Shock Poll: Trump Leads National Popular Vote as Biden’s Dementia Becomes More Obvious

The Trump 2020 landslide is starting to build. – Although most of the conventional polls still show Hidin’ Joe Biden with a lead, there is no question that we have seen a noticeable movement in the polling over the past two weeks in President Trump’s favor. The absurd Biden leads of 12 – 15 points being trumpeted in the corrupt news media a month ago have now given way to single digit margins ranging from 4 – 9 points as pollsters try to make their output somewhat more believable to a knowing public.

I’m not a person who obsesses over polls, mainly because the vast majority of polls are now as corrupt as the news media, and designed to create news stories rather than genuinely attempt to reflect public opinion. But one poll released Sunday morning does deserve mentioning, not because it shows President Trump now holding a narrow margin in the national popular vote and a larger edge in several battleground states, but because of its findings on a series of other questions that really do give us an idea of how voter opinions are trending.

The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll shows the President with a 48-46% lead in the national popular vote, as well as a 48-43% edge in the swing states of  Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Among those states, Biden only leads in Wisconsin, which Trump won in 2016. The deduction of that state’s electoral votes and the addition of Minnesota and New Hampshire to the Trump column would result in a Trump Electoral College victory of 309 to 229, larger by 3 than his winning margin in 2016.

But let’s be honest: This is just another poll, and while it does look at likely voters to give it more validity, it is still more than 90 days before the election. So these numbers, while encouraging, are still just a guess.

The more interesting aspects of this particular poll come in the other questions that are designed to measure the trends in voter attitudes, i.e., that factors that will help determine the way they end up voting in November. Several of them are extremely troubling for the Biden camp, and indicate he will find it almost impossible to actually prevail when voting time comes.

Here are some of those:

The measure of “shy” voters who are reluctant to be honest with pollsters about how they plan to vote. An astounding 71% of Trump voters said they are actually “shy” voters. This is a clear indication that many  Trump voters actually lie to pollsters when asked who they plan to vote for, which is certainly understandable given the corrupt media’s campaign to shame all Trump voters as racists or even worse.

The growing Enthusiasm Gap. 79 percent of Trump voters are enthusiastic about their candidate compared to just 41 percent of Biden voters, two points lower than a month ago. This is by far the largest such gap I have ever seen between two presidential candidates, and I have been following this stuff religiously since 1980. This will presage an enormous turnout advantage for Trump if it holds up.

That Enthusiasm Gap gets even worse for Biden in this followup question:

Q. “Is your vote for Trump/Biden a positive vote for your candidate or a negative vote against his opponent?

  • Trump voters: positive vote = 84%; negative vote = 16%
  • Biden voters: positive vote = 32%; negative vote = 68%

The growing recognition by voters that Biden is suffering from advancing dementia. I’ve been writing about this reality since before Biden even announced his candidacy last April, and a growing number of likely voters are becoming aware of it.  According to this poll, a phenomenal 58 percent believe Mr Biden is suffering from cognitive decline compared to 55 percent last month.  Even worse for Biden, 48 percent are less likely to vote for him as a result compared to 40 percent a month ago.

The Expectations Game. Fully 62% of voters expect that Trump will win the first debate against Biden. That expectation, combined with Biden’s increasingly obvious mental decline, is why you will never see a debate between these two men this Fall.

Also, by a margin of 54-46%, voters expect the President to defeat Biden.

There is much, much more in this poll, and pretty much all of it is discouraging for Biden.

That’s good news for America.

That is all.

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The Dem ‘leadership’ apparently feels confident the election fix is in as now they are dredging the names of people of whom few people know as Potential VP candidates for Bunker Biden. Bass, Bottoms, Rice, etc.? Really? All are puppets who are committed to the ’cause’; none have the ‘winning’ charisma of ‘the One’ or of Walking Eagle’s nominal husband.

Remember, month’s ago, most of us here thought the DNC would choose someone of note; someone with ‘star power’ (Oprah? Big Mike? senator Round-Heels? even Walking Eagle?) who could elevate the ticket to victory over a MSM (D) damaged Trump administration? It is apparent such a person does not exist – they have no proven appealing vote-getters. So one must ask: What changed in the last several months? Answer: Absolutely nothing.

Obviously the NWO machine feels it can’t abide with another four years of President Trump’s MAGA and KAG agenda so they are all in on ‘anybody but Trump’ and clearly anybody but Sanders/Pocahontas as they cleared the field for Bunker Biden in March. I used to think Bernie was a smart guy and he apparently couldn’t figure out the Dems are a bunch of users and abusers after 2016…; he should have run as an actual independent this year. You can bet someone ‘called’ him and told him to keep quiet, take his perks (bribes) and support the syndicate, or at least just fade away.

I hope and pray the 4D chess playing President and his ‘wingman’ AG has a plan to prevent the November voter fraud division of the DNC from succeeding and I pray for his and their safety.


I just can’t imagine anyone watching the cities burned and looted thinking, “Yeah, I want more of that, I’m voting for the democrats”.


The message is: “Vote Trump/Pence”. Pass it on 😉


Thanks! Larry sent me

Technically though I came here via Fleporeblog’s Roundup


Welcome! Love your avatar.


IF the Democrats could nominate a female, lesbian, black, communist I don’t see how they could lose. I suggest Karen Bass or Lori Lightfoot. They are great! They have charisma and their communist politics shines like a beacon in the night.


“Trump voters: positive vote = 84%; negative vote = 16%
Biden voters: positive vote = 32%; negative vote = 68%”

To me that is the key stat. Most people I know wish for or would rather be able to vote FOR someone rather than always having to vote for the lessor of two evils or against the greater of two evils. Election history of the last forty years:

– Reagan (and “independent” Anderson) in 1980 was seen as the lessor of two evils
– Reagan’s first term gave people a reason to vote FOR him and he won in a landslide
– Bush the first won on Reagan’s coattails, and was seen as the lessor of two evils against Beetle Bailey in 1988
– Bush was a massive disappointment to his base, Perot offered an alternative and Slick Willie was, well, ‘slick enough’ to get 43% of the popular vote. This was a clear non-passionate – vote against a weak incumbent – election as HW got only 38% of the vote
– The Slickster was still slick enough to win but, only got 49% of the popular vote with Perot again tag-teaming with him to defeat the unremarkable and MSM (D) vilified Bob Dole
– Bush the second was seen as the lessor of two evils against Algore by a margin of approximately 537 votes in Florida
– Bush the second was the marginally lessor of two evils victor against Lurch
– Most people I know didn’t vote FOR Ace in 2008; they voted against ‘the One’ (I still have my PALIN – mccain “T” shirt)
– Ditto for the Muttster vs. ‘the One’ – I’ll never vote for another fraud RINO
– in 2016, Trump’s EC victory and slim popular vote wins in key states/areas was clearly an anti Walking Eagle vote*.

In 2020, Trump clearly has given his base and hopefully many “#WalkAway” converts, a reason to PASSIONATELY vote FOR him; no sane person can see GO-JO(e) Brain Biden, as even a “lessor of two evils” alternative to Trump – we’ll see what percentage of the country is hopelessly stupid on Nov 3.

* A thought just occurred to me about the supposed popularity and political brilliance of Willie Jeff and the fingernails on a chalkboard style of the very unlikability of his nominal ‘wife’, Walking Eagle: Despite all the adulation of Slick Willie, his average popular vote totals average was 46%; Walking Eagle garnered a higher percentage (supposedly about 49%) of the “popular vote” against a very hard working and well known opponent.

I know there are a lot of unrelated factors in the relative percentages of the two Clinton’s vote totals, but if BJ Clinton was so popular (according to the polls in the 1990’s) shouldn’t he have gotten closer to 56% rather than 46% of the popular vote and NOT LOSE CONGRESS for the last SIX YEARS of his presidency?

And ‘the One’ got approximately three million FEWER votes in his 2012 reelection bid and lost two more (NC and IN) states; he did manage to hold the senate for six of eight years, unlike the slickster. But if he was so revered, shouldn’t his PV and EC vote totals have gone up? Especially when there were probably at least ten million more eligible voters in 2012?

It will be very interesting to see how how many more million votes Trumps gets in his reelection bid versus the three million ‘the One’ lost in 2012; and whether or not he can keep the senate in a tough GOP year and regain the house – both of which are of equally vital importance this year.

The Great Leap Forward

Comrade Kommissarina Bass didn’t give him a boost?
She has some delicious Cuban Kool-Aid for the comrades of the collective.
We have to burn it all down to find out what’s in it.
The Great Leap Forward to Zimbabwe where we will roast rat kebabs over 55 gallon drums while wearing sandals made from old tires.
Forward! Yes we can.


Your vision for America is beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. SERIOUSLY!


are you just going to ignore who they polled?
Party ID

Republican = 84%

Democrat = 25%

Independent = 44%

While I support Trump, this poll is as meaningless as the MSM polls that over sample Dems by 12+ points.


Tecwzrd, I think you meant Republican at 34% not 84%. (typo? I make plenty myself)

That Republican number may actually be accurate; the Dems may have actually lost 10 or so percent to Independents due to the #WalkAway and other movements. Who knows? One thing is for sure, I don’t see anyone self identifying as a newly joined Democrat in the last four years – apart from their newly minted college and high school radicals who are predisposed to be Democrats regardless. I believe people are leaving the Dem. Party just like people are leaving the blue states and cities at about the same rate; hopefully with different voting defaults.

Dems may not yet be willing to make the great leap to join the GOP – a party that has many frauds in its’ ranks, but I can see 44% of the people identifying as ‘independent’ as it allows for the most flexibility to vote in primaries.

I identify as a conservative independent who declares GOP for primary voter registration purposes in primary elections, but I obviously vote Republican in the general – often under duress…


Greg, I copied/pasted directly from the poll. 84% is what the poll said unless that was a huge typo. I agree there are slightly more conservatives vs liberals, but it’s the independents who generally decide elections either way. I’m hoping most see the reckless spending and complete division the liberals are proposing and vote accordingly. Not holding my breath through.

phineas gage

Thanks–I couldn’t get the link to open and was wondering about the breakdown.

It’s going to be close once again.

phineas gage

Al ot of people saying it was all planned, but I don’t think so.

I think the Dems thought they could finesse Slow Joe through the election. Now it is clear they can’t, and they are panicking.

phineas gage

He’s not going to make it, not even close:

phineas gage

BTW, can’t Bongino replace Tick-Tock, like yesterday?

He’s sharp and he’s good.

Ernest Hendrickson, MD

MD. Biden IS senile and getting worse. He’s unqualified to be president and actually dangerous. He should resign right now.

Mark Twain

Hi, I’m Joe Biden, and I forgot this message

Rick O'Shay

More anecdotal evidence driving through small towns in Wisconsin last week. 2016; Hillary signs everywhere, 0 Trump signs. 2020; Trump signs outnumber Biden signs 10:1. Amazing.

phineas gage

This is why you are going to see a massive coordinated push for nationwide mail-in voting. It is already beginning.


The communist in the running…. says she renounces praising Castro… Well sure I believe her…


B-ASS’ cover is she didn’t know. She didn’t know about Castro. She didn’t know about the Church of Scientology. She didn’t know this, she didn’t know that.
She’s exactly the right candidate for VP who would probably become president of the DemoRats succeed in destroying this election like they plan on doing.

phineas gage

Damage control. Too little too late. Team Kamala has pretty much sunk her battleship.

Benjamin Spotts

I just like to keep in mind that Hillary was beating Trump on election day by an average of 16 points in the polls. Everyone saw how that worked out for Hillary.

phineas gage

The link didn’t work–is there any data about minority and female voters?

Minnesota trending GOP for the first time in nearly 40 years is a huge tell.

I’m expecting the Rust Belt states to pave the way for Trump; I also think that those states among them with lock-down Dem governors (Michigan, Pennsylvania) will go decisively for Trump.

NH going for Trump is not a big deal in terms of electoral votes, but it would make me feel better as a member of the Granite State diaspora.

Jumper Bones

Besides cutting through the back roads of the Merrimack Valley in Taxachusetts, to go back and forth to work, and seeing barely a handful of Biden signs, my wife and I also cut through adjacent woods go shopping at farmer’s market in Southern NH. Not a single Biden sign at all. Lots of Trump signs. I hope that not only will the Dems suffer, but I hope the lying MSM are again humiliated, and lose more of their viewership, much worse then they already have

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