The Steele Sub-Source Revelation Shows How Complex John Durham’s Job Really Is

If you’ve been wondering what all the hullabaloo over the weekend about the Steele Dossier and Christopher Steele’s “sub-source” was all about, and why it’s important, let me try to explain it to you:

First, why it’s important:

It’s important because the Steele Dossier was used by the Obama FBI, led by James Comey, as pretty much the sole support for securing FISA warrants allowing it to spy on the Trump Campaign. Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and all the rest lied to the FISA court by characterizing the Dossier, Steele himself, and Steele’s unidentified “sub-source” as being reliable and credible, and “Russia-based.”

Those were all outright, bald-faced lies.

The FBI also withheld the fact that Steele’s work was funded by the Pantsuit Princess campaign and the Democrat National Committee. The FISA judges never heard that from the FBI or the DOJ, and only learned about it through the efforts of good men like Congressman Devin Nunes, who risked their political careers and their lives to get that information out onto the public record.

Now to the sub-source:

Last week, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified documents that revealed the identity of Steele’s “sub-source,” i.e., the guy who basically fed all him all of the unsubstantiated rumors and fantasies that make up his Dossier.

That guy’s name is Igor Danchenko. Mr. Danchenko is a former Russian national, but has been a resident in the United States for many years. Thus, he is not at all “Russia-based.”


But it gets better. It turns out that Danchenko worked for many years at the leftist Brookings Institution think tank, a favorite of Obama’s, one that provided “research” support for most of Obama’s god-awful policies.


But it gets even better than that. It also turns out that Danchenko worked closely with a woman named Fiona Hill, a so-called “Russia expert,” and co-authored a paper with her when they were both working at Brookings during 2016.

You may remember Ms. Hill as an Obama-plant employee at the National Council who served as one of the key “witnesses” at last year’s impeachment farce hearings. Ms. Hill was hired into the NSC by the evil H.R. McMaster, who became President Trump’s National Security Advisor after the FBI successfully framed General Mike Flynn.


But it gets even better than all of that, if you can believe it. Here’s an excerpt from a report by John Solomon at

In addition, the president of the Brookings Institution — former Clinton administration figure Strobe Talbott — contacted Steele early in the Russia collusion probe and requested a copy of his dossier to share with Obama administration officials, according to Steele’s recent testimony in a British lawsuit.

“I remember taking a phone call from him, your Lordship, earlier in the summer, in which he said that he was aware that I had — he spoke in fairly cryptic terms, but he was aware that we had material of relevance to the U.S. election,” Steele testified in March in  the British lawsuit.

Steele claimed Talbott learned about his dossier work from either former National Security Adviser Susan Rice or former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. Rice’s spokesman has denied having such contact about the dossier. Nuland acknowledged knowing about Steele’s dossier in July 2016 and claimed she directed her staff to send the former MI-6 agent to the FBI.

“Although he didn’t state it explicitly, one or either or both of them had briefed him on the work we had been doing,” Steele testified.



But – and I’m not kidding here – it gets even better than that. More from the John Solomon report:

Talbott’s brother-in-law, Cody Shearer, distributed his own anti-Trump Russia dossier in September 2016, according to evidence released by Congress and the DOJ inspector general. It included some of the same allegations as those in Steele’s.

And then in early 2017 Talbott provided a copy of the Steele dossier to Hill after she started working inside the Trump National Security Council, according to Hill’s impeachment testimony. Hill admitted she met multiple times with Steele in 2016.

[Devin] Nunes told Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo that he is opening a “full-blown” probe into the role Brookings and its figures played with Steele and the entire Russia episode.

“People may remember the president of Brookings back in 2016, we know that he had given the dossier to a few people, we had that through testimony,” Nunes explained. “You also may remember that the State Department was involved and there were additional dossiers that weren’t the Steele dossiers, except that they mirrored the Steele dossiers.”


So, we now see this web of lies, deceit and outright treason now implicating a major leftist think tank and winding its way deep into the Trump National Security Council thanks to McMaster’s betrayal.

Unwinding all of this is a massive, Herculean task, and the man assigned with that task by William Barr is U.S. Attorney John Durham. So, if you’re wondering why it is taking awhile for Durham to get to the part of his work that involves perp-walks and indictments, well, it should be starting to become more clear to you now.

Barack Obama corrupted literally every institution of the federal government, and that corruption dominated the first two years of the Trump administration and lingers still, just 3 months before President Trump stands for re-election. That’s how deep and wide and completely ingrained it has become.

This is a cancer on our nation, and it is very important that Durham and Barr get all of it out. While it would certainly be gratifying for Durham to indict one of the big tumors – like, say Comey or John Brennan or even Strzok – if doing that imperils the goal of eradicating the metastasized cancer completely, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

We should give Durham and Barr the time to get it all out in one fell swoop. This cancer cannot be allowed to linger and grow again.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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phineas gage


“Despite the proclamations of pundits, politicos and columnists there is only one person -one name- who matters in the Durham probe, and it ain’t John Durham”

So I’ve been thinking about what that could mean.

Jimmy MacAfee

General Flynn or Admiral Rogers.

phineas gage

I’m guessing a bit more off the radar–maybe Assange.

Jimmy MacAfee

Possibly. Could be talking about Wray, too – deciding whether or not to be a hero or a Quisling. Seems to have kept a lot of information from being revealed.

Could also be talking about POTUS. (Or QAnon?)


I totally agree with Mr. Blackmon. The complications of this case are immense and we only know a small portion of it. Like an iceberg, 90% of this case is out of view.
The article points out a lot of reasons for thinking there will be ADAQUATE prosecutions BEFORE the statutes of limitation run out.
Everything hinges on November 3rd.


I don’t want to hear about it anymore–my job is complex, too, but I still DO it. By the time Durham and the Merry Bagpiper actually do something the election will be over and possibly stolen. What a staggering disappointment. Might as well have kept Sessions.

phineas gage

I have no idea what you do, but I am reasonably sure I would not understand it since it would be far outside my particular area of expertise. Therefore I would be reluctant to pass judgement on you for not completing a task in a certain time period.

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m an analyst (part of my profession.) Sometimes things get complicated – and each complication leads to more complications, and pretty soon, everything is all effed up. My job is to deal with whatever I observe, and to pass along those things that are outside of my purview.

To most of the public, this is all highly confusing – unless you dig and read and study, people pretty much have no idea. That was what happened with the Duke Lacrosse Hoax, too – but nearly everybody eventually understood the synopsis of the case.

I’ve been tormented to the point of despair when higher-ups refused to even acknowledge what I’ve discovered, especially when it involved critical issues. This is similar, in a way, to those FBI agents who couldn’t get Mueller et al to process any pre-9/11 information, and seemed to allow the event to happen, and same with CIA operatives.

I understand DF1Ant’s pain and exasperation, but I don’t share his opinion; I understand his doubt, as it is likely sincere, but as you say, we have no option but to let things proceed at the pace they may need to occur.

Like you, I’m hopeful but apprehensive. However…

I coached a sport once, for a long time; I found that discouragement, caused by excessive criticism, caused many to quit the sport. This was something that other coaches did; I got a lot of those athletes back in the game, because I looked at methods of improving their performance, not just criticizing their lack of results. And when I wanted to change something in their technique, I always made sure to focus on what they were doing right, not just what they were doing wrong – so that they wouldn’t lose the ability to do what they were already doing correctly.

And with injured athletes, I would always tell them to focus on what they CAN do, not what they CAN’T do. It worked for a LOT of people over the years.

We need to find ways to encourage the Attorney General to stay with us, not to give up, not to wither under criticism, not to despair, not to quit!

Does anyone understand what I’m saying?

phineas gage

Students are pretty much the same–they respond well to high standards of achievement and positive feedback. Human nature.

Jimmy MacAfee

Friday is the day. We’ll know a lot more Friday. It has to do with removing old roadblocks in order to move fast-forward. Once the logjam is removed, I think you will see Durham moving at lightning speed.

Things have had to be stretched out for declass to occur. Recent declassification makes it harder for courts to keep blocking eventual resolutions of old cases, and the more they hold things up, the worse they look. FISA was misused – as expressed in Dave’s article – in a myriad of ways.

According to Barnes in Viva Frei, the guy responsible for the fake Russia dossier was just spouting off after having too many beers- and this is the genetic material that has made up 4 years of hoaxery. A drunken lout, mouthing off. Not a word of the FISA applications were true, because they were all fruit of the poison tree. (Maybe they got names right, but nothing factual was to be found there.)

As I said, the mother lode is coming soon. Anyone who wants to go back to their couch and light bombers with a bic is free to do so. Friday will tell us a lot.


I so hope and pray you are right Jimmy.

As I have stated before, If Trump is happy with the job Barr and Durham and others are doing then we have to be patient and pray the right thing will eventually be done.

Jimmy MacAfee

After Friday, the tacking may have to change due to a possible change winds; you can’t count on the winds staying on course. Any military mind worth a speck of sea salt should know what I’m saying, and prepare for all weather conditions.

We sail and fly and march in all weather, not just the weather we hope for.


Please. Hard schmard, the ONLY person who will be indicted and then go to prison over all of the crimes committed by Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Obama, Strzok, Lisa Page, the FBI, DOJ, FISA courts, ad infinitum will be the janitor in the FBI building who, at two-thirty in the morning, logged onto Comey’s computer to check on the status of his used car loan.

Bakka Janai

If the exposure to the public via the courts is not done within 30 days, then all of the Durham investigation was for nought. We need not make excuses for delays. We need action NOW.

Jimmy MacAfee

I am really grateful that Dave distills all this information, and grateful that John Solomon (and Catherine Herridge and others) remain determined and focused, and that Durham is digging to the deepest vein in this mineshaft of corruption. More gold to be dug – the mother lode is actually not far off.

I’m also grateful that DNI Ratcliffe is doing a superb job in his new role.

Kudos on a great article, Dave!


I read Solomons’ report last night after I got home from work. I would like to say I was surprised that this criminal enterprise had gone that deep but I’m not. With God’s grace, we will see Obama
and his adminstration publicly proven to be the most criminal and corrupt Presidency ever. A sad statement, but true.

I have been advocating patience, as I knew that Durham would have to make sure that no stone was left unturned and every fact would have to be detailed clearly to make sure that when the trigger is pulled, the shot goes true. We will only get one, and it has to be so accurate that even the corrupt secm will have to face it.

Durham has been essentially been peeling an oniion. Layer after layer has revealed more and more corruption, which in turn requires more peeling. Solomons’ article shows some of the layers.

This also expalins why the peanut gallery of Comey, Brennan and Clapper has been unusally silent. I am certain their attorneys told them to zip it. They’ve most likely perjured themselves enough in the public arena already and the attorneys surely must be consuming Tylenol by the Costco bulk bottle for their headaches.

Stay strong my friends and pray for Barr and Durham. I have been.

phineas gage

Yes, thanks from me as well for linking the Solomon piece. There was the Blumenthal-Blackshear connection after all, so I wasn’t entirely crazy.

Who would have ever thought this ran through the Brookings Institution?

Jimmy MacAfee

Blumenthal-Buttshear were also responsible for some of the Benghazi lies. Who knows how much else they have been involved in?

Part of me wishes we had a Putin-like creature of some sort in some part of our Intel services who could order a radioactive vodka tonic for these lunch-fellows.


It is a tangled web they’ve woven without a doubt.

BUT…. Like Gregg mentioned there were criminal referrals handed to the DpJ which could have been prosecuted. Even if the perps had gotten off either by hook or crook at least Trumps base would see that there was an attempt towards justice.

I keep repeating this that Barr is a deep state chameleon and has history. He’s not the knight in shining armour to ride in on the horse of justice to set things right. He’s there to slow walk and mitigate the damage to the swamp as vest he can. The only time we’ve seen action is when Trump forces his hand, eg Trump announces protecting statues, then Barr has the minnows arrested. Barr sitting back while governors and mayors lock down their citizens and go after the real rebels in churches, You know the real criminals having the audacity to ignore the social distancing rules and singing.

Sorry for not being positive but I see this all as more tic toc, shiny, any day now the hammer drops. I really want to be wrong…

phineas gage

We’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, there is an election to win. Nothing else is going to matter if that goes south.


Fully agree… But I don’t see this as a positive but actually throwing shade on the election ahead. To little action covered by a lot of talk.

It would appear the communists are starting to win the propaganda war. Trumps shifted on wearing masks, cancelled events and Barr is about as effective as Sessions, maybe even less so. The feckless GOP has their hand to their forehead decrying the travesty of it all and does nothing. The only ones doing anything substantive has been Nunes, Ratcliff and former ambassador Grenell

IMO, there needs to be a ramping up of conservative sites exposing the outright lies and theft attempts by the demoncrap. IMO, I see people voting gropey joe just to end the madness happening today, which it won’t of course. Have to fight fire with fire at times.

its a war… lies are being told

phineas gage

Trump shifted strategically on masks and covid pressers to play to the panicked female bloc. It was a wise move politically. The RNC cancellation, while disappointing, was also wise, as is the restrained and organized effort to restore order in cities via federal authority.

He is systematically removing the political leverage of the Left.


The little bit I’ve watched of his renewed CV-19 briefs is good because Trump is doing them solo and removed Fraudi and girlfriend and all the banal chatter.

Much tighter pressers are a good thing.

phineas gage

Trump evidently disagrees. The shift happened right after Parscale was removed as campaign manager.


I’m not certain I agree on the strategy of the masks and events cancellations. I think if he’d stayed the course he’d been viewed more favourably by the base and be seen as a strong leader.

With the ongoing scamdemic and rioting, along with the China fiasco the dollar is taking a hit. Gold is doing great right now and expected to do better as investors flee to gold to secure their holdings.

You can put money on this that the demoncrap and media are going to up the volume on all this. Didn’t promote masks and no crowds soon enough, dollar tanking, people dying everywhere. The ‘we told you so’ message will be loud and strong.

So, boiled down, imo, he should have stayed the course.

phineas gage

I don’t think so. As DB points out, the media panic porn effort is beginning to fail, despite their ever-increasing hysterical effort to suspend disbelief.

That puts more pressure on the rioting strategy, which is now clearly unable to break out of the Democrat cities.

It is coming undone for them, still three months out. And they have a useless candidate with dementia, and indictments likely headed their way.

phineas gage

I don’t care what the media does, there is no way this plays in the political favor of the radical Left–at all:


Some days I wish for peace and calm hoping that we can get through this mess intact and some days I get very angry at what I read. I guess today is an angry day for me because this just pisses me off.


Agree in general and hope it all comes to fruition, but I’m still bothered that no charges were filed when the IG reports made criminal referrals and the DOJ punted.

I believe those referrals could have given the listed defendants the Flynn treatment and bankrupted them and more important kept them shut up like Flynn is to this day. Double Jeopardy would not apply because there is/was more than one crime committed by many individuals and creative charging could have eliminated that concern and allowed for future indictments as the overall case against the coup is developed.

My big fears in all of this is:

1) Trump has the election stolen via mail in corruption and all this quietly goes away
2) Trump wins and this nonaction continues until the statute of limitations runs out
3) A corrupt ‘judge’ rules a lot of the evidence inadmissible sabotaging the cases
4) Some DOJ hack Obama prosecutor deliberately botches the case(s)
5) A biased or bought DC jury (96% of whom voted against Trump) will never convict – there had better be a different trial venue – or GITMO Tribunals
6) Some terrible and coincidental ‘accidents’ may happen to the key players (prosecutors or the players turning state’s evidence) at the most inopportune (depending on which side you are on) time – Damn the bad luck
7) If some convictions actually occur, the sentences will be light and the convicted will be released for the flimsiest excuse (CV-19 for example) or ‘health’ reasons

The best we can hope for is the coup plotters and all their associates are bankrupted defending themselves like Flynn was. And even then, I see them being bailed out/reimbursed by all the corrupt front group’s funneling money through law firms or other such mechanisms. GO-Fund-Me?

One of two things might also happen if real convictions and real punishment is meted out to several of the players: They will either be martyred as heroes of the ‘resistance’ or the left will schiffcan them as they are no longer in a position to help the ’cause’.

Sorry to be so negative, but unless I am wrong, I just don’t see real justice happening to the vast majority of the ‘evil doers’ unless President Trump, Barr and Durham get real tough and get rid of every corrupticrat they can.

jack johnson

Durham and Barr are booting this, they aren`t doing an investigation but making a report. In an investigation you would be bringing in indictments and then using that information to further your investigation. Durham is waiting until he is completely done….which is forever….and then coming out with a report and a few indictments.

This is a joke at best and not a serious fact finding investigation in search of justice.

phineas gage

How do you know that isn’t happening?

Jimmy MacAfee

He doesn’t. More divisive disinformation to instill hopelessness and despair, that’s all. I’m sorry, but if he really feels this way, as I’ve said ad nauseum, he can go back to his EZ chair and sniff his own wind.

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