John Lewis got a Political Rally; Herman Cain Will get a Funeral

The Swamp holds a political rally, er, ‘funeral’ for John Lewis. – Now, you can’t go to church with more than 10 of your fellow Americans, but those who infest the DC Swamp can fill a church, ignore social distancing, and hold a political rally for a dead corrupt congressman who in his youth was a genuine champion of civil rights.

Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self was there, preaching about the glories of mail-in ballots and the evils of having to have an ID when you go vote. San Fran Nan was there, half in the tank as always. Slick Willie was there, his visage increasingly that of a wraith from a horror film, which is the only way one would expect a long-time running buddy of Jeffrey Epstein to age. Hell, they even rolled out George W. Bush, who likely knew Mr. Lewis about as well as he knew me.

Because this funeral wasn’t a funeral at all: Like the “funerals” for John McCain and Aretha Franklin and George Floyd before it, this was just another chance to brainwash the public and take shots at the Bad Orange Man who isn’t part of their club. That’s all it was: a gaudy and disgusting spectacle that has become sadly typical of the Swamp in general and Democrats in particular.

See, they can all do this thing that you can’t because they’re your betters. Just like Dr. Fauci can go to a baseball game and yuck it up in the stands while he ignores his own dictates that have become such an oppressive part of your lives. They’re the elite; the segment of our society that gets to ignore all of the stuff they tell you you must do or be tossed in jail.

If you don’t believe me, just watch and learn. Herman Cain, a hero for conservatives everywhere and a truly great American, died yesterday. Let’s watch and see if he gets a nationally-televised funeral in a church filled with Swamplings. Let’s watch and see if he gets a send-off in a church filled with people, period.

What Cain has received already instead is derision from the corrupt news media. Pretty much every outlet knee-jerked to the narrative that “Cain, who refused to wear a mask, died after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 just 9 days after attending a rally for President Trump in Tulsa.” To the Associated Press, the New York Times, Politico, CNN, MSNBC and all of the TV networks, that is apparently the story of Herman Cain’s life in its entirety.

For those unaware, Herman Cain was born in 1945 in Atlanta, the son of a father who worked variously as a barber, a chauffeur and a janitor and a mother who worked as a maid. Hard working, great Americans. Cain himself followed his parents’ example to become a hard-working, great American in his own right.

After putting himself through college and receiving a degree in mathematics from Morehouse College, Cain served his country as a civilian systems analyst for the Department of the Navy. He then moved into the business world, where he rose to national prominence, ultimately becoming the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and the Chairman of the National Restaurant Association.

He ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, a nomination that ultimately went to the Swampling RINO Mitt Romney, with disastrous results. Cain was running a strong race until it was revealed he had had an extra-marital affair, something that would have been a badge of honor for any Democrat, but which gave the corrupt media an excuse to hound him out of the race.

There will be no nationally-televised funeral for Mr. Cain. His body will not lie in state at the nation’s capitol. He won’t have 4 or 5 separate memorial services over a span of 10 days, as did McCain and Floyd and Lewis. Al Sharpton won’t be invited to deliver an hour-long, hate-filled diatribe. The Clintons will not travel to his funeral from Chappaqua, nor the Bushes from their ranch in Texas. Obama His Own Self will not deliver a eulogy filled with messages about mail-in voting or voter ID.

Herman Cain won’t receive send-offs from those former presidents, but he did get this tribute from the current one:

Rest in Peace, Herman Cain. Rest in the knowledge that, because you are neither a Swampling nor, like George Floyd, a convenient false idol being used by Democrats to justify mass riots, your funeral will be an actual, dignified service, not a disgusting political rally officiated by the fading wraiths of the elite.

That is all.

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Make America HATE again!!!! Go Trumpsters!!!


I repeat myself

There is no God in any of them no matter how much they profess they are Christians. They are false in their hearts and minds and this pressop disguised a funeral proves it.


John Lewis was a classic race baiter and criminal. Herman Cain was a self-made example of what a human should be like.


Like Gregg stated these vile despicable people flocking to throw shade on Herman Cain and unabashed hate on Trump for no reason, hopefully keep it up. It only amplifies their complete and utter evil they have within their hearts and makes the lines of demarcation between those who are the children of light and darkness about as clear as it could possibly get.

Herman Cain was a solid Christian and people hate him because they hate what Herman stood for. A man of God, a man who realized the American dream of working hard and being successful. Family, church, service to the community and charity are hallmarks to be proud of.

Unless these haters turn to Christ they will never hear the most valuable thing nor experience the overwhelming joy that awaits everyone who follows Christ. These haters have a future of unimaginable torment awaiting them when they hear those terrifying words,

Matt 25:41 “Then He will also say to those on the left hand, ‘Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels:

But to those who follow Christ, like Herman, they will hear the best thing

Matt. 25:21 His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’

For Herman… there is no resting… Hes only now living to his fullest, unencumbered by sin, death or weakness We who are left will mourn his death but we’ll celebrate his life.

phineas gage

Once again, as in 2016, the Dems and media have fully convinced themselves within their bubble that everyone agrees with them and approves of their awful behavior.

And once again, they will be completely shocked when they find out it isn’t so and that they are not an accurate representation of Americans, not even close. Pauline Kael, please pick up the courtesy phone…..

Trump ought to consider appropriating Barry Goldwater’s 1964 slogan ‘in your heart you know he’s right’, because that is exactly how it is going to play out. Except unlike Goldwater, Trump will win bigly.

phineas gage

The ever-classy Mika Brezinski accused Trump of something just short of murder by infecting Cain at the Tulsa rally, Apparently Cain’s long battle with colon cancer was forgotten in the harsh light of startling revelation…..

Rick Church

RIP Mr. Cain, You lived on your feet and not on your knees.


If the Democrats and the left (one in the same) were smart (which they are not), the Wellstone ‘funeral’ /pep rally of 2002 would have shown anyone with brains how much of a mistake such political spectacles are.

But since they are not smart or savvy, they keep doubling down on stupid. In the past I lamented such behavior. Now I have changed my mind.

I want the Dems (and MSM (D)) to keep it up; I encourage them to keep shoving this Schiff in our face every day, keep offending sensible people’s logic and decency.

And most important, keep giving President Trump and the GOP free commercials aired on your “news” networks every day. In short., keep doubling down on stupid; sooner or later it has to cost you all bigly.


RIP Herman Cain

I actually met him when he was running for President in 2012 in Murfreesboro, TN. He was a nice man, a smart man, and would have made a much better president than the GOP candidate who ultimately ran against ‘the One’.

That was a rough year for up and coming conservatives who were vying for the GOP nomination and anyone who was a real conservative who began to gain traction in the primaries was instantly targeted and destroyed by the GOP hierarchy and THEIR friends in the MSM. The victims were Michelle Bachman, Cain, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum, at least. And just like with ACE McLame in 2008, the Muttster worked harder to schiffcan his Republican challengers than he did to beat ‘the One’ which is why I will never give directly to the National Republican Committee – especially when it is headed by Mutt’s niece and all the other lameos pretending to be “conservative” for as far back as I can remember.

Again, RIP Herman, a great success story and a great American


RIP Mr. Cain.

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