Sally Yates Testimony Proves America Needs a Durham Report After All

I and others have argued for the past year against any need for a “report” from John Durham at the completion of his investigation into SpyGate/ObamaGate, whatever you wish to call it. Mr. Durham is, after all, a federal prosecutor, and the job of a prosecutor is not to write reports like those we have seen from Inspector General Michael Horowitz since 2017, but to convene grand juries, obtain indictments, file charges, have the FBI make arrests and then obtain convictions.

The argument against the need for any voluminous report from Durham is that compiling such a thing would be a waste of time that would distract Durham and his staff from focusing on the central tasks at hand. After all, wouldn’t the indictments and trial speak for themselves, educating the public about the treasonous actions taken by high Obama officials? Isn’t that how our system of justice is supposed to function? I thought so, and so did many others.

But that was before we saw Sally Q. Yates, the corrupt Obama holdover former acting Attorney General who smeared General Mike Flynn and refused to enforce President Trump’s initial travel ban before the President unceremoniously fired her during the early weeks of his administration, testified today before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yates’s testimony was such a case study in obfuscation, distraction, blame-shifting and outright fabrication – all of which will simply be parroted by a fawning news media – that it dawned on me today that the nation will indeed require a comprehensive report from Durham simply for the purpose of setting an official record and serving as a public guide for what is to come. Because otherwise, that official record will be dictated by the professional liars in the media and the political left.

Yates, for example, expressed her sincere disappointment that the FBI did not properly vet the Steele Dossier that became pretty much the sole basis for obtaining FISA warrants to allow the DOJ/FBI cabal to spy on the Trump Campaign and transition team. She threw then-FBI Director James Comey under the bus as being mainly responsible for this travesty, even though she personally signed two of what eventually became four FISA applications that used that false Dossier. She took no personal blame at all for simply rubber stamping what she was handed without asking probing questions or conducting the slightest due diligence.

During the same hearing today, Yates also claimed to have been personally unaware that the Steele Dossier had been paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign, a preposterous notion that no thinking person really believes. She also claimed to have had no idea that her deputy, Bruce Ohr, spent months under her watch facilitating contacts between Christopher Steele and various officials inside the DOJ, the FBI and Congress. An even more preposterous notion.

Yates also hilariously claimed that George Papadopoulous was in fact an agent of the Russian government, a reprehensible allegation that has been proven false repeatedly by IG Horowitz and several other investigations. She also stated her steadfast belief that General Flynn lied to FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka during their entrapment interview, despite the now-revealed fact that both agents told their superiors that they did not believe Flynn had lied to them shortly after that interview took place.

The great intrinsic value in these Judiciary Committee hearings that are finally being convened by Chairman Lindsey Graham a year later than they should have been is that they will expose Yates and her fellow coup plotters for the despicable liars they all truly are, and do it all while they are under oath. That’s all great, but someone in a position of authority still needs to compile an official guide that ties together all the moving parts and exposes all the myriad lies these professional prevaricators will weave into their testimonies.

This is the most complex and dangerous scandal in U.S. history, and Americans deserve to have someone in authority lay it all out for them so that they can fully comprehend how dangerously close the Cabal came to overthrowing a duly-elected government by false means. Durham is presumably investigating all of this, and will know where all of these bodies are buried.

So yes, we will need a Durham Report after all, if only to serve as a sort of in-game program type of guide that will allow the audience to follow along as the indictments and trials [hopefully] finally start to take place.

Attorney General William Barr has twice promised we would see such a report before the end of summer. The summer ends on September 22.

Time is growing short.

That is all.

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I’m preparing to be underwhelmed with whatever happens. Maybe a few people get indicted, maybe someone will go to jail. Maybe. It will be vilified in the MSM as partisan, downplayed, and then ignored. All the readers here know how far this goes and who should be held accountable. I think its too big and unprecedented for our justice system to handle, and too big for half this country to absorb when they won’t open their eyes, especially in a hotly contested election year.

Maybe I’m wrong.


So my question is, which was does Barr go with the prosecutions? I have fair knowledge of American history and have read many books about our founding and politics. I have never read anything like what we are seeing today and I do not believe anybody else has either. With the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, Australia, Brittan, and God only knows who else is involved in the attempted take down of a Presidential candidate and then sitting President, Where does Barr go? I do not believe the American judicial system is designed to handle something of this enormity.

As Joe Biden says, “Come on man!!!”, you can’t tell me this is not sedition at beast and treason at worst. Multiple countries involved along with multiple alphabet soup agencies, the former President, former Vice President, the former acting Attorney General, and the list goes on. If this is tried as treason, who will handle the trials?

I have some faith in AG Bill Barr, but I don’t believe he is going to go up the hard and rocky road. I believe that road is too hard and has the greatest chance of no convictions. I believe he will take the easier path and go after a few top level brass. I am now starting to see the world crumble in on James Comey. I know, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. First Rod Rosenstein throws Comey under the bus. Now Sally Yates does the same thing. I have 2 thoughts on that.

1. The coup cabal has gotten together and has picked their fall guy. Possible they have decided that instead of all of them, they throw Comey to the wolves.

2. Barr has had a talk with the whole lot of them and has asked them to pick their fall guy. I have a hard time believing this possibility, but right now nothing would surprise me. Trying to get a bunch of convictions is going to be hard, and it ight just be possible everyone is setting Comey up for the big fall.

Jay Whitcraft

I, for one, have no interest another “bombshell” report or another “complete takedown” at some goofball congressional hearing. What really matters is prosecuting these people. Even if the government loses some of the cases, that is what has to happen,or the country is lost. Everyone knows that there is more than enough evidence in the public domain to put these people on trial. Jay


The headline is obvious. We don’t need more proof of the necessity for Durham’s report. We need Durham’s report. But I fear it’s a pipe dream. And it’s just a start. Then somone needs to goad the Merry Bagpiper into actually indicting someone.


Trump is often accused of being impulsive with his tweets and some comments. The reality is he has the patience of a saint. To have put up with all this criminal activity against him and his administration and maintain such a steady hand dealing with virtually every corrupt organization in government is absolutely amazing. And to have accomplished so much is beyond remarkable. There are few individuals, let alone any politician, who could have endured such ridicule, scrutiny and outright character assassination and betrayal by people who are supposed to be his friends and political allies.

I only hope and pray that justice prevails.

On a bright personal note:

I have finally sold my rental property to the tenants who are now the proud owners. It only took six years and five months for them and a lot of BS, but that money-pit is now off my hands. The aggravation was beyond belief! The rules have really changed since I bought the house in 2007, and all the BS was even worse for the buyers. The sad thing is I’m sure everyone felt they did a fine job getting the sale done (Supposed to have closed on Jul 20) – just like so many government workers and teachers feel they are so overworked and underappreciated/underpaid. There are of course some competency everywhere, but, like Phineas’ comment on the MSLSD lefty Dave wrote about yesterday, getting things only half right is not nearly enough for real improvement.

Chump Change

We do not need a Durham report.

We need Durham prosecutions.

phineas gage

Yates testimony was predictable. They are all blaming each other.

I think Barr may write the report and leave the prosecutorial indictments for Durham.


Agree Dave, but it had better be one hell of a report.

And with everything exposed, convictions must follow, or it will be unequivocal proof that there are at least two levels of justice in today’s America. Barr’s DOJ will then be forced to produce successful prosecutions as there will be no way to shove the schiff back into the horse (Dem donkey/jackass).

In other words, a comprehensive report MUST bring about justice or the whole exercise is for naught, and the whole country and world will see the sham that is America’s third world Banana Republic ‘justice’.

Hillary’s shrill admonition: “If that #$%^&* bastard wins, we all will hang”, had better become a reality.

Make it so Mr. Barr, Mr. Durham, or the left will be given a permanent Stay out of Jail card and this will happen to the next Republican president, if there ever is another Republican president.

So much is at stake in 2020.


“there will be no way to shove the schiff back into the horse”
OK, I got my good belly laugh today.
Thanks Greg!


Sally Yates just pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty. But then, that’s the best she had.

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