America is About to Experience its First Outrage Election

Some more compelling poll results are in. – The new poll from YouGov still has Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden leading President Trump by a handful of points nationally. But some of the other numbers in his poll are the real story here, because they are becoming the norm for internals even among the obviously faked-up polls the corrupt news media promotes.

Specifically, this poll shows President Trump receiving the support of 17% of Black voters and 38% of Hispanic voters in arriving at Trump’s total support number of 44% of the registered voters polled.

Those Black and Hispanic percentages are, if accurate, a literal death knell for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. Think about it: Donald Trump got just 6% of the Black vote and just 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016 and still won the election. If he triples his support among Black voters – a likelihood that more and more of these polls are now showing – and sees a 30% rise in his share of the Hispanic vote, Joe Biden is well and truly doomed.

We know without any doubt at all now that a vast majority of white voters for Trump are what pollsters refer to as “shy” voters, i.e., they are reluctant to be honest with pollsters about their support for the President. This is due to the despicable media/Democrat campaign to brand all Trump supporters as racists. So we know without any doubt at all that many white respondents in this and other poll are in fact lying to the pollsters, which results in a very depressed overall percentage for Trump.

We also know without any doubt at all that Trump’s voter base is the most loyal and unshakable voter base in the modern history of presidential politics. For YouGov to show Trump’s overall support at just 44% when he is simultaneously getting these whopping numbers from Black and Hispanic voters would mean that a very high percentage of his white voters are abandoning him. Yet, we consistently see Trump getting support numbers in excess of 90% among registered GOP voters. There is literally no data whatsoever that would lead us to accept the notion that Trump is losing even a small sliver of his voter base.

Here’s the reality of this election: We have a new national dynamic forming this year. I have often written about my belief that all presidential elections are in reality determined by the national mood. They are all either “change” elections or “status quo” elections. While the corrupt news media and all the pundits focus on all the hundreds of micro-factors that happen during an election season, this overall national mood creates an inertia that is almost impossible for any campaign, no matter how effective or well-funded, to overcome.

This year, for the first time in modern history, we have a completely different overall national mood forming up, and it is one that will very likely carry President Trump to his re-election. Going into 2020, this was shaping up to become a classic “status quo” election year, one in which the incumbent president with a booming economy and relative peace around the world would be easily re-elected over an unappealing opponent.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the Communist Chinese Government’s mendacity obviously changed all of that. The economic shutdown ended the Trump boom and the U.S. now finds itself in an increasingly tense and potentially hostile relationship with the ChiComs. For a few weeks, it was looking like the nation had shifted into “change” election mode.

But then the Democrats made an enormous miscalculation. They had long planned to stage mass riots across the country this summer as a despicable means of shoring up the Black and youth votes and distract from the Trump economic boom. But the George Floyd killing served as a touching-off point for those riots before the Party had taken the time to re-evaluate its strategy in light of the new electoral calculus that had been created by the COVID-19 situation.

The constant spectacle of two solid months of mass riots, looting, burning and destruction and the abject refusal by a single leading Democrat to denounce any of it is now creating a completely new overall national mood for the 2020 presidential election: This year is going to be our first “outrage” election year.

You can see it and feel it building: A growing number of ordinary Americans – White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and everyone in between – who are outraged at what they see in their social media feeds each day and night. Outraged at communist Democrat mayors in major cities all over the country sitting back and allowing their communities to be destroyed by packs of roving thugs. Outraged by the sight of Democrat politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Mazie Hirono refusing to even acknowledge the existence of Antifa, much less utter a negative word about them. Outraged by a corrupt news media that refuses to report the truth that everyone with eyes can plainly see happening around them. Outraged at watching entire teams of millionaire professional athletes kneeling while the national anthem is being played. Outraged at being branded a “racist” for even thinking about voting for the incumbent President of the United States.

The Democrats have dramatically and perhaps fatally overplayed their hands over the past few months, and it will cost them dearly in November. The first American “outrage” election is building, and the inertia that is now present behind it will be impossible to stop.

Call me crazy today if you like, but be sure to get back to me on November 3.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage

Another thought about those black and Hispanic numbers–if true, they will more than offset the panicked white female vote that the Dems are trying to curry.

It might even be that this turns out to be a ‘gender election’, with the split between male and female voting patterns greater than ever before.


Dave, I’m not going to call you crazy, I agree for the most part. Personally, I have a few concerns about where the country goes depending on the landscape come 3-Nov.

If Trump wins, how does the left react? Will they eventually accept the results and move on or will they go for broke and try to burn the country down? Worst case: CW2

If Biden wins (outright or through fraud), and he becomes the puppet for the left we know him to be – the policies he will put in place will destroy the country. What do we (the right) do? Will we accept it and wait for the next election? Or will we resist? And how will we resist? Will we use force? If we take to the streets, we won’t have the support of local governments or the media.

If the election is close, and neither side concedes, then what? Dems will never accept a recount or admit there is evidence of fraud, nothing unless it helps them win. Even if the SCOTUS has to rule on it. The chaos that ensues? Worst case: CW2

Hopefully, in any scenario, I’m wrong and things are less severe. Hopefully we as a nation can at least agree to move on.


When Trump wins I believe this crap will stop because he will have to send in the feds/national. Guard/troops and forcefully put it down; concurrently he will fire fraudi and his girlfriend and override all the blue state crap and tell the courts to go to hell.

In short he will have to become a “dictator”, but a benign dictator to reset America as founded.

At least that is what I hope happens, but one thing for sure, in order from anything good to happen, he needs to keep the senate and get the house back.


Dave – you think white DJT supporters are “shy”? What about the black DJT supporters? They have to be even more shy, with all the peer pressure they put up with. Possibly the tripling of black support for DJT is only the tip of the iceberg.
As for this being the first outrage election, I’m not sure. Back in 1980, people were pretty outraged about Iranian hostages, gas lines, 15% interest rates, runaway inflation, onerous tax rates, and Jimmah Catuh giving away the Panama Canal, I don’t know about you, but I was at least kinda fed up with it all.


And don’t forget the Muriel (Cuban criminal population) boat lift and, if memorial serves, Carter did his best to screw up the military by forcing something called project 500,000 where his administration foisted on the military people who would not otherwise have been accepted.

Carter was our fourth worst president.

The others in no particular order as they all qualify as the worst: WW, FDR, LBJ, JEC, WJBC and his nominal ‘wife’, and of course, ‘the One’.

Czar Of Flatulence

Yea but who will be counting the votes? The absentee ballots went out two months ago here in Red State.
Of course the plandemic was used and the safety über alles mantra for the good of the collective.
2016 is probably the last election that it will called a Red State as the fundamental transformation replacements are pouring in by the tens of thousands.


Hi David,

I have a theory about this that fits well with the polling data. What if there really are almost no “Independents?” Suppose that everyone identifies with a party, even if they claim to be an Independent. And suppose that they are loyal to the party they identify with, even though they never disclose that to anyone. Finally, suppose these “independents” only vote when the party they identify with puts up a highly motivating candidate? That would mean that elections aren’t about winning “the independent vote,” but rather are really about motivating everyone who identifies with your party. Polls are sampling 25-28% Republicans, but if my theory is correct, the results of such a sampling percentage would be way off because it isn’t about percentages of Republicans, it’s about ENTHUSIASM. THAT is what wins elections. We know this. And that supports my theory. This year, we are seeing record numbers of people cross over from identifying with the Dems to identifying with the Repubs because Trump. And, of course, because the Dems have become openly Marxist. There is NO enthusiasm on the left. In my liberal city, there are not only no Joe Biden stickers or yard signs, I am no longer even seeing any more RESIST stickers on cars! They’ve given up! In the meantime, Trump boat parades abound while Sleepy Joe hides in his basement. The only way Trump loses this November is if the left can harvest enough fraudulent ballots to overcome a LANDSLIDE.

phineas gage

If those numbers for black and Hispanic support are at all accurate, this may even be that extremely rare event called a ‘realignment election’ that fundamentally changes the political landscape.


Phineas, I agree, realignment election is what I am hoping for. Across the board in November. It would be nice to have secure majorities in the House and Senate.

phineas gage

I completely agree with your analysis. The Dems could have played the covid issue into a winning hand if they were cautious, but they couldn’t help themselves and it is going to cost them the election.

You might also call this a ‘Twitter vs, reality’ election.

phineas gage

That, of course, assumes that the mail-in voting push can be stopped. It is by far the biggest threat at this point.


I have to agree with you Dave. Ted Cruz hammering Hirono yesterday, then watching Hirono get up and leave the Antifa hearing without uttering a single word of condemnation. Listening to Andy Ngo about what is going on and his reporting, as well as him suffering at the hands of Antifa. All of this kneeling, and having the lone NBA player not kneel, blow out his knee and get made fun of. These are not American traits, I do not know where this hatred of America is coming from.

I do believe there is a reckoning coming, whether it be in the elections or in the civil war should Donald J Trump lose the election. I personally believe he will win, but there is a lot of crookedness in our election system going on now, so I put nothing past the democrat machine. My wife is from Canada and is still a Canadian citizen. She keeps asking me why don’t we move to Newfoundland where she is from since all of the Covid and riots started. I told her I am a proud Navy veteran and the oath I took when I donned the uniform has not been broken and I still stand by it. I will not leave the country of my birth and I will fight for it if the time comes.

Tanya R

God bless you, Bob, and thank you for your service. You are a true American hero 🙂


I’m from BC, fully communist run. The two most heavily regulated provinces in canukistan are BC and Ontario. You sir are whats sorely missing here outside of Alberta. There is no patriotism here as thats been weeded out in the indoctrination system and Liberal run governments over the years.

Thank you for staying and holding your oath to the degree you are. Not that true patriots here wouldn’t welcome you but that if the US goes communist its bad for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you again and thank you for your service too…

phineas gage

‘I do not know where this hatred of America is coming from.’

I have a pretty good idea….

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