Andy Ngo Exposes the Corrupt Media’s Deception about the Democrat Portland Riots

Things were peaceful last night in Portl…oh, wait. – No, they weren’t. Not even close, although the local and state police who are now being allowed to do their jobs are beginning to show exactly what they are capable of doing if not held back by communist Democrats like Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown.

First, here’s how the corrupt goons at the Associated Press lied to their readers about what happened in Portland last night:

Portland protest peaceful after federal presence reduced

Note the intentional implied cause and effect in that headline: federal police reduced, protest gets peaceful. As if the protests only became violent when the federal police began intervening two weeks ago to protect the federal courthouse in that city. That these violent riots have been ongoing, day after day, for almost 70 days now is something you would never know if you get your news from the AP or the corrupt corporate media outlets who parrot the AP’s news feed.

Here is the truth about what took place in Portland last night, courtesy of Andy Ngo, a real, working journalist who could never be hired at the AP for the simple fact that he reports the truth rather than parrot a pre-determined narrative.:

Mr. Ngo also debunks the completely dishonest way in which The Oregonian newspaper has portrayed what is happening in its own city:

So, the utter corruption in our nation’s news media is not limited to the national outlets we focus on the most: It bleeds right on down into your state and local media as well. Why? In part because they all use the content feeds from corrupt national outlets like the NYTimes, CNN and the AP. Look at the Oregonian report again, and note is was fed to that local outlet by the AP.

It is also in part because all of these corrupt journalists were indoctrinated in the same American journalism schools. Completely brainwashed, they parrot the Democrat/Media daily narrative because it has literally become who they are. It’s all they know to do.

They must do that because to do otherwise – to report the truth – they would have to recognize the fact that these riots are fomented day after day after day by outside agitators bused into the city and paid by George Soros front groups that are affiliated with the Democrat Party. These are in fact Democrat Party-planned and sponsored riots. Never forget that.

Thank God for real, honest, hard working journalists who are focused on actually reporting the truth like Andy Ngo.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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When they start moving into rural and residential areas they are not going to get tear gass and batons but full live rounds. Trust me


Thank goodness for Andy Ngo! Are there not more like him reporting in Portland? Am I just not aware of any.
He’s like a Lone Ranger many of us depend on for accurate reporting. Surely tell me this is not the case. I know Tim Cast is great also.

Who else is out there doing this important work of journalism? When Andy’s done, I hope he can start mentoring others likeminded. We need passionate young people who truly look to make a difference by joining Andy.


The Oregonian used to be a fairly good rag. Then the gradual tilt further and further to the left began. There is still the occasional act of journalism on their part, but was once a daily, 75 page
or so full sheet newspaper i basically a half sheet 30 or so page half sheet magazine. Sad.

It Can't Happen Here

When will the UN blue helmets come in to restore order? When the election is a debacle due to the mail in ballot fraud will the UN come in to “monitor” the election?

phineas gage

Well, despite the stonewalling by both traditional and social media (and I don’t think there is any point getting worked up about it, because it isn’t going to change, certainly not in the next three months), the truth does seem to be filtering out. The yeoman’ work by Ngo is certainly part of that.

That is why these damage-control articles have to be written in the first place. It is also why the national network coverage of the riots has changed so dramatically over the last two weeks.

It isn’t playing well for the Dems, at all, and they can’t stop what they have unleashed. Thus they now have to try lie about it and ignore it.


Andy needs to be officially recognized by the White House. That’d make more than a few cnn heads explode.

Journalism was at one point a thing. Then it gradually moved into boilerplate journalism. From there it was an easy transition to activist journalism and hasn’t looked back. No accountability is what created this monster. If they, the journalist and outlet, were held legally responsible somehow, then this would never have happened. IMO

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