Yes, Donald Trump Will Win Re-Election in November

Democrats going through the playbook, part 15,989. – In some sort of telepromptered speech yesterday, Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden called President Trump the first “racist” U.S. president. Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman all rolled over in their graves after hearing of those remarks. The 12 U.S. presidents who actually owned slaves had no comment.

It’s fair to point out that the despicable, depraved Democrats, who created the Ku Klux Klan and used it as their party’s paramilitary arm for more than a century have attempted to paint every Republican president and presidential candidate since Barry Goldwater as a racist. They do this as a means of frightening Black voters into continuing to vote Democrat despite the fact that the Democrat Party has never done a damn thing for their community in this country.

This tactic is basically Page 1 in the Democrat/Media joint playbook. It was wielded in a ubiquitous manner in 2016 without success. It will meet with little, if any success in this campaign as well.

After making his remarks, Biden and his handlers fled after refusing yet again to take any questions from the slavish fake journalists who made up basically his entire audience. Earlier in the day, Biden held a livestreaming video event. At the 26 minute mark, he had attracted 19 viewers. I kid you not:

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You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. You really can’t. But you’re supposed to believe, based on the current prevailing media narrative, that Biden is anywhere from 7 to 15 points ahead in the national polls.

You want to look at polls? We’ll give you polls. The two most accurate polling organizations in the 2016 were without question Rasmussen and the Trafalgar Group. No other organization was even close. Last week, Trafalgar reported the results of polls in the key swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Contrary to other media-based polls showing Biden with big leads in all of them, Trafalgar had them all within 1 or 2 points, with the President leading in two of the states.


Rasmussen yesterday pegged the race at 47-45 in favor of Biden, essentially a tie, and has the President’s public approval rating sitting right back at 49%, where it has held for much of his term in office.


Rasmussen also issued polls in the same three swing states: All show the President holding small leads over the Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee.


It’s important to note that both Trafalgar and Rasmussen take the time to ensure they are polling likely voters, not just adults or “registered voters” as almost all of the other pollsters are still doing at this point. The reason for looking at likely voters is because – guess what? – those are the people who are actually going to vote in the election.


Is the race close right now? Sure it is. Is the President running slightly behind Biden at this point? Probably, and he probably is going to once again lose the popular vote in November because Biden will run up overwhelming margins in lost states like California, New York and New Jersey.

But – and here’s the “but” – the popular vote is not what counts. I don’t know how many times this must be pointed out before some folks get it. We do not elect presidents based on a popular vote. Never have. It’s in the freaking constitution, for crying out loud.

A good friend contacted me yesterday. He was listening in on a national trade association meeting in which all of the experts brought in to speak were assuring the members that Joe Biden was almost an inevitability at this point. Guess what? That was the prevailing message at that same association meeting four years ago. I also spoke at that meeting that year and warned the members that Donald Trump was actually most likely going to win that election. People looked at me like I’d lost my mind. There was audible snickering around the table as I gave my presentation.

Donald Trump has barely even started campaigning yet. The rollout yesterday of Operation Legend was essentially the campaign’s kickoff event. From this point forward, he is going to fill the airwaves with images of a doddering Joe Biden who is barely able to put a coherent sentence together when not reading from a script. He will also expose Biden making the most extreme leftist policy proposals in U.S. history when that Teleprompter is turned on.

Biden’s handlers can hide him in the basement until November if they so desire, but they can’t make all the frightening video of Biden’s words and deeds over the last 50 years suddenly disappear. That’s all fair game and the impacts of it being aired hour after hour, day after day are going to be devastating.

Trump will win again this November, and all of the DC-based “experts” whose livings depend on the maintenance of the status quo there will be shocked again. But it is going to be a wild and woolly ride getting there, so buckle up.

The game is afoot.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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As long as Trump is unwilling to exercise his legitimate Presidential power to deal with the treasonous snakes in the communications industry and the Democrat party, the “winner” of the “election” in November is meaningless. We’re being driven into a global technocracy, Trump has power to do something about it, and all he does is complain about what a raw deal the “fake news” gives him. Kabuki, distraction … and business as usual. Replace the five miscreants who are running the FCC. Give us five patriot commissioners and see how fast the narrative changes.


Agree in general, but I don’t think it is quite that simple


Joe Biden reminds me of a dead man walking. Blank look and stare. Cheeks caving in, along with his temples and his gibberish is sad but true. Joe’s wife should grab his arm and take him the hell out of the race so Michelle Obama can get massacred in November.


I think “Doctor” Jill Biden sees herself as Woodrow Wilson’s wife, a defacto president by being Joe’s caregiver and keeping him in the basement.


She is much like Killary in that respect. A decent human being would have known from the get go that he was not going to be able to handle the long, hard slog of a Presidential campaign and not be seen for what he is: a sad, rapdily declining old man who should be sitting on his front porch drinking lemonaide and watching his grandchildren play in the yard.

I don’t much care for the man, his wife should have told the demoncrats to go eff themsleves and let him be. But she didn’t, because that’s what truly despicable people do.

phineas gage

Perfectly stated.


Technically, the President is elected by popular vote.

Popular vote BY STATE, winner-take-all, not by the entire country. The Founders were brilliant.

The Senate – 2 Senators no matter the size or population of your state
The House – Representation by population
The Presidency – Combine the above two methods to elect the President.

That’s why it is called the United States of America, not the United Big Cities of America.

DA Seel

Quote of the day!

“China Global Television Network (CGTN) issued a nearly six-minute video entitled “Can COVID-19 beat populism?” in which the Chinese Communist Party-run network leverages the coronavirus as “another straw on the camel’s back to expose [Trump’s] hollow politics.”

In addition to attacking President Trump, the video also went after China-skeptic political leaders such as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Britain’s Boris Johnson.”

Jimmy MacAfee

The dam is gonna burst all over their parade, won’t it?

Lousy structure, lousy engineering, corrupt Communists.

Richard Hertz

I agree Jumper, same with the back roads of Florida. Trump flags, signs, banners. I honestly have seen one Biden sign in a yard. One. Also out on the boat, fresh and salt water, Trump flags flying off boats everywhere. There is a lot of enthusiasm for Trump this time around and a whole lot of people are also hiding it!

phineas gage

Do you know anything about the American Principles Project and their polling? Here are some results they have just released:

I tend to think these may be overly skewed toward Trump, but even so that just proves the point about how inaccurate and biased most major polls are against Trump.


Thanks Phineas for the generally positive info. I am concerned to see which states they consider to be in play and how close some of them are.

If we have to really worry about KY, AZ, TX, MT, and GA then we are in trouble. I’m not saying we should arrogantly assume these states are a fait accompli for Trump or the respective senate race, but I would like to see polls in states where Trump narrowly lost like NH, ME, VA, MN, and maybe CO, NV, NM, and possibly OR, and IL or even NY, CT, RI, or MA.

If things were in any way sane, Biden shouldn’t win one state.


One other thought:

If Biden, or any other Democrat is the answer to anything going on today, It is a really stupid question.

phineas gage

All well-stated and accurate. I would add that the major Democrat push, aside from scaring minorities, is going to be women, primarily white women. They think they can convince enough of them to vote on their feelings about the icky Trump.

That might be a winning strategy with a strong candidate, but once again it needs to be said that you can’t beat something with nothing. And nothing is what they have in Biden.

I also remain confident that Trump’s path to victory lies through the Rust Belt states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


While I agree and know the electoral college elects the president, and the popular vote doesn’t, it is of extreme importance (from a popular support for his/our agenda perspective) that President Trump wins the popular vote bigly this year – with at least 52% of the popular vote. I know there is going to be massive fraud in the usual cobalt states and cities, but Trump needs at least 80 million votes this time.

I don’t want to give away any strategic or tactical advice, (not that the left would listen to it anyway), but I don’t think the left will spend too much effort pumping up the vote numbers in CA, NY, and NJ etc. – that is a waste of time and money. Rather they will concentrate on the ten or so swing states in places like Philadelphia, Detroit, Madison, Las Vegas, Miami etc.). The Dems wouldn’t care if they got 30% of the popular vote as long as they got 50+ percent of the vote in the states that add up to 270 EC votes.

BJ Clinton only got 43% of the ‘popular’ vote in 1992 and he ran the country as if he won a Reagan landslide election. Power is what matters to these people not actual votes or majority opinion.

Jimmy MacAfee

I posted this meme sometime ago, sent via text (I posted it in writing, not the picture itself.)

“Voting for Biden because you don’t like Trump
is like eating dogshit because you don’t like broccoli.”

These are the Biden voters.

Jumper Bones

I live in Taxachusetts, and cut through many “bedroom” communities between home and work. 7 miles one-way through winding backroads, thickly-settled areas, hundreds of residences, mostly single family homes carved out of the woods, and not a single Biden 2020 sign in sight, but many dozens of Trump/Pence 2020 signs.


I saw my first Biden sign just this past week. I’ve only seen one and it is an area where many if not most people are on public assistance. They’re likely afraid of losing their free stuff. Two weeks ago, China Joe couldn’t put two words together. He doesn’t seem to get hung up now until the fourth or fifth word. Keep your eye on this because it appears to me that he is on Alzheimer’s meds. If my hunch is correct, those meds have a varying length of time that they are effective. On top of that, when they stop working, the patient basically turns into a quivering pile in a vegetative state. Joe’s facial expressions look different to me than they did some time ago. I believe they are just hoping to get him over the finish line.


Watched the video of sniffer joe being interviewed by some ‘news’ affliate. He did pretty well speaking. The only problem was that it was a constant rambling all over the map with even the presenter looking around for help. Then when it was going completely off the rails and into the weeds the handlers pulled the plug…

Even on sniffer joes best of days with no meds hes a blithering idiot. Now with onset dementia and control meds… nothings changed. But I suspect that ANY, which I doubt will happen, debate will be limited to a strict time slot carefully controlled so that there won’t be to much danger of the meds dropping out and revealing the drooling joe for who he is.


Wow, that is great to hear. If Trump could pick off a couple of mid sized (MA, NJ, MD, CO, MN, VA), and/or small (Biden’s own DE would be a real coup, CT, RI, VT (it does occasionally elect a GOP governor, NH, NM, NV) blue states that would really seal the deal.

Very brave of the Bay Staters to display Trump signs.

I agree with everyone; there is no enthusiasm for Joe Figurehead (I don’t care who or what he picks for his VP), and you can’t beat an incumbent with no one and Joe is about as close to being a no one as ever been involved in US politics in any election.


Gregg, I wholly agree with what you say. Only issue is Joe is not a nobody in politics. Senator for how many years? VP for 8. As far as I know, the only election he has not won when running for office is the President. I am not giving the man props, but he wins elections. I do not see any enthusiasm for Biden, but right now I do not count him out. He may have dementia, but the DNC knows how to rig elections. If, and I say “IF”, mail in voting is passed as the way to vote, we could be in really big trouble.


Respectfully disagree about Biden being a nobody on a couple of points.

Sorry for this being so long, but my thoughts just grew until they became an article unto itself. As I was writing the reply, I decided I wanted to add points that would project an uplifting message to all the people here who are concerned about Trump’s reelect chances.

While Biden is undefeated in every election except past primaries in abortive attempts to win the Dem nomination, he has won five or six times in very small and very blue Delaware. Essentially he won a congressional district sized state where 200,000 votes assures victory, and unlike representatives, he only has to do it once every six years instead of every two years. Delaware is the same as VT, where once you win, you are essentially senator for life (Leahy since 1975). Biden brought nothing to ‘the One’s’ presidential victories; he was very similar to Cheney with Bush Jr. It used to be the VP was often chosen to shore up support in a big state for the presidential candidate (JFK/LBJ for instance). Now the VP choice is generally whoever the Parties foist on the presidential candidate.

Anyways, Biden did not get one vote for ‘the One’ that he wouldn’t have gotten if anyone else was on the ticket. The reason Walking Eagle wasn’t chosen was because Obama isn’t a dummy, and he wanted to survive his presidency.

Before Obama brought Biden onto national scene, I’ll bet 90% of the country didn’t know who he was, or knew him as some obscure senator; maybe they knew he was from DE. His biggest notoriety was being the Judiciary Chairman who tried to Bork Clarence Thomas way back in the early 1990s. His other claim to fame was being a walking talking Gaffe Machine and a plagiarist. He is also the ultimate DC insider of which almost everyone today – regardless of party – seems to despise

Now he is essentially a puppet to whatever his Party’s establishment/radicals want him to be/say. And don’t forget he was well on his way to losing this year until all the other establishment preferred candidates (Mini Mike, Beto, Ying-yang, South Bendover, and maybe senators Round Heels Spartacus, or Klobuchar) flamed out and he was chosen as the only ‘viable’ “moderate” face to take out the ‘outsider’ commie Bernie and Pocahontas.

Somebody, anybody, had to eventually ‘win’ the nomination, and Gaffe O Joe Figurehead is the best they could come up – which speaks volumes as to the state of today’s Democratic Party. The sad fact is any Dem is guaranteed 40-45% of the vote and their political machines and the media (one in the same) will try to figure out how to steal the other 5-10 percent to push him over the top.

‘The One’ and BJ Clinton had charisma, charm and appeal to many, and they were running against very weak candidates or, in BJ’s case a third party candidate (Perot) split the conservative vote twice (and only got 43% and 49% of the vote) and Hussein Hope&Change was “historic”.

Biden has no such scenario in his favor – just a Goebbels style media and a massive voting fraud machine to do his bidding. He is an old pasty straight white male fart with no record of success and a whole lot of baggage that Trump is just waiting to expose over and over again in the last two months of the campaign.

Finally, the way you describe Biden, Gore could be a parallel. Except, Algore was running on BJ’s coattails and was seen as being relatively popular, moderate and a competent successor facing a non-incumbent challenger, and he still lost – narrowly, but still lost. Gaffe O. Joe has no such coattails or appeal, and he was and is the quintessential back-bencher. And he can in no way be honestly seen as competent by anyone who is competent.

Monty LeBeau

Very detailed and persuasive response. I didn’t disagree with any of your points

jack johnson

Biden didn`t win an election as VP….Obama won. Every difficult election Biden has lost, his last tough Senate election was decades ago. Biden was a horrible campaigner then and a worse one now.

The Democrats know 2020 is a lost cause that`s why Biden is their choice. They`re not going to tarnish any real candidate for 2024 with a blowout loss in 2020 to Trump.

The polls showing Biden ahead are false and will be used as the “Trump stole the election” mantra for the next 4 years.


Seems far more plausible than any other scenario.

I don’t think they really do have an alternative candidate tho and are banking they will have one by Trumps term ends. Whats funny tho is the losers trying like smeg to be sniffer joes vp… THAT is funny…

I agree too that the same tired mantra as last time, that Trump stole the election. With fake polls, like last time, with messaging that he’ll lose this rigged election and not step down… same stupid dog’n pony show all over again.

Fortunately they don’t have any real intelligent strategists to take them off the same failed methodologies. Bonus is that those that are not demoncrap zombies will see whats going on and switch to the saner side of reality or simply not vote at all.

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