The Evening Wrap: Meadows Touts Indictments, Trump Boat Parade and Yes, Biden is Senile

In an interesting segment on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” host Maria Bartiromo took time out from slavishly hawking the results of Fox’s latest faked-up poll – which, in fairness to Bartiromo, every Fox host is required to do at least twice per hour on-air – to interview White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. During the course of a wide-ranging discussion, Bartiromo asks Meadows about his expectations related to the Durham investigation.

Meadows did not pull any punches in his response. Below is a clip of the interview, followed by quotes from Meadows:

Meadows comments:

I think the American people are expecting indictments. I know I expect indictments based on the evidence I’ve seen. Lindsey Graham did a good job in getting that out. We know that they not only knew that there wasn’t a case, but they continued to investigate and spy.

And yes, I use the word spy on Trump campaign officials and actually even doing things when this president was sworn in. And after that and doing in an inappropriate manner. You’re going to see a couple of other documents come out in the coming days that will suggest that not only was the campaign spied on, but the FBI did not act appropriately as they were investigating. It’s all starting to come unraveled. And I tell you, it’s time that people go to jail and people are indicted.

It is stunning, and here is the interesting thing: It’s not only that it wasn’t true. The problem is, they knew it wasn’t true. And when you know something is not true, and you continue the investigation, that’s collusion. That’s the kind of thing we must stop, and that’s where we need to hold people accountable.


So, here’s the White House Chief of Staff, telling America that he is expecting indictments, and soon. Note his statement, “based on the evidence I’ve seen.” Remember that, during 2016 through the end of 2018, Meadows sat on the House Oversight Committee and in that post was able to see all of the evidence around the whole “Russia collusion” fantasy play.

We should also keep in mind that, from his current position, Meadows has full knowledge of everything that is happening in the Durham investigation.

Who knows? Maybe it’s nothing, just like all of the encouraging signals of the past that turned out to be nothing. But, unlike Lindsey Graham and all of the the other regulars on the Sean Hannity Tick Tock crew, at least Meadows is a credible source.

All we can do is hope.

Meanwhile, in the Hudson River adjacent to the Marxist land of Manhattan…

Finally, check out this Q and A from President Trump’s interview with despicable Chris Wallace that aired on Fox News Sunday:

Democrats defrauding Democrats. – Democrat/Marxist Carolyn Maloney, one of the most corrupt and worthless members of congress, remains in a fight to win her primary race in an election involving massive voter fraud. Fully 20% of the mail-in ballots have been tossed out by election officials due to various irregularities, and Maloney is clinging to a narrow lead with more than 50,000 absentee ballots remaining to be counted.

From a story in the Queens Daily Eagle:

A tight race between veteran Congressmember Carolyn Maloney and challenger Suraj Patel has emerged as New York City’s most closely watched Congressional primary — but about 20 percent of voters may end up having no say in the final outcome.

One-in-five mail-in ballots have been tossed out in New York’s 12th Congressional District, which includes Western Queens, Northwest Brooklyn and the East Side of Manhattan, according to Board of Elections documents reported by The Intercept.

The absentee ballots are crucial in the contest, where Maloney, who has served in Congress since 1993, led Patel by 648 votes after the machine tally following the June 23 Democratic primary. Roughly 65,000 NY-12 voters cast their ballots by mail, The New York Times reported.

Maloney received 41.7 percent of the in-person votes compared to Patel’s 40.1 percent. Two other candidates, Lauren Ashcraft and Pete Harrison, received about 18 percent of the overall vote total. In Queens, Patel received 540 more votes than Maloney.


See? Voter fraud works against Democrats, too. But it’s still other Democrats who are committing the fraud.


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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“Meanwhile, in the Hudson River adjacent to the Marxist land of Manhattan…”

What makes this Trump boat rally in the Hudson River even more amazing, unlike the Trump country boat parades in FL and elsewhere, is the BOTH sides of the Hudson River are adjacent to Marxist lands. NJ , especially in that area of the state, is every bit a communist enclave as NYC.

The real question is, if both sides of the river is communist controlled, where did the Trump boaters come from?


Nothing….I repeat nothing, is going to happen to these Democrat insurrectionists. Evidence of their traitorous deeds is piled neck deep and growing and all we have is a few of the good guys going to jail. Sorry….but the Dems appear untouchable. Unindictable, at least.

Jimmy MacAfee

Is Epstein still alive?

He was “untouchable” (other than the young girls he had touching him all over.) We all “knew” he was going to die. We “knew” it.

And he did. Or so it seems.

So tell me: Is Epstein still alive?

Jimmy MacAfee

GropeyJoe may not be the only senile old fart: Fauxi claims NY “did it correctly.”

Maybe if doing it correctly is killing old people in nursing homes. If murdering granny and grampa is your goal, New York certainly did it “correctly.”

Grizzly Max is worried about NY “doing it correctly,” the way they “did it correctly” with Jeffrey Epstein. “Doing it correctly” is in the eye of the beholder. China spread the Wuhan virus “correctly,” if that means spreading it around the world.

Just sayin’. Get rid of the old fool.

Jimmy MacAfee

Watch for someone to colorize QuidPro’s eyebrows so he won’t look quite as senile. Soon. Get ready for before-and-after pics.

phineas gage

Maloney has been in Congress nearly 30 years. Eliot Engel was swept out the other day by an AOC progressive, similar to Patel.

White Dems have created the circumstances of their own political death. They will be removed and left behind by the young Marxists.

Jimmy MacAfee

And the Marxists will have a trail to follow back to the lair…

Young piggies squealing, just like ANTIFA arrestees when they thought they were protected.

phineas gage

sundance is cautiously optimistic about Barr and Durham coming through. Then again no one really has any inside information.

Jimmy MacAfee

What’s going to happen when the Chicom cash is cut off and the BLM and ANTIFA have to try to sell promises of future payments to the duds they use as terrorists? Cash from the Chicoms will evaporate in the very near future, and the “revolution” will begin devouring itself. Just in time for Meadows’ predictions to come to life.

Timing, dear brothers and sisters: the inevitable dam collapse will be a sign of further collapses, and certain substances won’t be available for the elite. No second childhoods for these, nor their peculiar culinary tastes and bizarre tastes in art. Earthquakes are happening.

The fan is awaiting the brown stuff to be released in a real storm. Typhoon She is not a woman, and Winnie is not real poo..

phineas gage

They are now desperately using sandbags, and more rain is coming on Tuesday.

It could go.

Jimmy MacAfee

They have brought the wrath of G0D upon themselves.

If we don’t remove our versions of the same persecution of the innocent, we will be visited by similar things one day. Famines are on the way to Wuhan.

Jimmy MacAfee

We have a drought while China has water..too much water.

phineas gage

Has anyone noticed that John Brennan has dropped into complete Twitter silence for the last two months?


He hasn’t been on any of the talking head chat shows either, has he?


Jimmy MacAfee

Andrew Breitbart will be avenged shortly. A little South American froggie told me.


“And I tell you, it’s time that people go to jail and people are indicted.”

smoke or substance??? Time will tell…

Marshall Gill

No one is going to jail. Americans are ignorant sheep. The evidence is in mask wearing which produces next to nothing. Booo, and your liberty is gone?! Yeah, there won’t be ANY indictments.

Jimmy MacAfee

Tell will time.
And Trump couldn’t be elected. Right. And Jeb was “inevitable.” Saynayer.

Jimmy MacAfee Fortune Cookie say:

“Imagining a bridge burning down means you won’t go to the bridge to see if it is still there.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Lots of off-the-record mysteries, left open to speculation…

Some will seem to vanish without a trace. Maybe a half-eaten sandwich on a plate, a missing canoe or kayak…a washed up body…(It’s the CIA way to go, baybee.)

They’ll blame deaths on the Wuhan virus (they blame it for motorcycle deaths and gunshot wounds.)

History made modern:
“Marilyn Monroe found dead – Wuhan virus is suspected.”
“Michael Hastings dies in exploding vehicle thought to be infected with COVID.”
“Andrew Breitbart has heart attack brought on by COVID.”
“Seth Rich apparently dies of COVID complicated by gunshot wounds.”

And now for the future:

“Hillary Clinton has apparent COVID attack; coughing Jezebel in critical condition awaiting adrenochrome treatment.”

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