Complying with Tyranny on Masks Will Only Bring on More Tyranny

Guest piece by Karen Kataline

The left has sprinted past what we previously thought was a line in the sand between personal freedom and forced state dictates for personal behavior.

The breach of that boundary has led to numerous other fundamental rights crumbling to dust along with our historical monuments.

There is still time to restore those boundaries and our rights but only if we start telling the truth en masse and defying unjust edicts from lawless lawmakers.

Sadly, we can no longer expect that there will be enough lawful lawmakers to protect our liberties. We must protect them ourselves.

Coronavirus is still being used as an excuse to crack down on our freedoms despite false projections that even the CDC dramatically ratcheted down months ago.

Democratic governors and other politicians are refusing to relinquish the “emergency powers” they have awarded to themselves that allowed them to continue lockdowns and restrict businesses.

As if they somehow thought of it independently, they continue to act simultaneously to tighten their demands and micromanage our lives. They have now moved from suggesting to demanding that we all, no matter our health, risk level, or opinion, be forced to wear masks in public.

What a perfect and ever-present reminder that we are not in charge of our lives. They are.

Even weak-willed Republicans like Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas have become lost in this masquerade.

Do you think Democratic politicians are making masks a political issue?

To leftists, it doesn’t matter whether masks work or make sense. It only matters that they have been a wildly successful tool for obedience training in collectivism for Americans. Socialism can’t take hold without it.

Both the secret and the avowed socialists among us are engaged in an all-out battle to punish America for being built on individualism and for flourishing because of a Constitution that was created to protect it.

While Democratic tacticians have their Democratic politicians ramping up threats of fines and jail time for refusing to wear a mask, they’re also pushing the idea that masks are “cool.” There is a whole new cottage industry marketing masks as an opportunity to make a “signature” fashion statement.

There’s nothing quite like superficial individuality to “mask” one’s prostration to serfdom and conformity.

Savvy watchers of the left were suspicious early on when they noticed a familiar leftist tactic being warmed up and served for public consumption. They went to work making it socially acceptable to vilify dissenters and brand them as selfish. They rush to reward it.

How dare anyone question the efficacy of masks or the use of bullying and intimidation to force Americans to comply? How dare anyone care about their own personal freedom and the freedom of their fellow citizens, even those too ignorant or complacent to care? “We’re in the middle of a pandemic!” they self- righteously scold.

Masks create further alienation and suspicion between friends, neighbors and business associates. They muzzle us while helping snitches to easily identify dissenters.

We have seen how deadly the combination of collectivism and social bullying can be. It can often lead to mob rule and violence. At that point, politicians don’t have to worry about enforcing their unconstitutional orders. The mob does it for them.

Masks also blur the lines between criminals and law-abiding citizens. We are indistinguishable from antifa and other groups who now commit heinous crimes in plain sight and with impunity. The backward subliminal message is that masked people are law-abiding and unmasked people are criminals.

After watching the same Democratic politicians refuse to impose their own orders on rioters, looters and vandals, their credibility is lower than the fatality rate of the coronavirus.

In light of such a blatant dereliction of duty to protect their innocent constituents, they still have the chutzpah to claim that it is compassion that compels them to order us to wear masks.

The good news is that a growing number of people believe that these suffocating orders are ridiculous and even dangerous. The bad news is that most still only whisper it in muffled tones behind their cloth masks.

As we have seen, complying with the orders of authoritarians only brings more authoritarianism. Masks will continue to be a major battleground on which we can beat it back.

Previously polite, law-abiding citizens must unmask themselves and let their voices be heard. Unlike their oppressive opposition, they have little interest in vilifying those who choose to wear a mask for their own reasons.

In the 1982 film “Gandhi,” Ben Kingsley portrayed Gandhi as saying, “100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate.”

It’s time to stop cooperating.

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio.


That is all.

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The medical “experts” are not even in agreement on whether or not masks are really effective. There are studies that say “yes” and studies which say “no”. For those who are not sheeple, might want to try for some of those studies results.
For me, I’ll resist wearing a mask. It makes it difficult for me to breath. Yes, I have a medical issue and I’ll not wear a mask.
Unless I decide to become a robber or something. Where’s a stagecoach when ya need one to rob?


I know someone who made a mask out of spare window screen material. Again, no requirements here on what the mask is made of, only that they are required. The more I think about it, the more that makes sense to me – push back however you can.


Chicken Wire


Thats for mosquitoes not virus’s


The only way to ‘resist’ the tyranny of wearing masks is to do what Jimmy suggests and go full on facial covering commando style, or Alissa Milano and wear a crocheted mask.

It is hard to ‘resist’ when virtually every retail outlet is in on the scam to make everyone wear a mask to patronize their stores. We have to get food and other essential somewhere. If there is any major or minor store that bucks the ‘mask mandates’ and allows freedom, they not only run the risk of getting sued if someone gets the sniffles from ‘exposure’ in their store or if the government takes action like fining them or suspending their licenses (in the case of bars, restaurants, doctor’s offices and barber shops etc.), it just makes good business sense to go along to get along,

The key is to vote out all these creeps every chance you get and cut off the media from your home. Cut you cable etc.; vote with your money and write your Dems and your RINO politicians saying you will vote them out at every opportunity, and don’t forget to thank the good politicians who are bravely standing up against the dictators.


No there should be no law requiring the wearing od masks. But, by the same token, business and employers should be free to require the wearing of masks.

Someone ask me the question why she should wear a mask if I’m wearing one. Before I go on, let me say those folks with supposed high credentials in the field claiming masks don’t work are just plain stupid or they have an ulterior motive.

Anyhow, here’s how I answered the question: Good thing you ask the question. Otherwise you’d just be proving how stupid you are. Asking the question only shows your ignorance. Ignorance is remedial. Stupid? Not so much.

So here’s the answer: The corona virus family is a spiky virus with a sticky surface. Some of it’s going to stick somewhere. Any barrier that can potentially even trap one itsy bitsy virus particle is better than no barrier. When you add a second barrier you double the effectiveness of it.

One other and potentially more important answer to your question is you wear a mask to help protect those who are too stupid to wear one themselves. Not that protecting the stupid is necessarily a high achievement mind you. But I reckon it looks good on the humanitarian column on the good side of our score card when we get to heaven.

Pavlovian Obedience

Your girlfriend’s/wife’s pretty pink panties will work as a mask.
I wore some to the Sack N’ Save (h/t-ex Jas) and they relented on the mandatory obedience muzzle.
The local Bolshevik enemedia just reported that starting next Monday it will be required to wear before entering any store, restaurant, gov building or healtshcare facility.
Stocking up now and just back from grocery where I head nod or thumbs any that are unmasked.


Yet another good article explaining the motives etc behind mask propaganda. Have to hand it to them the demoncraps are persistent if anything. Something conservatives and real Christians should learn about.


the anti mask mask !!! …. buy a piece of lace or macrame or crochet …. hole in it! … there are NO STANDARDS for masks,, as some governors have told people to use a woven cotten kerchief…

Covid is a 1 micron virus… absent the most expensive hospital masks… it goes right through the ones commonly used… I wear a doilie with a piece of elastic… drives EM NUTS!! Nothing they can do absent a lawsuit…. can’t wait for the lawsuits of people evicted for the ANTI MASK

Randall Fortune

Do not cooperate; do not submit; do not acquiesce. “Resist” while you still can. No masks!

Jimmy MacAfee

When I go to a store that requires a mask – (any mask, no matter how ineffective or makeshift) – I pull up my hunting mask, cammo brown. Covers the whole head, other than the eyes. I also wear dark sunglasses, completing the picture. Makes me look like Achmed the Febrile Terrorist or the Unabomber. Their rules; my choices.

I also wear a fanny pack that I sometimes use to pack heat (have the permit, rarely carry.) It looks like it might have something in it – (who knows? They don’t!) Most likely it will have my phone and keys in it, giving it some heft. Maybe pepper spray, for bears and whatnots.

Frankly, if I saw someone wearing this gear, I’d be concerned. But what the store requires, the store requires; if the store requires that we submit, look like a bandit, not a diseased, quivering rabbit!

I never threaten anyone with anything. In fact, I’m usually the most pleasant, patient customer they can find! Polite is the word. Obsequious-level polite. (Like a Biker for Jesus, G0D Bless them!)

Don’t get mad; don’t get even: get creative.
Be all that they don’t want you to be.


I have a US flag gator. I only use it where it’s mandated and at work, Alot of folks are starting to use the clear shields. I was working on a game last night and the guest to my left got to talking and her husband and her are done with the covid scam. More and more folks I talk to are telling me the same thing. The media and the tyrants have overplayed their hand and I am thinking there will be huge backlash come November providng we can keep from being scammed into mail in voting, because we know that’s where the tyrants want to go.


You can’t be scammed into it… you can stand up and tell your elected political ‘no way’… or be silent and allow them to do as they wish… steal the election.


We have vote by mail here in Oregon. One about three votes I would trake back if I could. Not much fraud going on, but unfortunately, it allowed a lot of unknowledgeable or poorly informed voters to vote, whereas before thye would have just stayed home and not voted to begin with. Pretty much watered down the votes of those who tend to be prepared before we check the box. Hence we have the Oregon Soviet Socilaist Republic of I5.

Most of eastern Oregon and pockets along the coast are still conservative. We have the resources, they have the population. It sucks.

Jimmy MacAfee

Good News for the day:

In the Bible, we are told by the Apostle Paul to obey authorities in things where we’re subject to authority – and in those only; in matters of Spirit, we are to obey G0D, and Him only.

So there is a governor who is literally disobeying the Bill of Rights from the Constitution of the United States – the 1st Amendment – and telling us that we must obey him, not the Law of the Land.

So what is a good Jew or Christian to do? It is not rebellion to disobey unlawful and illegal orders from someone who hates G0D. Go to church, the synagogue – (the mask is not even the issue in these cases.)


Absolutely on the money.

Over reach by tyrants in the US of A… no can’t happen in the US, not like Venezuela or Cuba, after all those are third world countries.

Welcome to Venatucky…

Time to resist… is now.

Its a war people… wake up

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