Tuesday News Roundup: Turncoat Kasich, Flynn Case Filing, and a Bogus Suit Hits Hannity and Carlson

You expected something else? – “News” broke on Monday that fake Republican John Kasich will “speak on behalf of” Joe Biden at the DCN phone call, er, “convention” when it virtually takes place in August. Note the specific wording, “speak on behalf of”. What, Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe can’t speak for himself now? Or is that just yet another example of bad writing in the media?

It’s a valid question because you have to wonder whether Biden will by then even be capable of delivering his own acceptance speech from the safe confines of his basement. With everything else they are doing right now with the help of their corrupt media toadies, no one should doubt that the Democrats would try to hold a convention during which the nominee never opens his mouth.

Think about it: San Fran Nan has been illegally allowing members of her House caucus to “vote by proxy” for months now, and no one in the corrupt media can be bothered to inform their readers or viewers of that fact. If Democrats can get away with that, why wouldn’t they believe they could get away with holding a convention in which Kasich gives Biden’s acceptance speech by proxy?

In any event, Republicans should celebrate the fact that Democrats will now be subjected to an hour of the most tiresome man in politics droning on about “Hey, didja know my Dad was a mailman?” Maybe they can get Bill Kristol and Paul Ryan to join him. Awesome.

Speaking of Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden… – Here he is wishing that our public schools taught more about radical Islam:

This is a guy, mind you, who can’t make himself utter the words “under God” in a campaign speech, but he’s all in on teaching Islam to your children. That’s who the Democrat Party wants to be your next president.

Problem, meet new narrative solution. – So, you’re the leaders of the Democrat Party, and you see Tucker Carlson’s ratings going through the roof as he tells the truth about what is really happening in our society night after night. You see Sean Hannity coming in a strong second in the cable ratings by pounding on Obamagate night after night. You see Ed Henry reviving the ratings fortunes of Fox’s mid-morning program while reporting scoops about Obamagate. You see Fox News in general destroying MSNBC and CNN in viewing audience and even among the 25-49 target demographic week after week after week.

What do you do? How about finding a disgruntled ex-Fox employee and a dissatisfied sporadic contributor who are willing to file a scattershot sexual misconduct lawsuit against all of the them?

From a story at Politico:

Two women accused male Fox News hosts of sexual harassment and, in one woman’s case, rape, in a lawsuit filed on Monday in federal court in New York.

Ed Henry, who was fired as a host earlier this month, was accused of sexual harassment and rape in the suit, while hosts Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Howard Kurtz were alleged to have separately behaved in a sexually inappropriate way. Jennifer Eckhart, a former producer, accused Henry of rape and threatening retaliation for refusing his advances. Cathy Areu, a reporter often invited on the network, accused Henry, Hannity, Carlson and Kurtz of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.


This is just too convenient for words, folks. Obviously, all of the accused Fox personalities have denied the accusations – they would do that even if they were guilty. For his part, Henry admits to having a consensual relationship with Eckhart, and the two exchanged some decidedly creepy messages. There is a reason why Fox dismissed him when the allegations became public.

The test will be to watch and see where this lawsuit goes, how it ends up being disposed.

My bet is the claims against Carlson and Hannity will quietly disappear in a few weeks after it become obvious Fox is not going to kneejerk to firing them as it did with Henry.

Kurt Schlichter had this reaction to the news of the suit:

That pretty well sums up my feelings about it, too. We’ll see.

Flynn Persecution Update: The U.S. Solicitor General’s office filed a petition yesterday urging the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to deny corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan’s request for an en banc rehearing of General Mike Flynn’s application for a writ of mandamus.

Here’s how real journalist Catherine Herridge reported it on her Twitter feed:

Note this closing comment: “As far as the government is aware, only one district judge has ever before filed a petition for rehearing en banc in a mandamus case + that petition was denied.” That is how extraordinary and completely inappropriate this effort by Sullivan to keep Flynn’s case alive – and thus keep Flynn quiet – until after the election truly is.

Make no mistake about this: When the Circuit Court rules against Sullivan in a few weeks, there is no question whatsoever that the corrupt judge and his Lawfare lawyers will immediately request a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court. Here’s the thing about that: the Supremes will not reconvene until the first Monday in October.

With Sidney Powell having filed her own response to Sullivan’s request, the case is now fully in the hands of the Circuit Court. But, given the realities of the calendar at this point, Sullivan and his deep state sponsors have basically already achieved their true goal.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Very nice story Brian. Thanks for sharing.

Flash Gordon's Ape

Breaking-Kasich’s dad was a mailman!
Off topic-about the obedience muzzle (mask), I’m going to get some of this flimsy cheapy ones and put 666 on them with a Sharpie!
Might as well have fun as we look through the looking glass at the Fundamental Transformation into a mental ward.


Thinking about drawing a picture of a hoo-haa on my mask and writing “I snatch kisses and vice-versa”

Show Me

Biden, the “wonder” candidate.

marty lopez

One can notice a concerted effort to come at Tucker Carlson. I see it in The Hill’s comment section. it started about a week ago. They all have the same talking points. Soros money taking over the Democrat Party. But Soros is only the front, the face of the one world corporate mult national globalists. $1.7 billion donnated to BLM from international corporations. $426 million donnated by American corportions to BLM and $140 million by Soros to seed the front organizations such as BLM who launder all those other contributions and feed them back to the Democrats. See how that works.

phineas gage

That’s a photoshop of the Seinfeld episode, right?


Maybe a lot of the, just comply crowd, should take note and do what Red Bull had the gonads to do…There would be a whole lot more support from those right supremacist wingers if companies also go into the fray. If the communists want to play then play by their rules, cancel them out.



Bought some Goya seasoning (I don’t care for beans etc.) over the weekend and I don’t care for energy drinks, but I am going to start buying some Red Bull.

We need to support brave companies – real ones, not like Chick-fil-et.

Reward good companies with the BUYCOTTS. Break the woke ones.


Awesome. The comments are first rate.


That’s a hoot! Poor woke babies. Now they can go out and be social justice warriors full time on their own dime instead of their former employers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Thanks for posting that! Made my day!

Jimmy MacAfee

I’m looking forward to CreepyQuidPro calling the god of Islam “you know, the thing.” Maybe he’ll draw a crayon picture of Mo for his refrigerator while he’s in confinement? You never know.

It was inevitable that Carlson would be attacked with smears. Just like saying summer is hot and winter is cold. And you can always count on the attacker to look like…well, not especially appealing. Kinda like, I’d wear a protection just looking at her, and maybe order a chastity belt to avoid any unwanted connections.

I’m guessing that a certain Nadless toad is afraid of flying, and begs Speaker Pigli not to convene. (Hmmm. Wonder where he got that idea?) But you know, it may not be fear all by itself: those stomach stapling jobs tend to make the bowels very loose, and very, very smelly. Just a hunch that he can’t sit still for very long without a BM – the poop heard round the world! Like Justice Wise Latina’s.

And Adam Schitt? Misrepresenting intelligence data is not something intelligence agencies tolerate from one of their own. There has been some anger at his and Jillian Brennan’s hysterical outcries against President Trump – and politicizing Intelligence is not only unprofessional, it’s dangerous – losing sight of real enemies while flirting with imaginary ponies and unicorns is not considered worthy in tradecraft.

The wheels are coming off the wagon.

phineas gage

The wheels went careening down the hill some time ago. They have been sitting in their wagon imagining that they are doing ninety.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder if Mittens will be a speaker at the Demon Convention? Likely they’ll use old tapes of No Name, the Ace Who Shot Down Five of His Own Planes, too.

I tend to agree with Dr. Dave Janda: the Deep State is in a panic.

One of the most grating things is the phrase “Social Distancing.” My teeth grind involuntarily every time I hear it, see it or read it. I suggest it be replaced with the more accurate:

“Socialist Distancing”


phineas gage

LOL–that’s good. I hadn’t thought of that one.


The Dem party, if nothing else has discipline – they have already purged the ‘moderates’ with very few exceptions (Manchin?, who still voted for the conviction of the President). Their message is: tow the party line or you are toast. While Mr. Postman is no longer an elected official, he is a complete and total hack – hard to believe he was with Gingrich as a congressman at one time and forced BJ Clinton to accept a ‘balanced budget’. He must have been co-opted by people like low IQ Joe S. tag-teaming bimbos like Mika. Something, someone, somewhere got to him.

Ronna McRomney should publicly revoke his GOP membership, along with other jerks like Billy Crystal, George Will, and all the other ‘conservatives’ who make up the dozen or so ‘never Trumper’ brigade, but she won’t because she and her uncle Mutt are of that ilk.

Bottom line: Trump IS the GOP and if he loses, the GOP will be targeted and basically outlawed under the new Democratic Regime.

The only prominent Democrat I can ever remember doing the same as our son of Cliff Clavin was the old moderate war horse, GA Governor and Senator Zell Miller who finally had enough with the Democrats and the Lurch campaign, and passionately supported Bush Jr’s second term at the RNC’s 2004 convention. He was a brave man in many respects, and after his epiphany in 2003 decided to not seek reelection. He would, however never change parties, but saw how GA politics were turning red and did not seek reelection to the senate in 2004.

The GOP does not need to have so big a tent that it welcomes people who actively look to pull out the stakes that hold it up.

phineas gage

‘The Dem party, if nothing else has discipline’

Yes, but their young marxist tools, comprised of ignorant not-so-useful idiots, do not. That’s going to be their problem.


Just a bit off topic. I had a real wakeup yesterday. Took my 97 yr old father-in-law to the hospital for a CT scan. While waiting the TV was pumping straight up propaganda in four rotating ‘stories’.

One of course was the covid,and all things covid, another was the vaccine thats coming, then climate change and the new study that says polar bears are again imperiled the last was a murder in Quebec. The commercials were drugs, lotteries and something else I’m not sure what it was but uit was fully covid related with masks, facetime family meetings, messaging we are learning to adapt safely.

Haven’t had TV in decades and it blew me away at the overt propaganda being hammered and re-enforced every hour, every minute. These stories cycled probably 5 – 6 times in the 45 minutes I was there. I knew it was bad but not this bad. Now its understandable why there are so many zombies. wowsers…

Its a war… Goebel would be proud.

phineas gage

Don’t forget that a lot of what is pushing this hysteria–apart from Trump, who triggers them like no one since Nixon– is the fact that the radical leaders are old (mid-late ’70’s for the ’68 radicals, not quite as old as your father). Many of these are in the media.

The mobs are young people, but they are clueless and soft. This is literally the last chance for these secular marxists to grasp the totalitarian power they have craved for decades before death takes them. And they have nothing to look to after that as atheists.

I think in their panic they have pushed too far and the media push has long since gone into overload. They are talking to themselves in their bubble, and convincing no one outside of it. And I actually think a fair number of still sensible Democrats are considering going the other way to oppose this deranged insanity.


I agree that the media has over stated themselves and people see thru that and for the most part are being repulsed by it. But this is in the US.

Here in canukistan its a bit different. There is no national pride here social marxism has done very well here, in fact we have very good friends from Bulgaria that refuse to immigrate here. Their words is why would I jump from the pan into the fire… they see whats coming.

To give you an idea of what our politicals are like, Lindsey All-Hat would be considered a radical right winger who spews flames and gets things done. The bulk of our population will fold and aqueous to the ‘culture’ of the day in a heartbeat. Even at out local gun range I’m in the dog house because I speak out against the covid scam with facts and very vocal about the gun grab going on here. If I could afford the head tax I’d move to Texas… Someone else can blow out the candles here because the electricity will be out long before.

Our politicals parties..

Liberal – marxists
New Democrat Party (NDP) – openly marxist
Green Party – marxist, think OAC
Conservative – comatose feckless cino’s

Take a guess who is running the country…

Odd how you can easily identify the communists. They all have the word ‘demoncrat’ or ‘republic’ in their names. Check the names of Soros organizations, countries like China etc… .


Brian, I live in Georgia outside Atlanta. Thankfully outside of Atlanta. My wife and mother however are from NFLD. I can’t even get into political discussions with her family nor my relatives on my mothers side as I am half Newfistanian and they are so far socialist it is unbearable. I feel for you Brian.


Repeat after me:

socialist echo chamber media.

They are truely legends in their own minds.


Cathy Areu is truly one CREEPY individual. She is totally right out of her mind!!!

jack johnson

All these hosts thought it was chits and giggles having this batcrap crazy woman on their shows to poke fun at show just how unhinged the progressives are. We often wondered why the hell they are having this wacko on their shows and couldn`t stand the segments she was on.

These guys kind of brought this on themselves….in this day and age they should have known better. Steer clear of crazy.


They’re just being “Fair and Balanced” Jack.

Seriously, I’m glad wackos (never saw or heard her) like her are aired as it shows and reinforces how ridiculous her/their liberal argument is. Most times it is cringeworthy to watch and I find myself saying that’s seven minutes of my life I’ll never get back after watching a live talking bimbo segment.

Maybe Tucker et al should only do a video call and not an in studio interview with these jerks what with the CV-19 risks – we have the technology.


That is one ugly woman.

phineas gage

Joe DiGenova is not all that reliable, but he claims that a number of individuals are quietly negotiating guilty pleas with Durham.

That would certainly explain the absolute media silence of Brennan, Comey, McCabe and others for the last six weeks or so.


Yeah, it;s all fun, games twittering and talking shit on the secm cable news talk shows until you get indicted. Then you have to shut up and lawyer up.

I’ve been praying for justice nightly.


Yep, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I to pray daily for justice. Sometimes I get down and thik nothing will happen, but every now and then I get a glimmer of hope.

phineas gage

Sullivan is Obama’s wingman. Look for him to retire early in 2021.

This was all gamed out long ago. Flynn will not be permitted to talk before the election.

To quote Cutthroat Harry Reid: ‘it worked, didn’t it?’

phineas gage

The strategy against the Fox news hosts is a replay of the old LBJ approach:

“How can we attack your opponent?”

“Spread a rumor that he (ed. has carnal relations with swine)”

“We can’t do that, it’s completely untrue!”

“Make him deny it”

phineas gage

I just wish there could be a Kasich ‘buffet moment’ at the convention, but that will sadly not be possible with a virtual format.


If the GOP was still a true conservative party, thr chairwoman of said party would put out a press release today excoriating John Kasich for his betrayal of the President and the party and rescind his membership in said party this morning.

And someday pigs will fly and Brian and I will finally invest in property in Texas that has unicorn forests, lollipop trees and cotton candy clouds.

Jumper Bones

Just saw 2 photo’s of 2 women on TD.win: one was Tucker’s wife, the other was his “accuser”. There is absolutely no way that Tucker even remotely said or did anything towards his “accuser”, other than maybe put distance between him and her.

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