Yes, Justice Roberts, There are “Obama Judges” and “Bush Judges”

A tale of two judges. – Chief Justice John Roberts – the clearly-compromised former conservative jurist who now does the bidding of the progressive left whenever they demand it, apparently – famously stated in 2017 that there are no “Obama judges” or “Bush judges,” there are only federal judges. That, of course, is abject bullshit, but hey, it’s what the Chief does these days.

Late this week, we saw the dichotomy between the kinds of decisions we get out of Bush/Reagan/Trump judges and Obama/Clinton judges in two decisions related the ongoing rioting taking place in Portland. It is a classic tale of an Obama judge applying his own personal baises as a means of fomenting more chaos in our society and a Bush judge doing his best to properly interpret the law and put out the fires.

The latter decision came from the Bush appointed, District Court Judge Michael Mosman, who rejected the specious filing of Soros-funded Oregon Attorney General Emily Rosenblum. The despicable Ms. Rosenblum was asking for a temporary restraining order that would deny the right of federal law enforcement officials to continue to protect Portland’s federal courthouse and other federal property from the rioters, who have attempted to burn the courthouse down many times in recent weeks.

Michael W. Mosman - Wikipedia

Judge Michael Mosman

From a report at Red State:

The complaint — filed by her on behalf of all Oregon citizens based on her in parens patriae status in relationship to those citizens — alleged violations of the citizens First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution.  The factual allegations were that unknown federal agents, without names or insignias our their uniforms, and driving unmarked vehicles, were detaining and arresting Oregon citizens off the streets of Portland away from the federal courthouse, without probable cause.

In denying the TRO, Judge Mosman questioned whether the Attorney General had standing to bring the action she had brought.  The parens patriae status she claimed — meaning the government as legal protector of citizens — is rarely invoked, and likely inapplicable where, as here, citizens wrongly arrested or detained by federal agents could sue on their own behalf for violation of their civil rights.  Judge Mosman noted that the Attorney General could bring suit to vindicate a legal interest that is specific to the state itself, but the complaint filed by the Attorney General states no such claim.

The Court noted that no protester was a Plaintiff.  The Court noted that the lawsuit sought no remedy or damages on behalf of anyone claiming to have been harmed by the actions of the federal agents.  Instead the lawsuit the extraordinary remedy of prohibiting future law enforcement action by agents of the federal government.

The Opinion calls out the Oregon Attorney General for writing a complaint in a fashion that suggests numerous protesters have being seized off the streets of Portland, but in support of which at the time of the hearing the Attorney General was able to produce evidence of only two events.  There was evidence of a young man named Pettibone having been arrested and taken to the federal building, but he was never charged.  The evidence, however, was limited to a declaration by Pettibone as to what happened.  There was no evidence to corroborate his claims.


That was the Bush Judge decision.

The decision from the Obama Judge – District Judge Michael Simon, who is the nephew of famous playwrite Neil Simon and looks just like him – came late on Thursday. In his decision, Judge Simon issued a TRO prohibiting federal law enforcement from using tear gas or any other non-lethal force that might impact members of the press or “legal observers,” many of whom are radical leftists who have embeded themselves in with the rioters.

Michael H. Simon - Wikipedia

Judge Michael Simon

Well, you can see where this is going, right?

From a report at Politico:

A judge has barred federal law enforcement officers dealing with long-running protests and unrest in Portland from using force against journalists and legal observers trying to document the run-ins between activists and the authorities.

Ina temporary restraining order issued on Thursday night, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon also declared reporters, photographers and legal observers exempt from any directives issued to the general public to disperse from areas where protests are taking place.

Simon said there were strong indications [Note the expression of his own opinion absent any real evidence that this is true] that journalists were being targeted by the authorities and were not simply incidentally caught up in legitimate efforts to quell violence or vandalism.

“Plaintiffs’ declarations describe situations including that they were identifiable as press, were not engaging in unlawful activity or protesting, were not standing near protesters, and yet were subject to violence by federal agents,” Simon wrote. “Contrary to the Federal Defendants’ arguments, this evidence does not support that the force used on Plaintiffs were ‘unintended consequences’ of crowd control.”


So, guess what happened Friday evening? Check it out:

Boy, there’s a shocker, huh?

Thus does Judge Michael Simon – an Obama appointee – very predictably reveal himself to be an active participant in the radical left “resistance.”

But hey, there’s no difference between “Obama judges” and “Bush judges.” Just ask John Roberts.



That is all.

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All that Separation of Church and State stuff? It sure don’t work both ways does it…


OMG, all these tears make me so happy. Every. Single. Majority. Y’all have had these past four years has been wasted! Love it!

Jimmy MacAfee

All of your pervs have been exposed, now the author of the fake dossier has been outed, and there are more revelations coming by the day! Loser.


Yeah, ‘wasted’ to some degree Jim. But if that is the case how come your side is ALWAYS so pissed off and distressed? I don’t see riots at Trump rallies.

If you guys know or see how many ‘Republican’ appointees are going to disappoint the right, why do the commies in congress fight so hard to defeat them? Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow for subversives to infiltrate your enemy, by your enemy, then look like a bunch of petulant punks during ever SC confirmation process?

Yes, while we are often disappointed and angered by our VERY SMALL “majority” and the outcomes they give us, you don’t see us rioting and trashing any cities – blue or red – do you?

And, apart from the feckless, gutless RINOs, of which there are way too many, the rest who are screwing us have been corrupted or threatened by the left (your ilk) in order to support and perpetuate the status quo. Hope you’re proud of that and your other main ‘accomplishment’: hurting your fellow citizens and destroying much of their property and their livelihood. Whereas NO “Deplorable” has the least bit of association to the “mostly peacefully protestors”.

Yeah, quite the accomplishment Jim, your (bowel) movement has achieved. Keep being loud, keep being ‘proud’, and you will see a much deserved true minority status in your future – then we’ll see who is crying sad tears and howling at the moon and who is crying tears of joy

PS: Whatever this ‘movement of yours is trying to accomplish, it ain’t working, because your actions aren’t winning any hearts and minds and are in fact, driving people away from your ’cause’.


Wow, extremely close comments – verbatim to one I made some time ago!!


I’ve long considered Roberts a fool or liar. It’s sadly obvious.


As usual, another Soviet Sociliast Republic of I5 Oregon demoncrat presumes to be speaking on behalf of all Oregonians. After all, we don’t know what’s best for us or what we need/want. Effing sociopath.

phineas gage

Another part of what is coming your way if Democrats win:

btw, central planning is now called ‘Smart Growth’. Isn’t that special?


I guess we’ll see if Maxwell has anything on Roberts…I guess he was a Lolita Express regular, that’s the rumor. Not that it would matter! LOL! The Swamp protects its denizens.

zolaholtZola Holt

Should have put “an Obama appointee” at top of article. Bush appointees not much better, nor are any approved by the RINO infested Senate. As with congresspeople, judges should be required to wear NASCAR-like patches on their clothing to show who has sponsored them.

phineas gage

Gorsuch is not looking so hot either.

I’m actually feeling better about Kavanaugh right now.


The fact is that regardless of the opinions the SCOTUS expresses they have no authority to make law. It’s just their opinion. The only reason anything they say becomes the rule is that Congress and the Executive acquiesce to their opinion. Which is completely unConstitutional. Because Constitutionally a bill must be passed by the Congress and signed by the President to become law.

phineas gage

Congress passes the laws, SCOTUS determines constitutionality, President enforces.

Three co-equal branches.


They are indeed co-equal. But, can only exercise the power given to them by the Constitution. However, the only branches that are given the authority of the force of law are the Congress and Executive. SCOTUS only has the authority to render an opinion. It is only when people are deceived into believing that one branch can usurp the authority that is only given to another by the Costitution that SCOTUS’s opinions carry any weight to tell another branch how they must act.

Thomas Jefferson had this argument with SCOTUS in his day. And showed just how impotent SCOTUS truly is saying among other things “It is a very dangerous doctrine to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions. It is one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”
Please read this letter from Jefferson to Jarvis

Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you for the post and the link! Anotehr part pertinent to Roberts’ bizarre claims of an apolitical judiciary is this, from your link:

“our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. they have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privileges of their corps.”

“Passions for party, for power.”

Roberts has lost his way, and now has shown himself to be a legal maladroit, excusing the clear lines of political delineation that occur routinely in the court over which he presides. There have been exceptions, as Sandra Day O’Connor ruled against the power of the State to take property in the infamous Kelo case, which Roberts refused to review and/or exhume for disposal as the legal imbecility that it was and remains.

Swing votes, even those, are not essentially apolitical. The SCOTUS under Roberts views itself as honest as other men, without the understanding that this implies that it is as dishonest as other men, lustful for power and sometimes serving masters of unknown origin and competence.


” without the understanding that this implies that it is as dishonest as other men”

Bingo… kinda outed himself on that didn’t he…

Make Zimbabwe Great Again

There are totally corrupt administrative law judges. There are commie RATS everywhere from the local all the way up to Central Command swamp RATS in the district of cesspool.
There are resistance leader traitor RATS living only a few blocks from the White House.
But none of it matters because the rule of law got deleted by pen and phone as part of the Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation.


Sadly the communists have infiltrated every key institution needed to take the country over without firing a shot. Education from primary to the halls of academia, entertainment media, ‘news’ media, all levels of government, judiciary, political seats at all levels and some police forces.

Taking once great and prosperous countries like Valenzuela, and Zimbabwe, the once bread basket of Africa, and turning them into cesspools of filth and dispare. Communism and islam are the same everywhere they go, they have the same father, in that they destroy every place they occupy.

Its a war… Coming to America?!?!? Its here…


Brian – were you aware of this – the 45 Stated Goals of the Communist Party? It was entered into the Congressional Record in 1963. Scroll thru it – you’ll be amazed how far along they are…


I was not aware of it being entered into the Congressional Record. Which makes this even more insidious.

As shown its been on the books, since 63, then it makes every political complicate in its promulgation into US political arena. Demoncrap would naturally support this but GOP!?!? Either lazy or traitorous.

What is amazing is that the communists and muslims actually announce their plans and its like nobody believes them… until its to late.

Wondering what it will take to wake up the nation, BEFORE its to late???

phineas gage

Down by nearly 60% in the key demographic:

Now let’s just wait for the sports ratings to come in…


In the past Dave has written about how we must find a way for the media to be held accountable. Very True!. We must also find a way to both hold judges accountable for dangerous and unconstitutional decisions, AND be able to remove them via a recall mechanism.

Legislation via judicial fiat must end!

phineas gage

We can begin to do all of that at the ballot box in just a few short months.

Or we can not do that and hand the nation over to radical marxists who will forever change it into a land of perpetual misery and darkness.

Six of one…..


IMO, impossible to do at this point. You know that any attempt to Constitutionalise the courts will be met with vehement opposition from the communists. It Trump gets another, or possibly two, SCOTUS picks then it would be possible.

Even term limits would have the demons screaming. Term limits, recall, Constitutional requirements ( which is already there but ignored) etc could all be in place for judicial misconduct.

Bottom line… accountability for which they have none, at this point

phineas gage

OK, so maybe I was wrong about Sidney Blumenthal being the ultimate source of the Steele dossier confabulations, but the actual truth isn’t that much different:


I read your Real Clear Investigation link Phineas – thanks for posting it.

While I’m not at all surprised, it still shocks me to the core the depth and scope of the coup attempt, and that it could happen here in the US of A. What really grates me is the comments (trolls or not, obviously some people sincerely have these passionate though totally vapid thoughts/beliefs – and they VOTE!) made about the article. No matter how well written, no matter how well researched, no matter how provably accurate, there is a significant group of brainwashed and brain dead people in this country who will never admit the corruption, the militancy, and fraud of the Democratic Party and all of their support groups.

Here is what I have always been disheartened by in political discussions with anyone who is not fundamentally conservative:

The Dems can be 90+% guilty and the Repubs can be less than 10% guilty of whatever, and somehow, in these people’s mind, that makes both sides equally guilty. I have never defended a guilty or tainted Republican, in fact I’m even more critical of Republicans, yet these people stand by their Democrat regardless of the sin. These were some of my friends and acquaintances who recognize me as a political and historical SME. Typically after lengthy discussions when they have no more (dud) bullets left supporting their position, they just shut down and end the debate/conversation. I might as well be trying to convince Hitler that Jews are great.

I have never idolized anyone like my lib/progressive (former) friends do, especially because of party affiliation, yet the absolutely ingrained (in most every liberal I have encountered) and unshakeable belief that EVERY Democrat is virtuous and can do no wrong is maddening beyond belief. It doesn’t matter what BJ Clinton did, what BHO did, what Walking Eagle did, what Go-Jo(e) brain Biden et al did, as long as they SAY they are for working women, blacks, or other minorities, or some other supposed aggrieved group (take your pick), that is all they have to say and they have the votes of these idiots – most of whom are white college educated women. Never mind that nothing ever gets better for these people to whom the Dems purport to be helping in their ‘plight’.

This is a big reason I am a VOLCEL. While most of these women I refer to are otherwise very smart and accomplished, their political dogma prevents me from wanting to “do them” even with BJ Clinton’s dingus; their political position is that unappealing.


I once worked at a manufacturing company that was owned (he inherited it) by what I would call a benign progressive in that he truly put his money (he was wealthy in his own right) where his mouth was and subsidized the company rather than have layoffs up to a point. He was an inept businessman, but had a good heart; he was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. One of the secretaries once told me a Democrat politician (former NJ Gov. Florio as an example) could come in to his office and take a dump on the owner’s desk and he would gladly eat it and ask for more.

He was haughty and most of the twenty or so employees were intimidated by him, I was not, and we had several discussions about politics. They were brief, but respectful, and at one point I asked him to show me the error in my ways and explain to me (on my own time) why progressivism was so wonderful and why conservativism was so wrong; he smiled and waived me away,

I see that typical liberal condescension everywhere and it repulses me to this day.


I think most conservatives, not rino’s obviously, feel much of the revulsion you express.

But I think like in any site you will never convince the zombies of anything. What you do tho, is when responding, is you are talking to the third person and not necessarily to the respondee. Its those you aren’t directly addressing that will be judging the merits of the arguments. Its those you want to win over by the merits of your arguments and if they don’t come around find where they live and burn their shrubbery. Well maybe not, we’re better than that…

Its war…


Love your points Brian. Goes with the same as the old lawyer trick: I would never call the Clinton’s scumbags, I would never…

Love the shrubbery idea, but you are right, we are better than that – for now…, as long as we’re not unduly provoked and as long as the protests remain “mostly peaceful”. snarc


Right now as I’m typing this I’m watching a Biden commercial and boy does it have him walking on water (I did not know he “helped” beat back the Ebola epidemic among other things…) talking about doing much of what Trump has already done, but Go-Jo(e) Brain Biden and ‘the One’ couldn’t and didn’t in eight (8) long years.

At least they were able to catch him on a good day and he was able to put eight words together without a gaffe: “I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.” Wonder how many takes it took. Or maybe they just used a clip from a past campaign.


BTW, How does everyone here like my new moniker for the Dem’s figurehead nominee: Go-Jo(e) Brain Biden?


The Mets have filled many seats around the Citi Field with cardboard cutouts of ‘fans’ and NY celebrities. The Dems can have their convention in Milwaukee after all; just fill the arena with cardboard cutouts, and have their cardboard candidate give his acceptance ‘speech’, They can pipe audio in of the speeches, maybe even the video recordings of their 1968 convention. The IQ of the cutouts would closely equal the IQ of the live participants, so it would be a real Dem convention after all.

After the convention is over, the cutouts can serve as kindling for their biggest support base, the “mostly peaceful protestors”.

The big question is, will the figureheads be wearing masks?

phineas gage

Although I used to harbor conspiracy theories, I have to the conclusion that Justice Roberts, whatever his legal acumen, is simply a vapid fool.

Addicted to and easily influenced by the D.C. cocktail party culture, eager to curry favor with the political elites–he’s just the worst recent example of this behavior.

Human nature is to be vulnerable to these blandishments, it just varies by degree from one person to another. This is why it is always such a crapshoot with GOP SCOTUS nominations.


It Seems Chief InJustice Robbers makes a lot of very ‘queer’ decisions – perhaps trying to hide something from his children?


Thats why the demoncraps have greater consistency. When there are no moral or principled standards it much easier to be consistent.

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