Al Arabiya: Beirut Explosion was a Hezbollah Weapons Depot ***UPDATED***

UPDATE: During his press conference Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump said his generals had indicated during a late afternoon briefing that they believed the explosion was the result of an “attack.” He did not expand on the source or the nature of the attack. Obviously, this is a fluid situation.

At least 70 people have now been confirmed to have been killed, with over 3,700 injured as the casualty toll continues to mount from the massive explosions that rocked Lebanon’s capital of Beirut on Tuesday. The explosions took place at the city’s shipping port, and the cause is still under investigation.

Many residents with views of the port began using their cell phone to take video of a massive smoke plume that was being caused by hundreds of smaller explosions coming from a warehouse along the docks. Videographers miles away were then rocked when a massive explosion devastated the area immediately around the port and broke windows up to 15 miles distant.

Immediate speculation centered around the likelihood that the warehouse from which the hundreds of smaller explosions emanated may have been filled with fireworks, and that those explosions then caused a ship also loaded with fireworks to explode. But Al Arabiya reported late Tuesday afternoon that the warehouse was actually an arms depot for the terrorist group Hezbollah, which unfortunately essentially runs the national government.

Government officials claimed the depot held “explosive materials” that had been seized by the government in recent years. From a report at the New York Times:

“Highly explosive materials,” seized by the government years ago, were stored where the explosions occurred, said Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, the head of Lebanon’s general security service, according to the National News Agency.

President Michel Aoun later confirmed that explosive substances were held there. Neither of them said what those materials were, but General Ibrahim warned against getting “ahead of the investigation” and speculating about a terrorist act.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in a televised statement, “Facts on this dangerous depot, which has existed since 2014 or the past six years, will be announced.”


Here are photos and a video taken of the port shortly after the explosion:

Here is a compilation of various citizen videos taken of the incident:

Pray for the people of Beirut.

That is all.

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The Lebanese pound had collapsed. People were rioting because wages in depreciated currency did not feed them. The ammo dump explosion caused property damage enough to close some Lebanese banks. The Lebanese pound will take another dive. Arab over population is self correcting.


big badda boom….

Muslims don’t have the same respect for life as westerners do. They don’t see any problem at all with having targets and weapons storage’s in and around schools, hospitals, malls or any other place where people gather.


I just wonder how many other cities and towns all over the world have caches of, ok, let’s call the explosives ‘fireworks’.

And biological weapons caches will be called ‘science’ research labs; deployment of such will be called accidents that can be blamed on conservative American leaders by the allies of the CCP.

What can we call a dirty nuclear bomb release by a foreign or domestic terrorist? Oh I know, going back ‘the One’s’ era, a man caused disaster.

The sad fact is our domestic terrorist leaders have destroyed many of our blue cities economically and are causing a mass exodus, so, apart from flat out causing thousands if not millions of casualties, such an attack on a shell of a once vibrant city would be redundant.

There had better be a real plan in place to make sure the above attacks don’t happen and the plotters and enablers better be arrested and their grand design for America aborted, Because when push comes to shove, “mostly peaceful Protester’s” Lives WON’T Matter”.


“But Al Arabiya reported late Tuesday afternoon that the warehouse was actually an arms depot for the terrorist group Hezbollah, which unfortunately essentially runs the national government.”

As always I pray for the truly innocent who are trapped in a desperate situation. That said

Damn, what a shame…, truly a tragedy…, Hope they find out who is responsible…

Who in their right mind stores that much volatile material for so long in the middle of a densely populated city and next to a port? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Maybe there were some ‘fireworks’…

And we blew up a lot of ‘fireworks’ in Germany and Japan in WWII.

Rick Church

In the mid 80″s my wife and I sponsored a Christian Lebanese Officer and his family who was attending the officer advance course with us at Ft Sill OK. It was a wonderful experience where we exchanged meals, us with American Bar-B-Que and grilling and they with Mediterranean and Arabic dishes, as well as, other American activities such as baseball and football.

His name is Abdul Rocmon Karma and although he was in his early 30’s at the time he had already be fighting as part of the Christian Militia in Lebanon for nearly 20 years, having started when he was 14 yo.

Although the civil war ended in 1990 the continued influx of Sunni and Shia Muslims has caused a demographic shift that has and will continue to push the Christians out.

phineas gage

Some are now saying they were storing tons of ammonium nitrate in the warehouse.

That would certainly account for the severity of the explosion (see McVeigh, Timothy). Not the kind of stuff you want to leave packed in a building for years.

phineas gage

Unbelievably, Beirut used to be one of the most beautiful cities in the region, known for its cedar trees, and was called the ‘Paris of the Middle East’.

It was also unique for this region in that its population was nearly half-Christian–I don’t know if that is still the case after forty years of violence and terrorism.

Beirut and Isfahan in Persia are two cities I’ve always wanted to visit if the politics ever permit. It doesn’t seem likely in my lifetime.


Another relatively progressive/peaceful city over there is Manama, Bahrain. I was stationed there in 2003 and always said I would like to visit it again sometime when politics and finances allows.

Sadly, I don’t think that is ever going to happen.

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