The Democrats are Running out of Time on Their Hidin’ Biden Farce

Even Biden’s potential running mates are starting to lose patience with his inability form ideas into sentences. – Check out Elizabeth Warren actually rolling her eyes as Biden bumbles around to catch a thought that zooms into and out of his noggin:

Which brings us to this little nugget from Dan Bongino:

If you’re surprised by this, you are a new reader at Today’s Campaign Update. Given that their faux “convention” is just barely two weeks away, the Democrats obviously do have a huge decision to make where Biden is concerned. Do they draft Obama to go to his former Vice President and tell him the game is over and he must withdraw for the good of the Party? Or do they just brazenly tough it out with the Hidin’ Biden strategy and keep their “candidate” closeted up in his basement all the way through Election Day?

Many people think that drafting a new nominee and mounting a campaign with him or her would be a fairly simple thing, but it wouldn’t be. For one thing, there’s the money question. Biden has raised several hundred million dollars for his campaign, and that money is not transferable to a different nominee. Thus, a Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama or Andrew Cuomo would have to basically start from scratch against an opponent, President Donald Trump, who has already raised over half a billion dollars for his own campaign.

That’s a huge hill to climb, folks.

Then there’s the question of how you mount a campaign without doing in-person rallies of any real size, and while refusing to debate your opponent. We have to understand that this factor is precisely why the Democrats have so fiercely fought to keep our economy depressed and shut down: They are perfectly willing to keep millions of Americans out of work and to destroy millions of small businesses if it means they have a rationale to deny the President his ability to conduct public rallies.

Will the public buy it when Biden says he refuses to debate the President because he might – gasp! – lie during a debate? Think about how independent voters, for whom these debates actually are staged every four years, would react to that excuse. It’s a giant risk for the Democrats to take.

But it may indeed be a necessary one for the Party to try. Biden has clearly declined rapidly over the past 16 months, and he was already obviously impaired when he entered the race last April. This is a man who cannot hold a simple press conference without holding a list of pre-selected “reporters” to call on, reporters who have been selected by Biden’s handlers because they have promised to avoid tough questions.

Biden struggles to read a short speech from a TelePrompter now, and is unsteady on  his feet. These are the major reasons why the Democrats have gone to such epic lengths to ensure that party conventions had to become virtual events. We should not be surprised if they even come up with some pretense for Biden’s virtual acceptance speech to be pre-recorded rather than a live delivery so that his gaffes can be carefully edited out.

With recent polling showing that Biden’s voter enthusiasm levels have tanked to historic lows not seen since the days of Walter Mondale, the Democrat/Media axis of disinformation is even going to find it increasingly difficult to keep rolling out the fake polls and have anyone believe them. There is increasing chatter at social gatherings and across social media about the dearth of Biden yard signs, bumper stickers and other campaign paraphernalia appearing anywhere in the country.

When people can see with their own eyes that literally no one they know is a Biden supporter, and their Democrat acquaintances laugh whenever his name is brought up, the pretense of fake polls showing him with double-digit leads loses any real impact. In fact, at this point it is safe to say that the media/pollster campaign to depress Trump voter enthusiasm has been an abject, miserable failure.

But here’s the thing about all of this: Biden has made it clear that he’s going to announce his running mate selection this week. Once he crosses that threshold, it becomes even more difficult for the Party to kick him off to the curb.

It’s a real conundrum for the party leaders, and the reality is that actually don’t have an alternative who is all that attractive. Abandoning Biden now, after all of the promises he has made to get the party’s various factions on board with his candidacy, would inevitably cause massive splits in the party’s demented voter base, with the new candidate having barely two months to try to bring them all back into the fold.

The Democrat convention begins on August 17, two weeks from today. Those two weeks are going to be incredibly interesting.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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THE DNC isn’t even trying to win the White House anymore. Biden is a joke and they know it. They’re spending their money to try to win the House and Senate. They already know they can’t win the White House, so why even try?


The problem is that there are very few/no people that can run at this point and they are stuck with Biden. There are deadlines for filing to run. Andrew Cuomo, Bernie, etc cannot just step in an take his place. So the Democrats are not only voting the dead this time, but also running a person that may as well be a mannequin at this point in an attempt to get the VP choice as president.

Tick Tock

All Politics aside for the instant. How sick are these people to push this nearly brain dead man to his certain death. I have a young man who works for me part time on on my ranch in New Mexico. His grandfather died of dementia which I never thought was a lethal disorder. He told me his grandfather was ok when he first moved in with his parents and the children but he was dead in 16 months. At first the man was independent and could drive a car etc. Then he became a blithering clown capable of doing anything including showing up for family breakfast totally nude, which shocked the mother and horrified my friends younger sister who may have been 10 or 12 years old at the time.

I appreciate that these Political types are ruthless subhuman creatures but this seems even beyond imagination for anyone but Satan himself to actually do to someone.


Their evil knows no limits. These beasts have sero respect for anyone, even their own ‘elites’. If they think they can use someone to further their own power and money grab, they will, regardless of who it is… gropey joe is evidence of this… their evil can never be satisfied and is all consuming. And we know who the father of this is….

Jay Whitcraft

I don’t think that “Big Mike” will be the VP choice even though I’m sure that he/she/it has been asked in private. Everyone forgets how lazy (she) is. Jay


Maybe they should draft Mitt Romney…

DD More

Check out Elizabeth Warren actually rolling her eyes.
Looks like 2 distinct directions – First to the middle viewer-right, then UP viewer-right.

From reading body language
To the Right Indicates: Auditory Remembered (Ar)If you asked someone to “Remember what their mother’s voice sounds like or a question as they “Auditorily Remembered ” this sound. “
Up and to the Right Indicates: Visually Remembered Images (Vr)If you asked someone to “What color was the first house you lived in?”, or a question as they “Visually Remembered” the color of their childhood home.

All 70 plus year old’s, know someone who is in cognitive decline. Lizzie has just remembered what they sound like and look like.

phineas gage

Well, apparently it is a generalized cognitive phenomenon in humans:

Probably because we’re highly visual. Visual and auditory sensory process circuits overlap and integrate extensively in the brainstem, and link to visuomotor output pathways.

phineas gage

Why is eye movement associated with sensory recall (especially the non-visua recall)?

jack johnson

The DNC knows they cannot defeat Trump in a fair election process. If they actually thought Trump could be defeated Biden would not be the candidate. The DNC bench is extremely weak and any person with an ounce of potential is being saved for 2024.

I don`t think Biden will actually be the DNC candidate….hence the “2 week postponement” of the VP pick. They have 2 weeks to convince Big Mike to run.


I don’t remember any time where the VP was announced before the convention – so what is the rush???

Who the hell cares, I mean really, who cares? Does it matter who of any of the “viable” known miscreants will be named VP? One of the insiders (in every sense of the word) will be just as bad as any of the clowns who ‘debated’ GO-JO(e) Brain Biden in the primary Dem love fests, and they will have even less political ‘star power’ being relative unknowns. Don’t forget Harpo’s OWN/NWO ratings went in the tank when she endorsed ‘the One’ (previously she had been ‘apolitical’) and soon after her show went off the air.

They haven’t actually announced their Presidential candidate yet.

Most everyone seems to think that “Hidin’ Biden” is their strategy; The reality is Biden is being used to keep their actual candidate hidden and under the radar of critique for as long as possible.

Before Jimmy peanut made such a big deal of winning the Iowa caucuses presidential campaigns lasted for months, not years. However, this will be the shortest presidential campaign for a Democrat in history because Gaffe O. Joe will have to bail out for obvious (and actually legitimate) health reasons – it will be the only legitimated part of the whole Democratic platform – and a more ‘moderate’ sounding fraud who nobody knows will assume the mantle. It will probably be some prominent swamp type lefty from a key state, and not from the District of Corruption cesspool.

My guess: It will be some relatively fresh face who has not suffered much by having been exposed to a whole lot of negative national publicity over CV-19 and the riots. I’m thinking maybe Gov. Wolf from PA; a state the Dems must win. Think about it; NY and NJ govs are the epicenter of CV-19, and the left coast govs are the epicenter of the riots. The three prominent mid-northwest governors dictate everyone’s life in the states that are a combination of both.

Ultimately I don’t know who their Mondull/Ferarro of 1984 team will be, and I don’t care.

For US American loving conservatives and clear thinking independents and #WalkAwayers it is Trump or no one.


“For one thing, there’s the money question. Biden has raised several hundred million dollars for his campaign, and that money is not transferable to a different nominee.”

Yeah, it (Biden’s campaign money) may not be (legally) transferrable but when has that ever stopped them? You can’t legally use the IC/FBI/DOJFISC to “spy” on your opponent’s campaign either. So what happens to GO-JO(e) Brain Biden’s ‘money’? Does it go to “charity”, yeah right, and what “charity” do you suppose will be the beneficiary? Hmm, that is a toughie… I guarantee it won’t be the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Wounded Warriors etc.

The one thing the Dems don’t have to worry about is money – it will be funneled to them via law firms and other entities/front groups/foundations who have all stocked up on washing machines. Plus, they can count on the big six of the traditional media and all the social media bosses along with our unbiased and impartial ‘friends’ at the NYT and the WAPO et al, providing all the “in kind” contributions via their coverage/censorship.

Their problem is they have NO message that appeals to the vast majority of Americans and this time they have no “viable” vessel to carry that non-message.


So if this Brietbart article is correct, which I believe it is, you know the demoncrap will do ANYTHING to game and steal the election by any means. Even going so far as scorched Earth.

Their forte is in theft and cheating with copious amounts of straight face lying. If they can’t outright steal the election thru ballot harvesting and mail fraud then they will declare a state to be demoncrap even if lost to Republicans.

These are evil people willing to destroy you to satisfy their drive for power and money, which they can never satiate.

Its a war… arm up, stay ready

phineas gage

Another major issue is, if Biden is removed, the Bernie Bros will be championing Crazy Bernie as the replacement, and they’ll have a strong argument. If the nomination is given to someone else, the party will split.

And they have almost no time. Rumors are that Bass was indeed the VP choice until the last-minute sabotage about the Scientology and Cuba comments torpedoed her.

Although everyone always assumes that the Dems plot everything out, I don’t think they were prepared for Biden’s rapid decline. He can’t make it through until November, absent a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ scenario, and they can’t feasibly replace him. Meanwhile the media doesn’t know which way to go as they stand by awaiting their marching orders from the Politburo.


CGI… Their best option… 🙂


In for a penny in for a pound…

They don’t have any options. Its run the gropey joe and do everything they can to steal the election. Thats all they got… Thats what they’ll run with. They project this constantly.. stating that Trump is going to ‘steal’ the election


Joe Biden had two brain surgeries during the 1980’s to correct aneurysms. His blood vessels lack elastic structure so they swell and leak blood. Hemorrhagic stroke is the end game. In old age the brain of such person becomes riddled with over a thousand small blood clots of dead brain tissue. Individual occurrences are called TiA Transient Ischemic Attack. People often pass out during TIA. Other times they merely lose their train of thought. Old Joe has very little functional brain tissue to bring to the table.

phineas gage

At this point it has to be an all-in massive push for mail-in voting. That is all they’ve got.

Look for the riots to be completely forgotten and for the virus panic porn to be ramped up to histrionic proportions.


It almost seems like the Dems are biding their time until they can unleash the next round of pain and catastrophe on us. Even they are not so daft as to think he is a viable candidate. They are powerful and desperate, which is a pretty lethal combination.

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