Depraved Democrat Mayors Double Down on Sowing Chaos

In case you missed it, on Saturday I talked about the fact that Marxist Democrat mayors around the nation are serving as the linchpins in the Democrat effort to destroy our society’s democratic foundations and institutions by sowing utter chaos in their cities.

Today, a group of these mayors, including several singled out in that Saturday piece, continued their culture war, sending a letter to the DHS and DOJ demanding that federal personnel be removed from their cities, where they have been protecting federal buildings and other property.

At the same time, President Trump promised to continue to use federal law enforcement to protect federal property that is being damaged and attacked by the Democrat-sponsored rioters in the cities being ruined by these and other Marxist mayors.

From a piece at The Hill:

Trump was asked in the Oval Office about reports that the government was sending 175 federal troops to those cities to aid local law enforcement.

“Well, it depends on what your definition of ‘troops’ is,” he told reporters. “I mean, we’re sending law enforcement.”

Trump cited heightened violence in Chicago and New York City, in particular, both of which have seen a rise in shootings in recent weeks. In the latter’s case, he blamed city and state officials for restricting police from taking a stronger response.

“I’m going to do something — that, I can tell you,” Trump said. “Because we’re not going to let New York and Chicago and Philadelphia and Detroit and Baltimore and all of these — Oakland is a mess. We’re not going to let this happen in our country. All run by liberal Democrats.”

The government is expected to send 150 agents to Chicago this week. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News that the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security would roll out specific plans of action on deploying federal resources later in the day.


As is his habit of doing at inopportune times, Rand Paul weighed in with a completely nonsensical statement on Twitter:

Yeah, well, Senator, that’s the problem: Local law enforcement is not being allowed by these despicable mayors to do their jobs. Pay freaking attention before spouting off.

So, a showdown is brewing, and it is one that by law these mayors cannot win. The Federal government has an absolute right to protect its own property, especially when local officials fail or, as in the case of these depraved mayors, refuse to do so.

DHS is supposed to produce a detailed plan for the deployment of more federal LEOs tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Meredith Ellsworth

The feds don’t just have the right to protect federal property, they have the statutory duty to do so.

Jimmy MacAfee

Brilliantly succinct!



Jimmy MacAfee

Most cities have PDs with intel divisions and something akin to Special Ops, which are mainly snipers. (Practice time? You didn’t think that herd of bambis disappeared overnight because they all got hit by the same car, did you?)

Don’t underestimate what can be done in times of actual trouble. And citizens with CC permits can be deputized in the case of an actual emergency i.e. Commie takeover.


I get where Rand is coming from – having unidentified federal agents grabbing people off the street looks very 1938 Germany. He has a point there. Just because its antifa, and we want to cheer when these pukes get their just desserts, doesn’t mean we should be for this type of activity. That is what I would expect from a Dem controlled government if the tables were turned and it was conservatives in the streets.

The larger issue is these Dems are allowing the destruction to continue, because they agree with the desired end game of antifa and BLM. Re-making the US into their marxist utopia is messy business. How they are going to sell it with all the violence and destruction is a head scratcher. I can’t see that middle America is going to be swayed. But the left has a the big bull horn and all that is coming out of that thing is that Trump is a dictator if he sends in feds or the military to end the rioting.


I don’t get where Rand is coming from. He was being very idiotic when he spoke. I hope not to insult you or offend your sensibilities, but Rand was talking out of his libertarian backside. A nation of laws has to mean something. If President Trump had not sent Federal Officers to protect Federal buildings and statues he would have been derelict of duties as the Commander in Chief. I do not want any officers hurt, but if someone hurts a Fed in the line of duty, things will get squashed pretty harshly.


From what I have seen they do have markings, ie shoulder patches. Could be they are renting the vehicles tho which wouldn’t have markings and any identifiable vehicle would be immediately targeted and burned by the communists.

Also they aren’t the SS troopers going randomly absconding the poor defenseless and peaceful antifa/blm pasties. They are identifying those that are actively destroying Fed property or attacking agents and arresting them. Its mostly a defensive op which is what Trump stated, that destruction of Fed property would not be tolerated.

This destruction isn’t the message thats the selling point but the means to generate A selling point. If Trump sends in troops is Orange Man Bad Dictator, like whats being currently served up. If Trump says no to Fed ‘rebuild’ funding requests then its Orange Man Bad Racist Dictator because he’s targeting minorities and quelling freedom of speech. Either way the communists tactics are obvious and easily circumvented, its all going to back fire on them… bigly

Its a war… use their tactics against them…

phineas gage

I think Trump has timed this well. Provided it is a disciplined and orderly operation, after these many weeks of wanton destruction he will come off as the agent of law-and-order, which is the winning message. If he had done this earlier, he would have been vulnerable to the dictator label.

Jimmy MacAfee

Wonder how many people will be left to run the place when everybody leaves and shuts off the lights and moves to sane cities with sane mayors? Landlords are already biting their nails in NYC. This will grow – exponentially.

No federal aid to cities which allow rioting. Cut them off. Now.


Yup! Your mayor let the little anarchists destroy your town and your governor let ride it as well? Too bad. No fed funds to rebuild for you!

phineas gage

And no federal bail-outs for these blue states.

Jimmy MacAfee

Rand Paul should tell us what he’d do if a mayor in his state decided to let mayhem reign. What of it, Rand? Tell us your big plans!

While I understand where he’s coming from – let’s say the feds were run by Comrade Obeelzebub or Hillary Rotten, and were rounding up Christians to be detained…well, I might want the feds out of there, too. If Kama Sutra Harris is Presidunce, she has already promised she’ll lock up Trump supporters.

But the salient point is this: Demonrats support rioting – because Trump is against it (so are most Americans, actually) We’re sick of this crap, but the Dims have (reflexively) done what they always do: whatever President Trump is for, they’re against; whatever he’s against, they’re for. Easy to manipulate.

If Trump told them he liked bunny rabbits, they’d be against them – (I can hear Elmer Fudd right now, singing “Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit…”) Stupid and easy to manipulate.

Rand, take a deep breath and figure this one out. Better to say nothing and avoid looking like a fool…

phineas gage

I generally like Rand, and don’t taint him by association with his father, but on this he is way off-base.


I wish all these libertarian politicians would get off their high, pure and righteous horse and realize that drastic times call for drastic measures, and not an opportunity to take pot shots at President Trump who has been remarkedly measured in his response to the ongoing and sanctioned riots.

What would they do if they were president? Let everything get trashed in the name of non governmental action as decreed by their no rules, no laws ideology that will never work against a group of well organized and funded, but “mostly peaceful protesting” criminals? Paul of all people should be four-square behind any real law and order action against crime taken by his president when one considers he got his ribs busted and nearly killed in an assault against his own person by a deranged political opponent while he was cutting grass on his own property! I mean geez senator, get a freakin’ clue to the reality of the situation BEFORE you speak/twit.

How come none of these libertarian stalwarts ever – EVER – EVER!!! criticize the Democrats who allow, foster and cause this VIOLATION OF PEOPLE’s PERSONAL LIBRTY, or otherwise, and much more dramatically, violate their precious liberterian ‘principles’.?

Paul has done some good work in dealing with Dr. Fluki, but like Grahamesty, Paul’s words are just that empty words! They should both be strongly supporting their president or at least shut up and stay for the ride never producing anything of importance like so many other feckless gutless RINOs.

phineas gage

Insurrection Act coming down by Trump.


Sooner or later the President is going to have to take control as I have recently written.

The leftist website “” was created to try to convince people to “move on” away from the (legitimate) BJ Clinton impeachment effort.

Trump needs to take control of these Marxist traitorous Governors and Mayors (and HIS CDC) so that we can ALL “MOVE ON” and resume our normal peaceful and productive lives.


Here’s a thought, how’s about the Federal Government sue ths city and it’s mayor for
being accomplices in the vandalism and destruction of government property?

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