Released Epstein Documents Show Monsters Everywhere, Even at the Top of the FBI

Media blackout on aisle Clinton! Media blackout on aisle Clinton! – A federal court unsealed court documents related to the cases against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell late Thursday night. The contents of them are depressing and disgusting, and the story has of course been completely ignored by the corrupt, mainstream media outlets we have all come to know and detest.

The deposition of one of the underage girls trafficked and abused by the two ghouls shows luminaries like Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and former president Bill Clinton visiting Epstein’s Caribbean island to engage with the victims of this pedophilia ring. Other documents show that, when one of the victims appealed to the FBI to release some of the evidence to her so she could pursue a civil suit against Epstein, the FBI simply ignored her.

Here is the truly depressing aspect about all of this: The FBI across two directors – Robert Mueller and James Comey – knew everything Epstein was involved in and gave him a pass, most likely because it was using him and Maxwell as sources for damaging information about the powerful men and women who were his clients.  The revelations about Clinton, Prince Andrew and Dershowitz are nothing new: I have personally been writing about Clinton and his relationship with Epstein for at least 20 years.

A spokesman for Slick Willie denied last night that he has ever been to Epstein’s island, but this is just another lie from a compulsive liar. Clinton’s name famously appears on Epstein’s private jet (famously nicknamed the Lolita Express) flight logs at least 26 times over a span of more than a decade: Where are we supposed to think he was flying if not to Pedophile Island?

So, that’s old news and it is highly unlikely that any of those prominent clients will ever really face true justice for their crimes, especially with the full force of the American news media covering for them.

The worst part of all of this where our nation is concerned is the fact that the FBI knew all about this since at least the first of this century and did nothing. This disgraceful failure must somehow be punished.

To allow monsters like Epstein and Maxwell to continue to abuse and destroy the lives of young girls for decades so that they could be plumbed for dirt about their clients is not in any way appropriate or acceptable. Mueller, Comey and everyone else at the FBI who was in the decision-making chain here is every bit the monster that Clinton and the Prince and Dershowitz are, every bit the ghoul that Epstein and Maxwell personify.

America should not have monsters and ghouls running what is supposed to be its premier law enforcement agency. But of course, with the feckless Christopher Wray now in charge, we seem to have graduated from monster to worthless apparatchik, so we at least have that going for us.

What a damn circus.

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson addressed the FBI’s despicable behavior in his monologue last night. It’s a very good use of 2 minutes of your time:

That is all.

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marty lopez

Are you suggesting the Attorney General should do something? Well, are you?

I would remind you, AG Barr is there only and precisely to make sure that no one is ever prosecuted and the deep state isn’t interrupted or exposed.


Well my friend there are things happening. Much of it isn’t being covered by either side really. I posted a link to an article the other day that went thru more than a few of the parasite politicals getting arrested and some going to jail. Its a good start.

The question is… will the cabal players be prosecuted??? Before the article I would be shoulder to shoulder with you. Today after the article…. I’m hopeful. What we do KNOW is that if the demoncrap can steal the election, then yes it will all magically disappear. Lets hope there is action before the ballot so that action of another sort isn’t needed.

Its war…

phineas gage

We now live in a post-constitutional republic, and it seems increasingly clear that the defined mechanisms to address our grievances and secure our liberty are no longer operative.

The feckless Christopher Wray is the least of our problems, just another puppet of the state.

No one is coming to dissolve the FBI, CIA, or any other apparatus of the monolithic state. Instead, they are coming for you. We are on our own.


I think Nov will be the telling point at which the need to form well regulated militias will be determined. We’ll see…


Phineas- this is how you get vigilante justice.

Ben Colder

What gets me about all this is everyone knows nothing will ever be done the Clintons and I mean both of them will never face the music they never have never will.Ma is just as bad if not worse than Slick she is an evil person Slick is just a fool that can not or will not control himself.Ma brags about getting rapists off and the FBI knew about it all along.What else do they know and keep under wraps this guy Wray should be fired and fired yesterday.The whole FBI needs to be investigated and either abolished or totally revamped I lean to abolished and something new put in place.


If it is any consolation, and I think it is, the greatest retribution is that Hillary was kept from the power she so desperately craves. Her being beaten by Trump will stick in her craw until the day she dies.


Because government and these agencies are generally centered around the swamp where do you think the rats and flies are going to swarm to??

I think most would agree with you. Bit, imo, instead of abolishing and starting over as the chameleons would walk right back into their previous positions. Would it not be better, not only in terms of security but fiscally as well, to fire ALL the upper level management and move the head quarters out of swamp territory. Then replace the upper management with only personnel that has no swamp ties??

Disband the CIA completely tho. Its an evil shadow governemt that isn’t beholden to anyone. The Flynn fiasco is a cia driven op because Flynn was going to do an audit on all the ‘security’ organizations.

SOMETHING needs to be done, otherwise these problems will never go away and WILL get far worse before getting better.

Its a war


High time to dissolve both the FBI & CIA. They’ve proven themselves rank, incompetent, politicized divisions more interested in political dirty tricks than law & order. Fire the agents en mass – no severance – let’em flip burgers or clean toilets while they learn to code, & burn the buildings to the ground.


If President Trump loses, no one will hear another word about Maxwell from the MSM (Pedo Supporters).

She and the story will be OBE (overcome by events). And I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Epstein (who I think is still alive somewhere) get to reestablish their little girl’s club somewhere.

I believe the ‘system’ is that corrupt.


I think most would agree with you that the ‘system’ IS that corrupt.

Will there be justice??? Likely not here, but on their last breath they will face real justice. And by the looks of it Slick Willie ain’t got long for this world.


Great! Another demoncrat funeral that will get used to preach about orangeman bad.


I can deal with a lot more of these “funerals” Silas.

And I for one want to see even more over the top adulation for these leading lights of what ever (bowel) movements to which they are associated.

The more the merrier, and the more repulsive they will become and the more free air time and commercials there will be for President Trump and his agenda.

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