EPIC: Jim Jordan Pummels a Dissembling Anthony Fauci in Friday Hearing

Anthony Fauci, the most clear and present danger to the survival of the American Republic today, appeared before some committee or other in the House of Representatives Friday morning. There he had to face a Jim Jordan who was armed for bear, determined to expose Fauci for the raging hypocrite he truly is.

I don’t have time to transcribe the clip below, but you should take the time to watch and hear it. As you do, you will see Fauci repeatedly refuse to admit to the obvious fact that the enormous crowds of protesters and rioters we saw throughout the month of June and have continued to see in lesser numbers throughout July helped to spread the Wuhan virus. You will also see Fauci claim that he never opines about whether or not certain specific group activities – like going to church or going to the gym or going out to dinner – should be allowed or banned.

As you watch him make these claims to Mr. Jordan, remember that Fauci has in fact issued such opinions many, many times. He has in fact advocated that church attendance be drastically limited. He has in fact advocated for the closing of restaurants, bars, movie theaters, sporting events and many, many other types of businesses. His pronouncements and opinions have in fact served as the very basis for putting millions of working Americans out of jobs and destroying hundreds of thousands of American businesses over the past four months.

But, when challenged by Jordan to simply admit that enormous crowds of rioters, looters and bombers obviously would help to spread the virus, Fauci suddenly finds himself unable to express an opinion.


This little man is a menace to your freedoms and to our very way of life.

That is all.

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Bob Cram

If they want to riot and burn buildings down, let them. They aren’t wearing masks and are crowded elbow to asshole. Let them infect a few thousand of their comrades, and create a die-off.


Won’t work, they are young and will not die. They could kill mom and dad though, then they will be completely screwed.



Who’s going to buy them pizza pockets if the mom and pops die from something they bring home??? oh wait… government… almost had a heart attack there, phew…

Which just gave me an idea. Somebody should have a ‘food truck’ down there selling these soy-boys their iced soy-frap and pizza pockets because rioting is heavy work and people need refreshment breaks.


There is no God in any of them no matter how much they profess they are Christians. They are false in their hearts and minds and this pressop disguised a funeral proves it.

phineas gage

Going to funerals is forbidden, unless you happen to a member of the privileged Democrat elite.

Then it is just fine to pack together and hold a political rally.

Everyone is going to have learn how to behave appropriately in our new two-tiered society and our new selective rules of behavior.. Dr. Fauci is here to help guide you.

jack johnson

Basically what that so called funeral was….a political rally. With the classless Indonesian community organizer at the helm. Fauci is such a fraud I wish someone would ask him when the last time he treated a patient was.

Fauci believes he knows better than practicing physicians who actually administer healthcare on a daily basis. I`m glad Jordan dismantled this tool of the left.


Its well known scientifically that riots are not crowds… /s

Hes an evil little troll… Where are his goggles??? You can wear goggles while speaking… Wheres his?!?!?

Oh wait… hes exempt…


I would write what I think the obvious solution to the conundrum of Dr Fraudci should be, but if it happens I would most likely be the first to get questioned.

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