Thursday News Roundup: The Kids Need to go to School and Racist Democrats Hate Science

Ok, so, 27% of Americans are depraved and demented losers. Thanks for letting us know. – Politico tweeted this out yesterday:

For those who are unaware, 27% is also about the number of Americans who are still willing to admit they are Democrats. Coincidence?

Seriously, how could anyone believe that cancel culture has been a positive things for our country? It simply defies rational explanation.

This is a very inconvenient truth. – Nancy Pelosi wants the statues of 11 Confederate figures removed from Capitol Building in Washington, DC. As reported by, you will never see or hear the doddering, intoxicated Speaker talking about their political party affiliations:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is calling for the removal of 11 statues of Confederate leaders from the Capitol building, nine of which were members of the Democratic Party.

The other two Confederates, Edmund Kirby Smith and Robert E. Lee, did not have a documented political affiliation, according to historical accounts. Lee reportedly joined Democrats in opposition to Republicans who “demanded punitive measures against the South” during reconstruction.

“The American people know, these names have to go. These names are white supremacists that said terrible things about our country,” Pelosi said during a press conference on Thursday.

McCarthy, a California Republican, said the statues that concern Pelosi are a problem within her own party.

“They were voted upon in the legislature and brought here under Democrat majorities from Mississippi to the other states that she speaks about,” he said.



The truth about the Democrat Party is that it has been a racist party since the day it was founded, and it has never been more transparently racist than it is today. This is just an immutable and enduring fact of history.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw put it this way:


Everyone must wear a mask! Well, uh, except for the people who really matter, that is… – Also in today is a report about the rank, utter hypocrisy of Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who issued an order that everyone in her city must – MUST, she says – wear a mask anytime they are not in their residence.

Well, ok, not quite everyone.

From the report:

The mayor’s order makes exceptions from the strict new rules for many city and federal government workers, stipulating: “The enforcement provisions of this Order shall not be applied to persons in the judicial or legislative branches of the District government while those persons are on duty; and shall not apply to any employees of the federal government while they are on duty.”


Oh. So, is this exemption based on “science”? What science is there that shows that government workers are less likely to spread the China Virus than other folks? If there no such science (there isn’t) then on what basis does Mayor Bowser make this specific exemption?

Could it possibly be that about 95% of those government workers are, like Bowser, Democrats? Oh, perish the thought!

Holy crap.

Joe Biden, meet truth. Truth, meet Joe Biden. – Yesterday, the Democrats’ Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee accused federal law enforcement officers of “brutally attacking peaceful protesters.”

Here are some clip of those “peaceful protesters,” courtesy of real journalist Andy Ngo.:

What is taking place in Portland right now – has been taking place for 55 straight days – is an armed insurrection on U.S. soil. That’s what it is, and that insurrection has the full endorsement and support of Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler and the entire Democrat Party.

That’s the truth, and it is long past time that this insurrection be put down forcibly.

Want to know why our kids need to go back to school this fall? Listen to a doctor. – Stanford University Medical Center, Dr. Scott Atlas appeared on Fox News and told the interviewer that there are “zero excuses” to keep children from returning to schools in the fall.

From a report at The Federalist:

“There is virtually zero risk for children getting something serious or dying from this disease. Anyone who thinks schools should be closed is not talking about the children. It has nothing to do with the children’s risk,” he said. “There’s no rational reason or science to say that children transmit the disease significantly.”

Dr. Atlas pointed out that many American teachers are not in high-risk age groups and therefore, should not be concerned. He also noted that those who are nervous or high-risk can take extra precautions.

“It’s true that there are high-risk teachers and those teachers should be able to believe in their social distancing and masks. They can teach using social distancing. And if they still are afraid they can stay at home. There’s no reason to lock up the children,” he said.

According to Dr. Atlas, closing down the schools and continuing online education would hinder children from a full learning experience that includes social interaction and hands-on teaching.

“Long distance learning is a failure,” he said.

Dr. Atlas also added that many other Western countries have opened and operated schools during the pandemic successfully.

“We are the only country not opening schools. This is absurd,” he said. “Look at the science. I’m saying use critical thinking and logic.”

Despite skepticism from the CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield on the current COVID-19 situation paired with the upcoming flu season, Dr. Atlas believes that keeping schools closed would be a grave policy mistake.

“This is the biggest problem of all. Yet again we are going to commit some severe public policy without regards to the harm of the public policy,” he said. “If we start acting out of fear and are an outlier in this country, this country is finished.”

“You either believe the science or not,” he added. “You can’t insist that you believe in the science and then act contrary to science.”


Why do Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the fake news media hate science? It’s a real mystery.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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I have been wearing a Harley-Davidson skulls and iron crosses bandana with wraparound sunglasses under a boonie hat.
One store started calling out security audibles and at the Sack N’ Save besides the usual welcome to Costco I love you blather the clerk was going out of his way to say have a nice day sir, let met get your shopper’s basket sir.
A Karen going by in a car had some face pollution contortions going on as I laughed a little harder while the Sleaford Mods was blasting on the stereo.
A few weeks ago I wore some pretty pink panties to the Sack N’ Save.
It says face covering required but not what kind of face covering.


“Want to know why our kids need to go back to school this fall?”
If you want your children to go back to an unconstitutional Marxist indoctrination center that employs unionized pedophiles and racial militants, there is something deeply defective with your brain.


Mike drop…. nailed it…

phineas gage

AOC claims a GOP Rep spoke some truth to her on the House floor.

One can only hope so.


Do tell.


Was it Gohment?



See Dave’s next article as my reference.

phineas gage

Trump cancels RNC in Jacksonville.

Tough luck for the folks down this way, but it’s probably the right political call. His opponents would have twisted it against him.

phineas gage

I thought you might be a relocated New Englander like me. We seem to have gotten into the game at about the same time–my all time epic baseball memory is Carlton Fisk’s Game 6 home run in 1975 (even though the Sox lost the deciding game 7 to a decidedly superior Red Machine).
Although they have won multiple World Series since then, that remains my top moment.

Fisk was from my home state of New Hampshire and was always my favorite, particularly when he fought the hated Thurman Munson (and those two truly despised one another–that 1970’s rivalry was the real deal).

I hope baseball can survive–it is the true and pure American game. I’ll still listen on the radio–it’s my favorite way to follow a game anyways because you create the pictures in your mind.


It was sad when they lost Fisk, Lynn, and Burelson? I think all in the same year to free agency. That was when I shifted over to the O’s take the 140 mile trip to Memorial Stadium. about six times a year. And WS hero Tiant to the Yanks!

Oh if there was a wild card in ’77 and ’78.


The mayor was doing beshist to make sure that by the time the covention was in town there’d be nothing to do but sit their hotel rooms anyway.


DOH! “his best” *sigh* the spell checker here quit working for me. 😛


Off topic, but

Major League Baseball is back today. I was at the last Florida spring training game when the sport was stopped in March – seems like an eternity ago.

Maybe, just maybe, we can, for a couple-three hours a day, return to some sort of normalcy by enjoying the diversion of new sports – albeit sans fans in the stands. A much needed relief from the CV-19/Antifa/BLM/MSM (D)/Dems in general/mask mandates/Fluki, all of which are hemorrhoids to the vast majority real Americans who just want to live peacefully and enjoy life.

With few exceptions, MLB is one of the few sports which hasn’t gone all PC, and as long as the SJW stuff stays quiet (and I have a very low threshold of tolerance for politics in entertainment) during the telecast, I’ll welcome the game back into my living room. However, if I am fed any political bullschiff that I don’t want to see, the TV goes off the DVRs get taken to Comcast and I’ll save $90.00 a month not to pissed off. And I will write both Commissioner Manfred, and the BLM supporting Comcast/NBC as to why I’ll never watch another sporting event or pay again for Xfinity TV.

Dave, if I remember correctly, for some reason you are a Dodger fan. I guess you are pretty happy LA signed Betts for twelve years and $360,000,000 or so. As a Red Sox fan, I can take some consolation in that at least the Sox didn’t lose another star World Series winning outfielder (Ruth, Damon, Ellsbury) to the Yankees, and the Sox unloaded Price’s salary, with Betts for some decent talent in return.


phineas gage

The Red Sox put a large BLM banner at Fenway Park. Many players are kneeling.

MLB is just as infected as the others.

They can all go broke.

(What is a Red Sox fan doing in Tennessee?)


As long as I don’t see it or hear it on TV, I’ll give it a little slack, very little.

Actually quite a few Tennesseans wear Red Sox hats and shirts here as people are moving in.

How am I a RS fan? The first TV games I saw were a doubleheader between the Yankees and RS in 1975 when I lived in NJ; I was hurt and had to stay inside that day. Sox won 1-0 and 6-0 and I began following baseball. Mostly saw Yankee, Mets and Philly games and couldn’t stand their announcers – Phil Rizzuto in particular. That fall the Sox played an epic classic World Series, and I was hooked. I began going to Baltimore to watch them play the Orioles – dad refused to go to NYC even back then. As the Yanks kept winning in the late seventies, I grew to despise Steinbrenner, and kept going to Baltimore to watch the RS and O’s. As I got to see more of the O’s. I got to like the O’s style better and when they won the pennant in ’79 and it all in ’83 I became an O’s fan.

When an ambulance chasing lawyer bought the O’s he became a junior Steinbrenner and the team went into the crapper.

I’m actually a fan of well run teams who are are underdogs and surprise, and there are several teams I enjoy watching, And I do like and respect several Yankee players over the years. When the Sox finally won it all in ’04 by beating the Yanks in their epic comeback being down 0-3 I reengaged.

From time to time I like the Cardinals, Phillies, Mets, Astros (until the cheating) Indians, Twins, and Royals. I’m happy the Nationals won last year despite the city they play in.

IMO the best run teams right now are the Rays and the A’s as they consistently do so much with so little. Wish they could afford to keep their stars.

Tyrone o'Sorus

Who gives a f***? MLB is just BLM in reverse.


Truth, as others have already pointed out, is anathema to the demoncrats. Their idea of truth is you accepting what they say as fact. And as always, when the facts get in their way they say you don’t know what you are talking about and then proceed to tell you what the truth is. Round and round they go never once admitting the are wrong. It’s all they have.

phineas gage

So fully half of Senate Democrats support defunding our nation’s defenses:

This is the modern Democrat party.


Another good Trump campaign commercial. Demoncrats, the gift that just keeps giving.


I love how Democrats tout their belief in “the science” of everything as they demand we wear masks to fight the Covid 19 (which any idiot can tell you doesn’t stop viruses); they demand we accept the fallacy that people can swap sexes, and that men can menstruate and have babies; and they’re STILL trying to shove Global Warming down our throats with constantly passing, uneventful drop-dead deadlines. It’s all quite Orwellian.


The phrase “They don’t have a Constitutional leg to stand on” is inapt. Make no mistake, I’m not arguing with you; indeed, they do not have a Constitutional leg to stand on. But what of it? The courts decide the meaning of the Constitution. Who knows what the Supreme Court will rule? That’s what is really scary. Personally, I believe property rights are sacred. But do you ever hear the Supreme Court say that?

Lady Jane

Sorry for the double post.

Brian, I have walked out of stores requiring a face mask, but more and more stores are falling in line.

I would do as you suggested and send thank you notes to the stores that don’t require masks but it’s too late if it’s mandated by the governor that all stores comply.

Jimmy MacAfee

Civil disobedience works! It worked in India for Gandhi and it worked in the US for MLK.

Walmart had signs that they no longer would be taking cash – cards only – but I see didn’t see that sign yesterday. They also had a worker handing out free masks. I suspect they know they’ve offended so many people, people will shop elsewhere whenever possible.

Civil disobedience against illegal government regulation (of our persons) will win out in the end. They don’t have a Constitutional leg to stand on.

As I’ve posted before, my form of disobedience means looking like a mean SOB (which I am, sometimes) and wearing a mask that a Palestinian terrorist might wear, along with dark glasses, a fanny pack that COULD carry a concealed weapon (IF I choose to) and a brisk walk that says:

“Don’t eff with me.”

But I still remain polite in other respects. As we should. This is a time when the bumper sticker “Question Authority” really has meaning.

Lady Jane

I read this morning that the governor of Indiana imposed a statewide face mask requirement beginning this Monday. Meanwhile, Indiana Attorney General ” claims governor lacks authority to issue mask mandate”.

What’s going to happen to people like me who refuse to wear mandated masks. Are they going to force us to stay home. Are they going to release all the “Karen’s” to harasse us.

This is the home of V.P. Pence. Will he talk to the governor and put a stop to this nonsense. It’s bad enough all the stores here are demanding we wear masks if we want to enter their stores.

When is this going to end. I haven’t worn a mask yet & I refuse too. Don’t know what’s going to happen to me if someone doesn’t intervene in this matter.
(I replied earlier to this article but maybe I didn’t hit the post button. Not sure what happened)


Its not science the demoncrap don’t believe in or hate, its Truth they abhor and hate. It really is that simple.

Any science findings are always twisted and misrepresented, there is no Truth in these people. They are the children of darkness and there is no light in them. Like their father who is a liar and destroyer, who is fully insane, so go his children and those that follow him.

Its a war… its origins are on the spiritual level first… put on your armour, Eph 6:10 – 20

Bad Bart

Luke 22:36: “Let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.”

Jimmy MacAfee


Lady Jane

Here in Indiana (home of V.P. Pence), the governor issued an order mandating the wearing of face masks starting Monday. The Indiana A. G. says “the governor lacks authority to issue mask mandate”.

Are they going to arrest every one who refuses to wear the mask? I’m sure I won’t be the only one who refuses to comply with that order. It’s bad enough, the stores are demanding everyone wear a mask in order to enter their stores.


Easier said than done but shop at those places not requiring a mask. Go the extra mile and send them a message thanking them for not imposing this unscientific and ineffective edicts, and that they have garnered you as a loyal customer.

If not possible to find such a store… Then do like others suggest… wear a ‘mask’ of chicken wire ( not really ) but something so obvious theres no mistaking its ineffectiveness. If someone points out the silliness of your mask it opens the door to educate them on their mask.

phineas gage

Kids will not be going back to school, at least in many states, because if kids can’t be in school parents can’t go back to work. It’s as simple as that.

The slightest outbreak will cause craven school officials to shut down immediately. And you don’t even need a real outbreak–the media can just make it up, which they will.

phineas gage

Bowser’s edict is a perfect prediction of how this is going to go throughout the country. Second-class citizens will be compelled to wear the mask (the symbol of submission to state authority), while first-class citizens (Democrats) will not.

Our nation cannot–and will not– exist under such conditions.

phineas gage

The prevailing media narrative is that all of those racist Democrats became Republicans to vote against Kennedy and for Nixon as they portray Camelot as some religious Valhalla in the sky.

This falsehood has been pushed for so many years–precisely to protect the Democrats from their racist past–that a very large number of people believe it. It is taught as a fact in schools.


Very true. Campus Reform has a number of videos where they ask students political affiliations of various Presidents. I have yet to see one answer rightly that Lincohn was a Republican, most state he was a demoncrap and are surprised when told nope.

But this is the result of conservative colleges and universities welcoming in liberal indoctrinators to their ranks. Self inflicted destruction who’s boards should be fired and past traitors removed and exposed for what they’d done. imo

phineas gage

Because the Democrats see the country as a set of competing political groups, not a unified nation with a common core of American values. Thus they are essentially saying that the cancel culture has benefited ‘their’ groups, which at least in the short-term is true.

Jimmy MacAfee

Cancel Culture does not, fortunately, consist of self-replicating individuals; they’re mostly INCELS (Involuntary Celibates) who have no capacity to create anything, not even their own children, who they abort at the first sign of being.

Sucks to be Satanic losers, who only have the ability to destroy. But that’s been true of Communists from the start.

Jimmy MacAfee

Most are inclined to destroy or deface monuments, because they know that no one will EVER erect a monument to them! Envy is the worst sin, leading to all others.

Jimmy MacAfee

On Bow-wow-Wowser’s exemption of government workers from having to wear masks:

“…about 95% of those government workers are, like Bowser, Democrats?”

No, Dave, it’s not because they’re Democrats; it’s because they’re Reptilians, and reptiles don’t get the same viruses as humans do.


Regarding the responses to CV-19:

All ‘science’ is equal, but some ‘science’ is more equal that other ‘science’.


typo, than other science

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