Tuesday News Roundup: New George Floyd Body Cam Video Betrays the Official Narrative

Permits for thee, but not for me. – The Big Doofus strikes again. Communist Democrat Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio famously ordered a giant “Black Lives Matter” mural be painted on the surface of 5th Avenue right in front of Trump Tower. Everyone knew at the time that it was all a publicity stunt by the Big Doofus Mayor, one that did not go through the due process of the city’s government.

Yesterday, de Blasio admitted as much, and said that his office is now being hit with complaints and lawsuits for not rubber stamping similar proposals.

From a report at the New York Post:

The pro-President Trump group Women for America First has sued City Hall for blocking a mural of their slogan “Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering Women to Make a Difference!” on a Manhattan roadway, while allowing multiple BLM paintings throughout the city.

Hizzoner insists he didn’t block the move, just referred groups like Women for America First and the pro-police Blue Lives Matter to the Department of Transportation’s permitting process. But there was no approval required for the BLM movement.

“That is something that again transcends all normal realities because we are at a moment of history when that had to be said and done, that’s a decision I made,” de Blasio said.

“But the normal process continues for anyone who wants to apply,” he added.


Thus, the city’s taxpayers, who have already been hit with tens of thousands of dollars in costs of painting the BLM mural and re-painting it almost daily after it has been vandalized, will now be hit with the costs of defending at least one lawsuit and very likely many more due to the flippant manner in which the Big Doofus Mayor violated his own laws.

And some wonder why thousands are fleeing this city every week. What’s to wonder?

For those who obsess over polls…. – This happened on Monday:

To be precise, that is 7 points higher than Obama was at the same point in his first term in office. But the corrupt news media expects you to believe that President Trump is trailing a clearly impaired Joe Biden by double digits in the national polling.

Don’t believe them. Everything they say is a lie. Literally everything.

That also holds true about the riots in Portland, which the media has falsely claimed for 70 straight days now are “peaceful protests.” – Thanks to Andy Ngo, a real journalist who puts himself at physical risk every night, we know the truth.

Here’s what happened last night:

The “peaceful” hijinks are not limited to the night-time:

However, there is a bit of semi-positive news here: The deal that DHS made that allows state and local law enforcement to protect the federal courthouse now does appear to be having an impact. The Democrat-sponsored rioters who are coordinating closely with Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown have lowered the intensity of their efforts to damage that building and are now focusing on destroying other buildings in the city that are not federal property.

By taking this tactic, they are able to support the false media narrative that the federal police were the problem all along. Classic Saul Alinsky tactics.

Speaking of classic Saul Alinsky tactics… – The official narrative about the George Floyd arrest and killing by Minneapolis police was false all along. But then, we already knew that was the case, didn’t we?

The Daily Mail did a public service yesterday by releasing police body cam footage that the Minneapolis police department and city government has withheld from the public for two long months. This footage clearly shows that the official narrative of Floyd being a peaceful guy who did not resist arrest was clearly a lie. Floyd was obviously in a drug-addled state at the time he was pulled over in his car, resisted as the officers attempted to arrest him, and began using his “I can’t breathe” line while he was still sitting in the car.

Here’s the video – WARNING: it is graphic:

While this video will certainly make convicting the police officers of any crime far more difficult for the prosecution, here’s what it doesn’t show: Any reason for killing Floyd by having Derek Chauvin put a knee on his neck for 9 minutes. Someone still must answer for that.

But here’s the thing: It is a fact that about 98% of people – white, black, Asian or otherwise – who wind up being killed by police in this country end up that way largely because they resisted arrest like George Floyd did. The surest way to avoid ending up dead when you are pulled over by a police officer is to cooperate with him or her.

Every video we have seen of this incident now clearly shows an inebriated Floyd fiercely resisting arrest. Why this particular video has been withheld for so long is something the Minneapolis city government must now explain.

Here’s my theory: Note how Floyd, upon recognizing Officer Derek Chauvin, with whom he worked as a security guard at a strip club for years, panics and repeatedly says “Don’t kill me, man. Please don’t kill me.”

Why would Floyd think the police were there to kill him? The official narrative is that he had been pulled over under suspicion of passing forged money. But look at Floyd’s face: He is obviously immediately afraid for his life as soon as he sees who the arresting officers are.

There’s something else going on here that we are not aware of yet. Sooner or later, we will find out what it is.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Burner Jack

The cop was White and the suspect was Black. That is indisputable.
Besides that fact, what other information about this event gives actual evidence of racism here.
Not saying a citizen wasn’t handled improperly, just questioning the jump to conclusion.
Could it be that the suspect and the cop have previous history resulting in mutual animosities?
Could it be that enemy global powers exist and are embedded within the US, whose sole occupation is to leverage and rift in the social fabric to their benefit?

phineas gage

And this is why I say it comes down to the panicked female vote:


I’m sorry to sound like the world’s greatest misogynist, but these women are going to vote emotionally based on how they are feeling (safe and secure, in the moment) on election day, whereas men will vote on how they are doing (over time).

Your nation’s future turns on people like this. Think about that.


Phineas, If you are the world’s greatest misogynist, I’m right there with you. Last month I explained why I am a volcel as I will not kiss A just to placate an AH or to get some A.

I don’t hate women per se, I hate stupid ignorant arrogant people and there are many male bimbos too, most are metrosexual cucks who appease (there is that word again) the opposite sex just to get some. It just seems the percentage of smart logical knowledgeable women is a whole lot smaller than the the percentage of males who have a grip on political and historical reality.

On the other hand, I have met many women who appreciate strong confident men who are not eunuchs or wimps; so I do not mean to imply that every woman is a bimbo, but entirely too many are.


Its mostly all in the hard wiring.. Men, not the feminist raised soys, operate mostly on the rational and gitr done. Women operate mostly on the emotional and oft not rational field. One compliments the other and is needed by the other to balance either out.

As a result of the marxist infiltration within church and education institutions the roles men and women held are deemed a threat and to be eliminated. Churches allowed teachings contrary to scripture to be embraced and go unchallenged. Universities founded on Christian principles invited teachings hostile to Christianity and slowly replaced professors with marxist activists.

The result of this communist infiltration is what we have today. The cause of it was Christian leadership willing to compromise scripture and appease the world. There are many women today that are solid biblical women. Its just that the marxist screaming banshees are drowning out the real women. .

phineas gage

And of course I know this video is a joke, but there are many Karens–many–that do think this way.


Found this in the comments section of her Youtube page

“The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it.”
– H.L. Mencken

phineas gage

Mencken was incredibly cynical, but he was usually correct.


Heh! Yes, a very good piece of truth draped in sarcasm. And sadly you are right, there are many.

phineas gage

This is where we are, the inevitable end-destination:


Many of these people are teachers.


Another group of people who will need to be brought down to earth. Their corruption and crimes against our most innocent need to be punished.


Can’t remember who pridictaed this but here it is


She’s going all in.

phineas gage

That was me. I think she is the pick because she is a direct extension of the Obama team.

And the pick doesn’t matter beyond that, because traditional politics is not a factor. Their aim is to steal the election via mail-in voting driven by whipped-up covid hysteria.



phineas gage

LOL–pick one of the possibilities:


The Israelis, in their unspoken tacit alliance with Saudi Arabia, continue to clean up the neighborhood.


Hard to say what it was at this point. Obviously the truth won’t be told by the arabs and the IDF isn’t about to put their hand up either. But…. it was an impressive explosion for sure.

When we were in Malta a ‘fireworks’ factory blew up, actually a couple did, but the one was huge as well leveling a few buildings around it. These people do not have the same safety mindset as westerners. The cause was suspected to be a guy smoking while assembling petards.

These people will quite literally tape extension ladders together to reach higher, or use 2×12’s as a scaffold, tied up at the roof, then swing it side to side to paint a building. Two guys at each end, reach the apex of the swing and they splash white wash as quickly as they can, 3 – 4 stories up.

All that to say it could well have been a fireworks factory explosion. They will use any material that goes boom… cordite is a fav.. Long story short. Myself and another diver came across some 4.7in shells. We removed the cordite and had a pile, wondering how we were going to dispose A guy driving by stopped and asked what we were going to do with it. Said he was a fireworks builder, smoke hanging out his mouth. Told him he could have it, loaded him up, and waved good bye. So it could be fireworks… maybe our boy


The gene pool gets cleaner and proof yet again you can’t fix stupid. LMAO

phineas gage

This took some political courage:


I know, because I used to live in Montgomery County.


Good for GOP Gov. Hogan on this issue; he and OH Gov. have been pretty shaky on dealing with CV-19, but at least this this is a good sign.

Montgomery County MD is infested with Federal Government Libs, just like DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in NORVA and all the other NCR countries. All vote 80+ Dem and all are FUBAR. NCR (National Capitol Region), a little bit of beltway lingo.

They all need to be brought down to the level of all the ‘distressed’ countries/cities like Memphis, Detroit, Cleveland etc.

There is no reason for at least five and possibly ten or more of the wealthiest per-capita zip codes are all located within 50 miles of the NCR.

I thought the government workers were sooooo underpaid. Yeah right. And how many of the precious gubmint employees suffered any economic loss from CV-19 and the resultant economic shutdown? Answer: few if any, and that needs to change.

As GO-JO(e) Brain Biden has said: “You got to get some skin in the game”.


So reading thru some of the propaganda this morning it dawned on me that this whole demoncrap narrative has been played out before. Its not even remotely new because these beasts categorically cannot come up with anything new.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Didn’t Bush get called illegitimate for the first four years of his Presidency?? And didn’t he get accused of ‘stealing’ the election for the following four years??? I

Now its no surprise that every Republican President is accused incessantly of crimes of election theft and not being the legitimate President. And its no surpise when a Demoncrap is elected its radio silence on ‘controversies’ and constant adulation of their dear leader.

So like clockwork the demoncrap are rolling out the Trump will steal the election trope. After all they have nothing in the playbook,policy wise. But they do have several volumes on lying, cheating and theft. But then I’m a white male conservative full of toxic masculinity and white privilege who seeks to impose my whiteness on the world and am filled to the brim with conspiracy theories attacking the nice people concerned about the average, now nonworking, joe.


They have nothing left. God is not in them. . They are berift of any real humanity. Their lust for power and monry have driven their moderates out and left a rancid husk God forgive me for saying this, but they must be eliminated one way or another. They are truly a blight upon this world, determined to grind us down to the most common denominator and put yokes upon our necks. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all the rest of the demonic criminals are smiling up at them from their special place in Hell.


As I previously stated when the Flyod -Chauvin connection was revealed and how they knew each other, this has to do with dirty cop(s), Period! Floyd knew something. What that something is we will never know, but he knew something. Chauvin killed him plain and simple for that something.

It’s there on tape. I saw no look of concern on Chauvins face as he kept grinding his knee into
Floyd’s throat and neck, just pure, raw contempt.Not one other office did a damn thing to stop it. Not one.

My Mom was a big fan of PD Live. It was must see tv for her and I sat through many hours of it with her. I got two major take aways from that show:

1. Don’t resist. Be as polite and cooperative as you can with out giving up your Miranda rights.
2. Don’t run. It’s gonna hurt when they finally run you down and take you to the ground, Especially if a K9 is involved.


I don’t think anyone is surprised about the video. However….the video doesn’t matter one bit. None of the protesters are going to go home and rethink their evening plans for tonight. Politically, this has to play through to completion in November (and likely beyond).

The insanity in Dem cities continues. I have zero reason to venture into any big cities, so trouble will have to come to me. It is heartening (but sad that it has to happen) to see videos of suburban folks standing up to BLM and antifa as they take their crap into the neighborhoods. They sure are enthusiastic about there chances out there, I guess they haven’t realized yet they are putting their own lives in danger.


My wife and I have to go to the Portland area for personal business once in a while. We don’t go anywhere near ground zero which is downtown Portland. We avoid it like the plague. They’re trying to spread out in a couple of instances, but right now folks in the ‘burbs ain’t having it. I suspect that sooner or later they will cross the line and a few will end up dead or in the hospital.
Then they will start to arm themselves and push it into a soft civil war or they’ll start leaving the ‘burbs alone.

phineas gage

“We are peaceful!” Riiiight. In blak bloc, little shoulder bag of dirty tricks.
I laughed when the one woman said we’re looking for our friend. Should have told her to go back to downtown Seattle they’re probably there.


If I’m a cop in any of these anti-police Dem controlled war zones being threatened with being or, are actually being defunded, I’m not arresting any minority for any crime.

Start a new #. #LookTheOtherWay.

Since these Dem pols want no police departments, want no police protection or the crime deterrence they provide, I say give it to them. There is obviously nothing to be gained by trying to be a peace officer trying to uphold the law and protect the public. Especially when many of these mayors have released convicted criminals on the convenient excuse of CV-19.

Same goes for any counter protestors. Just don’t engage these people in any way – leave the area and keep you powder dry until your message gets fair exposure which won’t happen until the political and media dynamic changes. Do what the president is generally doing – let the people who created this deal with it. Take necessary action to defend yourself, your family, and your property when YOUR area is invaded. Otherwise, don’t be a target. There is nothing to be gained by being in the war zone.

Same goes the citizens of these war zones. Get out! It takes two to tango and let the “mostly peaceful protesters” do their thing. Don’t try to walk or drive through that area of the city and make yourself a target or a victim of injury or death, or of a leftist prosecutor should you be forced to defend yourself. You can’t be a victim if you are not there. Keep notes, keep video evidence of your property or business being damaged and destroyed for the future class action lawsuits which you should bring against the leaders of the mobs and the city and police leaders who deliberately failed in their most fundamental duty to protect and serve the public at large. The media should be another defendant as their mere presence and ‘reporting’ support the violence and property destruction.

If you remember, a long time ago the producers of televised sport events made the decision to quit televising the fans running on the field and stopped giving these jerks their fifteen minutes of fame. Guess what, the attention seeking jerks quit going on the field. It is the same here; if the press wasn’t tacitly encouraging this behavior, most of it would stop. The media ‘coverage’ is as much responsible for these “mostly peaceful protests” and should be held every bit as responsible as the the enabling politicians and the actual criminals and their (RICO, RICO, RICO) support groups.

That is how you make these people pay for their malfeasance.

In the interim – don’t be a target; don’t be a victim.


BOOM…. mike drop…

Finished it for you….

phineas gage

There was a point when NYC could have chosen a very different path. There was even a time when it could have been at worst a grittier east-coast version San Francisco.

It is now descending into Detroit territory, and I think it is irreversible as the big money leaves the city.

phineas gage

Despite Chauvin’s conduct–illegal brutality from a bad cop–there’s no clear evidence that his action resulted in Floyd’s death (and also no clear evidence that it did not).

I think it is possible that Floyd, who was a drug user and already in respiratory distress while still in the vehicle, succumbed to cardiac arrest from a combination of drugs and stress aggravated by the officer’s actions. The toxicology test results from the M.E.’s office would be enlightening, and I don’t know if those have been released.

Perhaps other dynamics were involved as well. At this point, however, George Floyd has transcended into the realm of leftist received truth, and therefore we will almost certainly never know what really happened. And even if we do, it won’t matter. Whatever he was, he is now a political status symbol.


“toxicology test results from the M.E.’s office would be enlightening,”

If I remember correctly they were released. He was loaded up with a cocktail of drugs. But that message doesn’t factor in… Doesn’t serve the purpose.


You might even say a martyr.

phineas gage

Yes, that is a better term–thanks.

delbor raymondo

You left out the part about the officer pointing his weapon at George Floyd’s head. That’s why he looked terrified and said “don’t kill me”.

Larry Folds

The police officer had his gun in his hand but it wasn’t pointing at Floyd.

phineas gage

Based on his history, I think it likely that Floyd had seen many guns, and probably more than a few pointed his way. There was some other reason for that reaction.

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