection of the Bernie Bros in light of Biden’s clear incapacity.


I think they are afraid of doing it period. It will take the National Guard to stop it at this point.
The mob has been emboldened to the point that the Portland PD and the State Police don’t have sufficient numbers to quell the mob. And if they don’t arm the NG, there will surely be dead Guard members. The mob is now arming themselves and again, they are emboldened. They are now moving out of the city core and blockading streets.

This not going to end well for Portland or Oregon.

phineas gage


and I promised I would do a better job of self-editing…..

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