Willam Barr is Ready to do War With Gerrold Nadler and Fellow Brain-Dead House Dems

Get ready. Barr’s testimony is going to be epic. – Attorney General William Barr appears before the House Judiciary Committee for testimony today, and boy, if you think he’s going in feeling timid and cowed, do you have another think coming.

The Democrat members of the committee, chaired by Gerrold Nadler and including such rank dimwits as Eric Swalwell, Hank Johnson, Stephen Cohen, Sheila Jackson Lee and Ted Lieu, have made clear they intend to use this hearing to demonize Barr and set the pretense to hold impeachment hearings targeted at the AG. All of their bluster is designed to frighten Barr into holding fire on issuing any indictments of the coup plotters until after Election Day in November. You can be sure that pretty much every Democrat will pound on this point.

Mr. Barr is having none of it. The AG released his opening statement last night, and he is coming out with both guns blazing. Here are some excerpts for your reading enjoyment:

Ever since I made it clear that I was going to do everything I could to get to the bottom of the grave abuses involved in the bogus “Russiagate” scandal, many of the Democrats on this Committee have attempted to discredit me by conjuring up a narrative that I am simply the President’s factotum who disposes of criminal cases according to his instructions. Judging from the letter inviting me to this hearing, that appears to be your agenda today. So let me turn to that first.

As I said in my confirmation hearing, the Attorney General has a unique obligation. He holds in trust the fair and impartial administration of justice. He must ensure that there is one standard of justice that applies to everyone equally and that criminal cases are handled even-handedly, based on the law and the facts, and without regard to political or personal considerations. I can tell you that I have handled criminal matters that have come to me for decision in this way.

The President has not attempted to interfere in these decisions. On the contrary, he has told me from the start that he expects me to exercise my independent judgment to make whatever call I think is right. That is precisely what I have done.

From my experience, the President has played a role properly and traditionally played by Presidents. Like his predecessors, President Trump and his National Security Council have appropriately weighed in on law-enforcement decisions that directly implicate national security or foreign policy, because those decisions necessarily involve considerations that transcend typical prosecutorial factors. Moreover, when some noteworthy event occurs that potentially has legal ramifications – such as leaks of classified information, potential civil rights abuses by police, or illegal price fixing or gouging – the President has occasionally, and appropriately, confirmed that the Department is aware of the matter. But the handling of the matter and my decisions on criminal matters have been left to my independent judgment, based on the law and fact, without any direction or interference from the White House or anyone outside the Department.

Indeed, it is precisely because I feel complete freedom to do what I think is right that induced me serve once again as Attorney General. As you know, I served as Attorney General under President George H. W. Bush. After that, I spent many years in the corporate world. I was almost 70 years old, slipping happily into retirement as I enjoyed my grandchildren. I had nothing to prove and had no desire to return to government. I had no prior relationship with President Trump.


The AG also addresses the Democrat/media’s lies about what is taking place in Portland every night in a very direct manner:

Finally, I want to address a different breakdown in the rule of law that we have witnessed over the past two months. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests to wreak senseless havoc and destruction on innocent victims. The current situation in Portland is a telling example. Every night for the past two months, a mob of hundreds of rioters has laid siege to the federal courthouse and other nearby federal property. The rioters arrive equipped for a fight, armed with powerful slingshots, tasers, sledgehammers, saws,knives, rifles, and explosive devices. Inside the courthouse are a relatively small number of federal law enforcement personnel charged with a defensive mission: to protect the courthouse, home to Article III federal judges, from being overrun and destroyed.

What unfolds nightly around the courthouse cannot reasonably be called a protest; it is, by any objective measure, an assault on the Government of the United States. In recent nights, rioters have barricaded the front door of the courthouse, pried plywood off the windows with crowbars,and thrown commercial-grade fireworks into the building in an apparent attempt to burn it down with federal personnel inside.

The rioters have started fires outside the building, and then systematically attacked federal law enforcement officers who attempt to put them out—for example, by pelting the officers with rocks, frozen water bottles, cans of food, and balloons filled with fecal matter. A recent video showed a mob enthusiastically beating a Deputy U.S. Marshal who was trying to protect the courthouse – a property of the United States government funded by this Congress – from further destruction. A number of federal officers have been injured, including one severely burned by a mortar-style firework and three who have suffered serious eye injuries and may be permanently blind.

Largely absent from these scenes of destruction are even superficial attempts by the rioters to connect their actions to George Floyd’s death or any legitimate call for reform. Nor could such brazen acts of lawlessness plausibly be justified by a concern that police officers in Minnesota or elsewhere defied the law.

Remarkably, the response from many in the media and local elected offices to this organized assault has been to blame the federal government. To state what should be obvious, peaceful protesters do not throw explosives into federal courthouses, tear down plywood with crowbars, or launch fecal matter at federal officers. Such acts are in fact federal crimes under statutes enacted by this Congress.

As elected officials of the federal government, every Member of this Committee –regardless of your political views or your feelings about the Trump Administration – should condemn violence against federal officers and destruction of federal property. So should state and local leaders who have a responsibility to keep their communities safe. To tacitly condone destruction and anarchy is to abandon the basic rule-of-law principles that should unite us even in a politically divisive time. At the very least, we should all be able to agree that there is no place in this country for armed mobs that seek to establish autonomous zones beyond government control, or tear down statues and monuments that law-abiding communities chose to erect, or to destroy the property and livelihoods of innocent business owners.

The most basic responsibility of government is to ensure the rule of law, so that people can live their lives safely and without fear. The Justice Department will continue working to meet that solemn responsibility.


Boom. This is a brilliant statement with which to open this hearing, and we can be sure that Mr. Barr will give as good as he takes.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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phineas gage

I nominate Eric Swalwell for the biggest fool of the day. He smugly interrogates Barr and somehow thinks he got the best of it without noticing that Barr completely depantsed him, without really trying. It was like someone swatting a fly.


While the chihuahua swallowswell thought himself an astute, I’ll show Hank how to do it, kinda guy, I thought the best was the demoncrap lady who was lecturing Barr on a ‘policy’. After she prattled on some then asked him if Barr was going to continue with his policy.

He looks up and says what policy?? She states the policy on the screen display that she has up. Barr says, “Thats not policy thats… He doesn’t get to finish before she ‘reclaims her time’ and moves onto the next lecture, quickly. The stunned expression on her face was great when Barr said thats not policy.

There were a few such moments in that lecturing….

phineas gage

The best way to watch these hearings is with the audio off; just watch Barr’s facial expressions as he is being ‘questioned’ by committee Democrats.


So just tuned into the ‘ Listening’ and a 5 minute break was asked for by Barr. Nadless didn’t want to give him one but relented. So cut to the commentators. First guy commented fine, then they had Carl Rove, I believe. So he starts out that it was disgraceful and the demoncrap had rehearsed their attack lines….. click….. (pulled a cnn) lol… foxnn cuts the feed and says program will resume…

so not funny but is….


It’s predictable to the point of absurdity now. And they think nobody will notice. Fools one and all.

M. Crawford

Mr. Barr, You are a class act. America needs hundreds more like you.

Kabuki Theater of the Absurd

Ed Grimley Nadler will just pull his pants up to his forehead and say…that’s a myth.


These hearings are just a platform for committee members to make 5 minute speeches. Barr barley speaks. Pure theater.


Glad you didn’t call it Kabuki theatre, Kabuki deserves some respect.


Watching now. All the Dems are doing is throwing accusations and talking over Barr….predictable.


News reported that GoNads was in a non injury auto accident and the hearing is postponed, so nothing to see here.



He served as the car’s airbag.

phineas gage

Will they roll Nadler into the hearing room on a gurney?


THAT would be a sight… O2 and fake IV in place too…Have an assistant gavel the Republicans incessantly… I’d pay to watch that


Seriously??? Smeg…. Well that certainly puts a wet blanket on the upcoming comedy show.

But I do have to admit that with the dream team committee going against Barr would be like sending Chuck Norris in a wheel chair, and one arm in a cast, against a twenty year old antifa/blm warrior.

I can imagine the demoncraps leaking a memo stating Barr and Trump paid a russian agent to cause the non-accident and are afraid to come to the committee. Barr dodged a bullet for sure.

Its a comedy show……

phineas gage

That is quite convenient. It probably means they know the hearing will be another political disaster for them and are looking for an out.

phineas gage

Barr knows precisely what he is doing. He is at his best in moments like this, and he will be punching way down in intellectual weight given the clown car Democrat members of this committee.

It’s not going to change anything one way or the other, but it will probably provide a number of entertaining and memorable moments.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect that a lot of the quotes people like Nadless have made (about ANTIFA not existing, that sort of delusional ranting) will be there for Barr to bring up. Just like Kayleigh McEnany has a folder full of topics, basically hollow point ammo. Don’t know if he’ll have the same type of file, but I bet he has it stored in his mind, if not on paper.

Can’t wait for Hank “Will Guam Tip Over and Capsize” Johnson to put his salt-penny in (in MRDD direct care circles, a salt-penny was a dollop of poo on the bottom of the swimming pool.)

Barr appears to be loaded for bear. Let’s hope.

phineas gage

Sheila Jackson Lee will see that and raise you a flag on Mars.

Jimmy MacAfee

On Attorney General Barr’s latter points, and what it would mean if there was, in place of these idiots rampaging, a general uprising of Middle America against the federal government and the press and the Left…(repeating myself 3 times here)

Oh, well. Imagine it for yourself. If a Lefty takes over, and if we supplant Leftist rioters with Constitutionalist Freedom Fighters? What would the press say then? That is, if there was a mainstream media outlet not itself burnt to the ground?

We hold a great deal of power in our willingness to obey law, with our common cause and common sense, but unlike the Press, the Democraps and the Left (I’ve repeated myself three times again) we have a sense of justice, resolve, peace and honor. The aforementioned three have none.

Make of that what you will. We will keep our powder dry, and if the Left should somehow take over…it will be a very short affair.

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