The Pace of Obamagate Unraveling is Quickening

Is Peter Strzok Cooperating with John Durham? – Former Fox News reporter Adam Housley thinks so. Since leaving Fox, Housley has continued to stay in touch with his sources at the DOJ and within the Intelligence Community, and periodically reports interesting information on his Twitter feed.

He recently issued two tweets indicating he has been told that FBI Super-Duper Agent and aspiring latin lover Peter Strzok is now cooperating with Durham and his investigators:

To reinforce the point I made yesterday about Durham’s job in unraveling the treasonous activity that took place in the Obama FBI/DOJ/CIA being incredibly complex, I’d also point you to this recent tweet from Housley:

And this one…

Meanwhile, on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program hosted by Maria Bartiromo, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Bartiromo that the FBI “lied their asses off” about the reliability of the Steele Dossier, and that he will be releasing more proof about that before the end of this week: “Here is what I think I’m going to be able to show to the public. Not only did the FBI lie to the court about the reliability about the Steele dossier, they also lied to the Congress. That’s a separate crime.”

Obviously, everything Graham says has to be taken with a grain of salt. But it is worth pointing out that, on the same program Sunday before last, Graham told Bartiromo that his committee had uncovered proof that Steele’s sub-source was a complete fraud. Of course, Director of National Intelligence John Raticliffe – who is proving to be every bit the bulldog in that job that his predecessor, Ric Grenell was – released some previously-classified documents last week demonstrating Graham’s point, and is apparently planning to release more documents this week.

This is all unraveling now, folks, and the pace is quickening. As I’ve chronicled here over the last year, all of the information conclusively proving the treasonous actions of the coup cabal within the FBI/DOJ led by James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Strzok is now out on the public record. Everyone who has been paying attention and has the ability to reason logically now understands the monumental nature of the crimes committed against our very system of government by these despicable coup plotters, and that the organizing momentum behind it went all the way up to the Oval Office itself.

Today’s testimony by Attorney General William Barr before the disgraceful House Judiciary Committee may well be designed to serve as the kicking-off point for more concrete action coming from the Durham investigation. I know many readers remain skeptical of my faith in Barr and Durham, but I would urge you to pay attention to what Barr is going to tell Nadler and company this morning in his opening statement.

In that statement, Barr points to the fact that he had no prior relationship with President Trump when he agreed to take the AG job. In fact, he was 70 years old and sliding towards a well-earned and deserved retirement after a lifetime of legal practice and service to the country. Instead, he agreed to take on the most pressure-packed assignment in the nation outside of the presidency itself.

Many skeptical readers continue to believe that Barr willingly took on that assignment and all of the character assassination and threats he knew would be coming his way from desperate Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the news media so that he could get into the job and do….nothing.

I don’t believe that’s why he took that job, and I believe events of the next month or so will prove that assessment to be correct.

We’ll see.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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“Wonder why Pig Pharma, the “press” and the Dems are going to such great lengths to defame this safe drug?”

We all know why: it’s all about the Benjamins and control.

Jimmy, while we have had our differences in the past on Dave’s blog and it is sometimes irritating how you sometimes become personal with people who occasionally disagree with you, I’m very glad you are an abortion survivor, and am grateful for much of the wisdom you have imparted to others and me here.


Silas and others have made a great point on the Barr and Durham Obamagate investigation:

THERE HAVE BEEN NO LEAKS! Incredible discipline in their parts, and the fact that the cabal hasn’t been able to get “anonymous” sources (leaks) to the NYT, CNN, WAPO, et al speaks volumes.

That alone gives me hope.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you guys – there are always disagreements between generals on the battlefield, mostly involving strategy. Yes, I’ve had my Patton moments – (not equating myself with his talent, but understanding his forays into personal attacks.)

I understand despair, and I hate to see people suffer it needlessly. That is why I am so strongly opinionated at what I perceive sometimes as defeatism.

Consider with me a moment the day I read my aunt’s email, informing me that my birthmother attempted to abort me with quinine. How do you suppose I took that? I can tell you: not well. I cried, laughed, and did so repeatedly. It was horrific and funny all at the same time.

And later, I found out from another source that my birthmother was taken on a rough motorcycle ride in order to cause a miscarriage. I reacted the same way, but a bit more muted.

As the law of unintended consequences go, I now understand why I like tonic water (always have) and motorcycles. These tastes the Lord has given me to remember the time someone tried to take my life.

And so having tasted despair, I abhor those times when people wallow in it; were are, if we’re Saved, acquainted with grief, just as Jesus. We are to resist the attacks and stand as brothers and sisters against the wiles of the enemy of G0D and the enemy of His people.

I know from working with competitive athletes how a group of competitors can be broken and made to give up; the devil knows this too. If you want to read how the devil does this, look at his spokesman Col. Michael Aquino, PhD, (a Satanist) who worked with Paul Vallely on a paper on how to make an enemy believe it is defeated. It is not a new concept, but it is a real thing. YOu make the enemy think he can’t win, and then he surrenders.

Consider those last two lines especially when you are given to despair and hopelessness.

And finally, I survived a traumatic birth, a placenta previa birth. My birthmother almost bled to death, and in another unintended consequence, I can hold my breath a very long time! And during my pregnancy, my birthmother’s oxytocin kicked in, and she wanted to keep me – but the Lord decided otherwise and I was put up for adoption.

I have seen far too much over six decades, in a way like Odysseus, things that are unbelievable and more like fiction – and yet these things have not been fiction. Let the Lord be Blessed, and you also,



“Jimmy, while we have had our differences ”

Going to second that… Also glad you are a fighter and survivor. I appreciate the fighter and respect that and your view point is more often than not, appreciated. We’re in the same family, same side, same goals… While not always in agreement I would join the fight whether at your side or you on mine, neither of which I would shy from.

Thanks for sharing your story too…

Jimmy MacAfee

Off topic, but…on quinine products, like hydroxychloroquine:

Allow me tell you something that is deeply personal, (but that I don’t mind sharing –
not anymore.) It’s too important to keep bottled up when a battle for the
soul of the nation is raging, and the press is trying to kill us and our economy,
and Pig Pharma is complicit. This story – 100% true – It is about the safety of
quinine products – which are now safer than in the past.

My birthmother tried to abort me with quinine in a common cold and flu
product from the 1950s.

I survived high doses (how much, I can’t say) of quinine when I was a “fetus.”
My birthmother and grandmother argued over how much it would take,
without causing suspicion at the drug store, according to my late aunt D,
who was around 12 years old at the time. She was sent to get it after they
made a decision on how much to purchase. I suppose they thought it
might get them in trouble if it was discovered that they were attempting
an illegal abortion?

Apparently, they used as much as they could, and it didn’t kill me –
and it could not have killed me, anyway – at worst, blindness could have resulted
from an overdose of quinine. (I’m not blind, either.)

Hydroxychloroquine is supposed to be safe for pregnant mothers
(it’s that safe) and I am living proof of its safety. Wonder why Pig Pharma,
the “press” and the Dems are going to such great lengths to defame this
safe drug?

I’m an abortion survivor who lived through large doses of quinine.
Living proof that the drug doesn’t kill.

phineas gage

Looked at the tweet you linked and the follow ups and I think I now know the real reason why no fans are allowed in the stadiums, especially in the up coming NFL season.

Sports fans wanting an escape, a diversion from all this political and CV-19 Schiff, aren’t getting it from the ‘woke’ leagues, so they wouldn’t be attending the games anyway. If restaurants and stores can open and operate at reduced capacity, why couldn’t the arenas be opened under the same rules?

This ‘overabundance of caution for everyone’s safety’ yada, yada, yada (official scorers aren’t even at the games), is just a very convenient excuse and a way to avoid having to deal with explaining why their stadiums would be less than 1/4 full.

CV-19 could be declared over tomorrow with the whole country opened as normal and I’ll bet my next gubmint stimulus check the stadiums won’t be half full – even for the playoffs or WS.


Veritas is saying Durham hasn’t spoken to anyone involved in producing the pack of lies. It looks like we’ve all been had again. The “elites” will never investigate their own let alone put them on trial.

phineas gage

I don’t think anyone, certainly not Veritas, has any idea what Durham has or has not done.

Jimmy MacAfee

Shhhh! The trolls are feeding!


Another organisation that relies on are the largesse of donors seeking to stay relevant. Again, they have done a lot to expose a bunch of criminal behaviour, but me thinks they are looking to keep the bucks flowing as well.

We have been so used to being lied to that now, when it looks as though there might be some real justiced meted out, those that make a living of off feeding our doubts and suspicions are realising the gravy train might be about to run out of steam.


DOH! “off of” stupid askimet! Where’s the edit function dammit?! 😀

Tick Tock

Conversation goes something like this.. Peter, that’s you name right Peter? Yes sir. Peter you have a big decision to make and I want you to think about it very carefully. On one hand you can not cooperate with my investigation and you can go to jail for quite some time and we plan on housing you with many of the BLM and other African Animals in our new wing at Gito. You will be supplied with a case of K Y jelly each quarter and enough food and water to keep you alive.

On the other hand if you do cooperate with my investigation and it leads to convictions of your superiors and others in the FBI, CIA, Justice Department and high level officials from the Obama White House, your sentence will be reduced and perhaps you will not need the K Y Jelly supply.

Well, Pete I need an answer now…..


Durham is not a man to be trifled with. While I respect what Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch have done regarding the Clinton email scam, he has been way too eager to throw Durhams’ investigation out there as a coverup and scam. Remember, Fitton relies on the largesse of his
donors to keep things moving and needs to stay relevant to continue bringing it in. His investigation is about to be overshadowed by something much bigger than Shrillerys crimes,
which may well be folded into this for all we know. Notice how she has been fairly quiet herself lately?

As with Barr taking on a job he didn’t need and being accused of being a swamp rat, Durham is being sullied as the same. He is not a push over and the fact that up until now there has been little leaked about his investigation speaks volumes. In fact, I dare say that we wouldn’t have heard about this if it most likely wasn’t blessed by both Barr and Durham. A little prod to make a few more rats seek a deal before the hammer drops maybe?

Unlike ol’ Tick Tock and Limpsey, I think we are about to see some serious ass whoopings.


If I were stupidsttious I’d have every finger and toes crossed. But I’m so hoping your are right and praying, beseeching to our advocate who stands before the Father that He will have mercy and grant favour to the nation. If all this turmoil results in more people coming to the saving knowledge of Christs redemptive work and the nation turns back to its roots and Gods principles, then it will have been worth it.

Until then… Trust and pray… Hoping for a day of justice…

Jimmy MacAfee

Amen, Brian.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with hope and trepidation. Very good points.


Off topic but Ted Wheeler is asking for a sit down with DHS.

Not to diss the folks posting there on Disqus, but they all seem to think Wheeler has caved but….

Hizz honors twit

“Commissioner @JoAnnPDX and I are calling for an immediate meeting with Department of Homeland Security leadership on the ground in Portland and with Acting Secretary @DHS_Wolf to discuss a cease-fire and the removal of heightened federal forces from Portland.”

Ceasefire – good luck! He’s let antifa set the tone and done nothing to tamp it down. They will continue to riot.

Removal of heightend federal forces – Not gonna happen Teddy. You actually expect anitfa to respect that and not destroy federal property?

Cluesless fool of a demoncrat.

phineas gage

How does asking for a ‘cease-fire’ align with Wheeler’s claims of ‘peaceful protests’?

Jimmy MacAfee

As Viva Frei’s creator says: if the Mayor is negotiating on behalf of the terrorists, he’s controlling them – or is otherwise affiliated with them. Maybe he will eventually be charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist organization?

Unless he’s like the douche in the Bruce Willis movie Die Hard, who tries to negotiate and gets his arse blown away. (That would be OK, too.)

Jimmy MacAfee

To paraphrase Churchill:

Never has the fortune of so many depend upon the fortitude, resilience and honesty of so few…

Let us pray for them and their success,
in Jesus’ Holy Name


As I have said here and elsewhere many times, the day Donald J.Trump won the election what litttle sanity existed in the minds of the demoncrats was gone. He has literally driven them insane.
He lives in their heads 24/7365. They go to bed with hate in their hearts, dreaming hateful dreams and awake the next morning with hate in their hearts and souls. There is no grace of God in them regardless of how often they profess to being Christians.

Like all good alinskeyites, they condemn thr President for doing what they themsleves are doing. Their foot soldiers in all the major blue cities use him as an excuse to wreak chaos and
the “leaders” of those same cities enable them by hobbbling their police departments and allow
the thugs to initmidate the very citizens who gave them the job.

The masks have been dropped by the politicians and the media. All but the most rabid demoncrats are becoming more and more aware of what the left really represent and
what they really want. It is not going to end well for the demoncrats.

Ben Colder

I hope that Barr will do something if he does nothing this country is done .It will be the end of the country as it has been it will turn in to a one party shit hole ran by corrupt dem/communists while the people will have NO rights and no jobs it will be hell on earth.

Jimmy MacAfee

Correct. Logical thinking. Pray.


Off topic, but there is a big discussion this morning on TN talk radio that people are getting seeds in the mail that they didn’t order. People are being warned/advised to NOT plant them and to double plastic bag them and get them to the Dept. of Agriculture for analysis.

The speculation is the seeds may be a biologically altered to attack America; another ‘accident’ that can damage/kill other plants/crops in a big way. Haven’t heard many specifics on this yet, but with the likely deliberate unleashing of the Wuhan Virus, and subsequent lying about it BY CHINA and the WHO, and our own CDC, it would not surprise me if this is another attempt at destroying America’s health and economy – especially if our enemies haven’t yet created CV-20!

Be aware of your surroundings, be careful, and be safe.


My first thought was it could be like invasion of the body snatchers and if you grow them they take your place. Maybe this whole Covid thing is an invasion. Only half joking. ;o)

Jimmy MacAfee

They serve Beelzebub (not to be confused with his son Barack Obeelzebub.)

phineas gage

That would at least explain modern Democrats.


So my wife was reading about this seeds thing this morning. Shes a plant nut, and looking at the seeds she noticed they are all different, some looked like orange seeds, some cucumber, etc… Then she found an article written stating its a scam from, where else??? China.

Some seed company sends out, unsolicited, seeds and then writes up a n’testimony’ of how great the seeds were. Don’t ask me how this works, don’t have a clue. But criminals are clever, best just drop them into the garbage.

Jimmy MacAfee

The govt wants you to seal them and send them to the Dept. of Agriculture or other agency. Possible they carry contaminants.


Some may be invasive too…

Thx for pointing that out.


2020 will just be a bad memory of a very difficult year if President Trump wins a comfortable to historic landslide election along with a massive house victory. If he loses, 2020 will go down as the year America as founded dies. That is a simple fact and that is what is at stake.

What President Trump must do in 2021 is find a way to get rid of most of this drama (by force if the left doesn’t accept the election results). He must also focus on getting the government spending under control and balance (or at least come close) the budget. This must be done to ensure the continued defeat of the Democratic Party et al. If he doesn’t somehow get a handle on all this constant agitation, he will ensure a (relatively moderate sounding/portrayed) Democrat win against any of the potential Republican successors in 2024. As of now, I don’t see any worthy successor in the GOP ranks, hopefully one will emerge, because we can all bet the next “Clean, Articulate, and New” Democrat is being groomed as I write this.


BTW… I like many others truly hope to be completely wrong on Barr…

We very truly hope there are going to be big indictments and the coup players go to jail. period.


Sigh…. It appears that anyone having doubts about Barr is a dolt not worthy of consideration because they are completely incapable of understanding the complexities of the case and are trolls for not stepping in line with those that are enlightened.

Lets entirely forget that Barr stated that gropey joe and ‘the one’ won’t be investigated, or that the criminal referrals were, with a wave of the hand, brushed off and memory holed. Unless these were just mis-information to induce a sense of false relief in those being investigated is anybody’s guess. Unfortunately the little action taken across the field from the covid over reaches, riots and destruction of Federal property etc etc, don’t instill a lot of confidence in Barrs oversight. This sentiment is echoed across much of the conservative base that apparently us unwashed are incapable of understanding.

Asking for some fruit isn’t asking for red meat, or political revenge. Its all about instilling some confidence into the unwashed hicks collective that some measure of justice is being sought on the behalf of the American peoples. I think most are nervous, its like a nail biter game, its coming down to the wire and people know that if Trump loses… then this all vanishes over night.

People have every right to question the ‘elites’ and ask for some accountability and its the duty of those to produce some accountability as well. Message tidbits and speculation on upcoming indictments are still just guesses equally as valid or invalid as doubts about Barr actions or inactions. The appeal to authority, your qualifications for assessment is a falisy and it cuts both ways… just say’n

Liberty Writer

“brian – July 28, 2020
“It appears that anyone having doubts about Barr is a dolt not worthy of consideration…”

You state it well. We should have more than doubts, we should have fear for a Republic with the rule of law. It has been 4 years since Seth Rich was murdered and many, many more crimes. Still not one indictment. Now Barr excuses Obama off the hook as Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’ll put it simply: Barr is all we have standing between us and total tyranny. There is no replacement standing in the wings, no second chances. If he screws up, we’re screwed.

And that includes prevention of election fraud.

If he’s such a dope, incompetent or working for the other side, he would surely be in on the upcoming election fraud, instead of preventing it – a larger issue, IMO.

Gypo O'Leary


Little Known: As head of the State Department, her IG was asked to document the specific facts regarding her use of a private Email server for State Department related emails. She refused to cooperate with her own Departments procedures by refusing to answer any questions for the IG. (She later asked for people to vote her into an even more important position despite showing us she would not be transparent and honest).

She coordinated through Fusion GPS the fake Steele Dossier.

Fusion GPS sent a Russian Lawyer to Trump tower to try create a fake Collusion Trap.

Bruce Oher was @4 in the DOJ while his wife was contracting with Fusion GPS and she wrote the Steele Dossier (from Steele’s notes), and Oher distributed it inside the Government.)

Harry Reid was given the Steele Dossier by John Brennan. Reid wrote a letter to Comey saying he had info about Russian Collusion. That letter was used as a second source (besides the Steele Dossier) to ask for an investigation by a FISA court. John Brennan signed the FISA warrant, knowing the Reid was not a second source of information.


Barack Obama expelled 33 Russian Diplomats from the USA because Russia hacked the DNC server. Shawn Henry of Crowdstrike gave testimony that Adam Schiff suppressed from public, that stated there is no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC server.

Barack Obama was in a meeting where the entrapment of General Flynn was discussed. (Joe Biden is also in that meeting).

If the questions of criminal behavior surrounding these two are not addressed, this is a coverup.

phineas gage

I could maybe see them as un-indicted co-conspirators, but that would be as far as it goes.

phineas gage

They are all running now, which is why they have been so quiet. Behind the scenes, it has been frantic. The first one to deal is the one that gets the lightest sentence. And so it goes.

“We will zig zag our way through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain.
Wondering which of the buggars to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing”

Jimmy MacAfee

Great album! “Animals.”


It was. But it also marked the beginning of Roger Waters overdriven pysche fest. I pretty much stopped buying their albums because of him. David Gilmore was the one who I came to see as the grounded, focused musician in the group. His solo work is some of his best.

phineas gage

Yes, but as great of a guitarist as Gilmore is, the embittered anti-Semitic Waters was still the engine of that band. Pink Floyd without Waters was, to be honest, dreadful and forgettable.

As always, it is dynamic tension between opposing creative personalities that fuels the best bands, but ultimately destroys them as well.

phineas gage

Please, Lindsey Graham’s principal mission for the past year or more has been to run out the clock, regularly appearing with the credulous Tick-Tock to gaslight conservatives while doing precisely nothing.

The only reason he admitted the sub-source information is because he knew Ratcliffe was about to declassify it.

He is beyond worthless–he is a member of the Deep State opposition. But then again, almost all of them are, including McConnell.


He’s compromised. They have something on him he doesn’t want known as it would ruin him politcally and it’s all about the power and position with him, as it is with most there. You’d think as smart as Hannity thinks he is he would have realised for sometime that Limpsey is just another deep state tool, but he makes for a great 5 minutes of distraction and false hope.

phineas gage

Now it is entirely possible that Graham is compromised, and that would almost certainly involve his personal life.


You make it sound like he’s gay or something. 😉

phineas gage

‘as smart as Hannity’

That is where you went wrong.

Hannity is a dim-bulb good at memorizing and reciting lists. Yes, he is dogged and persistent, but he brings little to the table beyond that.


Touche, my friend! 😀

Alles Klaar Kommissar

Get ready for a huge distraction from the enemedia complex. They will stop at nothing to protect the immaculate Chicago Jesus Messiah, the One!
If it means burning the country to the ground that is a feature and not a bug to the fifth column of Bolshevik scum.

Jimmy MacAfee

False flags are always a possibility, but there are too many eyes that have come out of their slumber, and it’s harder for them to manipulate such events. Be sure they’ll try, though.

Otherwise, they’ll find some cop somewhere who did something out of the ordinary, and use that. But really, that’s slumming compared to 9/11.


I just hope you and others here are right. As I see it, three major things are happening that drive 75% of the national narrative:

1) The CV-19 plandemic that is needlessly panicking and angering untold people for political gain (hurt Trump’s economy and bury the Obamagate sandal), and I believe it is petering out.

You can’t keep “crying wolf” with ‘fear porn’ when most people are being extremely and deliberately negatively impacted by the SUPPOSED “CURE” and few are actually being impacted by the actual disease/problem.

2) Antifa/BLM riots have nothing to do with black lives or even police reform – it is the second coordinated attempt to sew anti-Trump bias among the general population which was designed to defeat the president and – most importantly – hide the Obamagate scandal.

3) Obamagate: I am hoping and praying that this (Barr hearing) will finally be the kick off of the prosecution of the Obamagate players and that this will be the main news narrative for the rest of the summer and well into the fall. I believe the MSM (D) will have to cover it – especially when the dopy Dems get to display their brilliance once again (post impeachment) to the country by attempting to grill Barr at their hearing(s).

The goals of the first two points is to defeat Trump and keep Obamagate under the radar and make it irrelevant especially if #1 and #2 are successful.

Another factor that will ultimately help Trump will be many schools will be kept closed by the fear porn of Fraudi and the militancy of the teacher’s union.

I just can’t believe how unhinged all these anti-Trump clowns are and have become. There truly must be no logical adults in their orbit. The left is all in in destroying Trump; other consequences be damned. It has been apparent to me for over thirty years how much of a militant terroristic organization that NEA is, and how they continue to hold our children hostage as pawns in their agenda of control and indoctrination. Now that their Wizard of Oz façade has come out and has been exposed for all to see they are ripe for real education reform and the elimination of their DC power base/lobbyist: the Department of Education.

All these leftist organizations have overplayed their hand in their final attempt to defeat conservatism with Trump being the main target of their wrath.

A far better strategy for the left would have been to have accepted the 2016 election, quietly purge the Dem party of their loser fossils and create the appearance of ‘working’ with the president, but quietly undermine (they could have taken lessons from people like Ryan and Romney) his agenda through stealthy malicious compliance.

But no, the young petulant punks, like all immature people who, thanks to the Clinton and Obama purges of the ‘moderate’ elected Democrats, are now a big factor in who runs their party. These loudmouths have no real understanding of history or how life works. All they know is they want what they want when they want it regardless of reality. And until Trump came on the scene, no one has ever told these jerks no to anything.

If there is any logic left in today’s America, their whole BS agenda will collapse on themselves this November. Then Trump and Barr et al, must be unleashed to to get all these leftist “nonpartisan” front groups including the main media (social and traditional) players prosecuted under RICO as seditionist organizations.

Two other things that must also must occur to break anti-American movement:

All members of congress, and their staff and family, and the same with all the federal judges, must be investigated to the same extent that President Trump has been investigated. I suspect that would force a lot of retirements. That would be a most effective way to “drain the swamp”. Any plea deals must include ironclad NDAs by the ‘retired’ officials. Violation of the NDAs would result in immediate incarceration.

Regarding the laser blinding of the federal officers and other injuries, all the arrestees should be charged as accomplices in these assaults with the intent to permanently injure if it can’t be proved who actually shot the lasers.

phineas gage

I will say it again. The fear porn campaign and the anarchist riots are both boomeranging bigly on the Dems. They are now seeing it in their polling data. The media now doesn’t know which way to go and is in disarray.

They couldn’t control themselves and they pushed too hard. Now they are seeing the results.

And so they are left with a flailing incoherent nominee with dementia, and the hammer of justice about to fall upon them with a raft of federal indictments.

Jimmy MacAfee

One of your best posts! Couldn’t let it go without comment!

Jimmy MacAfee

re: Strzok turning:

If “there is only one person -one name- who matters in the Durham probe,” as Phineas quoted Sundance yesterday, is that person Stzok? Will he be John Dean II against Mueller, Brennan et al?

Hard to tell, not knowin’. Indications are only that. Friday.

phineas gage

He cryptically indicated that it was an obscure name known to almost no one, part of a small select group. Some have speculated Joint Chiefs.

Jimmy MacAfee

We’ll have to wait and see, I guess?

Jimmy MacAfee

I especially like this comment from Housley:

“You folks who claim slow walking and politics have no damn idea what you are talking about. Period. You likely have never been around an investigation and surely not one as large as this.”

I completely agree with Dave on this one, but I’m more frustrated with the “Barr ain’t never done nuttin’ and won’t do nuttin'” types. For those: what kind of investigation have you ever been involved in? On any level, of any kind – (not necessarily prosecutorial investigation?) Ever had to solve problems no one else had to solve? Do you have the ability to scrutinize and recognize things other people don’t or can’t see? Examine evidence?

I would not want to sift through mountains of papers in this case. It’s nauseating just to contemplate the amount of time and effort (and talent) it takes to assemble a case as broad and deep as this.

So I’m waiting for some personal revelations from the naysayers: your qualifications, what makes you any better or more capable – without having to reveal your specific identity. I’m calling you out. Otherwise, go back to your EZ chair and make more fartstains that even the cat won’t sit on.

Calling you out.


I hear you, Jimmy, and I’m afraid I’ve been a “Barr ain’t never done nuttin’ and won’t do nuttin’” type. I’ve never been involved in such an investigation and sincerely hope I’m wrong. But after the Sessions debacle it seems like 4 years is more than enough time for ANY investigation. Add to that the fact that indictments of some don’t need to be postponed until the final report. Throw us a bone, for heaven’s sake. Finally, I’d add that no matter how thorough one wants or needs to be…the election is coming. We don’t always like the pressures that time, itself, imposes, but that doesn’t negate the passage of time. Passed a certain point all the investigating, attention to detail, and procedural finesse in the universe will be for naught. I fear we’re rapidly approaching that milestone.

But again…I hope you’re correct and that I’m wrong.

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