Thursday News Roundup: Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy Williams Beats Down the Corrupt Media and More

The media blackout story of the day. – I had planned to write about this story yesterday, but the Barr hearing and Brennan security clearance revocation intervened.

This is a move that only Donald J. Trump, among all U.S. presidents in our history, could have pulled off, because he’s the only one whose business-oriented mind would have conceived of it. Using the Defense Production Act, the Trump Administration is entering into a $765 million public/private partnership with Kodak to enable that company to begin manufacturing pharmaceutical products as a means of getting the United States disentangled from China in that line of business.

From a report at

The Trump administration is brokering a $765 million loan to Kodak for the U.S. film giant to begin manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs, in hopes of breaking foreign supply chain reliance, the White House said Tuesday.

Under the deal, Kodak is creating a new manufacturing line called Kodak Pharmaceuticals with the aim of shifting offshore prescription drug production back to the United States. The loan,  administered by the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) under the Defense Production Act, is meant to reduce what the White House called “our dangerous reliance on foreign drug manufacturing.”

On Tuesday, the White House noted that the administration has invoked the Defense Production Act more than 30 times to boost U.S. supplies needed to confront the coronavirus pandemic, including the manufacturing of ventilators, personal protective equipment, testing supplies, pharmaceutical products and more.

President Trump made bringing manufacturing back to America a central goal of his 2016 campaign and subsequent presidency.

“It’s a big deal,” Trump said during a White House coronavirus task force briefing. “It’s a great deal for New York and a great deal for Kodak.”

The White House told reporters Tuesday that 90% of the main ingredients of the most common pharmaceuticals taken each day in the United States are manufactured abroad.


Having products crucial to the health of Americans manufactured by Americans in America: What a concept.

Naturally, the Democrats are mad as hell about it all and the corrupt news media has essentially ignored the story. Because Trump.

The Democrats are gonna need some more security guys. – The feeding frenzy by communist Democrats on city councils all over America to “defund the police” is now beginning to bite back.

As their August convention in Milwaukee grows near, the DNC is finding that police departments around the state of Wisconsin who had previously committed to providing security for the event are no longer willing to work with a party that is advocating for their demise.

From a report at The Hill:

More than 100 police agencies in Wisconsin have pulled out of their security contracts with the Democratic National Convention ahead of their predominantly virtual convention, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday.

Some of the agencies said their decision to pull out of the agreement to send personnel to the convention comes after the Milwaukee’s police chief decided to cease the use of tear gas and pepper spray during demonstrations.

Their decision to pull out of the contracts cast doubt on the convention’s goal to have 1,000 officers at the event, which will run from Aug. 17-20, where former Vice President Joe Biden will formally accept the party’s nomination. Only about 300 people are expected to attend the in-person event.

“MPD’s top priority remains to ensure that next month’s DNC is a safe event for all visitors and participants,” the Milwaukee Police Department said in the statement.

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission last week directed Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales to change department policy to restrict the use of tear gas and pepper spray, which has been used by law enforcement at demonstrations protesting racial inequality in recent months.


‘No justice, no peace’ has now become ‘no tear gas, no police’ for the Democrat Party. Actions have consequences.

America needs more U.S. Attorneys like this guy. – U.S. Attorney for the Oregon District Billy Williams lambasted the Portland and national news media for refusing to call out the criminal riots taking place nightly in that city for what it is during a press availability on Wednesday.

Watch this clip – a transcript follows:

Reporter: So, we’re going to back to how you were talking about, how this was overshadowing the message about Black Lives Matter, that you feel like the late night demonstrations are taking away from the fight for racial justice…

Williams: These aren’t late night demonstrations. This is criminal activity. There’s a difference. What you have failed, and the media have failed to distinguish between…you seem unwilling to call people engaged in criminal conduct as criminals. As opposed to lawful protesting.

Reporter: Well, some may argue that the federal agents are acting as criminals too…

Williams: Yeah, well, argue away on that.

Reporter: But we’re not saying either, so…

Williams: Well, so I’m just saying there needs to be a distinction made between lawful, constitutionally protected protest and this [pointing to damage to federal courthouse]. This is unlawful, and people, whether you’re an opportunist, an antagonist, an agitator or an anarchist, call it out for what it is.

Reporter: So you’re saying the late night activity, that is criminal…

Williams: What I’m telling you is you seem to refuse to call something… ‘late night activity’? This is criminal.

Reporter: I, I just said, the late night activity that you say is criminal…

Williams: What I’m saying is, why can’t you call it out as such.

Reporter: Because I’m not…

Williams: You’re using ‘late night activity’? It sounds like a party. It’s criminal.


And speaking of Portland, here is a great example of the kind of abject nonsense the federal LEOs are having to contend with:

Most likely, “she” was treated as a man because “she” has a man’s body parts. Just a guess.

Watch as Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden does his best Weekend at Bernie’s imitation:

Same guy, right? You can barely spot the difference. He should star in the remake.

Holy crap.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Me too Brian, this is a nice start.

Carry on smartly Mr. AG, it is a target rich environment.


Well if this is DoJ Barr initiative then I profoundly apologize for being one who questioned the apparent inactivity.

This is GREAT news and should be celebrated. I knew of the one in Tennessee and maybe a couple others but this scope, I did not know. Of course lamestream media isn’t about to cover this.


And… Heres what follows the masks and now goggles…

No ‘normal’ until you take our vaccine… Bill dirtball gates is smiling…


There needs to be a whole lot of lead inoculations, I mean Injections.


You mean high velocity lead innoculation? I like it. But then again that might be considered high velocity lead poisoning and we wouldn’t want to be accused of making somebody terminally ill now would we?


Just make sure they’re copper jacketed… copper is good for you…


Ain’t going to take it. Eff their “normal” they want to mark us. He’s the false prophet.


Seeing as the covid is of the same family as the common cold and FAR less deadly than the h1n1 flu’s, you’d have to be out of your mind to think their janked together ‘vaccine’ is either safe or effective.

Remember… When some guy in a suit walks up to you and states “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Be very afraid…

phineas gage

Same class, but not same family.

Both are ss RNA viruses, but coronavirus is an enveloped virus, while rhinovirus is not.


Well gang, my wife in her infinite wisdom and great sarcastic sense of humor has topped me. (I’m proud to say she learned how to use sarcasm
from my youngest brother and I)

She said and I quote: “We should all wear Darth Vader masks!”
and then she dropped the mike.

phineas gage

fashion statement… didn’t you know??? Same as masks…


They take their shield/goggles and shove it where the sun don’t shine. The effing mask is bad enough and the damn virus isn’t going to be stopped by them either. Effing insane, They have jumped the shark.

phineas gage

Kinda like Easter eggs….

phineas gage

And yet, supposedly everyone is eager to rush out and vote for this guy?

Sorry, I’m not buying it.


But, but Phineas! He’s leading in the polls! How can you even believe that measly little 247 viewers thingy there in the bottom corner? Obviously Youtube has been hacked by some evil neonazi right wing extremists. No way there’s only 247 suckers, ummm loyal demoncrats I mean democrats watching that doddering I mean extemely sharp fella. No way!

phineas gage

Right–and the flop-sweat desperation brings out the class in our national racial healer:

All coordinated with the NYT, natch.



I don’t know what is more disgusting – ‘the One’s’ eulogy or all the following tweets made by the twits.

hat is it with all these leftist funerals: Wellstone, McLame, Lewis and others? Everything has to be an over the top political statement. In a way I’m glad they are doing it, but it is still disgusting to see – thanks for sharing Phineas.

Can’t the lefties let anyone RIP with respect and dignity without making a spectacle? Apparently not.

BTW Hussein (and all the other a$$holes who were there and twitting), Connor and Wallace WERE DEMOCRATS!!!


heh! A match made in hell.

phineas gage

D.C. Appeals Court agrees to full en-banc review of Flynn case.

The fix was in on this long ago. Flynn will not be permitted to talk before the election, and if they win they will likely send him to prison.


The Obama deep state really has it’s claws in a lot of people. This goes back to the unmaskings imho. How many people did they spy on?


Every Republican and judge who was a threat to ‘the One’s’ Deep State turd world agenda to manage the decline of America. Ted Cruz, Jebbie B., the mailman’s son, and probably Roberts and any other “conservative” judge was in their crosshairs.

Make no mistake about it; if Cruz had won, the same or similar Russian collusion crap would have happened with just the names being changed.


In that case Trump would than pardon him before Jan 20, 2021, but, as we all say here, a Trump loss would mean everything that’s good about America, is over and Flynn’s fate would be irrelevant.


Sooooooo Flaccid Fauci now suggesting wearing face shields or goggles…

desperation is kicking in the keep this scamdemic alive at all costs.
As reported on whatfinger….


Flacid and all his girlfriends (the Scarf Queen, Nancy Klink and Walking Eagle) should be placed in a cocoon – to protect them from CV-19 of course.


There is a small Earth like planet not far from our home thats ideally suited for utopian marxists. I suggest that Elon’s fatman rocket be used to transport these nice communists to said planet so they can establish a communist paradise for those arriving soon after… Sounds reasonable…

If Trump says he would want all the marxists in the US of A to stay, they’d all immediately line up to get on the boat. I don’t see a downside to this….


So heres a thought…. I think the demoncrap know they can’t win which is why they have to run a Biden. So what if their plan is to not necessarily win but to get a stalemate?!?! At the very least.

So if there is a stalemate, no clear winner. Remember demoncraps are good at cheating the system. So no clear winner would mean Piglousy as speaker would become the temporary POTUS… Thought exercise… Is this possible??? If possible it should scare people that having a potentially senile gropey joe or worse a drunken incoherent slurring vile Piglousy as a President, even temporary would be disastrous. So I’m thinking that this whole voting thing is kinda serious with consequences. Just thinking semi outloud.


That’s why all of us need to keep reminding everyone we know to vote. Don’t assume it’s a landslide until evey vote has been counted and it is a landslide.The old don’t count your chickens thing. 😀

And I do believe that we will see an unprecedented number of black, hispanic and independent voters swing the Presidents way this year. And by the time the riots and destruction start creeping closer to the suburbs, the mom vote as well.

All the polls to date have been underpolled for Republican voters with the intention of trying to discourage us. I don’t think that’s working, anymore than it did last time.


Don’t worry about the Nancy Klink scenario you described. If we can’t get a certified election result and a president seated in the seventy or so days between the Nov election and the Jan inauguration, then we will have even greater problems than a Klink or a GO-JO(e) presidency.

It will mean we are totally dysfunctional as a government and a country and deserve whatever fate awaits us.

Also, the new congress gets seated about two weeks before the Jan 20 inauguration and the new speaker – which won’t be Klink – if the Dems lose the house would become the president under your scenario.


Yeah I was curious if this was even possible and the thought had gone thru the brain early this morning because I’d remembered that there is a succession of events take place should POTUS be incapacitated in some way. Pence to Speaker, which would eliminate Pence I believe, if it were an election issue, skipping then to the slurring sleaze.

Thanks for clarifying that up…


Enemedia=CCP. CPUSA or democrats=CCP.


Define the enemy

msm – socialist echo chamber media
dnc – socialist democrat party
public schools – socialist juvenile public indoctrination center
universities and colleges – socialist brainwashing centers
seiu – socialist employee union
federal bureaucrats – socialist government employees
democrat politicians – tyrannical socialists
left wing law clerks – socialist lackeys
antifa – socialist democrat party terrorists
blm – marxist democrat party terrorists
fbi – corrupt bureau of investigations
irs – corrupt revenue confiscators’
cdc – inept and corrupt quacks
nih – more inept and corrupt quacks


“Love the interview with Billy Williams. The “reporter” just couldn’t get Williams to go along with the spin the reporter wanted to put on the riots.”

It was nice to hear the pushback to a hack reporter, but can we please stop calling it a “takedown”?

A “takedown” would be a reporter being asked and forced to answer, Would you like or accept these “mostly peaceful protests” happening to your neighborhood and accept this damage and destruction being done to your house or your studio (place of work) in the name of BLM or any other social justice?

Now that would be a “takedown”.


It was, imho, a really good slap in the face. I too wish he had been more in her face and asked the question you made. Folks really need to start subjecting these people to do some serious, logical thinking. again, said people would have to be capable of thinking logicaly in the first place.


It is my humble opinion, any word which precedes the word “justice”, negates it. There is no such thing as anything justice. Justice is what it is, or it is not anything at all.
Love the interview with Billy Williams. The “reporter” just couldn’t get Williams to go along with the spin the reporter wanted to put on the riots. Williams will not be asked for his opinion again.
Just sayin’.


Absolutely nailed it on “justice” guidvce4. Multiple thumbs up.

phineas gage

So Trump tweeted about postponing the election–this will send the media into a frothing rage for the next several days. It is all quite intentional. This is his play to short-circuit the Dem plans for mail-in voting.


4D Chess player. They will swallow it hook, line and sinker.


Boat, anchor, dock and trailer too…


We’ll see how this “deal” turns out between Portland and DHS on removing some of the federal agents. I don’t believe the rioters were given a seat at the table. Will they stand down? I know Trump is in a tough spot here…he can’t send in the cavalry before the election because it will be used against him (dictator narrative).

The most loathsome job in politics right now has to be Joe Biden’s campaign manager. You have to put him out there at least a little bit, but at any second he could gaffe or forget where he is, and now….he needs to be personally led so he doesn’t go astray. How is poor Joe going to manage a debate against Trump? Are the Dems going to keep this charade up all the way to the election? I still think there is a possibility they replace him at the DNC.

I don’t know how much Springfield, OR resembles most suburbs in the US, but rioters ended up there:

This had better NOT become a trend.


The Sprinfield – Eugene metro area is home of the University of Oregon and one of the most socialist infested areas of Oregon, second only to Portland. If it weren’t for all their rich, scoialist alumni the fighting ducks woud be the fighting cucks.Ted Nike Knight is the biggest donor they have. It’s no surprise that they are rioting there.



Didn’t the movie “Animal House” get filmed in Eugene, OR? It has taken over 40 years, but the original commie profs and the current commie pols have turned the whole of coastal Oregon (and other blue places) into an actual live “Animal House”.

phineas gage

I think so, but it was based on an actual fraternity at Dartmouth.


Strangely the TN state flag was at the student body ‘trial’ in “Animal House”.

I also heard the U of OR rejected being the set for the 1960’s movie “The Graduate” as they felt it being too risque and lost a lot of money. So when National Lampoon came around, they jumped at the opportunity to have it filmed in Eugene and not miss out on the notoriety or the fame. Good Choice Eugene!


Yep. And not all of the coastal towns are socialist. My little town has a few old hippies and tree huggers, but I haven’t heard any socialist speak around here thus far.


*sigh* I wish askimet’s spell checker still worked.

phineas gage

It will go badly–the mob thinks they have won a victory. Trump has lured the mayor and governor into a trap and pulled it shut.

phineas gage

With that little margin of error, and decreasing by the day, public disaster is inevitable with Biden. Every object in the environment, let alone a microphone or a staircase, beckons with ominous possibility. A ‘throwing an unconscious Hillary into the back of a limo’ moment awaits.


They knew they had to bring him out of the basement sooner or later. The ‘rona bad narrative will only work for so long. Especially when people see the President out and about all the time. And yes, it’s just a matter of time before there is a cankles tossed in the van moment.

I think the van toss incident and her fainting did more damage to her campaign than most think.
It pretty much exposed her as weak, and people don’t want weak for a President.


Where is GO-JO(e) Brain Biden’s mask and what about “social distancing”?

Regarding what cost Walking Eagle besides Walking Eagle, was the “Basket of Irredeemable Deplorables” comment which couldn’t be hidden but getting shoved into the Scooby-Doo van was pretty well hidden.

phineas gage

Nor do they want non compos mentis.

phineas gage

when the media does report on the Kodak deal, it will be crafted into a ‘Trump is dictator’ story. They are all awaiting their cue from the New York Times.


Some sanity has to emerge somewhere on the left coast; doesn’t it?

Thank you Oregon US Attorney Billy Williams. There are many opportunities for heroes to emerge this year who will be praised and rewarded for their courage in defeating America’s domestic enemies.

In fighting this highly organized evil, it is time for good men to stop doing nothing.

phineas gage

That is one of the best media take-downs I have seen in a while. The reporter bimbo tries all of her reliable programmed fake objective news strategies, including ‘some people say’, and Williams just brushes it away and pushes her nose into the truth.

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