Monday News Roundup: The Madness in Democrat Cities Will Escalate Until the Voter Madness Stops

The boat rallies continue, and they keep growing larger. – The Wuhan Virus restrictions against large publi gatherings – except, of course, for Democrat Party-sponsored rioters – have produced a new national phenomenon:  The Boat Rally.

Actually, the correct description of these events is the “Trump Boat Rally” since there have been no similar rallies for Joe Biden or any Democrat, which, come to think of it, is just like the massive in-person rallies that were exclusively a Trump phenomenon. They’ve become a great way for Trump supporters to show their love and support for the President without violating any of the unconstitutional edicts handed down by their governors, with at least one such rally taking place somewhere in the nation each weekend.

On Saturday, it was St. Augustine, Florida’s turn:


Here’s the front page on Sunday’s New York Post:


This sad fact is brought to you directly by the policies of communist Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio. There is literally no one else to blame. And New Yorkers brought this on themselves by electing the jackass in 2014 and then – after having seen for four long years what an evil despot he truly is – re-electing him again in 2018.

The Big Apple is dying before our eyes because that’s what the voters asked for. You could never make this stuff up, folks.

Things aren’t much better in Minneapolis. – With communist Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey and his fellow communist Democrats on the city council slashing the police budget and inhibiting the department’s ability to effectively deal with criminals, violent crime and robberies are shooting through the roof in Minneapolis. In response to this reality, the Minneapolis city government sent out the following advice to citizens on Saturday:


That’s right: The citizens of Minneapolis can no longer have any expectation of police protection. They simply must learn to behave like frightened targets of roving bands of thugs whenever they go out in public and be prepared to turn over their cash, wallets and car keys whenever they’re assaulted and pray the criminal doesn’t kill them anyway.

This is how communist Democrats expect us all to live today. This truly is their goal, and they aren’t even bothering to try to hide it anymore.

It’s just status quo Lori Lightfoot style in Chicago. – It was just another weekend with dozens of shootings and deaths on the streets of Chicago, with almost all of the victims being African American. But these are black lives that don’t matter to Black Lives Matter or communist Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose polices led directly to a whopping 139% increase in shootings during July.

One of the victims this weekend sadly included a 9 year-old child. From a report by WGN:

CHICAGO — A Near North Side community is calling on city leaders for help in the wake of a 9-year-old’s murder on Friday, leaving a neighborhood traumatized and crying out for mental health support services Sunday.

Community leaders returned to the spot where 9-year-old Janari Ricks was gunned down to say enough is enough. Standing next to balloons, candles and teddy bears commemorating Ricks’ heartbreakingly short life, they called for shooters to turn themselves in and both community and government members to take on gun violence.

“We are adamant about getting this young man captured and seized for the senseless act he committed and we are asking him again, turn yourself in; if you turn yourself in you can make this a whole lot easier,” said Raymond Richard, Brothers Standing Together. “You know what you did, you know who you are, and we are gonna pray that you do the right thing.”

One of the main messages from community activists like Andrew Holmes Sunday: stop protecting shooters.

“These are our babies that are falling,” Holmes said. “Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, COVID-19 you can’t see it neither, but the shooter you see him.”


Yes, you can see the shooters. It’s just that Lori Lightfoot refuses to let the police do anything effective to stop them. Chicago has had nothing but Democrat mayors since 1931. This madness will only continue to escalate so long as the voters’ madness on election days continues.

Meanwhile, in Portland… – While you listen to the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC tell you that all is well and peaceful in Portland, Oregon now that the federal law enforcement presence has been diminished, here is what really took place in that city under siege by Democrat-sponsored domestic terrorists last night, courtesy of Andy Ngo:


But there was one bit of good news:

From Mr. Ngo’s piece in the New York Post:

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday morning, videos captured the moment a makeshift bomb was thrown at the Portland federal courthouse during another night of violent protest. A Trump-loving, 69-year-old woman soon stepped forward to out the suspect publicly — as her own grandson.

Karla Fox says she recognized the alleged bomber as her daughter’s son, 18-year-old Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill.

In the hours after the IED attack, social-media users analyzed videos showing a slim male, wearing a distinctive olive vest with the word “ICONS” printed on it, throwing something over the fence at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse. Seconds later, a large explosion erupts, covering the front door in flames. The man picks up something off the ground and sprints off-camera. Police said the concussion could be “heard and felt more than a block away.”

Fox instantly identified her grandson because she gave him the vest.

“I bought the vest for him after he found one online after getting hit with rubber bullets the night before at the protest,” Fox told The Post. (She even left a positive review on clothing site Hibbett: “I got this for my grandson who’s a protester downtown, he uses it every night and says it does the job.”) She posted a photo of him posing in the $26 non-bulletproof apparel.


Fantastic. God bless Karla Fox and the millions of law-abiding Americans just like her all over the country.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Ever notice how when they are not in total power, the Dems always give “guidelines” to their subjects; when they are in power they issue mandates.

The “guidelines” are all carefully couched in benign phrases for good causes like public safety or health, then they turn into MANDATES for the purpose of public control.


phineas gage

I’m not sure why Redfield has wandered off the reservation, but it is interesting:


Maybe he remembered the part about “do no harm”. Or could he has kids or family who has kids and something bad happened and he’s trying to fix things.


As always, they assume too many citizens are gullible and won’t use the internet to check their stories out.

phineas gage

This is how it has to be done, with Moe Sizlak and all the rest of them:

Legal armageddon.

phineas gage

Gee, never saw this coming:

It’s only going to get worse, buttercups. You’ve flipped off millions of traditional fans, and your new woke targeted audience doesn’t give a damn about your game.

You have been dragged down by your own ignorant employees, and you seem to be proud of it.

As any sales marketer can tell you, the last thing you want to do is diminish your brand. They have taken a blowtorch to it.

Enjoy yourselves in your darkened, bankrupt palaces.


Day by day, bit by bit their castles will crumble into the sea.


The Dems, the media and academia have been fomenting this anti-American movement my whole life – since at least LBJ, if not the fifties, and now it has exploded. They will soon find out creating and funding an angry mob is a whole lot easier than CONTROLLING an angry mob.

And their uncontrollable mob is spreading to areas where the people will forcefully put the genie back into the bottle. It won’t be pretty, but it will be quick, because I don’t see any real cops working too hard to find out who is defending their own property and person; blue places like St. Louis notwithstanding.

WLM members can wear masks and face covering too, and many have military training…

phineas gage

It goes back to the progressives of the late 19th and early 20th century. Plenty of anarchists back then too.


Here’s my question- re: Minneapolis: if municipalities won’t protect their citizens then by what right do said municipalities have to collect taxes?

If citizens stood – as one – municipalities/State govt/Fed govts could not stand against such a widespread tax boycott. A boycott such as this would bring these corrupt morons to heal in about five minutes.

That’s the real power the citizen has, to starve the beast. If govts won’t enforce the most basic of fundamental freedoms then why should the citizen be forced to comply with any laws?

Harrison Bergeron

Meanwhile in Red State those who vote for a living elected a CPUSA operative (democrat) mayor to lead Capital City and the utopia is nowhere to be found.
Crime, poverty and government dependence are way up but those are features and not bugs to the comrades.
The infrastructure is crumbling and touchy feely projects like electric cars for the collective and trains to nowhere proceed as normal.
Maybe some cronies needed a little of that enrichment from Uncle Sugar via various “green” projects. Only time will tell.
Who will the statist utopian true believer Kool-Aiders blame when all the conservatives are relegated to kulak status and the golden paradise is nowhere to be found?


I wonder how wide spread total voter fraud is, in democrat controlled cities and states…..

phineas gage

Extensive. Here is part of an investigative series, this one focusing on Minneapolis:

Links to other parts of the series are at the bottom.

phineas gage

Now you really don’t have to listen that hard at all to hear the Democrat screams:

It’s all coming apart for them.

phineas gage

A dedication to all the Portland anarchists, with the immortal Fee Waybill on vocals:

Bring it to red America, punks.


And one for the demoncrats

phineas gage

Let’s see how well those Minneapolis instructions play out as wealthy white suburban women begin to be attacked. The gear-grinding reversal will be truly stunning to behold.

DD More

“We want those who live and work here to be safe” – 3rd Precinct

Wishes and wants do not transform a person; actions and reactions do so! Show the world your plans by the actions you take progressively and consistently.

Israelmore Ayivor

phineas gage

Much of the Wall Street investment industry is expected to leave NYC. It will be blamed on covid, naturally, but the real reason is DeBlasio. It is beginning a slide to Detroit status.

This while men and women die on the battlefields around the world almost daily for our Nation. This while Police are targeted, attacked, and ignored. First Responders need to be careful these days. Why? Because far too many feel free to ignore our laws, and visit violence upon people they disagree with. Conservatism and the 2nd Amendment have never been more important. Without them, say goodbye to our Nation.


Its limited to a few cities and by a few anarchists, a very small portion of the population. Its being OVER amplified intentionally by media to give the impression the US is on the verge of collapse.

Its very serious tho, not minimizing it in any way. People in these cities and front line workers NEED to be on their guard and be situational aware of whats happening around them. Even at grocery stores, at an intersection, everywhere you go outside of your house.

There are going to be innocent victims in all this and already has been more than a few children killed BECAUSE of demoncrap policies and governance. There will be more to come because these evil slime don’t give a rats hiney about anyone outside their political orb.

In some respects I hope it continues because the picture given by these evil corrupt to the core demoncrap politicals couldn’t be in starker contrast to conservative run cities, states. Only the zombies will continue to follow the dirtballs, those not fully brain dead yet will be driven away from the insanity the communists display every single day.

Its cringe worthy to see the destruction and not be able to step in forcefully. But in a war there are always casualties and sometimes the casualties are necessary in order to accomplish the end goal. Nobody but demoncraps want a war and nothing is solved by running away from the battle. Demoncraps are pushing for the war… Take the fight to the ballot box first, defeat them there, soundly. If they push further after the election they may get the other…

Its a war… its going to get ugly… take them out at the ballot box to avoid the other war.


Its a war… and its heating up…

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