Gerrold Nadler Presided Over a Chilling, Dark Train Wreck of a Hearing With William Barr

“Disgrace” is not the only word to use to describe the behavior of Chairman Gerrold Nadler and his fellow Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee yesterday during their hearing with Attorney General William Barr, but it’s the most accurate. Other appropriate words to use to describe it would be despicable, depraved, demented, deluded, and, as Mark Levin hilariously said it, the most miserable collection of “assholes” ever to exist in the U.S. congress.

Any Republican who, after watching that proceeding, continues to refer to Democrat members of congress as “colleagues” or, as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and all the other Senate RINOs love to say, “our friends on the other side of the aisle” needs to be defeated in their next re-election attempt. These are not your friends; they are not your colleagues, a word that demands some semblance of collegiality be present in order to be true. They are your enemies, and that is how they regard you.

Simply put, this hearing was delayed by the fact that Nadler supposedly was involved in a “car wreck” on his way to work in the morning (doubtful this is actually true), and he then presided over a massive train wreck for the rest of the day.

The U.S. system of government – the constitution, the separation of powers among three branches of the federal government, and the power sharing between the national government and the various states – is inextricably dependent upon two fundamental factors: 1) that the voters will by and large elect people of good will who love this country to become their representatives in the government; and 2) a spirit of collegiality and compromise between the major parties and factions that allow the government to get things done.

If it was not already obvious to you, then yesterday’s hearing should have shattered any doubt that Democrats have completely abandoned both of those fundamental foundations of the American Republic. After watching that spectacle of Democrat after Democrat after Democrat refusing to allow the witness to answer a question without childishly shouting “reclaiming my time” or rudely interrupting him when his answers made them look even more foolish, or even allowing the witness to take a 5 minute bathroom break after several hours of uninterrupted clown show, if you still believe that those Democrats are people of good will who love this country and have any interest in compromising their totalitarian aspirations in any way, shape or form, then you are a foolish person indeed.

John McCain, one of the most despicable RINO surrender monkeys to ever serve in the United States Congress, was fond of praising the level of “comity” that he maintained with his Democrat friends in the Senate. That was in fact McCain’s favorite word to toss out there whenever he was sucking up to Chris Matthews on MSNBC or Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

The definition of “comity” is “courtesy and considerate behavior towards others.” If McCain were alive today (has his funeral ended yet?) I would love to ask him at what point in yesterday’s hearing did he observe “comity” emitting from his “friends on the other side of the aisle?”

Yesterday was a complete abandonment by the Democrats of any further pretense of engaging in the normal functioning of the American government. It was a clear and unambiguous signal that they believe they are going to succeed in stealing the November elections and regain power, and when they do, they are going to punish anyone who has opposed them. At long last, Nancy Pelosi, one of the most evil women to ever occupy this planet, sees her end goals in sight and her minions are jumping the gun on taking her retribution.

If you are a thinking person who was shocked and disgusted by yesterday’s display, consider this: That was just one day. Under a Joe Biden presidency armed with majorities in both houses of congress and the filibuster rule having been repealed by the Democrat senate, this is what every day will look like in America. You will be under constant assault for 1,461 days. Think you will survive that? Think the country can?

These people hate you and would rather you were dead. If that is not clear to you after yesterday, then you cannot be convinced until it is too late to do anything about it.

America simply cannot be governed by these lunatics for four years and survive intact.

That is all.

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What are the odds of someone surviving both a car wreck and a train wreck on the same day?

phineas gage

Roger Kimball provides a diagnosis:


Trying to find a clip or the spot in the hearing when Barr was asked about a possible rico investigation… His reply was no…

If I heard right and the question was asked and his reply was no… is concerning. Why’d he hire a well known rico lawyer??? If this question was asked it would appear it was missed by most…

I watched the bulk of the ‘listening’ and can’t remember who asked the question. Any help, anyone else remember??

Just Me

I am reminded of the mid-20th century ploy by communists who feigned good faith participation in coalition governments while actually working to undermine said governments from within until the point that the communists could overthrow the government and seize control. We seem to be far down that path now.


“Yesterday was a complete abandonment by the Democrats of any further pretense of engaging in the normal functioning of the American government.” That was the star chamber, before the impeachment. But nothing was done about it then and nothing will be done about it now. I guess we’ll hope they get voted out? That seems to be the best we can expect–and that’s if (by some stroke of luck) they can’t fix their elections. Nothing Democrats do results in any type of consequences for them at all. And that includes the (literal) bomb-throwers razing America’s cities. SOME get a slap on the wrist. Most are released immediately if police even bother to arrest them. It’s disheartening to stand by and watch the Democrats’ Communist evil take root and see that, aside from hyperbole, nothing is done to correct it. To underscore this (admitted) tantrum…I read today that Federal LE have been withdrawn from Seattle. The terrorists seem to get their way as a rule.

phineas gage

But there will be consequences, of the very worst sort for Democrats. They will be deprived of that for which they lust, national political power. The American electorate grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine.

The feds probably struck a provisional deal with local officials in Seattle to restore public order. If they don’t follow through, the forces will be back.

phineas gage

“they believe they are going to succeed in stealing the November elections and regain power”

That is indeed the danger. They are not going to win, but they can cheat, steal, and litigate.

To quote the Warren Zevon song, this election is going to be about ‘lawyers, guns, and money’.


Ok, to sum up everything above…the left hates our country, they hate us, they want us dead, there doesn’t seem to be an avenue for compromise. So what options do we have? As I see it, we can vote as many of these commies and marxists out (preferred), split the country into conservative/leftist blocks, or fight it out until one side wins. Because there don’t seem to be many people being elected Dems who love this country, and there is a serious lack of compromise and comity in the daily discourse of government, it sure seems like we are headed towards one of the latter options. And it will be the Dems’s fault. They just keep pushing.

I believe Trump will win reelection, and on the other side of Nov 2nd is the unknown. I don’t think anyone can predict the discourse in America after that. Will the Dems come back to the center, or will they (and their marxist army) go for broke trying to destroy the country?


Communists don’t quit… so whats left?!?

You are right that its a complete unknown beyond November. One thing we learn from history is that it repeats itself. There is nothing new under the sun. Look to history to see how the communists take over a country

Its a war… best to prepare

phineas gage

I’ll take Reagan’s plan during the Cold War with the Soviet Union: ‘we win, they lose’.


I just don’t understand how anyone who purports to be “on our side” can be so slavish to their “colleagues” on the other side of the aisle. How many times does “our side” have to be kicked in the gonads, or ass, before they fight for “our side”?

The same goes for all the GOP judicial nominees who get run through the defamation ringer and have their personal character destroyed, and then (I guess to curry favor of the left?) come up with their contorted non-constitutional rulings.

“…Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and all the other Senate RINOs love to say, “our friends on the other side of the aisle” needs to be defeated in their next re-election attempt.”

I totally agree with that sentiment Dave, but unfortunately their respective political machines in the the states of Kentucky and South Carolina ensured they won their primaries THIS year. If either or both of these “conservative” swamp rats are defeated in November it will all but ensure Schumer will be the next Majority Leader.

Election cycle after election cycle we conservatives cry and clamor to “primary” these worthless betraying RINOs, but cycle after cycle the red states return these same clods to the senate and house. We really need our version of the “Justice Democrats” who are getting very proficient at removing some of the Dem’s perceived DINOs. Again, this goes back to the discipline of the left versus the discipline of our side.

This is how the left can get rid of, or threaten, people like Crowley and Engle and probably Maloney who are not sufficiently radical. Schumer and others probably feel the heat in their 2022 reelect bid which is why they are becoming more “extreme” and more strident in their actions and comments.

This is the same problem we face when we attempt to PEACEFULLY protest and properly seek redress of our grievances; our side is not financed by the GS front groups and thus we are always going to be at a major disadvantage. There is no way any ‘right wing’ group will ever have the staying power of Antifa or BLM.

In a sane and rational world, all this nonsense the Dems are doing would be political suicide; but between all the media in all its iterations, and the planned and funded voter fraud machines, the left must be pretty secure that the fix is in.

I’m sure President Trump and AG Barr are aware of this. This perpetual and expanding election fraud must be stopped this year or this election and all future elections will be lost, and with it, our country.

phineas gage

Broadly speaking, because conservatives fundamentally believe in basic decency and integrity, and they ascribe those characters and values to others as well. That is foolish, because conservatives are also supposed to be clear-eyed realists about good and evil in people.

The smarter conservatives know exactly who and what they are dealing with in the modern Democrats. To paraphrase the famous line of H.L. Mencken (a fierce atheist, but a cynical realist), ‘there are times when it is necessary to hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats’.

As it pertains specifically to Washington politics, the answer has much more to do with money and the decades-long grift of pretending to be conservative while doing Deep State business.


It takes courage to say what you have said, David. Free speech is being chilled. The fear of “retribution” (to quote that word in your article) is truly scary. I pray for my country. I admire your courage, David, in light of what is going on and pray for you and for my country.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nancy Pelosi, like Hillary Rotten Clinton, has the spirit of Jezebel – a power-mad idolator and worshipper of foreign gods. She is being reduced daily to a mumbling, bumbling, Bidenesque charade of a person. She will be eaten by her own dogs that she allowed to be let loose in the streets of Washington DC, and throughout our nation.

Will dogs lick her hands and face? If you tell her that, she’d just say: “That’s nice! I love dogs!”

She will be humiliated and stripped by the dogs named Omar and O’Crazio and others, and will drool her words.

Goodbye, Madame Speaker: you never were destined to become President, even as much as you tried to arrange it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nadler’s “car wreck,” if it was real, is just a prelude to his last airplane ride, which will come eventually – a la Ted Stevens. No, Chairman Mao Nadler: you are not safe; you are a blasphemer, a liar and you distort truth and justice with every breath and thought you have and take.

Perhaps you are aware of the danger, and were rattled, and were having second thoughts. Too bad you didn’t keep those second thoughts and stop the injustice and malign intent that is deep in your heart.

I pray that you will repent, but it is apparent that the Lord has given you over to yourself, as He did Obama the Discredited. Unlike Obama, who will have to watch as every one of his “accomplishments” have been exposed as lies and erased, you will not have the time to see your own efforts go down in flames.

You are an Edomite, nothing more. Enjoy your Happy Meal and your gluttony. There won’t be a lot of those to come.

A prophecy, not a threat.

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