Life Will Come at America Very Fast if Biden Wins in November

Will 2021 be 1984? – That’s the question the great Victor Davis Hanson asks in his new piece at American Greatness this morning. Addressing the possibility that the hard left could actually win this year’s election by having AOC and Bernie Sanders serving as the puppeteers pulling the strings of a dementia-afflicted Joe Biden, Hanson takes the reader on a tour of what an America under far leftism would look like very rapidly after Biden’s figurative inauguration.

One of the most compelling passages is Hanson’s likely-accurate vision of how the leftist thugs would hound Biden from office shortly after he assumed it:

If Joe Biden is elected, the effort to remove him by those now supporting him will begin the day after the election and it will not be as crude as rounding up a Yale psychiatrist to testify to his dementia in Congress or shaming the White House physician to give him the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test in the manner that the Left went after Donald Trump.

It will be far more insidious and successful: leaked stories to the New York Times and Washington Post from empathetic White House insiders will speak of how “heroically” Biden is fighting his inevitable decline—and how gamely he tries to marshal his progressive forces even as his faculties desert him. We would read about why Biden is a national treasure by sacrificing his health to get elected and then nobly bowing out as he realized the cost of his sacrifice on his person and family.


Can anyone doubt this would be the exact scenario of putting the puppet out to pasture? Look at how the radical leftist Obama holdovers and disloyal RINOs have used constant strategic leaks as a way to damage the Trump presidency, all done without any regard whatsoever of the damage being done to our society in the process. Of course they would do it this way.

Another passage that those of the Jewish faith should all read and take very seriously is this one:

What should we expect then if Biden wins and either steps down or more or less is left as a diminished figurehead controlled by the hard Left?

First, there is one theme that unites “the Squad,” Black Lives Matter, the globalist technocracy, and the international Left: unapologetic anti-Semitism. We will see overt anti-Semitism in a way this country has not seen since the early 20th century, all couched in ideological and politically correct attacks on “Zionists” and “the rich” and “Wall Street”—and why Israel has no business being a “Jewish state.”

It has already begun with an NFL player voicing Hitlerian tropes and praising Louis Farrakhan, and then being seconded by an array of rappers, woke Black Lives Matter activists and “Free Palestine” demonstrations. To smear “the Jews” no longer is grounds for an immediate and expected apology, but more “So what are you going to do about it?” Anti-Semitism is deeply embedded within the DNA of the BLM movement—and professional sports as well, as we saw recently from the warnings of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Charles Barkley.


The Jewish vote has traditionally heavily favored the Democrat Party in the U.S. throughout its history. The reasons for this have always been and remain a complete mystery, especially since the elevation of the rabidly anti-Israel Barack Obama to the presidency in 2009. Jewish leaders in America have stood mute in the face of the brutish Antisemitism being put on display by the leaders of Antifa and BLM. They had better find their voices soon.

Here’s the thing about all of this, folks: Revolutions do not take place gradually. They happen very quickly and brutally. Yes, the Democrat Party has been incrementally instituting socialist policies in our government for the past 100 years, with all the attendant social and economic damage such policies inevitably bring with them. But what we face today from the radical base of the Democrat Party is not mere economic socialism. This is a brutish Marxism fueled by the brainwashing of two generations of college students by the pushers of critical theory on our college campuses and supported by a corrupt news media establishment that is now domination by those true believers.

This reality was illustrated clearly this past week by the flushing of Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan from the raw sewage cultures now dominant at the New York Times and New York Magazine. Those events make it crystal clear to anyone paying attention that to today’s revolutionaries, being a mere liberal thinker is not enough: If you do not fully buy into the critical theory teachings that all Jews, all Christians and indeed, all white people are in fact evil beings, then you must be shunned and expelled. Or even worse, should the true believers ever assume the levers of control and power.

In past election that involved leftist radicals like Obama and the Pantsuit Princess, loyal Americans always had the reassurance that the legislative process moves very slowly at the federal level. So long as the GOP controlled at least 41 seats in the Senate, it could use the filibuster as a tool to stop the Democrats’ most radical and violent impulses.

In case you missed it, last week Joe Biden promised to support ending the filibuster should the Democrats take over the senate. The filibuster is merely a senate rule, and can be repealed with a simple majority vote of 50 Democrat senators plus whatever radical Biden chooses to be his vice presidential running mate. So, Chuck Schumer would not even need an actual majority to achieve this goal, which would open the floodgates to all of the economy-and-society-destroying dreams of Bernie and AOC.

Life comes at you fast, folks. If the November elections go the wrong way, it could come at you in a flood like America has never seen before.

Go read Mr. Hanson’s full piece, and take it to heart. Then, share it with everyone you know.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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If the revolution happens fast, and is brutal as forecasted above and in Hanson’s piece, then conservatives are in a lot of trouble. Elections have consequences, but these consequences are deadly.

Right now BLM and antifa are the only ones in the streets. If the tables are turned, and our government goes full blown Marxist, do you think WE will be allowed to protest like the left is doing now? They enjoy support from sympathetic mayors and governors, and are adored by the media. If conservatives protest, we will be labeled terrorists. It won’t just be an ideological divide, battle lines will be drawn. The question will be where do law enforcement and the military stand relative to those lines? How do we redress grievances with a Marxist government? Will a civil war be what it will take to reverse course?


Like everything its all open to speculation, based on sifting thru the propaganda, on both sides, and past history.

IMO, I don’t see the military actively going to war with citizens. I think there are far to many patriots within ranks that will refuse. Also if shots are fired the police won’t stand in the middle either… who would??

There are conservative protests but the media ignores, mocks and memory holes these events. what reall needs to happen is patriots need to be civil disobedient and NOT comply with mask wearing. Stores that don’t allow you in without a mask… find another store that will. Vote not only with your ballot but with your money as well. Speak up, spend wisely, vote and get everyone you know to vote… Otherwise it may come down to a shooting war.

Its a war… fight smarter…


Brian, not to be disrespectful, but the military is just a microcosm of society at large, and it is largely led by Obama generals. Many people in today’s military are genuine patriots, but many joined for the education or other benefits, some were court ordered – join the military or go to jail. Why do you think the left is always trying to turn the military into a social experiment petri dish? for that reason, I believe we need a universal two year draft, but that idea is for a future comment.

While I do think the President was smart in not bringing in the active duty army or national guard to forcefully put down these riots, I also believe he might well be very concerned that a large segment of the military from general to private might actually disobey their commander in chief’s lawful orders.

If the left can so successfully infiltrate our DOJ/FBI, courts, the IRs, and the Intel Communities, etc., how hard would it be to do the same to the Pentagon?

phineas gage

I believe the Feds are going into Seattle and Portland starting tomorrow.

Trump has timed this well.


Would it be too much to ask for the mayors and governors to be arrested as seditionists? And charged with aiding and abetting criminal illegal immigrants via their sanctuary cities?

While I agree with the overall assessment of the wusses who make up the left’s foot soldiers, and they will fold as soon as confronted with any kind of physical pain, Trump had better go all in on any operation to restore order. In many ways these bullies from the CDC, to the Mayors to the thugs are testing the waters to see just how far they will be allowed to go.

It makes no sense what they are doing – they aren’t winning any hearts and minds over to their side by trashing our cities except for the feckless jerks who run our media and many businesses (comcast earmarking 100 mil to BLM).

The president cannot allow his actions be a never-ending tit-for-tat campaign like the religious terrorism was between the Catholics and the Protestants in Ireland and Northern Ireland, or the Arabs and the Jews, or US in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere. One side has to decisively win and the other has to be decisively beaten in order for this to be meaningfully resolved.


Disagreeing isn’t disrespectful my friend. I understand the that it can be a microcosm of society, to a degree. As an outsider looking in I can also see the very patriotic undertones weaving the fabric making up the US of A.

I also see that the left, like cats, will puff themselves up to look a lot bigger than they are. Toss some water on them and you see just how scrawny and weak they really are. I don’t believe they are as prominent as the media wants you to think they are which is why its 24/7 megaphone in your face fear porn. Trying to get citizens to believe they are to be feared when in fact its really a very small portion of willingly stupid goons.

I think with China rattling swords, the narco war in Mexico etc. I think the military will be watching outside the US borders to ensure no surprise attacks take place. Pretty sure, even with traitorous generals they won’t risk an internal conflict, for one they are cowards. They know if they can’t pull off a military coup they’d def face a firing squad and I’m convinced enough patriots within the military won’t stand for it.

Don’t let these sod’s pull you down get you knotted up in fear. You and every other patriot, when called on, will answer that call. I see it in a lot of other comment sections everywhere. This is mostly a small skirmish and propaganda war at this point. The enemy is probling our lines for weak points… hold the line

Its a war…

Meredith Ellsworth

You miss the scope of the danger from the Marxist, anti-American public education when you only blame universities. For almost fifty years, students from kindergarten on have been indoctrinated. They arrive on campus already brainwashed. It’s a MUCH deeper problem than the universities.

Jimmy MacAfee

Spot on, Meredith! Spot on.

Reality is often shitty, and most pretend not to notice, even after they’ve been splattered, standing right in front of the fan.

We’re taught to be compliant, complacent, android-like, and to not notice when things are amiss; that is taught to us from an early age. We’re constantly gaslighted, told that what we see and hear is not what we see and hear. And no, that bad man is a good man – we’re told.

Epstein is no aberration; he is a natural result of the progression of gaslights, torches that go for thousands and millions of miles around the globe. We are coming home to what our betters have done to others in countries too poor to fight back, their sexual safaris and casual experimentations with the innocent and hungry. It’s time to feed some people to wild dogs and feral pigs.

No, not just a matter of some weird hippie-type professors with leftwing ideations. Students have long learned to parrot what must be parroted, and to keep their opinions private until graduation.


Biden will not win the election, period. The demoncraps CAN and will do everything they can to STEAL the election. They can gain power in no other way than by stealing.

There are only two options should the demoncraps steal the election.

They will step up their efforts to ‘investigate’ and persecute Trump and all conservatives as Shiff for brains has already stated. They will go into overdrive to secure their future efforts at retaining power as all communists do. They’ll start the process of ‘nationalizing’ industries and means of production because this is what communists do. They will ‘legally’ try to outlaw the Constitution and switch to a ‘Living Document’ because the Constitution isn’t progressive and restrictive to demoncrap. OR…

They’ll go completely off the rails and set the dogs of antifa/blm loose to cause as much chaos as possible. The goal being to call marshal law and bring in communism full fledge. The message being its all Republicans fault and that they, demoncrap, will surrender power again once the white supremacist have been quelled. Which is never. The SHTF and there will be a short and bloody civil war with the demoncrap and antifa/blm’s retreating to and hiding in the cities.

Communists don’t know anything different, they do the same things every where they go.

Its a war… end it in November or keep waging it for decades.


I think it will go the way of your first scenario and CV-19 blm/antifa and all this other BS goes away because bad orange man caused it and Biden and the Dems fixed it. The MSM (D) will of course tout Joe Figurehead’s ‘brilliance’ in solving everything.

Then, your second scenario comes to fruition about six months after the election when ‘the One’s’ third term is resumed and placed on steroids. Another TEA Party effort will be mounted, but unlike the first one ten years ago, it will be ‘reported’ as racist and violent and all the Dem leaders will crush it with a vengeance.

They may even admit they made a ‘mistake’ in not dealing with the 2020 riots properly and will say they will not make the same ‘mistake’ twice to give their actions plausible and logical cover.

The conservative opposition will be crushed after a brief, but bloody, battle and the left’s dystopian dreams for America will be realized. And it will stay that way for a very long time with the constitution completely rewritten, private gun ownership banned and any conservative court rulings ignored.

That is what is at stake this Nov.

phineas gage

These people are a distinct radical minority. I don’t think things are going to play out for them the way that they anticipate.


I agree… If there is a short bloody battle… I would bet the farm it won’t be flyover folks that will suffer.

I think Greg, you over estimate the power and will of the left. If there is a need for retaking the land, it will be owned by patriots. The political elite slime will stay locked in DC like the cowards they are, and after the soyboys shoot each other, the leftovers will be decimated quickly. I don’t see the military getting involved and police forces are not going to stand between antifa/blm and well armed patriots when lead flies.

When the fighting is over then there will be a desperate need to go into DC and hang the traitors who supported and encouraged the sedition. Otherwise they will continue where they left off. Freedom of speech is allowed but actively encouraging sedition or aiding the enemy should never be tolerated.


Brian, I hope you and Phineas are right and I’m wrong on this. But I remember hearing about ten years ago that many gov. agencies like the SSA and the IRS that shouldn’t be armed at all have a couple of hundred million bullets in storage – to use for what purpose?

When things go to hell, however briefly, I could see the UN stepping in with a million or so Chinese troops on loan from Xi to quell the unrest and save or ‘nation build’ America. I can also see the left’s leaders like GS and BG and BHO not giving a damn about how many of their useful idiots get killed (like any other communist revolution) in the fight for their cause; it won’t be their millennials getting shot. How many Obama generals and GS backed mayors, prosecutors, and sheriffs plus their police union thugs will fight for or against America?

I just don’t know if there are enough uncorrupted government security organizations who will defend the real America. Plus there are enough imported minorities just waiting to join a fifth column if there is a perceived profit in it for them. Top that all off with the destruction of the value of our money and the removal of cash from our society because of the massive CV-19 debt and the coin (and paper money ‘shortage’ – how hard would that be to achieve?) shortage and we can be delivered on a silver platter to any determined adversary.

During the American Revolution and our Civil War most everyone was self sufficient enough to withstand significant hardship for months. Is that the case today where so many live paycheck to paycheck? Where having one’s phone’s charge go below 20% is a major stressor? Hell, just having so many Americans finding having to learn how to cook due to restaurant closings was a real hardship and shock. School feeding programs and delivery had to be continued. Our communication systems of which we rely upon for everything will be reduced to a level resembling colonial times when the comms. and other tech is shut down or worse – monitored!

Furthermore, in colonial times people were much more neighbor friendly and had real community support systems; few, if any such community cohesiveness exists today. Case in point: I have been here in TN for more than a dozen years and live in a development of five hundred houses and I know five families; none of them well.

So, as Phineas has stated, all that matters is Trump (and as many Republicans – however bad as they might be) winning in November. End of story.

PS: The left got blindsided by Trump and us four years ago and had much of their agenda put on hold and in some cases reversed. They won’t make that mistake again. Their efforts to destroy America have been ongoing since Wilson and they have been quite patient under their old guard politicos. The young Turks, the young petulant radical punks are soon going to be running the Dem Party as the superannuated septuagenarians and octogenarians begin dying off. There is no mature center – either ideologically ‘moderate’ or a mid-age wise group in that party and the power will devolve to the AOC type radicals within five years. Speaker Cortez? Anyone.

phineas gage

Both Jews and Catholics are going to be particularly targeted. The burning cathedrals in Europe are a heralding of what is to come.

The ancient evil is loose once again and is slouching toward Bethlehem to be reborn.

Jimmy MacAfee

Every generation has a form of the son of perdition. They are common as rain in China.

What, you think the devil gets to tell G0D when He’s sending His Son back? Generations have had to defeat this ancient evil, dropped off in time to goad Jesus into returning – as happened with Hitler and the Jews.

The governor of California is now facing some open rebellion, because the Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion – and this is not rebellion at all if it is enshrined in the Law of the Land. We will see battles and worse before it is all over.

And maybe China will drown in the blood that it has shed in the meanwhile.

phineas gage

Even assuming Biden wins, I don’t think it will necessarily be as easy to remove him from power as his handlers assume. Mentally-deficient people can behave erratically, and you can be sure his shrewish wife would want to maintain a Svengali control of the levers of power.

It would then be a different set of circumstances, something like Wilson’s wife running the country after his stroke.

Jimmy MacAfee

Easier than you think, my friend! Easier than you think. I can’t even count the ways, as there are too many to count.

Wish I didn’t have to consider the dangers, but no one is really safe. Even a hint that HRC was going to turn evidence would mean she’d be toes-up by morning; Biden has had similar health issues. Brain issues, not too distinct from HRC’s.

He’ll be a good boy. He promises.

For The Time Is Short

It will be Year Zero and Hussein Hopenchange will have a third term of Fundamental Transformation.
You’ll see boat people leaving America as the lights go out on freedom and humanity enters a new Dark Ages.
Be of good cheer that you are not some cloud dwelling zombie looking for the next 5000 calorie refill or electronic device video game gadget fondle fest distraction diversion.
It is wonderful to think for yourself without the hostile enemedia middle man.
Wake up as many as you can and thank you for being a modern day Paul Revere.


President Trump and AG Barr had better make it clear that voter fraud will be prosecuted. Nov 3 is a federal election and Trump should exert control over the process. Let the media howl all it wants, but this consistent and growing election fraud, if left unchecked, will ensure Democratic presidential election wins for the foreseeable future and no Republican will ever again win any election of importance.

How the current and past GOP presidents and congressional leaders and governors have done nothing to correct this destruction of the (actual) democratic process (the only one that is actually sanctioned in our representative REPUBLIC – we’re NOT a democracy) is beyond comprehension.

I’ve wrote it before and I’ll write and believe it until I die, the GOP has a political deathwish, does not want to control. or be blamed for anything and with few exceptions, would be very happy being a permanent minority party like in the good old days of most of the thirties, forties, fifties, all of the sixties and seventies with their “comfortable caucus” doing nothing and saying little and accomplishing nothing.

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