How the New York Times Deceives the Public About the Portland Riots

Here is how the @NYTimes portrayed Monday night’s protests/rioting in Portland, Oregon:

First of all, that crowd is not there “in response to the arrival of the feds.” That is not even in the same zip code as the truth. The city of Portland is now in its 54th consecutive day of Democrat Party organized and sponsored riots that have been executed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Federal law enforcement officers have been operating there to protect federal property from being damaged and burned for just over a week.

As for those “moms,” well, they are only well-behaved until the New York Times and other corrupt media cameras are turned off. Once those lights go dark, here is a sampling of what they’re doing, as reported by the real journalist Andy Ngo:

Not a city cop to be found anywhere, thanks to Marxist Portland Mayor Andy Wheeler. Now do you understand why federal LEOs must be deployed by President Trump?

Here’s more:

This kind of corrupt, irresponsible fake reporter by media outlets like the New York Times is how we end up with half the country pointing fingers at federal LEOs who are simply doing their jobs, fighting a defensive battle against a pack of rabid animals.

Your corrupt news media in action. Thank God for real journalists like Mr. Ngo.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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This seems like the perfect setup for the feds to round up all the wannabe whatevers.
Surround the area that the pantifa and blm are operating in, quietly of course, then close the exits and start taking the little zombies into custody. Use zipcuffs to subdue them and ship them out of the area. After processing them for the numerous felonies re: destruction of federal property, etc.
Move them to holding locations outside the area. Line up common sense, constitutional judges to conduct the arraignments, setting up the bail, etc.
Quit the pussyfooting around and get serious. These are seditionous, treasonous, nitwits and need to be dealt with accordingly.
Just sayin’.



Love your comments and support here, but:

“Gregg. I thought about going black bloc and letting a bunch of nasty smelling stuff but was concerned about not having the right lingo and getting caught.”

I’m not quite following what you are saying here, but it is early in the morning so maybe I haven’t had enough coffee.

Jimmy MacAfee

I think he was talking about publicly taking a dump, but couldn’t get a handle on how to appear homeless or ANTIFA-like.


54 consecutive days of this! I would have thought the anger and ‘passion’ would have petered out by now, but I was wrong. But obviously these ‘protesters’ are being cycled in and out; it just can’t be the same people day after day, night after night. I am really surprised there isn’t an infiltration of right wing nuts infiltrating these people and wreaking mayhem from within.

Guess that means the left has a 100% monopoly on malcontent radicals. Where are all the ‘good ole boys’ with the stars and bars flags?

However these people are not ‘normal’ they are being well paid and supported by our usual list of suspects and probably countries as well. When you think about it these “mostly peaceful protesters” must really have no lives whatsoever. How terrible it must be to be them; what emptiness they must have in their souls. When they grow up I hope they will have gained a sense of humility and remorse for what they were five ten years from now, Sooner or later, some will have to eventually be put down like a rabid animal.

I wish all their anger could be put to productive use by focusing all their energy and rage against the real enemies of America, civilization in general, freedom, and of the minorities they purport to be fighting for.

Trump got about 63 million votes last time in 2016; after this and the last four years he better get over 80 million votes this time. The Nov 3 poll will tell us where the nation is headed,


Andy has been at th I s from the beginning. Raising the alarm and putting himself in harms way. Been assaulted twice that I know of. Antifa recently chased down an Asian guy thinking it was him. Racist much?

Gregg. I thought about going black bloc and letting a bunch of nasty smelling stuff but was concerned about not having the right lingo and getting caught.

Jimmy. I am inspired by your socialist distancing and am going on a civil disobedience jag. I am getting a black sharpie and everything I see a floor spacer withe word social, I’m going to kneel down to “tie my shoes”. When I am done there will be a small addition to that spacer. 😀

E pluribus unum baby!

Jimmy MacAfee

Go get ’em! Be stealthy.

Jimmy MacAfee

“35 Then it happened that night that the angel of the Lord went out and struck 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians; and when [r]men rose early in the morning, behold, all of them were [s]dead.”

2 Kings 19:35

And then there is the 10th plague, a story that bears reading and remembering.

Jimmy MacAfee

There may be a novel virus not seen yet that finds its way into the rioter’s camps. It’s Biblical.

If you don’t read the Bible, or haven’t read it, there’s a story about such an encampment of enemies, and the enemies of Israel slain by an angel with a dose of pestilence.

I’d suggest you look it up.


Escape from Portland… movie being made in the real…

Isolate and prevent them from leaving… let them stew in their own juices… cut the power to their latte machine. If you have family or relatives there… best get them out.

Jimmy MacAfee

Water. Power. Food.


Jimmy MacAfee

Reminds me of World War Z. Zombie Apocalypse. The Living Dead.

Now, let’s treat these zombies with similar methods of dispersal.
Just sayin’. Not actually serious. I think.

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