Friday News Roundup: Fauci’s Errant First Pitch, Trump Cancels Convention, and the Truth About the Portland Riots

Not to be mean, but…well, yeah, ok, to be mean because this little menace to society richly deserves it. – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Democrat operative who has worked so hard to destroy our nation over the last four months with his constantly-shifting, always-wrong narrative about the Wuhan Virus, threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game last night.

Very predictably, it all went very, very, very wrong. Watch:

So, 15 feet short and 27 feet outside – every bit as accurate as anything he has had to say about the viral plague from China. The man is consistent if nothing else.

Bob Uecker Just A Bit Outside GIFs | Tenor

But keep your social distance and wear those masks, folks! – Here’s the little menace later, setting an example for the rest of America:

Yeah, you’ll never see that photo on CNN or MSNBC.

Dr. Fauci does not just kowtow to hypocrite Democrats, he personifies them.

But never fear, the little menace was still on the job earlier in the day, doing everything he can to continue to destroy America’s economy and society, in an interview with MarketWatch.

Here’s the headline of the story:

Anthony Fauci tells MarketWatch: I would not get on a plane or eat inside a restaurant

Holy crap.


Speaking of #EnemiesOfThePeople, here is how the New York Times is lying to its readers about the Portland riots today:

And here is the truth about the riots and the rioters, brought to you each and every day by a real journalist, Andy Ngo:

You will never see any of that reported by the New York Times or CNN or MSNBC or any of the three broadcast network news.

Enemies of the people, one and all.

This is hysterically funny. – Watch Charlie Hurt’s face as the dimwitted Marie Harf tries to avoid the question from Harris Faulkner, and find some way to blame Republicans for what is happening in cities Democrats have run into the ground for decades:

Honestly, it’s hard to know how she manages to dress herself each day. Maybe she doesn’t.


The climate alarmists are going after the polar bears again. – The good news is that 20 years ago, the climate alarmists assured us that all the arctic polar bears would be gone in 15 years because of “global warming”. That not only did not happen, but the population of polar bears actually multiplied.

The bad news is that the climate alarmists – supported as always by a slavish, corrupt news media establishment – are back going for polar bear gold again. Only this time, instead of just giving themselves a mere 15 years to be wrong, they’re giving themselves an entire lifetime so that none of them will be around to be mocked when the polar bears are still doing just fine in the year 2100.

Take a gander at this:

Yeah, that’s not going to happen, either. Just your dishonest climate alarm community, supported by your corrupt, fake news media, at work.

The lies and corruption never end.

Speaking of lies and corruption, watch for a Wuhan Virus miracle in Florida. – At his press conference on Thursday, President Trump announced that the RNC is cancelling the in-person part of the Republican National Convention, which was to be held in Jacksonville, Florida.

Thus, the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the news media have achieved their goal. Don’t be surprised if the number of new COVID-19 “cases” suddenly begins to fall in the weeks to come.

Just as you were brainwashed by the media to believe you were obligated to elect a Black president in 2008; and just as you were brainwashed by the media to believe you were somehow obligated to elect a woman president in 2016; you are being brainwashed today to utterly and completely ignore all of the real data and science about the Wuhan Virus for purely political reasons.

This is nothing new, but it does grow more intense and focused and transparently dishonest with time.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Interestingly Andy Ngo is likely the only real journalist in the Portland Seattle area. He recently has been reporting that the “Wall of Moms” isn’t as it appears with many of the ‘moms’ being the rioters that donned yellow t-shirts. With zero surprise it all for theatre.

So the Wall of Moms has a twitter acct… here,

And it is what you’d expect from the insane communists. Heres a copy paste of the lead paragraph if you don’t want to burn out any brain cells.

“PDX-based network of womxn and non-binary mother-identifying folx dedicated to supporting the current civil rights movement to end police brutality”

A network of ‘womxn’ not women or woman. Feminists hate men and laughably have to remove them any way they can.

Then the non-binary mother identifying… ROTFLMAO. So you can be any of the 5936 flavours of they/them/us and mother identify meaning specifically birthing of children is irrelevant so long as you just say you have!?!??

Then theres the folx… Not regular folks but a special kind of folx. I’m laughing like crazy because this level of insanity is far deeper and wider than I could possible come up with…

Credit to Andy for pointing out that these ‘moms’ are not moms at all but something else entirely. I’m still laughing over this… as is my wife…


Guess I need to post the link… sigh…

This guy gets my goat every time… just an evil sob…


WHY is this traitorous criminal , Slime Gates,NOT under investigation or in prison???

This dirtball stole software belonging to Sun Systems to sell to IBM back at the beginning. They stole other software makers software, like Double Stack, and incorporated it into windows. This scum has been a lowlife his entire despicable life. He;s had microcrap not only aid the CCP but helped design their surveillance system used to oppress the chinese population. He’s praised the CCP’s handling of the scamdemic. He stepped down as CEO to head up a vaccine. Slime bucket Bill likes vaccines, you know, like the ones that killed scores of children in Africa. Now he is shown to AGAIN help the CCP with a ‘power company, in nuclear. .

Where the smeg is Barr???

phineas gage

Good point by Ace:

Nullification of the law can work both ways. And in fact, it will have to.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great video of an ANTIFA getting the crap knocked out of him, too!

phineas gage

Now this will be interesting if he can do it:

Hitting the bastards where it hurts.


Putting the control where it should be… with parents…


BTW I saw the marxist goof who wrote the polar bear fairy tale on the tv while at the hospital recently. From the get go you could have turned off the sound and still determined it was all poppycock. The guy was squirming around and looking not at the camera, but around the room half the time.

All tell tale signs of a liar.

The arguments he made were not only false, against known data, but him trying to link an impending extinction event, to the bears fasting to long was…. (at a loss for appropriate word to describe just how stupid it was) But then having a modicum of credibility or integrity, just isn’t within their character.

Any Questions

Sportsball? No thanks. Destroyed as part of the Fundamental Transformation.
Dr. Fraudci the bureaucrat hack? Only a mongoloid society living in a glass dollhouse of delusion would believe anything that RAT has to say.
The glorious people’s republic of Portland? Let it stew in its golden utopia as the comrades peacefully pass the bong and protest against the man who is holding them down.
It will all be posted up to an Iphone while sipping a Starbucks and sporting the new Nike Air Colon that was made in Vietnam for fifteen cents.
Simple slogans that are easily regurgitated by mental midgets will be supplied by Soros INC.

Jimmy MacAfee

Dictator Fauxi throws a ball like Howard in Big Bang Theory. (Same muscular, athletic physique, too!)

Come to think of it, he oughta sign up for ANTIFA! Most of them are similarly well-muscled, impressive physical specimens! (Years of living in Mommy’s dark basement does that for ya!)

You do know they have testosterone for that these days, Tony?


Need to give the antifa crowd some respect tho… The are bad azzes in the Call of Duty arena. Completely dominate the battlefield with only minimal responds. And their characters are buffed.


And they think that playing war in a video will be the same when the shtf and things get real. They will be bigly suprised when they can’t respawn.


SSHHHH… Don’t give them a heads up… 🙂

Oh they are baaaad dudes in and out of video games… their ingame character is an extension of themselves, BUFFED… BAD…. and deadly….

Right huh… right!?!? right!?!?


The pitch delivered just confirms in spades hes Flaccid Fauci, in every aspect. I’ve seen kids throw out balls better than this parasite.

jack johnson

Fauci`s pitch was about as accurate as his China Flu predictions….completely off the mark and way left.

There are some good investigative reporters starting to dig into the fraudulent China Flu stats, the test itself and way the CDC and hospitals report these “positive” results. Tracey Beanz is doing some good work on that front….check it out.

Personally I think Trump made a huge mistake cancelling the event in Jacksonville, by doing so it almost guarantees no debates between Biden and Trump. When you start playing around with changing our election format that has been in place for hundreds of years you open up a Pandoro’s Box.

phineas gage

It may or may not have been a mistake, but there were never going to be any debates. No way the Dems were ever going to let that happen.


Marie Harf was pathetic there, but then again all the demoncrat talking heads are. She’s rather gargle hydrocloric acid than just answer a simple yes or no question. They all would rather filibuster and deflect. It’s all they can do if they want to keep going to all the good cocktail parties and dinners with the in crowd.

Jimmy MacAfee

You mean Marie Barf? She should be out riding a skateboard.

Low IQ.


She should be in jail. She was part of the State Department cabal.


Preferably without a helmet.

phineas gage

I have no idea if this is accurate, but it is Rasmussen:

If it is even close to being accurate, this is a big, big deal. And if Dems internal polls are showing the same, you now know why they are so panicked and hysterical.

Jimmy MacAfee

The Dem polls (which are most of them) will actually inspire Trump voters to go to the polls, as well as the persistent reports of Dem fraud. Way to energize us, Demonrats! Thanks!


Most of the polls are undersampling Republican and Independents. Just like 2016. The goal, as always, is to discourage us. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. Hence the fever pitch agit prop of the secm and the demoncrat talking heads. I don’t think panic is the proper word for what they feel now. A strong foreboding of doom might be more appropiate.

phineas gage

The polling on people afraid to reveal their political views is striking.

A majority of people (including ~70% or more of independents and Republicans) don’t like what is happening, but don’t want to risk losing their jobs or being physically attacked.

Further evidence for a huge tsunami this fall. People will express themselves in the voting booth.

This is also why mail-in voting must be squelched. If there is a (relatively) honest voting process, Trump will win a solid victory in the electoral college (even though he will lose the popular vote due to the extreme margins in CA, NY, NJ, and IL).

phineas gage

btw. why doesn’t Harris Faulkner have a more prominent role on Fox News? I watch only rarely now, but she is always just about the best anchor.


Her Outnumbered show and Outnumbered Overtime is some of the best fnc has during the day.
I usually don’t watch as my darling wife gets all worked up when the demoncrat operatives start their incessant propaganda speak. I tend to just tune them out as I know it’s just another version of the same ol’ crap and nothing to get myself all fired up over but she pretty much makes it hard to watch. The rants can be epic. 😀

When we first started dating, she was not so much a lefty as an agnostic when it came to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the Constitution. After living and listening to me for about 3 years after that she began to look at our country a little bit more intensely and pay attention to what was going on. At 25 years of not always blissful togtherness, she is a patriot
and stands ready to fight if she has to.What more can a man ask of his wife?

phineas gage

Antifa and BLM were going to target the RNC and it would have been a nightmare. Trump did the politically wise thing. He’s also removed the issue and pulled the rug out from under the Left.

Let’s face it–this is all politics and it is all about the hysterical female vote now. Trump has to go for the strong yet gentle image to calm them down, otherwise they will flock to big-daddy government to take care of everything. That is why he is wearing the mask and doing the pressers again.

The 19th amendment will eventually be the death of this nation, but hopefully not yet.


About XIX amendment Phineas, I absolutely agree. Jimmy talks about Incels, well about nine years ago, I became a volcel.

I just couldn’t put up with that gender’s stupidity and bullschiff. I don’t care if they are politicians, (Sara Palin, Chrissy Noem, and Margaret Thatcher are among the few exceptions), co-workers, girlfriends, lovers, a wife, etc., the vast majority I’ve met are pathetically ignorant, but think they are brilliant, and very problematic in my experience. In the military, I believe a true assessment would show their integration in combat units are more trouble then they are worth. I have met, loved, and worked for a few women who I could respect and appreciate, but for the most part, it has become apparent that pursuit is just not worth the effort it costs, and the emotional angst it entails.

I am envious (in a good way) of the people on this site and elsewhere who are happily married, and have found their lifelong partner; wish it was the case for me, but that is life.

PS: I blame feminism which came into the fore about the time I was a teenager and I believe it, along with academia in general, damaged the vast majority of western females for the last fifty years. Virtually every woman I’ve met or have been involved with in my entire life is either an apolitical dolt who by default despises leaders like Trump or Republicans in general, or is a rabid Democratic supporter/voter and will not accept any alternate point of view. This I will no longer tolerate.

Jimmy MacAfee

I understand the VOLCEL; before I met my wife, I had given up, too.

If you look at Proverbs 31:10-31, and can find such a woman, she will not be any of those things you described – as some will argue with you even when they agree with you (a contrarian) or who are as vapid as the wind and hold strong opinions based upon nothing but how they feel at the moment.

Read Proverbs 31 – starting with verse 10. If you should ever find such a woman, you might not succeed then, either, if she’s a Believer, because she won’t want to be unequally yoked. That’s the hard truth.

I’ve never met a Proverbs 31 woman who wasn’t a Believer. The rest? I understand all that you wrote on that, and more. “Better to live on the corner of the roof on the house than to live with a contentious woman” (another Proverb)


Thank you Jimmy, appreciate your kind words. I looked it up. If I could find a woman with half those attributes…


Just have to look in the right places…

phineas gage

I wouldn’t say it is absolute by any means (there are plenty of Margaret Thatchers out there), but the bottom line is that the brains of the two genders have been wired differently by evolution–for good reasons, primarily reproductive.

This inevitably influences behavior, including political behavior. And on a entire population basis, that is a real problem for our nation.


“And on a entire population basis, that is a real problem for our nation.”

It sure is Phineas.

The nonsense at my DC area government job was a big reason why I left, but every woman I met there was a dyed-in-the-wool lib.

When a woman I was serious with voted against VA’s excellent Allen in 2006 and he lost by a few thousand votes, that ended it. Especially when her reason was so ridiculous.

phineas gage

That is also why Trump won’t push on the schools. Mothers that have been panicked by propaganda for months. Women are also larger consumers proportionally of traditional media and, of course, social media.

It has to be finessed.


Fauxi pitching reminds me of 0zero pitching. Then there is his faux dire predictions and all the attempts to make those statements come true. CDC tried to insure the stats would show mass deaths from the kung flu by issueing a directive to show all deaths as caused by said flu. The little phoney scientist has been so wrong so many times, I am actually surprised he is still being allowed to spout his fake science. Time to retire the old phony.
The riots in Portland, and elsewhere need to end. Now. They’ve had free rein for way too long. Where are the actual law-abiding taxpaying citizens of those areas? Time to round up the miscreants and send them to a holding camp in the middle of the desert someplace. Use water cannons, or whatever else, to get the little criminals to disperse. They could probably use the cleansing effect of the water cannons. Can’t imagine the stink around them.
Thank you, Andy Ngo, who seems to be the only honest journalist to be able to report on the little spoiled brats tantrums.
I am soooo tired of seeing and hearing about Fauxi, the tantrums of the left, etc. So ready to see it all end, Constitutionality, of course.


“Fauxi pitching reminds me of 0zero pitching.”

Well, limp wrists do not a good pitcher make ;<)


IMO, I think Trump is handling it well. Let the demoncraps destroy their own homes. Yes its sad that there will be many innocent victims but in war you cannot risk hundreds to rush in and rescue one.

When the enemy is in the midst of destroying its self, don’t interfere.

When they have finished their destruction don’t allow them to leave it, especially the politicals. Don’t pay for any rebuilding, give them what they will PAY for, with cash, from their own pockets. What will be the result of all this??? The perfect examples of demoncrap leadership. And, if anyone supports these traitorous dirtballs after all the destruction, then they are the zombies and they can live in their own excrement.

Anyone with a functioning brain cell should realize whats afoot and get out now. Even if you have to take a loss. Is it worth keeping that job to risk losing everything?? Pack your stuff and go to a solid red state. There you will stem the cancer and you’ll also make up for what you lose in the long run.

phineas gage

Good observation–there is a marked resemblance.


Love Harry Doyle


Buckle up, it is going to be a hell of a ride for the next 100 or so days. As I wrote yesterday, it seems an eternity since last March.

Stay strong, stay be focused on what must be done on Nov 3 – Defeat EVERY Democrat on the ballot everywhere.

If 80 plus (less than 1/4 of the population) votes the RIGHT way the country can be saved. If not, it was nice knowing America as founded and the great experiment known as a self governing republic will have failed.

When one thinks about it and our last 108 years (since Wilson) of voting, it is amazing we have lasted as long as we have, and have done as well as we have done. This speaks volumes as to how brilliant our constitution, and its authors, was/were and is, and the fact that it (despite being contorted into everything it was never meant to be or say) survived for over 200 years.

We need to deal the left a decisive loss this year and every year for the foreseeable future. Make the Dems go the way they say the polar bears will go – and don’t take 80 years to do it.

It is everyone’s duty to make the Dems (and any offshoots) extinct as a viable political force.

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